Friday, November 25, 2011

Truth is beauty and beauty is truth

As a research scientist, I am hardly staying at my native place to stay for long. But when I research and have the opportunity, I start to explore my places far and wide, remerging beautiful places on this place the college , the highways, the seas , the restaurants, the temples and the locality. I experience dynamism and fell it is the key to life. Each and every day something is changing here and there. The possibilities are enormous. It seems am becoming stranger to my native place! Hardly, people knowing me at all. Back to my past, my college and now the deemed university , the same stretches of trees slightly sloppy, the old archived college walls, the same posters stand in and stand out and in the next day posters gone and new breed of posters. Seems a competitive spirit is going on in pasting the posters and removing it. This shows how competition can be a cruel. The road hereby college now been half broken but the front side is good and new. Reaching to my college is feeling entirely on my past experiences reviving my glorious days and painting with the modern times. It is the lovely climate; it is the last week of November.

On the side gate of college and on its left side a cycle stand temporary sitting meant for college students, a temporary shop. He sits near the walls where urinals water spreads and the cycle mechanic is on his job. The beauty of my place reminds me of the truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

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