Monday, November 28, 2011

A suitable opportunity!

Kingfisher Airlines (KA) of Bharat is now debt ridden. Government of Bharat wants it to rescue KA but vehemently opposed by opposition and it seems government back tracks. In the past, it had been rescued, but back to square on again for KA. Some say rescuing KA will make of irony capitalism.

On the other hand, KA has excellent service standards, and good quality maintenance. So, KA can be saved without saving the owner Vijay Mallya.

Some say Jet Airlines (JA), profound same quality service as KA, yet JA is making profits. KA has enormous overdue and it cannot be justified.

In Bharat airlines suffered due to , high taxes on fuel , world rising prices and Bharat’s constitution and obligation to fly some uneconomic routes destinations like northeaster area of Bharat . this is not the cause though as Indigo Airlines is making profit where KA is down in the dumps.

In the whole arena top US carriers like United, Delta, US Air reported good profits. So, these show bad conditions in career business are not terribly. Many a time’s government rescued the debt-ridden airlines career. Yet the three biggest US giants of yesterday – Pan American Airway.

PWA and Bastern Airlines have ceased to exist. In the open market arena and cut throat competition market the efficient rules and the loss making fades in the process.

KA is failing so its manage must charges. This is not the first time KA fail. KA must be auctioned, if must be a suitable opportunity.

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