Saturday, November 12, 2011

Only a goldsmith can identify the real diamond

Life now been changed for Sushil Kumar, a 27-year-old computer operator and tutor who earns Rs.6,000 per month who won the top prize of KBC being hosted by Amitabh Bachchan on Sony TV. The episode aired on Sony Entertainment Television on Wednesday. Before this announcement allover through channels and the buzz were going on. Sushil's proud father Amarnath Prasad sees the change in the public perception after his son won this money from KBC. His father said they were poor four to five days ago now the perception changes, he hailed from Motihari in East Champaran district of Bihar . It is the money matters and due to his son his father now getting respect from people around him. They have not seen one lakh in their life now lots of business people, bankers and other money related organizations enquiring Sushil availability. Sushil’s father and father-in-law both happy as their status increased due to their son and son-in-law becomes the millionaire. They are happy that they are getting more attention and most deserved respect. Sushil’s father –in-law proudly announces Only a goldsmith can identify the real diamond, and he credited himself for choosing Sushil for his daughter. Sushil mother wants to build five houses for his five sons with this money. At present, Sushil's joint family lives in a small house in Henry Bazar in Motihari. Officials of several government and private banks too are visiting the family. The family said it is to be Sushil’s decision to invest the money. This is the only Diwali for Sushil’s family in which they receive a lot of gifts. They are very happy. Sushil is awaiting a hero’s welcome with lots of gifts and well wishers.

It is a true story of slum dog millionaire film descriptive where the fiction is meeting with facts.


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