Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The state of being angry

If you go away from a place with a unlocked car and it is bound to be stolen and that will make you angry. By going retro, you can minimize this, as you can lock the car, and this incident would not have happened and yours supposed anger will not have surfaced at all. This is known as the positive anger management. By seeing the present, you can see through yours senses and make it go with yours way rather than be careless and then confounded with lots of negative connotations and feeling the brunt of pain within.
This will make the work environment good for you, the peace will prevail, and with this yours perspective work situations will always be in favor of you to desire and introspect. Consider, if you have work situation and in yours cubicle, yours partner is abusive and full of bad mouthed words, and then you have to face two situations simultaneously. At first ignore yours partner fully so that the anger forwarded to you will not be redirected at you or converted at you, in this way even in the warring situation you will always stay with calm and with utter peace of mind. The second part of the anger management can be tom sift to a newer base and change the partner in the work environment.

As human mind always vouch for peace and good at situations so for this the environment needs to be calmed down and with greater control of peace and cool atmosphere. Remember, Allowing yourself to smile takes 99% of the effort. Do not over run yours anger so that you will inflict with it. Take an example, when a baby is naughty, you try to control by showing a stern face and sometimes it works and sometimes the child will imitate you. In this way the entire process of anger works. It is always easy to understand that anger is a part of life but do not overrun it to ruin yours life. I like the look on people's faces when I say I'm doing this movie called Pride and Prejudice and they kind of smile, and then I say I'm in a movie called Doom and they kind of do a double take and try and put the two things together. And they never quite manage to.

Anger is very well known to us and it is similar and identical to all. In positive and vibrant relationships, anger can play the role of catalyst to drive success among the partners and can in the long run strengthen the bond between partners. Always, inspect have yours anger is ruining the innocent minds of yours children. Is there any alternate line of action and the reactions inflicting upon them? Is their any psychological state of mind is creating the proper breeziness that can stay forever. Analyze yourself and calculate the positives and the negative within so that you will know the proper state of affairs. Try to channelize yours anger through various processes, like if you are a crazy painter then try to channelize it with yours paintings with various colors and parameters and the situational comparisons.  If you are player then try to show it while you are in a competitive environment and try to defeat yours opponent with yours tremendous game play and then show yours fist towards the sky to show the strength and channelize the anger which ahs been causing you the inner hurt. Anyone who has a continuous smile on his face conceals a toughness that is almost frightening. When you get angry write it out, find a piece of paper and write something interesting and you will see after yours anger is over , you will find you have done something exceptional and a new innovations can be in the process of making. If it is poetry then jotted it down and publishing at yours blogs or some other earn money from blog websites. With this you are utilizing the anger in a better and progressive way. When you are at anger, talk it out to yours spouse and friends to reduce it and stay with yours near and dear ones as this can reduce the anger and also by seeing their faces you will be feeling a hell lot of happiness and yours anger will be subsidized. In times of leisure , you can always re examine yours core values , it is like fragmentation of the drives , with this help you can organize yours thoughts , make it like a library self and get it synchronized with it so that with each catalogue of events yours core values will  help you to stay healthy and fine. Get time out and learn to utilize the time with various intervals and segment with the real and cautious undertaking of life management. Always, analyze the situation and also get the positives and the negatives sides of the anger and trying to make the balance between the two. Try to be honest with yourself. Southeastern European plant cultivated for its fragrant purplish flowers and round flat papery silver-white seedpods that are used for indoor decoration. This has been particularly corroborated to supplant the atmospheric situation a well managed and proper decorum so that it will not encompass you from the minimalistic cubicle thought of being unrest and the rage. The path to mind is always a construed and guided road, do not make it impossible and filthy with some sort of bad attitude and demonic in total the corresponding situations which you are to live with. Think about it. Thanks.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hold a review on Samsung Wave smartphones

The mobile use inflation is growing exponentially. It seems as if the users of mobile are being added through multiples and from every sector of the society. With the permanent essential requirement to stay connected for being joined in close association through sms, or through voice phones, data channels and smart phones the selecting parameter is obvious. With the advent of middle level smart phones players and they are reducing the price day by day and making and creating the
augmented pressure to the already established smart phone players like Android, Apple, Microsoft and Nokia, Samsung and so on. Now, there is a complete set up of choice for the customers to choose from various mobile categories. What it has
done making and shifting the pressure to the smart phone manufacturers. Now the focus is entirely on the big players and how they can reduce the price of mobile and smart phone so that it will be acceptable by the customers. To day we will discuss about the Samsung smart phones and its vast and scope and will try to analyses its marketing parameters and how it is performing and how it can be a successful venture to compete more with existing advanced players in the smart phone markets.

Samsung has wide range of mobile devices touching many facets and categories of population. Samsung Wave is a good choice for the smart phones and it is popular it seems it is more desirable than the other devices. It has the Bada operating system from Samsung with intensified in value or beauty or quality in terms of graphical user interfaces, the customizations, and the specifications are good to be observed and desired for. The cost factor of this phone is not too expensive, so possible to buy by everyone.

Here ,we can find the simply the countless feature with affordability of price structure and that is very much needed for the Indian consumers , who can spend a lot but they also want quality with price and the price variability. The Wave range of smart phone from Samsung seems to embellish the young Indian persons and try to be more attractive and so one with much desired needed feature addicted to it. The real parameter of this can be a dangerous proposition as with it the other segment of people can be separated and alienated from this range. Samsung tries to attract in the range of Wave smart phones to the urban youth and give a price range which seems very attractive. As per the latest reports Indian youth are now not so much social net working savvy and this could spell the danger for most of the smart phone marketers. As it seem it is an easy option to add many social net working gadgets inside the smart phone with some smart apps and then management with a good tech savvy operating system to attract the youth , but as the youths are now more going towards the Internet and blogging then it can be tremendous challenge for the smart phone thinkers and the analysts to create a newer revivals of the concept of the selling of smart phone devices.

In today's age the integration the act of combining into an integral whole is of significant importance as the flow of ours lives is being shared with some important social net working sites like that of Twitter, Face book, Blogger and so on. Samsung social feed featured on Bada ensures and make certain in future that you will never loose out a single update of video, picture and stories of yours friends. What it has the done it augmented ours the permanent desire to share ours feelings, statuses, likes and ours work schedules with others and vice versa. With the advent of 3G and the talking and hearing of 4G , the Internet is fast becoming the super fast express and with it no waiting and the constant loading of data is not the necessity. Samsung Wave smart phone offers 3G compatibility and if you have this offer then it can assimilate seamlessly with yours device and you can experience the constant speed with lots of super updates form yours Internet social net works. The hardware components and the configurations of Samsung Wave smart phone are good and also there is always the scope of improvement. As we are getting smarter Internet packs with high data connectivity, we desire ours phones to be really smart and their hard wares to be smart, and also there should be no waiting time when we use the multi tasking. It has the clear and lucid LCD and the sun reflect is in the manageable limit. The readability factor with Wave is good and it has powerful batteries for long work hours. The long battery life is significant as you will never run out of yours juice when you need the most. 

Now some of the Wave phone offerings from Samsung:

Wave II:
It is for multi tasking and gaming people. It has 1 GHz application processor with high definition recording facility. It has 16 million colors and 3.7 inch LCD screen. It has high definitions recordings at thirty frames per seconds.

Wave 575:
It is an entry level smart phone with 3G facility. It has Samsung social hub feature, typing is fast and breeze due to the introduction of Touchwiz UI.

Wave 525:
It is in the relatively low price segment and it is the cheapest in this series. It has 3.2 inch TFT screen and Samsung’s social Hub feature which integrates yours social feed at one place. It has GPS and the multiple home screen and lots of gadgets and this phone is popular among much younger lot.


With the stiff completion among the smartphone category after the arrival of Google in the form of Android OS and buying the Motorola and then Microsoft improving hugely the Windows Mobile 7.5 software with mango updates and buying Nokia and announcements of South Korean governments to introduce new mobile Operating systems, entirely the mobile operating system market. Samsung is feeling the pain and with the new Bada 2.0 updates is desperately trying to capture and survive the smart phone market. We can see some major operating system upgrade with this update like that of HTML 5 improvements ,OPENGL ES graphic support for enriching and enchanting wave experience  through accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities .Samsung can survive through this cut throat marketing competitions with good Bada 2.00 updates and a perfect blend of hardware specifications and good integrations of devices and a better customer care can make success a huge achievement for Samsung in the longer run. Thanks.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Appraise critically Blackberry Bold 9900

Blackberry is falling backward in the race of smartphone with the advent of Android from Google and Microsoft’s new enigma with mobile phones by taking charge of Nokia with an existing market share and also completely unbelievable renovation with Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango updates. This is really making the Blackberry falls poorly in the race of multi prolonged smartphone market. With the existing price structure of Nokia Lumia courtesy Microsoft touching the 16,000 bracket and the smart phone competition is now surging to middle level customers instead of corporate, MDs.

Blackberry once the leader in this category is surely lacking the innovation, expertise to some extent as it can be observed the awful touch integration with some of the Blackberry devices needs improvement in terms of functional capacities. Now the price structure is competitive and for this huge investment in economically viable organization can survive these cut throat smart phone competitions. With Blackberry Bold 9900, the key board is having most positive qualities. Then touch screen accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities is comparatively fine in comparison with its predecessor Blackberry Torch. To be frank, still there is lot of scope for the improvement in terms of touch screen with Blackberry Bold 9900. It is thinner and slimmer but not better than Nokia Lumia series and also iPhone series. The Blackberry OS 7 has some bug fixes and it needs to be updated quickly so that people will keep faith in this device. While switching the device wizard the Blackberry Bold 9900 simply refuses to bug and it hangs for few minutes, really irritating phenomena while using this class of smart phone. Sometimes this device reboots randomly in between some important work and thus adding to miseries of this Blackberry Bold 9900 . It may be in my case situation but I have heard from some of my colleagues facing such problems and they are really becoming weird with this device. This seems to me a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse situation. The screen resolution could have been better with Apple and Microsoft clearly making the smart phone screen wider day by day but the moderate to inferior in quality screen resolution of this device is making the life difficult for the user. One positive aspect is the smaller battery life and making this smartphone lighter but the negative part is it has lesser battery life time compared to its predecessor. The app store of Blackberry is as usual good and it needs to be attained properly so that it will not stay behind the race. The market price of this phone is 30,000 but the sad part is the additional storage facility is not so much with it. I have heard about not so good customer services but personally I have not felt that way though. The future proof portion that is available with this phone is the ultimate marketing phenomena the near field communication which will be available at India soon. It has high definition camera phone without the auto focus meant for professionals as the auto focus feature could have been an additional stimulus for the amateur photographers and Blackberry should seriously think about it.

FE  16

With the stiff bottleneck competitions among all the smartphone devices categories “Just avoid holding in that way phenomena” is not going to work out. You have to be an innovator that someone who helps to open up a new line of research, technology or art. Blackberry should realise its potential and should hold up its past records and surge ahead with new positive developments and try to cross the competitive river through some new design and product development by rapidly changing entire design and hardware department and making some partnerships and product research so that it can stay afloat in the longer competition. Even an arrogant CEO can find the obvious fault in the product and with the viral bashing or negative campaign through here say can make the product and the company to a negative publicity and thus make a depression into the selling of the product in the long term. No product is permanent here and to stay awake and swim across you will have to be aware of all the new innovation in the product, hardware, software, OS and all other specifications so that the vision of the Blackberry and its successful chain of command in tracking down the vision will be super successful. The board of directors exists for this very reason, doesn’t it?

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is Bluetooth 3

When we perceive about wireless connectivity between two devices, especially the mobile phones, Bluetooth is the existing leader in this segment whether it is law full or not. It is available in almost every portable computing devices, it is worthy, reliance and trustful and furnish a good transfer speeds. Now, it is available with a lot of television sets, computer motherboards, and car stereo and other non conventional devices are fitted out
with what is necessary, useful, or appropriate Bluetooth devices installed with it. The new standard pattern is augmenting one’s control over gadgets with the help of good mobile devices seems to be the new trend in the digital arena. There is some principle that limits the extent of something in the Bluetooth technology.

When transferring the heavy data within Bluetooth technology, there seems feel of serious flawed have started to show. There is huge problem in transferring the high definition movies, give a certain impression that Bluetooth technology is not capable of containing this device. The large file size seems to be a burden on Bluetooth technology. Streaming the video or audio among devices with Blue tooth technology is not possible with Bluetooth 2.0. Bluetooth has the maximum transfer limits of 2 Mbps and for streaming the higher internet data transfer speed is the requisition.

There are some viable alternative to Bluetooth technology is available in the technology market arena to garner and make use of these. The Wi-Fi/WLAN is with its broader 802.11 standard, which is making possible through a specific action with a speed of up to 100 Mbps. The negative effect of Wi-Fi/WLAN is it requires higher electricity feedback and for this huge battery drain to mobile can be a possibility. It is idea for a small duration of mobile transfer as, if you use it for longer period then yours mobile battery will take a huge toll and in the process after prolonged use the battery may be corrupted at some point of time.

The new Bluetooth 3 released by Special Interest Group is the up gradation from Bluetooth 2.0 and it seems it is born to go fast. It is quite spot on and the increase in speed is apparent and can be seen. Bluetooth 3.0 integrates the 802.11 protocol standard and converting the wireless connectivity to a far more accelerates phenomena. Even at this augmented speed, the Bluetooth unlike Wi-Fi/WLAN will employ its current radio uplink to send the data to the opposite side, thus saving the battery life of mobile phone. But this technology is such that when it detects that user wants to send a voluminous data across, and then it quickly switches back to 802.11 protocol standard and thus boosting the speed up to humongous 24 Mbps.

One more interesting upgrade with Bluetooth 3.0 is it can operate at the same time with multiple connections like the multi tasking. You can have the option of bulk upload of all yours mobile screenshots to yours PC.Hope you enjoy this wirte up please give suggestions if any by going to the comment section. Thanks.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Computational intelligence

Every segment of artificial intelligence computing is obsessed with human mind as it aims to visualize that part of the body. It seems that the reasoning and the cause of the physical world is much simpler and requiring little effort to know and comprehend the meaning of. It is in a way like that of embodied cognition – a field of science that believes that human intelligence cannot be boiled down to the functioning of the brain and that higher intelligence is impossible without the representation of what it is perceived is the basic combination of the formation of the concept, movement and vitalization. This leads to an advantage held by the competitive competence through cognition of popular division of a
larger and more complex phenomena of artificial intelligence is known as computational intelligence. It is the combination of the best or distinct feature of pre-existing availability of practical method or art applied to some particular task with Skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity. It goes with many theories such as neat, scruffy and some fuzzy logic statements. 

It deals with some located inward settings of the human brain in consorting with perception and causing computer simulations of perceptions. This can be alternatively called as the neural processing and it is true to life and involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit. This field is so huge such that you need to be a person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully that further getting into this stream of this science.

It is right that human mind is a complex mechanism, it is the smartest computer so as to say, which combine knowledge with reasoning in a jiffy. Understanding the aspect and working of the brain is which understands the scientists to know more about the artificial computing and making the embedded mechanisms. What is creativity? It is the ability to create, the ability to think something new and applying the age old formulations that separates the mind of the human from any other animals. It may sound simple but it is a complex matter and the numerous processes must go on within minute of seconds. That is why it is always a difficult to define the creativity. Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas or artifacts that are new surprising and valuable.

It is not always that creativity will fetch the originality; it is large and complex subject with various synonym and antagonism connotations. The problem is, if we accept creativity is the ability to come up with a new way of thinking, then how do we program it into a machine. As a programmer we know the very nature of programming is not this then how to go this way, this seems to be a completely separate mechanisms and functionality of codes where the coding will have to work with the machine order. Here programming goes with simply laying down the instructions to give to a machine, which it duly carries out. You can program the machine to think but how can you program the machine to think outside the realm of thought process itself?

For the sake of this article we can discuss that the creativity is a way to find out newer mechanisms and the functionality which never been seen or feel like new to us. We can consider this as a one more privileged human characteristic of essential worth. It is no longer is based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice, it has "an arbitrary function". According to the standard Turing Test, imagination in a visual sense would not be necessary of an artificial intelligence since the entire test Is conducted from a textual perceptive. This sums it all. Never ever the ability is to imagine or visualize is tested on artificial intelligence programming. For example what are the minimum conditions under which a set of marks function as an image? Programming needs to be completely autonomous and synchronized as and when the situation happens. In short the programming must have the artificial intelligence power and should be dynamic and more towards the genuine show of persona in a simpler manner.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to test a smartphone

I am never a smartphone junkie, inclined more towards laptop and high end laptops. It is true fact that buying a smartphone and especially the high end ones has never been an exciting experience. The smartphone is an extremely arousing attention and the power of attracting holding one’s attention device. It has noticeable heterogeneity in terms of operating systems, hardware, customizations and applications. Smartphone is more towards that vibrant and animated group that challenged the
system type devices. The rate of introducing is its devices in terms of new phones, OS updates and hardware up gradation and introduction of new technologies. 

Consisting of derived tradition is that the phone is modern for one year and after that it becomes no longer valid and fashionable. To test a smartphone many and different testing techniques is needed and then you can find the real winner or the smartphone of ours choice.

Run the benchmarks services so that you can directly compare the performances of all its processors, storages, web browsers. Personally, I prefer to use the PeaceKeeper Browser benchmark, it is a standard by which something can be measured or judged. For Android platform run the Quadrant, LinPack bench mark utility. For iOS platform run the Linpack and GLBenchmark , for Windows Phone 7.5 mango updates run the WP Bench and MultiBench and run the cross platform Peacekeeper benchmark in all the OSes.

To test the call quality of the smartphone the signal rating can be divided into two or three parts. Like one is full signal and the other is very low signal and the call quality can be tried and proven to be correct with these signal network. Low signal means the signal with only one or two bars. Points is reduced, less in size with every call drop, voice echo, and audio break situations. The built in speaker was scored on the clarity and loudness parameters through calls and multimedia playback. With the video playback, the multimedia test and additionally the display quality is scored with brightness, sharpness, color depth and black level depth. In this video playback category, the processor and the RAM’s ability to play back the video files with no problems and difficulties. The display quality is of prime importance as; this is the prime importance factor in the multimedia display.

The battery life of a smartphone is of the quality of being important and worthy of note. As with smartphone you are expecting and wishing to carry it through out day and use it for all yours works. The usage patterns included video playback, web browsing and IM chats, game playing and receiving the voice calls with either 3G or Wi-Fi connected throughout. The hardware package has the special weight age accountable to it. If yours phone has the latest dual core processor then it will earn you more points.

The camera part of the phone deals with high points if you have the mega pixel camera with additional points if it has the additional prominent attributes like that of HDR, image stabilization, video stabilization, and Panorama shot. To add it more the camera feature can garner more points through video clarity, sharpness, noise, color depth, fast motion, fluidity and all other amount of tweaking can garner more points for the test.

Last not the least, the Operating System part of the smartphone offers applications, performance and internet plan and the smoothness of the OS, the interval of updates also then the Operating system ecosystem, possible customization, and the features and the tweaks can fetch the higher points for the Operating System.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shadow complex game review

The game Shadow Complex offers a simple installation. Then the game starts with vast interconnected arena of game playing. At the underground setting you will experience weapons, apparel and the game then starts with some real action moves. In this game, you will start with the rescue of yours girl friend then in this process yours moves and the motives will save the world. You should save the world from the evil machinations of Cobra Commander, then take control of the Jason Fleming , the protagonist with
some moves of yours own through the key board, left, right, up, down, jump, shoot, explore the complex and explode the baddies in this game. This game lent Metroid;s side-scrolling ,platform jumping  with some exploratory game play with an inspired imitation. This game questions it self to vast games and asking them why the so called games are as costly as with very few dollars spent with this game can be done with.

Shadow complex game review

Sometimes in this game you go with some two dimensional flight against the rebel society with some odd karate punches through and across the screens with mechanics of some middle level game play. The exploration part of the game is really mingling as you go on search for real secrets and revealing them. The underground complex is huge and it will give you the sleepless nights .With changing landscapes starting from jungles to commercial workplaces and then the mines, you go on searching for air vents, unlocking the doors and facing the odd baddy in between.

 The presentation of the game is two dimensional. It is one of the best two dimensional games.  The back ground score is not so good though at times the music seems soothing. The piano effect of the game is smart and beautiful.  Going across the map can be very difficult to deal with as the traversing parameters are with it. As map’s own conclusion can sometimes be very deceptive as you yourself have to calculate and move with the map. This portion of the map could have been better to suit the user’s need. Sometimes the vital parameters of the game like the doors , wall are not seen inside the map, thus if you not calculate carefully then there can be a possibility of facing the obstacles unprepared and that can end yours journey inside the exploration. There are some minor bugs as sudden and fierce entry of the enemy with unwarranted intentions inside the game.

The game shows meticulous planning of the developer with very easy field of game playing. The author is not a avid gamer but sometimes see through some games. I personally like the games which are easier to install and light on system resources. It shows the fresh approach to game releases and teaching the vast game developers to make it light, short, and very easy to use at gaming platform. This game runs through the Xbox 360 platform. Its developer is Epic Games and the publisher is Microsoft Studios. This game two years back is fifteen dollars or seven hundred thirty rupees.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a mixture of tablet and a phone, place a somewhere in between and a priority for both the segment. It is a Android phone with ARM Cortex, A) Dual Core 1.4 GHz processor. An absolute delight is the video viewing operation with this phone as in case you are waiting for a doctor appointment and yours waiting goes longer then to remove the boredom the video viewing functionalists in this phone is absolute fantastic and enjoyable. Watching a video or
listening to the music of yours preferences, with an enjoyable five point one setting activated making the sound wave a surrounding effect is absolutely fantastic. Sounds in this phone can be felt with each accessory like that of the head phone or through portable sound boxes or playing through the phones. The built –in speaker is not loud at all and soothing for the ears. Though if you take it to outside then the listen to the sound problem can happen. The built in speaker is good for calling purposes.

The most important factor within this phone is the 5.3 inch Super AMOLED display with color richness toned down to suit the eye without the glass. There is the reduction of the red color in the super AMOLFED display and that softens the eye while viewing this phone in sun light. The black portion of the color of the AMOLFED display is not grayish and for this it is brewing well in front of the sunlight as well as behind the sunlight. The sharpness level of the phone display is helping the display more lucid as it is of optimum quality. Sadly, the viewing angles are not good due to constant reflection as the front object can be seen on the phone’s display from the side angle.

This phone is bigger as it has 5.3 inch display,. This phone weights more and this could have been avoided to suit with more ladies as ladies prefer to carry lighter phones. The built in quality is good and meant for longer duration availability. There are no rough edges on the phone so you can manage calls and writing smses or browsing the web with the same hand within this much weight is quite an achievement. This phone has 16 GB internal storage with micro SD slot up to 32 GB is proving this phone has lots of storage capacity and availability.  It has 8 mega pixel cameras with 1080p High definition carry with the running capacity of High definition video of 2500 mAh battery.

Monday, February 20, 2012

And never go back on the other

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samsung RC510 quality with quantity

Specifications: NVDIA GT315M/Intel HD 3000 graphics, HDD: 500 GB, 5400rpm, Weight: 2.5kg , Core i3 380M (2.53GHz) RAM: 3GB 1066 MHz

This laptop costs about 39,990 Indian Rupees at show room price. Price may vary. Indian website of Samsung is  it is a manageable slim laptop with size of 15.6 inch note book,
with fantastic style and brings a marvelous glossy finishing touch. The built in factor of note book is exceptional. The palm position is raised slightly making it not comfortable while on the four wheeled vehicle but in reverse while at the lap and in a stable position it seems to augur well. The key pad seems to be well built and a personal favorite of mine as it is an isolated type and for the work and the job I am in it augurs well and it is a sort of mastermind piece to use it as it doe not feel to my fingers while typing. The space in between the keys seems decent but the keys are small and may not be good for the elderly person as the small keys can be confusing at times. This area can be considered as the area of improvement.

No multimedia key and a draw back for music junkies. Built in and dedicated number pad is available. The track pad is better but it is a recommendation to use a mouse namely the usb mouse for correct and precise navigation with this note book. There are four USB ports with this note book and HDMI port for high definition viewing. Everything essentials are present here from the usual optical drive, LAN port etc. With a 1.3MP web camera the display is not so good but manageable to a considerable extent. This laptop is a power house with a strong Intel core engine with HT supportive feature. It has high support for high definition video and also a dedicated GeForce 315M GPU.  This does not prove that this note book is the gamers’ paradise but it can play decent games but not the power housed games which the gamers are renowned of.

The playback of 1080p content is seam less and fantastic. The LCD of this notebook does have the poor viewing angles but the straight display with front right is very good with a complete saturated display. To summaries in brief this note book is not a war horse but a decent luxury car and most of the mundane application can be easily sailed through it. It is a performance machine for some one who is a mild gamer as well as for mild office use. The pricing of the laptop is moderately good.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The crest of a wave on a surf board

The train is running, it is a long distance train and pretty popular and one of the oldest in India. The Coromondel train, it is from Howrah to Chennai, I boarded at Chennai to Bhubaneswar as this is one train I always use while I am on the tour. Reservation one AC and so I am deeply satisfied that I will not be bothered by any strangers during my journey. Me and my wife’s birth are at the side upper and side lower and I had the experience of
good journey with this train and while seating on this train I am pretty proud of this. I and my wife’s seats am one compartment before the gates side so it is very convenient to use the toilet. The AC is the compartment is of very high order and am thinking about good things fro my return journey, having achieved a lot and seeing and meeting the doctor feeling extensively satisfied and gratified and we are talking about all these occurrences and what to prevent and how to prevent and how to manage the health in the future.  I was managing my luggage so that no other persons should occupy that privileges as we are both at the side upper and lower seats so , it is one privilege and the sense of privacy can be attained into. The train starts and after few moments I have seen my good old friends straight from my service days and from my College days.

 He also came with his better half, we talked some time for few moments at least then I came back to my berth which is almost 12 seats far from my child hood friend‘s berth. In the friend’s berth out of four seats two are with the friends and his better half and in the other two four personas are seating out of it three ladies are seating and they are saying they are in the RAC. After some time friend realized that one lady who is almost 50 years old, is with the waiting list and that lady is saying that she is from a public sector company and she is emergency to attain the meeting that is why she came there rapidly. The ticket collector came and checked all the tickets but not the lady’s ticket, this surprise the friend as he was telling me this true happening inside the great coromondel express after the incident was over so am elaborating what he had told ne earlier.

My friend is always of a sheepish nature and he feels the ticket collector will tell that lady to get out of this AC cabin but instead that ticket collector bring that lady to another compartment and it feels something going on between them like some transactions which is known to many an that lady came back with a winning smile but without a valid ticket. How the coromondel ticket collector of AC allowed that lady inside the AC compartment without a ticket, that lady says she is wait listed and in rules she is not allowed inside the compartment but she is making the mockery of law and also with her the ticket collector bending all the rules of the railways and also it is not a good practice to allow strangers inside the compartment.  That lady has five luggage and imagine she is a wait listed ticket holder and she is illegally entering into ac compartments and invading the privacy of the fellow travelers and she is been helped amicable by the ticket collector of coromondel train and for what reason? Why she is been allowed to enter and the conductor also not been taking the strict action this is very sad and especially of coromondel a vintage train in its class and it is coming from the Chennai where I have seen everywhere from the railway reservation counter to the Apollo lift , people automatically in queue to wait for others preferences and that has been liked by me so much so that I have deep respect for the Tamil persons and their way of life and upbringing but so sad to feel the behavior of The ticket collector as it seems he is engaging in some sort of fraudulent activities,

At far this is not expected at the AC compartments at the cormondel express and it seems no security in place near the AC compartments and during the Vijwada and then Rajmehndry and then Vizag some persons standing nearer to the latrines of the AC compartments and this can be a really harassed situations for the ladies as well as the sober people. This has not been seen at coromondel from the experience of my old friend and to the no guard experience and then the unwanted persons standing nearer to the latrines at the AC compartments, and the most of it the behavior of the ticket collector and his greedy attitude in allowing the stranger inside the ac compartment reiterates the same thing that once Aristotle said Power corrupts and the absolute power corrupts. Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. I can only hope at best to post a honest ticket collector inside the AC compartments of coromondel especially the train which starts from Chennai to Howrah and also adequate security must be provided . Then the question arises. If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Use of Cost –Volume-Profit relationship

Cost-Volume-Profit Relationship-
Profit is always a matter of primary concern to management. The volume of sale never remains constant. It fluctuates up and down and income also goes up and down with fluctuations in volume. Profit is actually the result of interplay of different factor like cost, volume and selling price. Effectiveness of a manager depends on his capabilities to make right predictions about future profits. This can
be done when correct relationship existing between cost, volume and profit is known. For this reason, knowledge of relationship among cost, volume and profit is of immense help to the management. This knowledge of cost-volume-profit relationship helps management to find out right solution for such problems as are given below-
i) What should be the volume to be attempted for obtaining a desired profit?
ii) How will the change in selling price affect the profit position of the company?
iii) How will the change of cost affect profit /
iv) What should be the optimum mix of the company ?
Use of Cost –Volume-Profit relationship-
1) This relationship enables management to predict profit over a wide range of volume. This knowledge is very useful in preparing flexible budget.
2) In a lean business season, company has to determine the price of the products very carefully. It becomes necessary sometimes to bring down the price to boost the sale of a product, what impact this reduction in price is going to have no profit position of a company.
3) Analysis of cost-volume-profit relationship helps in decision-making. There are situation when management has to decide whether it should add to its capacity or not with the knowledge of cost-volume- profit analysis, a manager can easily take decision showing in its respect how utilization of available capacity will lead to increase profit.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Difference between absorption costing and marginal costing


1) Both fixed and variable cost are considered for product costing and inventory valuation. 1) Only variable cost is considered for product costing and inventory valuation.
2) The fixed cost is charged to cost of production. Each product is to bear a reasonable share of fixed cost and profitability of product is thus influenced by subjective apportionment of fixed cost. 2) Treatment of fixed overhead is different.
Fixed cost is considered as a period cost. And profitability of different product is judged by P/V ratio.
3) Presentation of cost is on conventional pattern. Net profit of each product is determined after deducting fixed overheads. 3) Production of data is oriented to highlight the total contribution and contribution from each product.
4) The difference in the magnitude of opening stock and closing stock affects the unit cost of production due to the impact of related fixed overheads. 4) The difference in the magnitude of opening stock and closing stock does not affect the unit cost of production.
Limitations of Absorption Costing-

1) In practice, this method employs highly arbitrary method of apportionment of overhead. This reduces the practical utility of cost data for control purposes.
2) Under absorption costing, fixed cost relating to closing stock is carried forward to the next year. Similarly, fixed cost relating to opening stock is charged to current year instead of previous year. Thus under this method, all the fixed cost is not charged against the revenue of the year in which they are incurred. It is an unsound practice.
3) Under the absorption costing collection of cost data is not very useful fir decision making., because the process of assigning product cost a reasonable share of fixed overhead obscures cost-volume-profit relationship.
4) Under the absorption costing, behavior pattern of cost is not highlighted and thus many s\situations which can be utilized under the marginal costing are likely to go unnoticed under the absorption costing.
Advantage of Marginal Costing
1) Variable cost remains constant per unit of output and fixed cost remain constant in total during short period. Thus, control over the cost becomes more effective and easier. Standards can be established for fixed cost in order to exercise full control over the total activities.
2) Marginal costing brings out contribution and profit margin per unit of output and clearly brings out the effect of the change in activity. If facilities making policy decision in a number of managerial problems, such as, determining profitability of products, introducing a new product, discontinuing a product, fixing selling price, deciding whether to make or buy, utilizing spare capacity, profit planning.
3) The distinction between the product cost and period cost helps easy understanding of marginal cost statements.
4) Closing inventory of work-in- progress and finished goods are valued at marginal or variable cost only. This method leads to greater accuracy in arriving at profit as it eliminates any carry over of fixed costs of the previous period through inventory valuation.
5) As a corollary to above, since fixed cost do not enter in to product cost, it eliminates the process of allocating, apportioning and absorbing overheads, and adjusting under and over absorbed overheads. Therefore, the method is simpler to operate.
Limitation of Marginal Costing
1) The technique is based on the segregation of costs in to fixed and variable ones, while many expenses are neither totally fixed nor totally variable at various levels of activity. Thus classifying all expenses in to two categories of either fixed or variable is a difficult task.
2) The assumption regarding behavior of cost such as fixed cost remains static , are often not realistic.
3) Contribution is not only index to take future decision. Foe example, where fixed cost is very high, selling price should not be fixed on the basis of contribution alone without considering other key factors such as capital employed.
4) Marginal cost, if confused with total cost while fixing selling price may lead to a disaster.
5) Inventory valuation at marginal cost will understate profits and may not be acceptable by the Tax authorities. Any claims based on cost will be very low. As it will not have share of fixed cost.

Application of Marginal Costing-
1) Profit Planning – Profit planning involves forecasting activity level in order to gain or maintain specified amount of profit. Under profit planning start is made from the end result. profit figure is planned and activity level necessary for yielding that profit is attempted. It should be noted that the activity level will involve working out how that level will yield specified profit. In this exercise sale, cost and production activities are all reviewed in harmony with each other to determine how they will yield the desired profit figure.
2) Presentation of cost data for control purpose- Under marginal costing cost data is presented in such a way that it confirms to all the requirements of management to effect control. Data presentation is based on the behavioural study of cost. This leads the management to exercise better control over the cost. Under absorption costing cost data may be misleading for the purpose of decision making.
3) Make or Buy decision-Decision to make or buy should involve comparison of seller’s price with marginal cost of that component. But this approach will lead to wrong conclusion. When a component is produced, a art of plant capacity is utilized, i.e. some contribution is earned. If a company is running at its full capacity the contribution thus earned will be lost \by not manufacturing the component. But this approach will lead to wrong conclusion. When a component is produced a part of plant capacity is utilized,i.e. some contribution is earned. If a company is running at full capacity the contribution thus earned will be lost by not manufacturing the component. Of course, if company is not working at its full capacity the question of lost contribution will become another factor of consideration
4) Optimizing the product mix- When a concern manufactures a number of products, a problem arises as to which product or sale mix will yield maximum profit. Such a problem can be solved by marginal contribution analysis. Product mix, which gives the maximum contribution, will be the optimum mix.
5) Alternative use of production facilities-When an alternative method of manufacturing a product or alternative is available, marginal contribution analysis should be made to arrive at the decision. The alternative yielding the highest contribution will be selected.
6) Evaluation of performance- A company may have different departments or product lines. All these departments and product lines may have different revenue earning potential. A company always concentrates on the departments or the product lines which yields more contribution than others. The relative performance of each department or product is studied by marginal contribution analysis. This analysis will help the company to take decision that will maximize the profits.

My son’s first walks

The dream and its screenshots can be more realistic and more and more longing for the endurance eyes of the deep within of some spectacular scenic dreams. My son just been trying to walk and falling each time and been disappointed. As a kid he is trying his best to walk , imitating me and my wife but falling in the process and disappointing and then trying to observe my emotions whether I am watching his steps or not
. At first me and my better half observing his trying to stand with two small legs but time and again he is failing to stand as he is a small kid. Then as usual he would observe both of us and if realizes, we both are looking carefully to ours child then he would cry is shame.

I have seen watching both of my child’s from the child hood and observer the child psychology that children used to imitate their parents and if they fail then they are disappointed and they cannot utter words as they are yet to be perfect inn speaking so they shows their disappointment by crying loudly. SO, we both decided to observe ours child trying to stand up but not to see direct but see through indirect vision. We are very excited about this and we are waiting for the whole moments to capture by the camera and the handy cam so that we will cherish these moments in ours whole life time. The real emotion moments for both of us and we are carefully watching ours son trying hard to stand up and walk with his two beautiful legs.

When I was at the office sometimes thinking a lot about this moment, could it happen when I am away from the home and I will not be able to be part of this celebrity’s moment of my son walking for the first time inside my house. So, I convey my better half to take snaps and also record the moments if I was away from the happenings. The real check mate is to see my son’s face when he would first walk without fall inside my home.

This moment is always longing for both of us and it is so excited and envisions that I cannot capture and imagine how to write these moments in the blog. That day was the Sunday, I was not at the office and staying at home and talking with my wife and watching the son who is trying endlessly to stand up. Now he is taking the help of the side walls to stand and walk. Wow may be we are nearing the moments. My son is standing up and within the help of the walls he is walking and move from the bed room to drawing room effortlessly but with the help of the side wall. Now my son is trying to walk without the wall, he falls from the wall and now is seating on the floor, and my better half running and making love with my son so that he will not be disappointed. My son within drench eyes is looking at me and to my better half with a glance as if he just missed the Everest or just hit a beautiful shot but to be captured inside the boundary.

We both are happy but not smiling as this would make ours son deeply disappointed so we decided to be calmed and watch what is happening. On that Sunday evening the inevitable happens , we both are talking and  watching the Three Idiots on the television and enjoying the movie and in front of the television ours son is trying hard to walk like us, some time he is standing with the help of ours legs and sometimes with the help of a chair , then suddenly he is starting to walk without the help any third party and he is walking just like walking on a hanging string , trying to balance on both the sides and with the help of both the hands he started walking here and there and then looking to both of us with a winning smile and that smile is worth cores of rupees for both of us and we captured the moments and recorded and even after almost 30 years we are seeing those recordings when we want to see ours sons smile.

After the recording competed my son's long standing has been abrupt though he tries again then he succeed. The he gave us a majestic look and confirm us that he want to stand with his legs only for both of us!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Margin of Safety

Margin of Safety represents the difference between sales at a given activity nd sales at Break even point (BEP is the point of sale where company makes neither profit nor loss). Consequently it indicates the extent to which a fall in demand could be absorbed before the company begins to sustain losses. The margin of safety is expressed as percentage of sale. The validity of safety always depends on the accuracy of cost estimates. The wide margin of safety is advantageous for the company. Margin of safety depends upon the level of fixed cost, rate of contribution and level of sales.

Sales – Sales at BEP = Margin of safety.

Improvement in Margin of Safety-

The Margin of Safety can be improved by adopting the following steps-

i) Increase in sale volume- It widens the difference between sales at activity level and sales at break even point.

ii) Increase in selling price- If it is not possible to increase sales volume, selling price is increase to increase the margin of safety.

iii) Change in product mix thereby increasing contribution – This will lead to improvement in margin of safety , because it widens the gap of sales specified activity level and sales at break even point.

iv) Lowering fixed cost- It increases the margin of safety , because break even point goes down by lowering fixed cost.

v) Lowering fixed variable cost- It increases margin of safety by improvement in P/V ratio.

Angle of Incidence- The angle which the sales line makes the total cost lines, is known as angle of incidence. This angle gives pictorial relationship between products and sales. This angle indicates the profit earning capacity of a company over the break even point. A large angle of incidence will indicate earning of high margin of profit. Low angle of incidence indicates that variable cost forms a major part of cost of sales. Normally margin of safety and angle of incidence are considered together. For example, a high margin of safety with a large angle of incidence will indicate the most favorable condition of a company. Under such a situation, the company is monopolizing in the market. On the other hand, low margin of safety with low angle of incidence indicates bad financial shape of the company.

Main features of Marginal Costing-

i) Costs are divided in to two categories i.e. Fixed cost and variable cost

ii) Fixed costs are considered as period cost and remains out of consideration for determination of product cost and value of inventories.

iii) Prices are determined with reference to marginal cost and contribution margin.

iv) Profitability of departments and products is determined with reference to their contribution margin.

v) In presentation of cost data, display of contribution assumes dominant role.

vi) Closing stock is valued on marginal cost.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Basic Marginal Cost Equation

S-V= F+P

Where S= Sales

F= Fixed Cost

V= Variable cost

P= Profit.

Profit /Volume Ratio Profit Volume Ratio may be expressed as:-

P/V Ratio = (Sales – Marginal Cost of Sales )/ Sales

Or = Contribution/ Sales.

Or = Change in contribution/ Change in Sale

Or = Change in Profit/ Change in Sale

Suppose the sale price and marginal cost of a product are Rs20 and Rs 12 respectively, The P/V Ratio will be (Rs 20-Rs12) X100 = 40%

P/V Ratio remains constant at different levels of operation. A Change in fixed cost does not result in change in P/V ratio since P/V expresses relationship between contribution and sales.

Advantages of P/V Ratio

i) It helps in determining the break even point.

ii) It helps in determining profit at various sales levels.

iii) It helps to fins out the sales volumes to earn a desired quamtum of profit.

iv) It helps to dertermine relative profitability of different products, processes and deoartments.

Limitations of P/V Ratio-

i) P/V Ratio heavily leans on excess of revenue over variable cost.

ii) The P/V Ratio fails to take in to consideration the capital outlays required by the additional productive capacity and the additional fixed cost, tha t are added.

iii) Inspection of P/V ratio of products can suggest profitable product lines that might be emphasized and unprofitable lines that may be re-evaluated or eliminated. Mere inspection of P/V ratio will not help to take final decision. For this purpose, analysis has to be broadened to take in to consideration differential cost of the decision and opportunity cost etc, . Thus it indicates only the area to be probed.

iv) The P/V ratio has been referred to as the questionable device for decision-making because it only gives an indication of the profitability of the product/product lines: that too if other things are equal, P/V ratio is good for forming impression and not for making decision.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Marginal Cost-

Definition- The cost of one unit of product or service that would be avoided if that unit were not produced or provided.

Marginal Costing

The accounting system in which variable cost are charged to the cost units and fixed costs of the period are writing off in full against the aggregate contribution. Its special value is in decision-making.

Break Even Point- Break even point is the point of sale in which the company makes neither profit nor loss. The marginal costing technique is based on the idea that difference of sale and variable cost of sales provides for a fund which is referred to as contribution. Contribution provides for fixed cost and profit. At break even point, the contribution is just sufficient to provide for fixed cost. If actual sake level is above break even point, the company will make profit. If actual sale level is below break even point the company will incur loss. When cost volume profit relationship is presented graphically and it is the point at which total cost line and total sale line intersect each other will be the point of break even point.

Key Factor or Limiting Factor-

Key factor is the factor whose influence must be first ascertained to ensure that there is maximum utilization of resources. Gearing the production process in the light of key factor’s influences will lead to maximization of profits. Key factor contains managerial action and limits output of the company. Generally sale is the limiting factor, but any of the following factors can be limiting factor.

a) Materials

b) Labour

c) Plant & machinery

d) Power

e) Government action.

When a limiting factor is in operation and a decision is to be taken regarding relative profitability of different products, contribution for each products is divided by key factor to select the most profitable alternative.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Budget Committee

Budget Committee- The responsibility fo the preparation of budgets generally rests with the budget committee which generally includes the following executives:-

i) Chief Executive who will be the chairman of the committee.

ii) Production Manager

iii) Sales Manager

iv) Materials manager

v) Standard & Quality Control Manager

vi) Finance Manager

vii) Other Departmental Head.

Functions of Budget Committee-

The main functions are as follows-

i) Assisting the manager in making budget by giving them information about past performances,

ii) Circulating the broad outline of the policies framed by the top management which should be taken under consideration while preparing the budgets.

iii) Reviewing the budget estimate prepared by the various departments and suggesting modifications if necessary.

iv) Preparing the master budget after the functional budgets are prepared.

v) Comparing the reports of actual performances with budget policies and procedure.

vi) Assisting the preparation of budget manual.

Budget Manual- It is a document that contains the guidelines for the preparation of various budgets and sets out the responsibilities of the persons engaged in the routine of and the forms and records required for budgetary control. All departments refer this manual for clarification regarding procedural details and formats to be used at every stage from preparation of budgets till reporting of actual and deviations from budgets.

Budget Variance- A budget variance represents the difference between plan and achievements expressed in monetary terms, that is the difference between budget figure and actual figure. Variance analysis is the process of ascertaining variances from budget and finding reasons for variances. Variance is unfavorable if actual is more than budget. The same is favorable if actual is less than budget. Variance report is prepared showing budget and variances and sent to persons responsible for each functional budgets for comments and action. When standard costing is employed along with a system of flexible budgeting variance analysis is greatly facilitated.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Objectives of Budgetary Control

budget (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)
Objectives of Budgetary Control-
a) Planning- To achieve its goal, an enterprise must plan what it must do and how it will reach the goal. In the processes of assessing the factors that will help reaching the goals, the enterprise should also anticipate problems that would make the process of reaching its goals difficult. Having identified some of these problems, it can decide well in advance how it would overcome them, if and when they came up.
b) Coordination- This involves proper balancing of all factors and coordinating the efforts put together by various departments and persons to reach the goals of the enterprise. If they do not work in synchronized manner, the organization will never be able to reach its goals.
c) Control- It is a process of keeping watch over actions and taking immediate planned action at the first signs of deviation from the planned course of action. In this way, events are compelled or directed to confirm the plans.
Types of Budgets-
Generally a master budget is prepared which in turn, is broken in to functional budgets. Budgets may be classified as follows-
i) Basic Budget & Current Budget.
ii) Fixed budget a& Flexible budget.
iii) Master budget & Functional Budget.
Basic Budget-
Basic Budget is based on a long term plan and is used on a long term plan and is used as a basis for developing current budget. A basic budget is much broader in scope and less detailed than a current budget. It may be fixed or flexible. The basic data are not updated whenever there are change in conditions such as increase in material price or wage rates. As a result, the use of basic budgets gives rise to operating variances. That is why for control purposes current budgets are more useful.

Current Budget- It is established for use over a short period of times usually one year but sometimes even less and related to current conditions that is average conditions which are likely to prevail during the budget period.

Fixed Budget- A fixed budget is designed to remain unchanged irrespective of the volume of output or turnover attained. The budget remains fixed over a given period and does not change with the change in the volume of production or level of activity attained . Normally, such a budget is prepared in respect of expenses of a fixed nature. As such this budget is of limited application.
Flexible Budget- A flexible budget by recognizing the difference in behaviour between fixed and variable costs in relation to fluctuation in output or turnover is designed to change appropriately with such fluctuations. A flexible budget changes according o the level of activity.
It is the results of two factors, a) the passage of time and b) the productive activity. The concept of cost variability gives rise to three categories of costs such as –
i) Fixed cost
ii) Variable cost
iii) Semivariable cost
Fixed cost does not vary with the volume or production activity but accrue with the passage of time. They are time or period cost. They remain constant over a period of time irrespective of the volume or level of activity. Variable cost vary in proportion to the volume of activity. They accrue as a result of efforts, activity or work done. They are product cost. They would not arise if there are no activity. Semi variable costs contain elements of both fixed and variable costs.
Master Budget- A Master Budget is prepared from and summaries, the various functional budgets. It is also called summary budget. It is a summary plan of the overall activities of the enterprise for a definite period. It generally includes details relating to production , sales, stocks, debtors, cash position, fixed assets etc, in addition to important control ratios.
The Master Budget embraces both operating decisions and financial decisions. When all budgets are ready they can finally produce budgeted profit & Loss A/C or incomes statement and budgeted balance sheet. Such results can be projected monthly, quarterly, half yearly and year end. When the budgeted profit falls short of the target it may be reviewed and all budgets may be reworked to reach the target or to achieve a revised target approved by the budget committee.

Functional Budget- It is a budget of income or expenditures appropriate to or the responsibilities of a function such as production, sales, purchase etc. Each functional department prepares its own budget and all these functional budgets are then integrated in to the master budget. The following functional budgets are generally prepared.
Budget Prepared by
Sale- Quantity & Value Sales Manager
Selling & Distribution Cost Sales MANAGER
Production- Units & plant Production manager
Utilization Personal Personnel Manager
Materials Purchase Manager
Factory Expenses Production Manager
Administrative Expenses Finance Manager
Cash Finance Manager
Capital Expenditure Chief Executive
Research & Development R & D manager