Thursday, November 17, 2011

A new methodology that measures your site's social quality

Your content has a value, and you should be rewarded for that

value.As part of the ShareThis Publisher Network, you are

better able to gauge how sociable both your content and

audience are, and therefore make better decisions that help you

achieve your business goals.

Today, ShareThis is announcing a new methodology that will

change the way your content is valued.This new standard is the

first measure of Web-wide sharing activity that focuses on the

social quality of sites, helping publishers evaluate how

content is performing, and establishing a benchmark for that

performance.It can be valued for yours advertiser by seeing

yours sopcial ranking and the reach of yours web content.This

announcement from share this because we believe that it draws

the focus of social media back to where it originated.The

content that people want to share, and the people who want to

share it.Starcom MediaVest Group collaborating on it with share

this to achieve this new task.It means great for business and

also spread of business as it can garner huge traffic for us.A

s an business organisation you can have high visibility rate

and permanent customes and loyalcustomer.Business should take

advantage of it as it can be really a successful

proposition.You can know more from here.


Publishers already on the ShareThis Network don’t need to do

anything at this time. In early 2012, more information about

your web site’s social quality rank and how you can leverage it

for your own business decisions around editorial and

advertising will be available through your analytics

dashboard.You will be notified as soon as this feature is


How exactly index is calcualted:
-Favors rich content and audience interaction over broad reach

-Identifies users with higher purchase intent

-Identifies audiences who are more likely to disseminate

content widely

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