Monday, November 21, 2011

What are web apps?

Over the years internet has evolved from static content to more and more dynamic content and now to rich internet applications. Active applications or web applications are similar to software which you install from the CD, for example Gmail is a web application. Gmail is like a desktop application; email client like outlook, yet it run on internet. The difference between software and web application is , with the software you will have to update it manually , where as with web applications it updates automatically. In the first case if you reformat yours PC, you do not have to update Gmail, it updates itself. This means every time you have secured Gmail, it can be accessible from anywhere, any mediums like smart phones, etc. Most web browsers considers WebPages and applications in the same manner, Google Chrome supports installable web apps. This mans faster browsing and early accessibility. If any installable web application can bundle all its content into zipped archive that users download. When they install the app, this is called the packaged applications. In chrome store, enhance yours Chrome experience with applications from the Chrome web store.
With Chrome web browser, both packaged and installed applications have short cuts making accessibility for the users with a click of a button. Chrome is updated regularly, so it supports the latest trends and fads of the internet. HTML5,APIs and WebGL all are latest web development and has been incorporated to Chrome. With Chrome the installable web apps needs to ask yours permission once in logging. In other browsers or in normal websites it needs to seek yours permission every time they perform notifications, geo locations and so on.


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