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How to get started with facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the internet. To sign up you will need to fill in the detail and then give yours authenticate email id and also sometimes if you are on the go then yours mobile number for second label authentication. Then you will be asked to upload yours profile picture, then yours educational information, Complete the sign up by activating yours account through your email. The search for yours friends who are already into it is through yours Gmail, hotmail or yahoo email accounts.

The profile throws the basic feature of the account for Facebook users. Log in to yours account then go to the edit section of the right hand side bar and then there you can edit the profile section. Facebook is giving you the ultimate control to manage yours friend�s list. GO to the edit zone and fill up the entire profile section. It consists of basic information, profile picture then you can manage the thumbnail and adjust how the picture to be shown to the public. At the friend and family section you can manage yours relationships; here you can manage the relationships status and also the featured friend status. You can also add a group to yours friends list and sort them as the labels or tags. Yours face book profile can be the representative of yours basic information with the advent of timeline it can be yours store house of information of yours life time and with the better archived options attained to it. Under the education and work add yours all the relevant information , interests, favourites, under the arts and entertainment ,sports and activities and interests ad the relevant topic of interest as you are deeming to be sorted in to it. Now you have created yours account with Facebook , then the profile and upload yours picture and then fill the relevant information to it and now it is time to search for relevant information

Here, also with the increase of yours profiles views you should be alert for the privacy concerns and security is paramount here too. Click on the friends list and here you can see the pending friends list like at the left hand corner of the Facebook and there by clicking on the top three tabs you can, here you can find the pending friends list and also allow or disallow friends here. Here some times face book will guide you to arrive at some of the friends list so that you can add some known persons there at the appropriate friends list. If you have lots of friends then it is better to manage and sort them s the face book home page will show some of the friends so in due course of time it will be a chance that you may forget some of yours friends in the longer time so it is better to sort and manage the lists in the Facebook friend page. You can filter yours friends list so that the messages will reach at you filtered and you will not be missing any of the relevant topics which yours friends have liked. You can create new friends list, add friends and delete friends, cancelling the friends request, ignore and hide the friends. You can remove a friend from the friend�s list by clicking the �X� in front of their names on the �manage friend�s list� page.

How to get started with facebook

You can access the mobile numbers and the contracts of yours friends by accessing the �contracts� button ion the left side bar then click on it to access the relevant information. You can access the friendship page by assimilating all the friends� activities with their shared history and Facebook profiles updates. Facebook wall is an interesting concept where you can share yours views and make them visible to yours controlled lists and get the likes and dislikes and some relevant suggestions from them. It is automatically turned into the relevant news feed and flows through yours Liked news channels. Yours friends will see the updates from yours and make the suggestions and can reshape them to theirs friends which can be called as the �friends of friend�. At the top[ of the home page there exists the share menu and try to jot down what is on yours mind , here you can post text, video, photos what ever you want with yours locations designations and yours friends will se all these. To implement the privacy options ,s elect the lock icon drop down menu below the post , then press the share button in then below corner to add the post to yours wall. To create an album , click on the create album icon then browse to yours drive to locate all the desired photos to be shared to the world , if you have the flash player installed on yours computer then you have the option to select multiple photos. Then face book will show you the dialog as the photos is being shared and then it will ask you to save the album , name it , add the relevant location to it and then you can go for the privacy setting of the album to manage who ca see it . In this way you can share album for the public glance or else share it to yours friends or to any particular individuals. Facebook has the tagging feature, and once yours album originated it will tag people through photos by grouping them into various tag formats. You can edit album in the later stages once it is created. The particular link for the album is also created, so that you an share them to public by giving out the links if the album is set for the privacy options public in the album view.

You can write on a friends wall only if you are find with them and the referred friend have not stopped you from writing on its wall. Similar is the situation of the writing on the face book friends and other services and in this way you can join the discussion by adhering to the group�s basic rules and regulations. Tagging or linking friends is very easy and intuitive and if you want to enable this application then you should be aware of the privacy related issues attached with it. To mention it and use this feature, just add @ symbol in yours comment and then choose from the drop down list yours friend, then they will see it as the story in their wall, and if yours friend want it to subscribe hence now on yours post will be automatically visible on yours friends wall. News feed in the Facebook is the constantly updated news and it can be seen on the face book home page. If you want to hide something from the news feed, there are some options available. Simply hover over the post, you want it to be deleted, then go to �x� icon and hide it in this way. Like is the most innovative concept and very popular feature of Facebook, It is like a thumb impression so for this you will not have to read anything , the post can be any other languages you do not know it but you can easily like the post in what so ever manner. You can like yours friend�s post, news feed, photos, video or any other stuff with the click of a mouse. It will be noted beneath content that you liked it. Then it will be posted on yours wall. Yours friend will get the notification in the upper left hand side of Facebook dashboard .

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kennel Software

K9 Bytes� Software is the leading developer of software solutions for the pet care industry. At K9 Bytes� we know how innovation happens: great effort combined with great minds. This is how great products are built, and this is how we can finally bring noticeable heterogeneity commodities offered for sale. For the first time kennel software instruments contrived distinctively fro the domesticated living creature�s organised actions for making the kennel software for sale. K9 Bytes� software has been in the industry for more than twenty years.

kennel software

It has every necessary component that combines the interrelated and interacting artefacts relating to boarding kennels, pet daycares system, pet seating and walking services created by accomplished kennel software developers.  K9 Bytes� Software at all times is based on criteria of technology, innovation and excellence. K9 Bytes� Software is devoted to world beating proficient technological support with regular specializes in attendance. K9 Bytes� Software is functioning dependable with efficiency. K9 Konnect of  K9 Bytes� Software is online booking management program for the kennel industry to use kennel software , Lion is the first version of the K9 Konnect kennel software. K9 Koordinator Corporate edition of kennel software , Cheetah is the latest release of the K9 Koordinator of kennel software. K9 Bytes� Software gives training to customers about kennel software through with online training and on-site training.

kennel software (1)

K9 Bytes� Software is the innovator and market leader for kennel software for a period of over twenty years with the next generation of pet care kennel software are placed ceremoniously for the clients.


How stuff works?

How does heuristics work?
It is a problem solving method that employs the information technology to derive the solutions from inaccurate parameters. It refines the each iterative search and try to go to the closest via some inaccurate elements. It is like banyan trees with its branches producing the closest approximate results the search mechanisms applies all the possible results and then finds the closest approximate one and go for the most likely result. Which one resembles the closest of the solution? The problem or may be solution in sight is there are lots of options for hetaeristic algorithms and how to find the correct one based on some of the presumptions. It can go upside down or the other side to search for accurate interrelations. It will see the connections and the profile functionality of the algorithms to find out the accurate search results. The modern search technology is known as the evolutionary algorithms, it is optimised techniques which goes through the entire search mechanisms and life cycle and then goes on for optimal search companion. So in brief the heuristic algorithm first search for the crowd image of the interpretations and then matches it to the organic part and the social part of the search companion, Once it gets likely matches then it will sort all the options from its branches and the branches will do this from their sub branches and then saves the methodology to be benefitted when the next time some one searches for it.

How stuff works

How you can attempt to oveclock yours system?
Over clocking is very dangerous and it is meant for the uber-geeks  and the layman even the geeks should avoid it , but it is still nice to learn this process as this can be helpful for garnering better knowledge in the longer run. CPU overcloccking is based on base clock frequency and CPU monitor. Processor stock setting is based on augmenting the processor frequency which will run it faster but on the negative side of it will generate higher heat and drastically jump in temperature which can damage yours system. DRAM frequency, timings and tweaking its voltages can be considered as the part of memory over clocking. If you want to go for over clock then first get the appropriate cooling solutions for yours PC components, without proper cooling RAM can be heated and this can cause system errors and delay time. Sometimes overheating leads to Blue Screen of Death but a stable system, with good overcloccking can lead to better functionality  of the processor and good response time for the applications thus it can lead to proper multi tasking.

What idea goes behind an F1 car?
When winning is the sole aim with high stake behind and to get it all at once with the superior sped and mechanisms then the idea behind the engine is always gives some smash buckling trends and let us get it started. The concept of aero dynamics is at its best with the dynamic moving mechanisms are being integrated to Formula one car system. The drag reduction system which is same as the aircraft left or the right wing is being flapped open and close for the speed, for the landing or for the taking off. The idea is to offer the resistance to the wind and the grip level stays with the driver when there is a close race and overtaking and the car does not fall out of the race. The driver seats inside the cockpit of the formula on car and its average temperature is fifty degree centigrade. Formula one car shape is designed to fit of an aerodynamic shape and that is why it is capable of touching above two hundred kilometres per hour. The direction of the opposite side of the air flow remains non resistant due to the perfect aerodynamic settings of the formula one racing car. The kinetic energy release system which is developed by an Italy company is now implemented within the Formula one racing car system, It converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy and stored in a separate battery and it is adding more power to the engine separately as the other elements of displace of charging like that of braking, and other functionalities goes with the main system energy capacities. The material has been used with the carbon composite and for this even at the deadly accident the driver can go unhurt. It is for the safer structures and to continue with the safe mechanisms of Formula one racing cars. After considering all these elements of the Formula one car it solely says to us that it is the engineering marvel and it can be said to be one of the wonders of technical excellence with it optimum optimisation and proper utilisations is of the available resources. The engines, gear box, tyres, brakes, suspension all combined to work at its best to run the Formula one car. The V6 engine can goes for 15000 revolutions per minutes with the gear box can change gear in milli is seconds, the tyres can change within five minutes and the super protective fuel tanks can save it from getting leaked due to made in Kevlar, even in case of crash it remains as it is. The gear box has seven forward and one reverse gear mechanisms and that can be changed within one hundredth of a second with semi automatic synchronised gear box. The twelve litres of fuel tank can refilled within one minute and considering the time it is a super feature. The steering weighs about 1.7 kilo gram with more than one hundred of settings attached to it. With self configurable and auto configurable while driving the Formula one car. The tyres use nitrogen which can support three kilometres pr hour while driving at the Formula one car racing.

How solid state drives works?
With the large cache size for speedier access to hard drives but all those traditional effect on hard drives like that of the rotational speeds or perpendicular recording failed to produce path breaking changes to the hard drive changing mechanisms. The file system is the graphical user interface with daily routine tasks with hg percentages of access to the hard drives more than one at a time. The Central processing unit interprets the request handle and then communicates the solid state drive with that of the Input and output controller. The multi level shell uses the speedier flash technology in a 64 GB solid sate drive 8 GB is the flash memory module that will attached to it. The input and output is the controlled hat creates the section and that will create the part of the process and it goes with the data transfer request. The most prominent part is the disc controller, it is the safe guard of solid state drive, and it creates its longevity and reliability and the data can be accesses through it. Any solid sate drive needs to be connected to the motherboard to function and work  for this it I has SATA II and SATA III ports with speed of three gigabytes per second and six gigabytes per seconds respectively. The controller controls the flow of data being sent to and from the flash storage chips. The non volatile flash memory chips are what make the storage possible.


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Hoary past of odisha

Odisha is the State of Indian Union along the eastern coast of India peninsula also known as Bharat . Odisha exists from Mahabharata epic times known as Kalinga  Kingdom. The Mauryan king of Magadha also invaded Odisha in 261 B.C. because of its prosperity and hoary past. Odisha people Odia known for their cavalry and courage. Though King Ashoka won the battle but the Odia persons brevity and the zeal to protect their motherland from the clutches of then the outsider had been a courageous story and the way the river Daya flows with blood shed proves the courage of Odia persons who fought to save their earth mother from the then foreigners. River Daya still flowing outside of now capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar and its sound is still vibrating the courage and the patron of Odia people who killed but never gave away their motherland to the then foreigners in their life time. Even during the British acquisition of India , Odisha is the last State to be acquired by them though they have not control of all the territories.

In case of King Ashoka , it was the conqueror who was conquered in the famous Kalinga war. The ancient State of India , Kalinga and now Odisha rose to prominence under the almighty King of Kharvella. He was patron of Jainism, in the second half of first century B.C. Other prominenet rulers are Keshari dynasty and Ganga dynasty. The Kalinga school of architecture was at its best during these times.

The significant architectural development had been completed during his times. The Lord Jagannath of Puri ,The Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar, and the Sun Temple of Konark.

Hoary past of odisha

In the modern times Odisha is flourished with waterfalls, nature, sea beaches, rivers, temples, ancient architectures, mountains. Some of the monuments and records dated back to third century B.C. and still now it is being protected and managed. Chilka lake is the only lake through out the world to have it attianance records from third century B.C. and for this any examination and new experiment has been done with this lake as due to the eminent presence of records from the long back of third century B.C.

In the entire area of Odisha , there are four thousand monuments including Jaina caves, Budhist monasteries , Hindu Temples  , domed and pillar structures ,palaces and many more.

The capital city:
Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha; it is a modern city and a planned city. It is popularly known as the temple city of Odisha. The famous Lingaraj Temple built is eleventh century, the Mukteswara temple built in tenth century with famous stony arch entrance with fascinating sculpture attached to it. Tales from Panchtantra imbibed within its stone walls and this shows the proud possession of Odisha architecture supremacy and it is indigenous and original.
The Rajarani temple is famous for its floral, animal and human sculptures. The temple has no deity and an unusual tower this sounds mystery. The Parsurameswara temple is nearer to Mukteswara temple; it is a Shiva temple and built in seventh century B.C. It has featured sculptures like amorous couples, animals and floral motifs. The Svrnajaleswara temple and Vaital temple are other attractions. The Yogini temple at Hirapur is fifteen kilometres from Bhubaneswar is one of the four Yogini temples of India.

The Buddhist influence at Bhubaneswar:

Ashoka rock edict situated eight kilometres south of the city is perhaps he earliest rock cut sculpture in India. On the Dhaulligiri , the modern day architecture built in Indo-Japaneese collaboration along the river Daya the beautiful Vishwa Shanti Stupa. RNI GUMPHA (Queen�s Cave is) is the largest cave with ornate carvings. It is a double storeyed cave. The Hati gumpha (elephant�s cave) created by King Kharvella depicting Jainism teachings. The ancient township and may be the capital of Odisha in the second century B.C. has been excavated and it is situated towards Puri from Bhubaneswar which is at the South Eastern side of Bhubaneswar.

The Odisha State Museum , Nandan Kanan Zoological Park are some of the famous places to visits inside Bhubaneswar. Nandan Kanan Zoological Park has white tiger safari, Lion safari, ropeway,, toy train ,migratory birds viewing with a natural lake boating faculties. The park is situated twenty kilometres from Bhubaneswar the capital city and it is generally closed on Mondays. Another attraction is the Atri Hot Sulphurs Spring which is forty two kilometres from Bhubaneswar, nearer to the famous Hatkeshwara Temple. It has one convenient bathing complex for the tourists as this water is considered good for the3 skin due to its natural effects.

How to get there:

To reach Bhubaneswar, you have many convenient routes; one can fly from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Nagpur, Hyderabad and Mumbai. You can catch regular running trains to and from Bhubaneswar with regular intervals and timings. Superfast and Rajdhani express trains also pass through these routes.


It is sixty kilometres by road from Bhubaneswar and thirty five kilometres from Konark by road through marine drive route. It has direct superfast trains from all over India. Puri is the major pilgrim centre of all over the world. The fame of Puri attributes to famous Lord Jagannath Temple. This temple is built and rebuilt from four century B.C. and it is famous for its renowned car festivals ,its annual festive occasion where the Lord Jagannath comes out to the Grand road with His sister and elder Brother to Gundicha temple. Within the precincts fo the temple VImala, Lakshmi, Vishnu and innumerable Gods and Goddesses and the famous Ananda Bazar the biggest food market of the world. Shri Lokanath honured shrine of Lord Shiva is situated on the outskirts of the city. The famous Atharnalla bridge nearer to Puri spans over seven hundred centuries , during that time , where the now hospital situated there used to be a large river but now that river disappears. The Atharanalla bridge is the enginnering marvel at its best and it is still strong and continuing , can you believe this , even some of the modern day marvels still reeling under one centuries but this bridge is staying permanent and making the route to Puri as normal and ever lasting.

Balighai has the river Nuanai (new river) which is eight kilometres from Puri and it is at the north side of the city , it is a famous picnic spot with colourful migratory birds and deer moving here and there. Balighai is famous for its milk production and milk related products.

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Global Doors 2012 23/3

About the Global Door:
Global Doors offers Composite Doors, Front Doors, External Doors, Exterior Doors, Front Doors for Homes , each of which can be either supplied and fitted or supplied for DIY. Global Door gives surety and assumes responsibility their composite doors related to home use involving the home or family for an amount of time of 10 years from the date of manufacture. Global Doors will not become fracture, chip, and get blistered, from into flakes or skinned off. Composite Doors are convenient for disposal in just three days. They came in seven exciting intellectual and emotional admiration colours with a texture produced by the fibres in wood to perceive with attention directing one�s gaze towards the timber without the maintenance relating to logical and casual connection with a conventional wood front door which appraise value to yours home. Global Door is also a founding DGCOS member.All Global products come with a 10 year guarantee, although the expected lifespan of a composite door is 35-40 years with zero maintenance.

Global Doors 2012 233

Front Doors:

Front Doors are having power greater than the mightiest produced by manufacturing processes from grade of excellence and worth consisting of separate interconnected parts materials and may be use of to ensure your home is insured in an accurate manner. Composite Doors also come with Yale locks as standard and can be upgraded to Secured by Design Approved locks. 

Exterior Doors :

Clearly, a refined and tasteful in appearance of  Exterior Doors adds a commanding attention  to your home and there are many number of things to choose in blue print design, artefacts , the quality of glass will hold  and colours. Use creative thinking to accompaniment and augment your home by the pertaining to the art and science of architecture systemic with the tangent of traditional or modern.

Composite Doors :

Accordingly, furnishing your External Doors is not only for serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying home, but also Composite Doors construct your home more energy efficient , enterprising , ambitious and determine  improve  security.

Global Doors 12012 233

External Doors :

Exterior Doors that are damaged by long use and worn by exposure to weather can be replaced without taking pains and give your home original and of a kind of not seen before perceived attention. External Doors are shipped anywhere in mainland UK and can be set up for use through simple installation guide and internet guidance. There is the new visualise tool to create yours new door all by itself. The External Doors are safe, long lasting, durable and according to the new energy standards and competent.

Global Door at all times put grade of excellence above all thing. Exterior Doors, Composite Doors, External Doors, Front Doors, are produced from superlative tangible substance that goes into the makeup of above physical object with strong physiological , secure, easy to maintain, existing for a longer time  and for peace of mind and it is a life time product meant for generations . Global Door provides a dedicated supply network with unrivalled customer service.

(Pictures courtesy: Global Doors)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sling box interesting concept needs more marketing

  It is a media streaming device that ca work with high definition devices as it is very much useful as we are living in the era of high definition and such device could provide more than useful functionality. The design of this device is something very usual and imparts wonderful visual enterprises to the notices of this writer. It can stream video contents or the recording content from yours set  to devices with very much ease of use with very less critical functionality and it is a very easy to sue a glad to the user to enter into its functionality. It can stream the video content from yours DVD devices with very much of ease of use and it can then run it to any other device which�s connected to it. With very much ease of use you can stream the content from yours DTH or from yours DVD devices to yours laptop and desk top and then record it and then you can use it or reuse it or can record it on any other offline mode to save it to see for then later use. If you can wish to use it in yours network settings or environment the you can easily use it as it can give staggering 1080i HD video streaming over the network. Thought it has no support for the wireless LAN capabilities as the required port is not there , it ca add it in the alter updates as it is the prime function as sooner or later every office automations system is going towards the wireless way and for this the optimum use of this prospect and each and every device must support it for the sake of the user so much so that every thing ca be a possibility and all the available source will be on the hand of the user at the tip of the ice berg. After buying out the device, then you must have a internet connection as you will have tom go the company website and then create an account and sometimes this process is bit of jerk as it takes a lot of here and there to be signed or it may be customise for this user but the experience is not so happy. So, it must be updated and to be user friendly as time is always the precious and the user does not want to mitigate the time in such a manner so much so that it will reach at the stage of no return.  Try to use Internet Explorer or the Firefox from Mozilla and do not try to sue it on Chrome from Google as this website does not load perfectly on chrome and there have been same issue with it so it is better to sue it on the above two mentioned web browser to have the successful registration so that you will not face any brunt of not been registrations.  After the log in the device is to be recognised by the website inside of yours account management so that yours device will work properly and according to this writer this is very much annoying as you will be paying for this decide at the way it used and the authentication works it seem a bit far though, the company may not be agree with my thoughts and sometimes after two to three sign in attempts yours account recognised yours device. Apart from all these miserable effects of the sign up and then the authentication of the device the next and the later part of is of wonderful experience ad the quality of the video streaming from the DTH has been of very wonderful effect and it is been so cooling and soothing to watch the video streaming a great experience and it seems it cannot be describable as it can be experienced and it is so heart our and the cooler video effect simply cannot be describable.  When you sue the remote with this device the exact remote replica will be popping up inside the screen of yours whatever the device which you re viewing it in and this is really wonderful experience an impacts a very enterprise visual experience.

This concept is very unique as per this writers knowledge may not be available any other similar devices in this category and for this the product specification becoming more and more enterprising and wonderful tom read and use it. This is soon creating the niche market and this is very important as the use of this niche marketing concept and then way it is been producing after effects and the video quality and all the other enterprising assuage has been fantastic and if it sticks with these high quality then this product future is always bright though it times the other opponents will arrive the market but the market leader will always be the innovator and here we are talking about the innovator and it is very fantastic to write on this impending imminent product which is pretty wonderful in its very wonderful functionalities. The streaming from all the devices has been flawless and uninterrupted  and even for the high definitions content streaming is flaw less and without any such interruptions and these has been fantastic. Though all these will depend upon yours internet connectivity as it solely depends upon on yours internet connectivity and if you have a good internet connectivity then this device is flaw less and it is been fantastic tom watch and see through all these video streaming including those that of the high definitions video streaming content for a very wonderful sooth and normal viewing. The price tag is fifteen thousand as per the knowledge of the write to the latest understanding , is is a bit stiff but it can be very much useful for those who can buy this device and be remembered to have a good internet connectivity and also wile using the authentication process try to use it twice or thrice as the authentication process does a take a beating to the rod but after the usage you can have the wonderful effect of the wonderful good viewing experience and which it seems wonderful visualising phenomena to use it with. It has no monthly rental and it can work wonderfully with the mobile apps of Android, IOS and Windows Mobile from Microsoft and its recognizable device lists is innumerable so try it and make suggestions what I have seen and observed thanks enjoy.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Russell Solomon Founder

Russell Solomon is the originator and founding father of a commercial and industrial enterprise which constitutes in the physical fitness and wellness by bringing into existence the healthy state of wellbeing free from diseases. Russell Solomon has successful business venture for the last twenty five years which lays down a logical connection to television personality, a widely known trainer, public speaker, published author, health coach and many more. Russell Solomon doctrine on physical exercise with a regimen on diet for health reasons are grounded with the accumulation of knowledge or skill enunciated from Russell Solomon own general activity and motion. Russell Solomon distinguishes himself from others by staying top with academics and sports. This is the reason for Russell Solomon prosperity and fame.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Russell A. Solomon Louisiana

in New Orleans, LA is a private company assigned to categorise relating to jurisprudence. It was constituted in 1996 and formed and united into a whole at Louisiana. renders small commercial enterprise to advantageous quality of being beneficial over the distance connected to a computer network or accessible by computer through above average in size and magnitude of online community of interests. Russell A. Solomon Louisiana supports consisting of an arrangement of straps for holding database containing an ordered array of millions of company. Russell A. Solomon Louisiana provides the provision for space and equipment that is helpful to millions of small and mid sized commercial undertaking like professional legal assistant services, paralegal agencies, and legal expenses insurance and galore of services.

Pat Delany on The Blackberry

Pat Delany is the IT management professional and ardently devoted to mobile. Pat Delany mainly concentrates on the email pushing option of this device and ignored the other functionalities due to sturdy and strong in functionalities performing adversely many a times. In the subsequent time he used Microsoft Active Sync for email pushing options. Recently Pat Delany started using The Blackberry Bold device due to one new corporate assignment which is something that is required in advance to use this phone for email purposes. It gives Pat Delany one more possibility due to a favourable combination of circumstances to examine The Blackberry and what it has gone the transformations within these years. He analysed the email function and it seems in satisfactory condition but the other smart phone essential handy prominent attribute is still at the far side of. The OS 7 has some bug fixes and it needs to be updated quickly so that people will keep faith in this device. While switching the device wizard the Blackberry Bold 9900 simply refuses to bug and it hangs for few minutes, really irritating phenomena while using this class of smart phone.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Future reading interfaces

Reading and writing has been since the times of innumerable times where the human have the agility to read more and talk more and for this they have invented more and more languages interfaces and within the parameters the event of reading and the future proof is still being the subject matter of investigation and diagnosis. Still to day the entire spectrum of reading and understanding has been through the written form of communications. There are research ad that can provide the feed to the future generations to some outstanding unbelievable work structure of reading data mines which can make the thinking in a proxy and unobtrusive manner and that is the real parameters of basic understanding.When we listen something we suddenly think of as the writing in ours subconscious RAM stage which is then stay as the cache management stage in ours mind and then it goes through again some virtual reading process under ours mind and then it comes to ours actual knowledge through the mind�s hard disc space. We can get into the emotional stages which no other systems can not revived in to and that is why we are separated form other existing animals as the rational part is being taken into from ours communicating which is not only be the fantastic but the worth of this has been some sort of terrifying into the inner base of CPU. In this article we will look into the future of human communication and the basic way of reading and writing job which will be more than what the ordinary computer will be suing it into.

Future readng interfaces

Think of a system whose base is the writing just like a book and that will reflect some lights into the readers take into account that reader will be the human and thus wile opening the some called scientific fiction book and that will impart the rays on the reader , and reader does not have tom open the eyes only he will have open the book and that will face towards the human then he close  the eyes so in this way the brain interface is in the pause state and so mind will be in reserve so he can if this process work great can goes on reading books after books innumerable times. The book is a kind of a a poly graphic or lie detector mechanism which will impart the light on the reader and that will  goes directly into the nervous system of the reader and will be all the content he ca visualise wile closing eyes and will know each and every details of the book in such a manner so much so that he will read the entire book within the span of a minute and thus he can grasper more and more knowledge within the short span of time , is not that excellent?


This will out reach to more and more people and people will love to attain to books they will not have to do anything to read to the books and the books by going through the nervous system of the reader and then goes to memory part of the reader and there all thee stories of the books will be stored in a separate folder and that can be accessible easily and this process goes on through some temporary memory management mechanisms and it goes on still it completes the copy paste options and then the reader while opening the folder from time to time can read the books as the entire copy and paste process goes on in temporary folder and  after some time the reader will forget the first instance but due to the stating of the contents at the inner memory phenomena this will encourage reader to stay afloat with the entire structure and the perfect phenomena. In addition to this the books could have embedded the technologies called the 3D augmented reality books which will describe in the vision and through some multimedia events the entire story telling features and as the research always proves that the visual presentations always goes first while the memory bank occurs as it can grasp the deep within memory features inside ours mind as the visual presentations always has been great and fine in its foot print. The only problem with it that due to heavy nature of high definitions and the 3D multimedia as the heavy use of mind could have some of the recursive effects on the health of the human mind as it has once for a while some sort of limited options to work around with.


Now we are quite not at it there which we are talking about but there are thinking of making such and such books that will not put pressure on human mind and the memory management of humans can be of wonderful exercise. Within the books will have the commercial option and also entire book can be consumed within few hours and that will stay in the mind for ever and also there is no alternative ways to delete it so far as human mind has some unique functionalities which cannot be recovered or attained into. If that books have the new collaborative learning and networking and wile copying that books to mind and brain and that will have the networking effect then there is the possibilities of capturing one's mind through some other bad and nasty tools and for this should we need any form of anti malware inside the fire wall of outer brain system? This seems more and more complicated with the each and every passage of development , as can a virus be crippled into the brain to affect the brain to work what the controller wants to do if these are the possibilities then there are some of these negative effects which we will have to fight with so that in the future human will not become the creature of nano-bots and so they will stay afloat with their unique brain management.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Internet

As Gita Mehta famously quoted �The art of dialling has replaced the art of dialogue�. We were once in the era of dial-up when dialling internet gives us surprise and then we at best very happy to check ours email out and also do some of the basic tasks. Then, we reached at the age of faster internet and broad band when the internet became the art of dialogue, social sharing and many more opportunities. Internet is becoming a source of knowledge and surfing is fast attaining the status of habit. The e commerce transactions through Amazon, e-bay and the payment gateways through PayPal, Money brokers and so on. In this way internet becomes a super market where we can buy the goods, pay for it, and then receive it through desired locations. Now, the use of applications inside the web world through surfing, serving, storing, securing, managing and processing of related required information. Then the vast arena of websites which consist of web programming through basic internet requirements like that of Protocols, TCP/IP ,HTML, DHTML, Object Oriented Programming , Java, Inheritances, Threads, Input Streams and many more newer concepts like HTML5, Ajax and so on. How to be well aware of these modern technologies and how to cope with it and to keep oneself with time? It is simple, the learning, learning more and more, and use the internet to fetch the buckets of knowledge to garner and revive all useful internet languages.

The  internet

Now-a-days there is vast phenomena of using the internet over wireless technologies trough computer network internet connectivity. Bill Gates at �� The Road Ahead � was talking of igniting the images of the world by using the high speed internet , sometimes back and now it is fast becoming a reality. Not only at America or other places but in South Asian countries the number of broad band users thanks to the rapid growth of mobile internet has been on the rise. The web server, hosting service and the virtual private network are some of newer developments and by using some of good VPN you can increase the speed of internet and that is why these are famous. The importance of Java, and it usages across the board has been significantly on the rise and some of the big business organizations uses the Java applet to make the financial transactions. Then the arrival of Blogger form Google, which is now omnipresent with the good hosting and increase of speed and also free hosting and good search engine optimization technologies it is fast becoming darling of the masses. Here you can create, start, sync and assign yours priorities, make a group blog or a private blog and some of the older blogger are still to date very famous by using this plat form. The networking, internet and information technologies with advance web technology and Java is fast becoming renowned anticipation among the masses. Not only computer engineers are seriously studying these aspects but also some smart general graduates have raced among them ahead and they are earning some hand some amounts through internet by employing all these internet technologies to the proper place.

JavaScript is now omnipresent but its grievances is huge and to use it with cautions as it can reduce the load of the pages to a considerable extent and also it can be infections so use it with cautions and deep thinking. The Servlets, JSPs, Active Server Pages, Com provide vitals aspects for developing e commerce sites. With the increasing advancements of affiliates cultures and inter nodding the internet is vast becoming a selling ground for some popular products. On the internet the first significant task is networking. Why, it is because internet is itself a networking of computers and through virtual networking of website all the sites will be crawled exceptionally well and fantastic and through some basic mechanism we can simply understand that internet is itself meant for networking. In broad cast network no wire is connected, take for example the radio net work. In the point to point network the connection oriented network is based upon the connectivity. The technological instrument that makes all these a possibility is the internet and the World Wide Web. Entire global infrastructure is connected through some sophisticated networking instruments and still to date more and more research is being under taken to augment the internet connectivity more and more feasible and cheap. Through open system interconnection layer the application of one computer or the node is able to interact with the application of the other computers or some other computers and this system envisage the greater importance of connectivity and thus it plays the vast role of internet infrastructure. The intermediate layer is the transport layer and it is meant for the transport of nodes from one node to the other through pen system interconnection layer. For point to point internet connection TCP the transport layer protocol and for the broadcast wireless connectivity the UDP namely the user datagram protocol are assisting for this work. Each node of the internet has the Internet Protocol that is the IP address and the source and the destination is embedded within it.

Bridges comes to the picture when two dissimilar networks in the vicinity and two dissimilar applications run within them and it is more and more possible in the case of wireless application protocols. All these connect and then reconnect the vast internet network through out the world and thus making it as the internet we know for.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why smoking is injurious to health

According to an old adage a sound mind goes with the sound body. Now days we are living in a society where the complexities and the paradoxes are becoming upper hand in ours day to day livings. Everybody is under continuous pressure, continual environments to reach at then stage of perform or perish, and these are vitals which each every person is undergoing now days. With the increase of stress in ours day to day life may consciously or sub consciously affect ours health ion ours day to day livings and for this a steady life and continual of good habits is the order of the day.

Tobacco smoking is the universal phenomena and environment potent ant. It gives rise to increase number of health related issues. It is the main cause of premature death , permanent disability and preventable disease. BY using regular tobacco you can be prone to chronic bronchitis , heart attack, high blood pressure or permanent disabilities like that of paralysis. More than four hundred substances has been identified as the tobacco related substances and some of the prominent ones are the real cause of cancer and other hazardous and life threatening diseases. The composition of cigarette smoke consists of several factors such as combustion temperature, porosity of paper, additives and filters. Due to adding of intense heat inside the tobacco the inherent compositions of tobacco goes under thermal decomposition and producing more and more hazardous effects to the mind and the body. This the volatile substances disperse directly into the smoke. Even some substances remain undisclosed causing greater risk to the smoker. The smoke contains 0.3 to 3.3 billion particles per milliliter and the Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide account for eighty five percentages of the smoker�s weight. The respiratory range of human is merely 0.3 to 0.5, and in order to see this vast difference one can only infer that such a difficult should be avoided.

Why smoking is injurious to health

The some of the cancer producing substances inside the cigarette are tar, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, naphthylamine, nitrosonornicotine, benzo pyrene, trace metals, indole, carbazole, catechol in terms of substance inside cigarette. The cancer promoters, irritant and ganglion stimulator and depressor particulate inside the cigarette smoking substances are nicotine, phenol, cresol, indole, carbazole and catechol. In the gas phase of cigarette the impairs oxygen transport and utilization, toxin irritant, cancer producing and chloride cancer producing substances are carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic, acetaldehyde ,acrolein, ammonia, formaldehyde , oxides of nitrogen , nitrosamines ,hydrazine , vinyl.

With the regular use of cigarettes the membranes of the mouth, nose and the trachea are easily prone to destr4uction due to the gas part of the cigarette goes inside it. Some constituted inside the membranes and other dissolved inside the blood to make it more dangerous to the life of the persons whom are taking cigarettes. Other hazardous solvents dissolved inside the saliva and been swallowed.

The disease caused by smoking, tobacco chewing and smoking are related to cardiovascular disease are of the followings.

  1. Thrombo angitis obliterans , gangrene of limbs
  2. Smoking also interferes the efficiency and the efficacies of the process of treatment of high blood pressure.
  3. Ischemic heart disease, simply the heart attack, or the sudden death with the choking of hearts.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Temporary hair loss

Hair loss is fearful phenomena for most and when one is seen hairs on the ground is feeling the brunt of it. It can be a very horrific experience. Hair loss can be a compound of problems being aggregated through various parameters and its main reasoning can be attributable to its main causes. One of many reasons can be a temporary hair loss and so if it is treated properly then it can be a reversal of fortunes for the one who is suffering. There are many causes of baldness and some of the causes are: Impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organ, the poor processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance, the act of treating with medicines or remedies, recent rise in the temperature of the body, branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures, earliest state of immaturity, having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child. In case of temporary hair los it can be recovered as the chances of growing back yours hair could be good.Blood sugar patients, several forms of ulcerative skin disease, thyroid disorder have the high chance of hair loss. Hair los can be due to proper supplements of good food and bad skins. Apart from the hereditary phenomenon all other aspects does have the bearing of hair loss and behind this some sort of not so good and healthy life style embedded within it. A part of the condition of hereditary, all the other conditions mentioned here in this paragraph can be curable and should be considered as then not permanent hair loss as after this illness through a healthy life style all these can be revived. There are some medications of the diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure, arthritis; cancer where the medicine reaction is causing the temporary baldness but subsequently after the medicines are taken off the temporary problem of hair loss can be healed.

There are some natural processes which can cause the hair loss in some circumstances. The child birth may cause excessive hair loss for the mother in some circumstances. The shedding of hair seems natural process and it has a pattern imbibed with it. The medial term for hair loss is alopecia. Loss of hair (especially on the head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it can result from heredity or hormonal imbalance or certain diseases or drugs and treatments (chemotherapy for cancer) The temporary hair loss is called alopecia areata . The baldness in the male perspective can be starting from balding at the top of the head. The female pattern of baldness can be lose thickness in the front side of hair but in mot cases the complete baldness of women is rare.

Temporary hair loss

In case of temporary hair loss the side effects can be soreness, itching, and few small patches of hair loss and if it goes to yours body then the treatment part can be difficult to handle with. After a big disease recovery sometimes heavy hair loss but that is for very little time as it can be seen that tough the hair loss is rampant but it affects the thickness of hair not the bald portion of hair. If you carry on some specific hair styles such as hairstyles, such as pigtails, braids or cornrows then the bald patches may occur and it is advisable to change the hair style from time to time so that the constant pressure baldness can be solved.

Due to use of chemotherapeutic drugs to fight the cancer certain medicinal reactions tend to occur. The hair loss begins with the starting of the therapy and in the elogen effluvium state it becomes rampant, after the treatment the air will return but it may not be as before the chemotherapeutic drugs stage.

Hair is not the sole thing that is gone and you will be ashamed of it or feel of it. The mind the head over the matter and the mind is always important and through this you can show yours wit and the amazedness if you will do the work in an efficient manner. If nay other third person is suggesting that you are at hair loss they you should think about it and feel that it is better late than never and try to build your potential and the zeal to succeed in this analogical pattern. Try to see the mirror half so that all yours hair will not be seen or comb the opposite so that the bald persons can have the invisibility according to yours perceptions. Go to temples and yours worship places and pray to the Lord to give you back the hair as it may or many not be according to yours concise that is not to be debated but the realm of thought can be you get back tom yours confidence and the hair loss feeling may not bother you much as you will feel the surety that you have prayed to Lord and He will manage it as always He does. Do not think that you are a sore loser and no one will give importance to you do not feel it and create unnecessary stress upon yourself. Accept as you are and feel that you have other organs and they are at the right positions and working at its fullest capacity. Do not overstress yours hair as it may look weird as some suggests do not cover yours hair but I totally disagree , if you have decent hair cove like that of a cap then wear it whenever you feel good at. Some suggests to shave yours hair but I totally disagree with it as shaving and regular shaving may cause the skin of the head to sore so it is better to avoid it and try to manage it as it is or through any head cap. At first step during the baldness one will feel the emptiness on head and also have to hear some sort of jokes and musings while talking.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why hypertension is dangerous

Hypertension increases atherosclerosis which is a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries. The fatty deposits accumulated in the inner walls of arteries which is a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body. It obstructs the blood to flow without resistance inside the body. It is important to treat hypertension as it may reduce yours life by twenty to thirty years if not treated and detected early. There is huge chance of heart diseases and heart strokes if it is not been taken care duly and properly. Corrective treatment can reduce these possibilities to very higher rates. Due to non treatment of high blood pressure and that can stop the blood flow inside the heart and those results in severe pain and heart attack. Due to the solidification of arte3ries and the heart unable to pump in and out the blood inflow and out flow, and the lungs and other connected body tissues may get affected and congested. The arteries leading to brain is stopped and clogged then the heart attack might happen. Due to poor blood circulation the arteries of the legs becomes stiffs , if you have blood sugar then this cause more infections and soreness to yours feet and ultimately it will become more and more difficult to attain to and this can be hazardous in the longer run.

Control yours high blood pressure:

It is important one should be awake and educate oneself to the vagaries of high blood pressure so that in this process one will prevent damage to one’s vital organs and body parts. The most vital organ of life are kidneys, heart, brain, eyes. It is important for diabetic to treat the high blood pressure as the combines effort can cause havoc to the vital parts of the body and it is better to be awaken and be strict smart to take it as challenge and treat it in such a manner so that you will always feel it been checked. Weight loss is vital as it can reduce the stress on yours body, reduce the salt intake in yours daily foods, limit the cholesterol (an animal sterol that is normally synthesized by the liver; the most abundant steroid in animal tissues) in yours body, and regular exercise is vital aspects for yours body and mind and do it regularly so that it will gain you more and more sound life and health. If you smoke then it is suggested to stop it immediately , if all these manual doings are not stopping yours blood pressure control then the next best part included with the above life style will be a great intake of medication through good physicians.

Why hypertension is dangerous


If you have both the diabetes and high blood pressure then consult yours physician and convey that you have both the disease and the drug therapy will be that of a combined drugs related to both the scenarios which can be antihypertensive medications. Medication, good diet and exercise and good sleep are all the vital parameters for a good health and to sustain and remain active through out yours life. Some medicines reduces the potassium that can severely affect the insulin stage and on the other hand some medications increase the levels of cholesterol and that can severely affect the high blood pressure levels and in such scenarios you may be advise to take the diet which can be rich in such and such vegetables that can supplement the loss or the gain of some level of potassium or cholesterol. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure yours physician will monitor yours health activities closely. It is advisable to check yours blood sugar levels and high blood pressure counting in every month at good reputed institutions so much so that you will be conscious of the way of life you are endearing so that you will be active and manage it good. With a comprehensive approach yours healthcare team will be able to control both of the diseases. You are master of yours activities and food so it is better to keep the balance that will help you to keep the diseases under control.

Peripheral vascular disease:

It causes to hardening the arteries in the lower part of the body and limbs it is called as the peripheral vascular disease. Due to less flow of blood to the lower part of the body causes legs and feet to stiff and prevent infection and sores from healing. This is why the proper hygiene of legs and feet and attention more and more to yours legs and feet is the absolute necessity. The diabetes can impact and affect the nerve pathways in the extremities of the body. This can be called as the diabetes neuropathy. Control and reduce yours glucose levels to make it more and roe smooth and this problems will reduce with the reduction of blood sugar levels. Eye care with diabetes is most significant as it can affect the retinas. In severe case the visions can be obstructed, the retinas can bleed, and it can cause for permanent blindness. These complications can be avoided through careful control of diabetes and hypertension. That is why one should resort to frequent check an control of one’s eyes so much so that you should consider it a routines top check this out in ach year or in every six months.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The most popular destinations across Asia

We are so engrossed drooling over the technology products in countless parameters along on a geek holiday through some popular destinations across Asia. Picking out places based on here say is easier task if you live in a metro ,by roaming around the computer and getting into digital stores through various PC peripherals.


It is the shopper’s paradise. Two major technological attractions in this city are Funan Digital Life Mall and Sim Lim Square.

Sim Lim Square:

Sim Lim Square is spread across an area of 390,000 square feet. In all these areas you have to walk a lot and you must be skilled with better bargaining quality. This place is vast and is prepared to spend al lot of days here as there is lot of tech shop here and it is sure you must have the time to attain to all the shops. Most shops stack products from different companies and making them a one stop destination for all yours gadget needs. Each shop is here like a show room, you can find twenty to thirty alternatives of a single device, and choice is yours.

Here you can find the Apple products cheaper and the Apple paraphernalia even cheaper. This place is accessible through local transit system of Singapore.

Funan Digital Life Mall:

Funan Digital Life Mall is a great destination to buy technological products in Singapore. It is the competitor of Sim Lim Square. The challenger Superstore is the biggest technology shop here at Funan Digital Life Mall. It is a twenty four hour shopping mall and is situated entire at the sixth floor of Funan Digital Life Mall. The second big store at Funan Digital Life Mall is Harvey Norman with lots of promotional offers and exhibitions of new product launching can be visualized here. Generally, Singapore is little cheaper in terms of MP3 players, so look out for these here.


One of the most popular technology destinations of Asia is Bangkok because of tech crazy locals. The Pantip Plaza is dedicated to technology. Here huge shops from HP, Canon are filled with selling opportunities of high end consumers. Laptops, scanners, printers are plenty at Data IT mini computer store superstore on the second floor.

The third floor is basically meant for pirates junkies. Here you will find everything in terms of games and softwares. In the fifth floor, is the IT City, here entirely you can find the pre-built computers and plenty of exhibitions.

One mote IT hub of Singapore is Digital Gateway; it is a four storied IT hub. It is the hub of latest gadgets including that of Samsung, Sony.

At the Fortune Tower IT mall you will be more familiar with than that of Pantip Plaza, if you are with family then you can head over to MBK Centre.

The most popular destinations across Asia

Hong Kong:

This place has been synonymous with cheap electronic shopping. Here, you can find many street markets and lot of gadgets can be found by the road side. The preferable place to go for tech purchases here is Temple Street market. One more place is the Golden computer arcade, here independent shops selling hardware. I am not a die hard gamer, but if you are, then this place is just for you. One sad part is that bargaining techniques does not apply here and the price margins are very strict. Last but not he least, the Centralfield store but the pricing is not very suitable.


Search for shops where Thai people are shopping and buying stuffs from, there you can get value for money and good bargain. Digital Gateway is the best place to buy the original gadgets, softwares and games. Look for international warrantee while making a purchase. Always carry a laptop with you to test phoney software and games before you purchase them. Remember, to claim your 7 percentage GST while you are at the air port by getting your bill receipt stamped by the customs department. If you are at Japan, then you can indulge yourself with some duty free shopping at one of the biggest electronics stores in Tokyo-LaOX. Make sure you do a through check of the packaging before payment.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

This might just be the right time for change

Before you start any activity you must stop and think about the goal intended to be attained. During yours tenure at the business environment the things are bound to change and alter with the changing of time and influence of various external and internal factors. What does the personality development has the impact in life and how is it going to contribute to yours business. After few years you want to consolidate yours business environment so that it will strengthen the basic platform of yours entire business structure. You will have to evaluate entire as to who is to stay and who is to go out from yours organization, you must monitor yours advancement and stop and think about it how and which directions you are heading into. As rational human beings the zeal for success drives us as an important gratitude to advance in the ladder of success. Whenever you will have to do something, consider the task and the method of implementation. This will carry out the continuous process of winds of change. Search for anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions, quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose, act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation and all these compounded to find the basic purpose of life, which is the wheel of change through various parameters. How will ideas be generated and how you can contribute successfully so that you will feel the intended change which is inevitable. If you want to major overhaul of yours company then it is better to seek for legal advices as the change agent cannot be complex but for the legal sides it the task can be humongous so try these areas and solve the legal angles first and then proceed to other important parameters.

The change should be such that we should be happy and satisfied with it. The search for compatibility in harmony and action, the fulfillment of capacities, steadiness of mind under stress describes the complex of all the attributes--behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental--that characterize a unique individual. The point is that you need the answer so that the winds of change in yours life will be completed successfully. You can look for outside for stock option plans for yours organization as the case of Facebook which recently announced its IPOs to gather money so that it can bring about a huge transformations to its existing network. Stay active and remember when we change so as the world changes with us and so as the perspectives to the world like that of say if one look at a object on paper it is the two dimensional settings but when we see that object live in action through ours eyes then the same object transfers into three dimension and now the scientists are calling it as the four dimensional objects. So, think about the perspective as when we change from one dash board to the other for example, from the paper paintings to live one ours eyes we experience the change and then change is from two dimensional to three dimensional , this is the real experience to changing from some thing liner to live in action.

This might just be the right time for change

One more example will elucidate more impact upon what the change could have been. When an actor initially educates oneself a new character part, the first instinct is to adopt the arrangement of the body and mind to the tunes of the character so much so that it will transfer to the audience the primitive gesture of the character infusion towards the actor is being made into. The actor has to change his style, gesture and its notice to the world how he is performing and how the performance is going to transfer. The process of understanding of the very basis of this character analysis is slowly making the progression of the actor in to the character so much so that slowly he will be uniting into the character and making the unison of thoughts so much sot that the audience will remember him in the name of the character itself. This can be a proud moment for the successful actor to be remembered by its character name. Some times the brief moment makes then illusionary effect upon the visions through some erroneous mental erosion the sub conscious stage can be a greatest significant value for us if we perceive those significant moments and carry on its impact through some real beneficiary progressions. The least you must do is make sure your stance does not convey the boredom. Here the whole body and mind should go in one direction and producing the significant value of achievement so that yours next step the change will be more helpful and to manage all these so that yours significant of yours entire lifestyle will not attain more changes to the external glance. These are the tricks of trade and to manage is to make it more significant and responsible. Even when in casual conversation your intimacy can be valued through yours self- determination and self education, honesty, openness and confidence.

In one of the ever green ghost film, an actress has to be attacked by the ghosts inside the auditorium and the scene will have to be such that the actress will be attacked invisibly thought the ghosts. The director suggests the actress to get the sense of feeling that she is been haunted by the ghost but invisibly and she has to show the fearfulness in front of the cameras. The actress gave the shot but after so many retakes the perfect screening of the shots not done and all are very out of mind f or this. Why this has happened is because the basis of change the showing of feeling is not been materialized as it is the invisible factor here and that is why the change cannot be materialized. The point of act is the parameter to change where it is absent here for this the entire change is not successful. So, it is simple make different and see change in you and the world will see the change with you.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A cold lager for hot tea

With each holiday’s time, my parents and young sibling tends to travel India and outside whenever we get the time and monetary resources. This has been ours experience of expedition of Kerala backwaters and some unforeseen raveling of truths and some facts which still to be digged in. When I was two to three years old and with my fading memory I recalled the fact of House boats of Kashmir and we stay in one house boat every time and with due course of time there builds a strong relationships as in my child hood we must go to Kashmir once in a year. Now the time changed and in the late nineties with the advent of terrorism, we ignore going to Kashmir and searched for similar locations and we found the place that the backwaters of Kerala. I am not an experienced travelogue writer but instead a good technology writer but due to the simple fact that From the very first year on this earth I tend to travel across all over India due to my daddy’s interest . Just like searching for words in the dictionary, my daddy always wants explore newer places, see the markets and the rates and also Hindu temples and lots of historical and mythological stuffs. As always, we will always search for the affordability factors before ours voyage starts and after we reach at Alleppey from my state of Odisha through flight and then through Mahindra XUV, we are maze dot see the cost of affordability and we took a taxi in the morning from Kochi and reach the hub of backwater tourism of Kerala. The houseboats can be hired for a day along with a cook for eight thousands rupees a day; it is a life time experience in the making. You can hire one local ferries and then you can go with it and reach at some local villages by the bank of back waters and there you can shop for foods and other sea related items and also some less costly foods which you can get with more than happy mindset.

You can hire a ferry, go to Kovalam, and return within one or two hours to Alleppey. After back water recedes and goes back to sea, these areas become more fertile and most of the rich foods of Kerala being cultivated here. Most of the rice and paddy crops are being developed here. In the vicinity we can sea a vast arena of half filled water and some where in between it is being divided through artificial lining of three to four straight-line coconut tress and that is making the entire scenery like deep sea blue syndrome. The ferry goes on and stopping at some stoppers and then the people goes in to it and out of it and somewhere near at some point we get tea and that is really fantastic as the taste of liquor is being fascinating though some more milk could have added to it. I t may be some personalized thoughts of how to take the taste of tea. The entire trip to Kovallam an back to Alleppe costs individuals twenty rupees and with the journey of utter significance and the beauties and vagaries of nature with a tea cup in my hand has been fascinating and enchanting. The local population on the ferry has been very friendly and they try to give suggestions to me through English mixed with Malayalam pronunciation. It is a good to listen to them and the way they try to make you understand has been fantastic. The ferry was non-motorized and could hear the sound of weather by the side and also some droplet of water drops on my palm and after some time it becomes salt an absorbing experience.

Back to ours hoe boat and ours designated cook served food with banana leaves. This remembers me some of the old marriage ceremony where we sued to get it at the ge together. The food cushion of the house boat has been fantastic with lot of green and leafy vegetables , sea foods though am not fan of it , steamed rice and other south Indian delicacies. The chutney consists of lots of coconut more than what I used to eat at Chennai during my post management days. Then we get back to go to the other side of back water views through some human handled boats. Here the back water is very narrow , even on the bank of it we can see the homes and people doing there daily works in between them. I dipped my hands in the water, daddy said to me not to do that, as he had observed that all the dirty things of these house holds also coming out and joining into this water so I stopped from doing this. This was ours third Kerala visit as prior visits are mostly concentrated with reaching at capital of Kerala and joining at various sea locations and enjoying the Kerala urban life. This time we scheduled ours journey such that we will experience this realm of back waters and how it is being through ours closest eyes. As we moved on inside the boat to advance areas we experience the coconut trees , small groovy islands, lots of birds and flowers blossoming inside the back water, with sun shine reflecting from the water and making the entire arena more whitish to see , it seems like we have been at paradise (swarga) with lots of dreams and void reality. Now we enter into an arena where no house holds are visible and the water is so clean and clear so that we can see through it and watch small fishes being swimming across and some collides with ours boat and making the direction reverse to swim across along with water.

A cold lager for hot tea

The backwaters of northern side of Kerala has been fascinating, the more you go the more surprise is stored for you. After some time we saw one enchanting lake with clear water and palm tress with sun shine reflecting through it , to the true to my heart it felt me like the Manasorabar, the feeling is deep within cannot be written it can be seen and felt at heart and mind. You can start yours journey from Alleppey and to the further north to explore more destinations , as far as yours finance goes it is strictly in the mode of yours own establishment, try this out , am sure you will have more stories to write and hear than to me.


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Friday, March 9, 2012


Prescience is having foreknowledge of the future. The vital is information and the outside environments which effect on yours group. This information depends upon three parameters information you hear, gather and infer. All these are accumulated through travel, meetings, financial gatherings and analysis. Managers who knew full information can quickly reach an informed decision. If you are not keeping yours eyes open then you are failing in your role as protector to yours team. Talk to yours manager and try to listen what he is telling about meetings and if he does not say much then try to investigate the matter and how it is going on , then talk to yours secretary and other persons whoa are first to know everything. A team member always looks for established goals and manager should look beyond and try to touch the unthinkable the ultimate goal of the organization. There is some authority which the manager holds uniquely within the team and the manager must exercise this to help the team to work. The manager should guard the short term excitements which can deflect the attention of the team from the core goal of the mission of the organization. If some one in your team brings a good plan then it is you to make and manage a good hearing and discussions among the core members of the group. Alternatively, if some one in the team is not doing enough work and also in addition to it one is trying to destroy the privileges of the group then it are high time to make the group work and as a team they should go with a united spirit and action.

Vision is the future action and ideas and these should be observed by the team and must be abide by this and should be understandable by the team in detail so that there will always be a steam of flow of thoughts and ideas to it. Values are the unifying code of practice which augments the team’s cohesion and cooperation. Verve is the positive enthusiasm and this will make the work environment funnier an enthusiast. It can be called as the shameless audacity. You need to decide where is your team is headed and you have to constantly communicate with your team where is yours team is heading and examine it from time to time its vitality and thought process should go hand in hand. The meaning of vision concerns you as manager it does deal with common purpose of organizational ideas. Vision is always hard to pin down; it even may be impractical with zero defects, it is better to identify the vision and then communicate with yours organizational mission. Mission should be tough but possible to achieve in the organizational environments. The problem should be introduced in any relevant backgrounds and driving out the pros and cons of these and then establishing the presentations as this alone would allow you to obtain your desired outcome. With the stylish presentations the worthiness of the design can be accumulated, the degree of flexible may be useful if the same presentations may be used several times in different situations. It is an imperative to plan your beginning carefully by getting the attention, establishing the theme, presenting the structure. While presenting and collaboration yours thoughts you will only have the limited time span to adjust for this try to use the limited span of time while presentation and make sure the audiences pay attention to yours thoughts and ideas. Give the main objective statement and try to extract the opinions and experiences form these and drawn their thoughts and mind to yours ideas and objectives. Give something concrete while delivering so that the whole deliberations will be fruitful and cemented among the listeners. Make sure any administrative details need to be announced before delivering the speech. Always remember the first impression upon yours audiences may be fruitful but in case of management ideas the final impression is always printed in the minds of audiences. The ending of the speech can flawless with good speed and clear and lucid presentation of ideas with visual advertising serving mechanisms and some vital phase hanging in the ears of audiences so that they will remember yours speech for the longer time .


The visual reinforcement is the speech can be a greater dignity to yours presentations with overhead projector is running and a clear distinct purpose for the audiences. Do not simply photo copy yours views and if more data to be displayed then try to present the smaller points within reference to yours larger view ideas. Remember whatever you present and whatever you say it is you the most important and that will be the centre of gravity while you are presenting to the audience yours business presentations. The situation is never seen black and white but merely the fog screen of grey. So they will evaluate yours ideas, extract the practical information which you have gathered in yours presentations. Leader has a completely different approach, in the modern times the workforce is updating and sophisticating, if you cannot control through fear then vouch for alternative route. If you are quiet and modest all you need to talk modestly to the people, and provide them the right vision and search for courageous group members who can have the ability to go for the shameless audacity to set out. By accelerating the development through common practice of group facilitator , how ever the existence of single facilitator can have the obtrusive attitude and the group may not function as it is been preliminary assessed. All group member must know that the facilitation is performed by every group individually and the storming phase may be avoided and through this the group’s own practices and concerning various parametric solutions may be arrived at though sometimes self-opinionated and cantankerous loud mouth voices needs to be ignored so that the destructive confrontation will be removed and all will be manageable by the leaders collectively.

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