Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dissecting Big Boss 5

The testing times indeed, bound by the boundary inside the Big Boss’s house and getting together a bunch of unknown, known or faking to be known persons and bound by circumstances to enjoy the audience.

Big Boss is a great concept indeed and you cannot ignore it, you either love Big Boss or hate it but cannot ignore it. Nov7 th Monday is the voting time, the person to be nominated for eviction and time given is for five days. Nominated again the versatile Puja Mishra, Mahek and Akash and Laxmi. Laxmi of late been subdued and not in action especially after the arrival of Akash to the arena. Puja Mishra time and again nominated and this time as it seems both Juhi and Puja Bedi voted the same two persons Mahek and Puja Mishra , is it some of the bigger plans by them, I think Big Boss should listen to this and try to decodify their friendship as they both are not active at all and they saving themselves from the voting and nomination. I think in this week they both should have been nominated instead the action stars Puja Mishra, Mahek and others got in.

All the dull persons in the Big Boss of late like Puja Bedi, Juhi,Laxmi of late have been advocating of peace in the Big Boss house ,but does Big Boss wants peace and more to this audience will not appreciate this at all. Big Boss should expedite the process or makes some move so that the two so called forever friends Puja Bedi and Juhi should act or should vanish from the house. Vida telling english again and agin , what should Big Boss do, they should write the Hindhi subtitles instead as it shows Big Boss failed to convince Vida to speak Hindhi.

This write up is on Big Boss 5 Nov 07 2011 broadcast; all opinions are just opinions and not intended to hurt any person in any manner


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