Friday, November 18, 2011

The upscale mountains

The upscale mountains slowly emerging into the sky making the whole of horizon an eyesight of matching proportions and this has been indirectly networked and bind into realm action of probability. The cross section simply losing in loopholes of uncertainty and it is slowly emerging and dipping into the actions of instances. The long horizon facing the glow mountains is shining with lots of snowy and its surface is becoming a shining and placid like mosaic. The spongy shining is dipping deep into tress along with mountainous deep jungle. The river making its flash emergence from no where as it seems so , and making the whole atmosphere music and just before it the singing tunes may be making some high definition sounds with some ultra thinned or no bass effects.
Both the mountains been connected through some simple thinned passage and the river is slowly but confidently flowing through it and making this division appears slow and steady. This look alike a sign in pages of a web based email service with the authentication of https and secure identity. The, later parts of the river is slowly diminishing to no where as it is not understandable from this vast torrent. Trying to find the river stream and below two mountains but cannot be seen as there are darks and from this distance it is not a path to see this in comfort. The path to unforeseen circumstances cannot be seen or behaved as it is slowly making the progress through its routes not visible from this angel but its cross section indicates the exact route of action and the point of delivery. The binding between the hills is strong and it seems slowly the river in between the mountains can be a separator effect in the long run. Still there are covers of uncertainty but tit seems it is slowly uncovering.
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