Friday, November 11, 2011

PUMA’s new brand ambassador is Yuvraj

World cup 2011 hero Yuvraj now new brand ambassador of PUMA. PUMA is a big brand and needs no introduction.

Yuvraj expresses his pleasure and satisfaction over this association. Yuvraj wants to be a good cricketer and focus more on test cricket and want to be renowned for his contributions in test cricket and he and PUNA shares the same values he rejoiced.

Speaking on the occasion, Puma India's managing director Rajiv Mehta said: "Yuvraj Singh is the quintessential athlete for Puma. He epitomizes the youth with his forthright personality, which exuberates confidence.

Yuvraj is a talented all-rounder with multi faceted cricketing display of late plagued by injuries performance dipped but he rose to the occasion and performs wonderfully on the recently concluded world cup cricket. With his talent and discipline in performance of late Yuvraj can be a real performer in the coming years and PUMA association will certainly help him in the long run.


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