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The Best Hosting Solution for Media Sites

Using adverse improvement over the web technology along with the interest in usage of buffering video as well as music, media sites have got witnessed equivalent reputation in the market today. This specific sociable preference of individuals offers considerably opened up doorways for any a lot more interactive, yet media-rich net. Just about all internet sites practically include one or more video inlayed on possibly of their web pages. High quality media can always attract more visitors to your website. Although some websites convey more regarding multimedia articles, they want special hosting specifications for their smooth performing. Factors such as server safe-keeping, bandwidth, and customer care service as well as trustworthiness should be provided utmost value to decide on the best hosting solution when thinking about hosting media sites.

Machine space for storage is certainly a vital facet for that storage area of huge size video and audio files, as compared to a simple HTML page without any video or perhaps audio recordings. This further indicates you'd need a greater, powerful server, being a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as well as Dedicated Server. When your site looms towards safe-keeping limits, you go through problems similar to regular downtime and also slower web page lots.

Apart from server area, bandwidth is evenly important as this decides the volume of info which can be routed and obtained together. When there are many involving a huge selection of sightseeing videos on your own internet site at a anchorman of your energy, it will be easier to look at the performance of your server. VPS as well as Dedicated Servers work best solutions interested in an improved bandwidth, out of which Dedicated Servers are most frequently utilized between corporations around the world and are also accepted as the apex regarding hosting company accounts.

Help in conjunction with Trustworthiness are a couple of key factors once more for picking the best hosting solution for media sites, without having which internet sites will likely have problems with recurrent downtime along with no rational description. Together with thousands of standard website visitors on your multimedia system site minus customer support service, you'd probably gain a poor reputation to your internet site as well as loss of organization. A competent assistance staff would likely in addition make suggestions with the procedure of working your website effortlessly in case of urgent situation scenarios.

In the event you suddenly start to get enormous traffic to media based sites you should ensure that the room along with bandwidth demands are usually scaly upwards and also the server has the capacity to take care of each of the sources. The last recommendation might be that you can attempt to get yourself a hosting bank account having a organization that offers you with 100% up time along with the site is packed upon several servers pertaining to reference discussing.

Linux media server for PS3

The Linux media server for PS3 is an substantially empowering device for your console. In the end, your current PS3 is a bit more compared to a simply technique for playing game titles, at least in its latent functions. Resting in your PS3 can be a significantly effective calculating power plant which in turn sets throughout stand it the slumber that you should open their prospective. Precisely what am I referring to below? Your PS3 - it's not basically a thing to try out using... it's a super-powerful computer together with abilities which are perhaps over and above what you may know about.

About putting in the most up-to-date version of your Linux media hosting server for PS3, you will realized that, and you will be surprised. By using the Linux media server for PS3, your gaming system is awakened straight into staying, dealing with the power of any Linux primarily based precessing equipment. With the additional feature to be additionally capable of taking about the MS Windows OS, the PS3 currently makes use of the particular functions now available and also gets to be a strength carrying PC computer in addition.

At this point you in place possess two very powerful computer systems and in substance have for your use the double-barrel processing power. Your downloading as well as running abilities are generally almost unfathomable with the use of your Linux media server for PS3. You now not only by using the actual emulators could download and play all games from every gaming platform you can possibly imagine, but in addition music and movie mulch-media data files, and also all the PC and Windows software you'll be able to need or even want to use.

Use of Quantitative analysis

SPSS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Students are expected compulsory to make the use of computerized statistical, software packages like SPSS for the purpose of quantitative analysis for the summer training report (Second Semester) as well as research project report (Fourth Semester. If possible, their use in the product survey report will be appreciated as well.
It must be noted, for the M.B.A. IV Semester research project, specially, the secondary data used should be relevant to the study and it should relate to not less than 5 to 10 years. In case of trend analysis or period analysis, data relating to the same period should be considered for all variables for e.g. if you are discussing about the growth of the company in the last 10 years say 1994 – ­2004, then all the data analyzed for e.g. net value added, turnover, sales or employment should relate to the same period i.e. 1994 - 2004.
A deviation of one or two years here or there in a few variables may be accepted, but no substantial disparity of period is allowed.


List of Tables-

The scholar provides the Tales that are used in the body of the Report. Usually the table number is given continuously in roman numerals right from the first chapter till the last chapter of the thesis. For example, 3.16 means 16th table in the third chapter. Some scholars give Arabic number for the Table in serial order from 1st to last chapter. Whatever be the numbering style used, in the list of Tables, the scholar would indicate the Table number, title of the Table and the page number in which the Table is indicated.


List of Figures –

This is page in which the scholar would present the list of Figures/diagrams used in the thesis. If the Tables are numbered in roman then the figures Are numbered in Arabic numerals. The chapter number is followed by the figures. Diagram number. For example, III.4 means the fourth figure in chapter III. Like tables, the figures or diagrams are numbered continuously, if no chapter number is indicated continuously.


Photographs / Maps:

Short term project, especially (product study report) should be supported with relevant photographs in appropriate number. All photographs should be followed with details. For e.g. an advertisement photograph should be supported with over comments. Maps should be inserted, wherever relevant for e.g. if there is a locational study on bank branches, town map showing the location of branches should be included. Similarly maps showing retail outlets, dealers, if they are in large numbers can be used in case of product study.



Bibliography (for e.g. on topic of product study of computers) should include references related to computer or IT. It should also include reference from general Mgmt areas, the functional areas, for e.g. if the study is on advertisement then it should include advertisement related reference. National newspapers and financial dailies like Economic Times; Financial Express should be consulted and referred to. Name of at least 5 management journals must be included an e.g. of right way of making an entry in the Bibliography:
Kotler, P.(l999) : 'Marketing Management' 'Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.,
Gartner Report, 2000. (For Journals) All names should be alphabetically listed
He should specify items in serial order, its title page, and the page number where it is found. For example,
2.Questionnaire/schedule used for the study,
3.Govt.policy relating to topic of the thesis.
4.Explanatory notes for the mathematical/econometric models used in the study etc.
Whenever the students use questionnaire, schedule, case analysis, structured questionnaire, the detail should be mentioned and the questionnaire should be compulsorily put in the annexure.



Summer training projects and Research Project Repots should be leather bound in black, with golden embossing. While the product survey report should have spiral binding with Yellow plastic covers in back and front. The cover page should be screen printed on the yellow cover.



No fraud or manipulation of space and / or font size should be undertaken in order to increase the volume of the report otherwise the report will be rejected all.
Pages must be serially numbered [printed and not hand written].
There should be no spelling/grammatical mistakes in the entire report.
Draft Reports must be got checked from respective guide well in time before finalisation.
No two reports can be the same. Therefore, individual effort will be required even if the students have worked as a team during their Research Work.
Please note that if the above-mentioned instructions are not fully adhered to, the project report will not be accepted for evaluation/ Viva.
Dates for submission of respective Research/Project Reports will be notified from time to time and strict adherence is solicited.
The declaration and acknowledgement should be signed by the scholar.
Appendices and Annexure should be serially numbered and not at random. Appendices can be numbered A,B,C…… and the Annexure should be numbered 1,2,3…..
While downloading from the Internet, only relevant contents of the article should be taken and not the whole length. The source should be given as footnote.


Declaration By the Candidate

I --------------------------------, a student of MBA II Semester of ***** School of Management, bearing Enrolment No--------------, hereby declare that the Research/Project Report entitled ____________________________________is the outcome of my own work and the same has not been submitted to any University/Institute for the award of any degree or any Professional diploma.
Date- (------------------------)


Sign. Of Candidate


This is to certify that Mr--------------------------------------, a student of MBA II Semester of **** of Management, , had undertaken his practical training in our organization at ------------------------------ for a period of 8 weeks from ------------- to --------------- as a partial fulfillment of his degree.

During this period it has been observed that he/she is hard working, intelligent and sincere person. He/she has a potential for growth.

We wish him/her all the best in his/her future endeavors.

Sign.of Supervisor


*Express gratitude to Company officials
I take this opportunity to place on record my grateful thanks and sincere gratitude to Mr--------------------------------,(include designation and company name) who gave me valuable advice and inputs for my study. My study could not have been completed if I had not been able to get the reference materials from the company.
*Express gratitude to Guide
I am immensely grateful to my esteemed guide Prof--------------------whose Continued and invaluable guidance can never be forgotten by me but for whom, this study could not have got present shape.
*Express gratitude to others who helped you during the research
Last but not least, I would also like to express my thanks to my family members who inspired me to put in my best efforts for the Research/Project Report

                        Sign. Of Candidate

Note: -
*  = The headings are not required to be given.

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Worst classroom experience

The mind is always has the full of sufficiency and the product that comes out from it always has some sort of innovative attendance and it is always has been the passion in the class with some sort of fellow feelings as it is the sheer all girls school the boarding one. It seems that the life is full of flowers and there is always at the environment the beautiful mind and the heart is just healing the touch within it and making it more and more beautiful and wonderful. This means that the heart is always have the same sort of resonances and the related attributes when saw the snow and the related feelings within it that cannot ever be described and attended with it. The path to the soul is always has the some sort of attributes that is making the real time call to its path that has been going through the attractive phenomenon from the cloud and that has been enchanting and the cold winds that has been raveling within it is just making it more and more difficult to sustain and attend to the fantasies   of life that has been always been the same sort of attraction with the invisible mind and the hear both are at the same side of it.

It seems that all the winds is just flowing through and it has been talking with me with the excellent cool climate and the snowy mountains just peeking through in between towards me and it is calling my name with the winds as if with the wind and with all short of the hairs that has been flowing into it, it seems that some one is seeing into it but it is also true is that no one is here it seems that the wind is making all sort of troubles with its some sort peeking attitudes and that is making it more and more tardy to reach to the class but it is always the many sort of wonderful  , the wind is blowing at its slow and cool speed and it is always with the hair and the whole combing has to be redesigned after reaching at the class.  It is asking now some sort of clearer and wider definitions with its slow and cools wind format and it is asking me where you from are and the wind is making all sort of lovable problems that has to be faced while reaching at the school from the boarding.  The beautiful environment and the scenic understanding is always augmented by the steer slope that has to be crossed and while going to attend to the class it is always has been on the side of the difficulty . It seems that while walking into the road is just comes to live and it is now in some sort of intriguing tangle and the road seems to be not ending as it likes me to walk on it a simple puzzle that has been under going and the road to cross is just making it more sort of seems to be binding analogy and this has to be cleared before reaching to school definitely. It seems that sun is no where as the cool and the clouds are hovering even during after the morning time has reached. The entanglement with the road and the slope and the upwards climbing is making the walk more difficult as it is both at the physical and also at the mental side of the story that has been under going.

It seems that the beauty of the roads is just been multiplying as I think it is because I am walking into, it is the sheer sense of imagination and the side ways trees are just been howling with the wind with the sound that has been saying all over to me, and they has been saying to me that they have been happy and happy with that sort of madness as they have again seen me walking into the school and am amazed to see and hear the sweetness into their words. With all these has been in the praise with me it is the feeling of some sort of wonderful appreciation and also in between am remembering what sort of classes and what to study then and also in between what addition needs to be so that all these can have some sort of feeling like the garden inside the barren lands and just like all the side ways trees and all the pines has been smiling with praise and also the clouds are moving and making me we due to the highness of the school and they are just been crossing all through it so much so that all has been of greater significance and of greater attitudinal parameters.

In the mean time there is some sort of crude sounds that has been going craze into the sky and am surprise to see and realize that it is the aero plane that is flying like that of free into the wind and it is singing some of the swan song and it is like that of newly married that has been just been arrived from the just married tag and it is just been crazy into the wind and making all kinds of situation and wonderful simulations into the mind. It seems from the ground that its color is just like that of the ground and its narrow and beauty substructure is just making it more and more beautiful like that of the newly married couple and also its song that has been new to the world with each and every bit of songs that has been going on for many ways. The aero plane is also saying to me that you should not touch me even from the memory, even from the widest imagination of yours as it is cutting across the sky into the clouds and it is making the glance to wards the world and it is also saying from there time and again that you should not touch me and if you do that the more current of the beauty is going to shock you so you are warned not to touch me. All these has been said by aero plane from ahead of the sky beyond the limit to me at the road at the ground surprises to me as the beauty is talking tom other beauty that you should not touch me oh what a thoughts from the aeroplane from the sky, it tells that the sky is making its huge in roads and it seems that the pride has crossed the line and then I go beyond that after the aero plane vanishes from the scenes.

The beautiful color dreams is just been going to reach at the reality as my school is nearer to the vicinity and I just realized that I have reached here at last though it is not so long distance to travel but the distance I s always not so far but it is always a bigger distance for me as he roads , the mountains , the sky and all the surroundings is just praising me always and with that praising and listening to all these the journey is just been the never ending one for me at least to the mind with the smallest of its kind the dream is making it building blocks from its smallest of ideas and thinking and the sheer power to the words  the dream , wind and the airplane has been always been the stamping impact to me with many of the comes with the stealing min and with all sort of thunder bolts thoughts that has been the ray of light that has been making it more and more some sort of wonderful inhabitants with some sort dream flowers that has been getting all sort of imaginations.

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Ademero Document Management Software Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ademero for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Including everything, the principal financial assistance in time of need something that aids and promotes well-being and benefit to customers is in the redistribution of costs all around throughout the overall distribution of forces in preparation for work and project lifecycle. This polishing out of resource acquisition corresponds constitutes a higher comparative proportional benefit at the early betimes stages. As a consequence it is easier to get commenced on embark upon and achieve and accomplice more rapidly and this in proper order and sequence appropriates for dandier skillfulness over the life of the deployment.

The bigger greater the scale of deployment of document management software the greater the existing in possibility benefit and cost saving between new software services and conventional handed down installed licensed solutions. A specific identifiable position especially in a process and impingement of managed services called for commanded all the way through the deployment lifecycle are probably to be standardized between new software services and traditional installed licensed solutions. Despite anything to the contrary   this the most favorable conditions possible under given circumstances at which software prerequisites  requirements and further added  managed handled services tend towards in the direction of the  new software services that cannot be determined  delimited fixed  in any generic way . The importantly improved environment for fresh software services is the principal welfare over conventional orthodox installed licensed solutions.

Ademero brand and how it can work for businesses large and small:


Content Central makes relatively permanent inclination of setting reference point against which other things can be evaluated for document especially information of an official nature related to given overall management of the program and the rate of progress in work through the method for solving problems through work flow solutions. User accesses the operation of reading or writing stored information and act together or towards others or with others and interacts with the program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task by logging in into a more desirable Web browser, a program used to view HTML documents from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Every state of being in effect or being operative comes to pass this web browser having a base a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system from succeed in representing or expressing something intangible , the act of classifying and providing an index in order to make items easier to retrieve , writing that provides information (especially information of an official nature) serving as a representation of a person's thinking by means of symbolic marks written account of ownership or obligation to approving and distributing them.

Accept and assume benefit resulting from some event quality of having a superior or more favorable position of the galore of benefits a browser based application present for acceptance, considering as part of preparation and readying, restrained or managed or kept within certain bounds and logged admittance and located far away spatially property of being connected or the degree to which something has connections. Someone who administers a business network controls and manages Content Central on a single Microsoft Windows computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers as shared resources to a computer network or in the whole context all around having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual multiple servers for performance recognized accomplishment. After user accounts have been clearly characterized and determined, users connect, fasten put together from obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service through available Windows, Mac, or Linux computers on the interconnected system of things of networks.

Ademero’s Content Central application:


Inside, Content Central you can bring into existence the essential documents using PDF-based electronic forms. Documents and other files can be captured are that of document digital or electronic scanner or from electronic network folder, e-mail accounts or mutual or reciprocal action through fundamental interaction. Content Central commutes change over exchange scanned images the visual representation into fully searchable PDF files and all documents can be called back recover regain by applying the content key words and Meta filters based on the eccentric character of document. Integrated incorporated e-mail and fax instruments make it possible through a specific action for something to you and your team administers and bestow in small portions in documents in the absence of calling for outside software. An overwhelming work flow engine can achieve the goal and manage the selective information behind the place where some action based on systems of rules at a special set of circumstances temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur.

The positive quality is that you come into possession every feature for a price that you have financial means for which money is paid for the number of users required; there are not any hidden cost and add-on modules to concern anxious headache about.

List of functions the Content Central applications performs for its users:

Approval processing:

Built in to Content Central is a powerful approval-processing engine with an unlimited number of approval processes of a document's life cycle by automatically moving them along workflow paths that you define. Approval Queue permits managers watch documents at any distinct time furnishes and provides the possessive qualities to approve, reject, and remove any documents in view. Add deadlines and antecedents to augment control over each stage, promoting or requiring users to first process higher-priority items. Additional workflow principles and conventions can be put in motion at any stage or action in a process, such as the arrival to a particular stage or an formal act of approval by the final member.

Electronic Capture:

Content Central admits files of any type come into possession by various means, including user uploads, e-mail accounts, and network monitoring. Users received data by uploading them or using drag-and-drop characteristic of the operating system. Single exclusive files can be indexed and uploaded in single step using an intuitive spontaneous user interface. To accomplish the process, assembled Folder & File Building rules can mimic your presently existing network folder body structure. These rules assure ascertain very recently captured documents will be archived attained and reached using well known easily recognizable naming conventions.

Paper Capture:

Content Central can capture and process digital images of paper documents from most document digital and electronic scanners, including multifunction and commodious desktop scanners. Captured and earmarked documents will be spread-eagled without derivation into Content Central for image putting through a prescribed procedure. The Capture Service, functioning in the background, changes commutes convinces all scanned images into fully-searchable and explorable PDF files for retrieval and recovery. Barcoded documents the Code consisting of a series of vertical bars of variable width that are scanned by a laser; printed on consumer product packages to identify the item for a computer that provides the price and registers inventory information, acknowledged   as QCards, can be printed and employed in accomplishing as cover sheets to recognize recover distinguish and describe one or more documents al the way through the scanning process. QCards give help assistance as a service and  make easier alleviate  appropriating large batches of documents by making it possible through a specific action so that  you to scan hundreds of pages in a single session employing  one or more document digital and electronic scanners in your office.


Collaboration in Content Central focuses on the Work Queue. When collaboration activities call for blue-penciling content, items can be checked out before they're edited, and checked in when edits have been accomplished and discharged; assuring simultaneous users don't make alternations at the same time. Users with the share approval to do something can allot arrogate items to one or more public users by furnishing their e-mail address in an assignment dialog.


Content Central comprises a number of tools to assist authorized empowered users circulate documents and other content related to subject matter. Along with demand-based e-mailing, Content Central's workflow engine can circulate disseminate content in a mechanical reflex manner, when configured workflow events are put in motion, such as a document approval or change to content.


Content Central provides multi-tasking modes to edit documents. Because all documents are hived away in their archetype formats, Content Central allows you redact them with their native applications. You can also carry out an edit by hand by first assuring investigating the document in Content Central. Once the document has been checked over, you can transfer a file or program from a central computer to a smaller computer or to a computer at a remote location it, alter change it, and upload it back into the server at your convenience and your usefulness.

Forms Processing:

Using PDF (a file format for documents containing formatted text, images, etc.; the format is device and platform independent, and widely used on the Internet) forms, new documents can be rendered instantaneously in Content Central. These digital forms can be uploaded into Content Central and used as templates for new documents. They can comprise selection lists, field requirements, and embedded calculations to decrement the amount of time it assumes to generate new information entropy in your office.


Indexing in Content Central is a key constituent to make easier alleviate capturing, searching, and more. In companion with searching for documents, indexing can be used during the capture process to in a reflex manner generate folders, subfolders, and filenames, in an intelligent manner coordinating preparing your document accumulations aggregations.


Content Central incorporates with galore of software bundles, from accounting software and project management applications to Microsoft Office. Selective information entopy can be extracted from other applications during the capture process to make the indexing task a leisurely and exact precise endeavor. Users can bring home the bacon as few as one index field and come into possession of the rest with a single click. Other integration assumptions and play scripts can be completely operated by automation when the primary key is obtained from the document in the form of a barcode or text zone.


You can view a full intact integral packet from any of its individual documents. This view discloses exposes uncovers unwraps whether a packet is accomplished or missing one or more documents. Automated workflow rules can warn you when a packet remains uncompleted for an assigned defined determined fixed period of time. Other workflow rules can be assembled tacked together to begin when a packet is completed, such as an approval process on the entire packet.

Search & Retrieval:

Especially fortunate, you can have the right to enter your information from any computer on the network with a standard Web browser (A program used to view HTML documents). You can still search and explore for documents off site when you make it possible through Internet access to Ademero document management software .


Content Central holds back your information impregnable inviolable, commanding user authentication with encrypted, one-way password verification confirmation. Along with manual additions accessions and gains, you can import users from one or more Active Directory domains, altering changing and modifying the management of user account control.


Content Central entrepots documents and other content in their archetype master copy formats, using assigned denominated file-storage locations on your network of servers. The folder structure and complex composition for documents always copes with what you observe in the Catalog Browser, and each version is stored on an individual basis for quick rapid accomplishment and easy comfortable access inside Content Central.

Support & Assistance:

Ademero affirms backs Content Central with a 24-hour call center situated in Central Florida. You can get through support technicians via phone, live chat, or e-mail. For added convenience, users can access live-chat operators right away from Content Central's help menu.

Version Control:

Content Central preserves sustain an everlasting revision history for all kinds of documents. Revisions are divided into groups of major and minor versions Content Central entrepots a separate instance of these major versions, which can be obtain or retrieve from a storage device as of information on a computer at any time.

Workflow :

Content Central's workflow engine operates automatically document and content-related tasks, treating addressing them in the background. This workflow system increments the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced to the labor per unit of time in your office by performing routine operations in the absence of the  need  and essence for human fundamental  interaction with mutual reciprocal interactions. The Workflow Service keeps engaged without stopping day-and-night around the clock, processing multiple events and schedules at the same time. Content Central logs all workflow actions the same manner it tracks events falling from user interaction.


I extremely advocate commend urge Content Central document management software and would in a powerful manner make a proposal to you try it out if you are in the business for document management software and test Ademero’s robust document management and workflow solutions for businesses large and small . Content Central is a coordinated compound piece objet d’art of software (written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory) that is both easy comfortable to use and feature occupied. The fact that it functioned free from bug in every web browser I tested and proved to be reliable (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE) was a strong evidence to believe  to the quantity of work that the cooperative congenial team  at Ademero have arranged and invested into it.

The plan and design of the  Ademero Content Central system makes it fabulously user friendly and furnishes an user interface that is both delighting to make it work for its inherent or natural purpose  and fast while asserting exerting  a high degree of practicality capable of solving a purpose well . The help system that supports Content Central give something useful and necessary is quite absolutely in a simple manner without extravagance and embellishment, in a perfect and faultless way carried out and determines just as much as necessary activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need and furtherance of an effort or purpose to not be overwhelming while still giving you just what you require as useful, just, and proper.

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Be Secure, Be Safe. Get your Bitdefender Total Security 2013

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bitdefender for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Continuing your network secure and dependable and barricading blanking out scourges menaces to sensitive selective information are without doubt; certainly yours top status established in order of importance or urgency and antecedence and priorities but with the internet getting strong as to be irresistible significant in our day to day affairs, external menaces can get past in to your home computer when you have been used to form the superlative when you least expect them. Be Secure, Be Safe. get your Bitdefender Total Security 2013.


Bringing in the number one antivirus discipline dealing with antivirus technology, the industry leader the next propagation of internet security #1 ranked , For 2013, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus brings the privacy and the security to a entirely new domain , no other antivirus ever reached to it , with Bitdefender’s line of 2013 security solutions brings home the bacon easy to use, the highest degree of development of an art or technique descriptive of any event or stimulus or process that has an effect on events or stimuli or processes that occur subsequently with proactive inhibition and proactive inhibition from e-threats , to so extreme degree the viruses, spywares, hackers , spam and phishing offensive against your personal home computing system. They also include more forward before hand advanced precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury and feature rich features, including parental controls, online back up , social networking protection  and more!

Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013

Preparing for installation:

•    Make sure the computer you are planning to install BitDefender meets the basic criteria of installation.
•    Log on to computer using Administration account.
•    Remove any other security software from you computer.
•    Disable Windows Firewall program.
•    BitDefender will validate your system before installation and if it does not meet the minimum system requirement then it will stop the installation process abruptly.
•    The welcome screen will let you to choose the type of installation you want to possess.
•    For recommended settings then click install to have a complete hassle free installation.
•    Agree to End User License Agreement.
•     Enable Anonymous Usages reports.
•    You can configure proxy settings.
•    Wait for the installation process to complete and detail information about the progress is displayed.
•    Critical system areas will be scanned for viruses and latest versions of applications will be downloaded and installed.
•     Summary of installation is displayed if any malware detected it will be removed while the scan is in progress.
•    Now you can close the window.

A brief overview of what BitDefender is:

Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013-5

Bitdefender is the originator of the reward winning through out the world endorsed authoritatively attested Internet Security and Antivirus software. From that time its origination in 2001 , it has ceaselessly elicited the standards in proactive threat perceptual experience and virus removal , in many instances indicating the most important performer in the best Internet security detection techniques to preclude the disperse of beady-eyes threats . Due to its number one product and with the state of the art technology the company with speedily movements entering into world wide leaders. It has now offices in UK, USA, Germany, France and Spain and strategically coalition with local vendors which has enable it to open and enter into one hundred countries through out the world. They have strategic partnership with big brands like IBM and Virgin Media.

The year of 2011 has been a year of success and pride with a new corporate identity , for the first time it has unique achievement to be voted as #1 choice in regards to internet security by top three independent security assessment organizations through out the world. Bitdefender provides for corporate networks, from the small business right through to the global enterprise, protecting all endpoints that include award winning technology that include new and innovative ideas that include the leading and latest trends in the information security industry  and it is continually getting the much deserved recognition from respected independent security assessment organizations like that of, Virus Bulletin, ICSA Lab, Checkmark, PC World Top 100, just to name but a few. Bitdefender reaches without variation in every case , to make something new technology to remain one footmark in the front to make life ease of the clients for best antivirus detection compounded with conciliatory usability and functional execution.

Bitdefender's features list includes antiphishing, parental controls, firewall, secure online storage, ID security, USB device security, process behavior monitoring, and a vulnerability scanner. Other important tools like SafePay browser for complete secure online transactions, Personal Data Defender that keeps your personal and private collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn safe at home, Device Anti-Theft which can in a remote manner locate, lock and wipe protected defended device that is in close association with the internet.  

One more existing feature of Bitdefender Total Security2013 is that it can uninstall any existing antivirus that is pre installed on your personal computer, though in the case of Microsoft Security Essentials, the un-installation is completely manual. It has Autopilot in built feature in its set up which will keep the pop-ups during the installation process to minimal level, Automatic Game Mode is enabled by default, and if you do not like this feature or you do not play PC games then you can disable after the installation. Bitdefender's Connection Filters is very nice and it can automatically detect any internet connection and thus make it more and more secure. Bitdefender's central interface is also popularly known as Dashboard and it is very simple and intuitive. Set up SafeGo the social networking feature rich protection for safeguard from Facebook, Twiiter and a whole lot of popular social networking site. It does not slow down the social networks at all while it is monitoring it. It is suggestible to create a MyBitdefender account online so that you can have permission to access a whole lot of security features and prominent attributes. With Bitdefender Total Security 2013 you will be free form e-threats can perform secure online financial and monetary business transactions and can defend your privacy on social networks as sometimes there are instances that social networks can inhibit and steal your privacy but with Bitdefender Total Security 2013 SafeGo , you will be able to address the privacy concerns and also safe and preserve your privacy with it. Parental Control preserves privacy, restricts the script block content and web access for your children on line activities. USB Immunizer vaccinates Flash Drive from viruses, when they are inserted into your computer.  Active Virus Control which is the better behavioral management system, it sees and manage suspicious activities through various tagged activities and it does in real time,

There is the Rescue Mode with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, if any e-threats cannot be removed, then PC will be restarted in a safer environment and then it removes the virus and makes the whole OS safer and cleaner. Vulnerability Scanner of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 will scan for outdated software installed in OS, it will scan for Windows security patches and missing software and then it will prompt for download. Bitdefender Autopilot will work in artificial management environment as it will make its decision on personal computer on it own and it will be a hassle free environment without any sort of interference to you so that you can make your work in a completely undisturbed environment. Search Advisor - The Link Filter of Total Security 2013 will connect to Bitdefender cloud services to flag and stop malwares and phishing related activities and thus prevents you from click jacking and drive by downloads. Antiphising reports you and block phishing website that are being involved in scams, financial luring scams and other related phishing attempts. Dispatcher will see if your system resource is going upwards and in this manner hanging the entire system , and for this it will , scan the resource and act like as the resource firewall so that resource usages falls below certain threshold levels.

The newer addition into Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is Bitdefender SafePay , Device Anti-Theft , USB Immunizer ,    Security Widget , Windows 8 Compatible .

For those who pass time in a specific ways and most of the works with internet, network safeguard is not something as they receive it in a light manner. If you are writing and earning money with internet, it is essential to remove all such gaps so much so that, all your earnings will be safer and smoother and so that it will not go to some other person by shielding your entire network. If not then you could be losing money instead of earning it.

Additional Product Info:

Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013-3

Bitdefender’s line of 2013 security solutions provide state-of-the-art, proactive protection from e-threats, such as viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, and phishing attacks. They also offer more advanced safeguards and rich features, including parental controls, online backup, social networking protection, and more!

The most notable feature is Bitdefender Safepay™ --Bitdefender’s proprietary secured browser that safeguards your online transactions and home banking applications from all tampering attempts.

Bitdefender’s 2013 solutions are designed to operate on multiple computer environments, including PCs that function mostly off-line or in a secure LAN, to computers with always-on, unfiltered Internet connections.

This year also comes with an increased focus on useful services such as Safebox, Device Anti-Theft, and Parental Control, but also on the secure and convenient management of your services – with the new MyBitdefender. Its improved dashboard also allows you to view and even control installed applications and mobile devices

Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013-2

Brand guidelines:

The Bitdefender logo is subtly mixing dynamism, strength and boldness with tremendous control and focus, which makes it the forerunner and most concentrated manifestation of the brand.


Anti Malware Software - Bitdefender Total Security 2013-1
It is a top rated security system to protect and safeguard your computers. It is very light on system resources and you can easily work of some other multi tasking while the protection is on or scanning is undergoing. It is a hassle free security system. According to Version 6.0" PC MAG, Feb 2012 its phishing protection is best and even far better than Norton 360. After being awarded as the "Best Security Product for 2011" by AV-Test, it is more and more going upwards in its performance in terms of Protection, Repair and Usability. It performs superlatively against malware infections. Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is first class fantabulous ease of use with high safeguard rates, and great strong shield ability to quarantine and remove the unwanted infections. It is then fasted in detecting the proactive detection of new viruses and it quarantines those before they enter into personal computer.  The most attractive part of Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is its monetary value which is very smart and also eases on consumer’s pocket. It is a complete product with having every necessary or normal part or component or step with the accomplished internet and virus security solutions for a computer.

SafePay browser:

SafePay browser comes with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, is a new product ,  it employs the sandboxing technology which was earlier introduced in previous versions and then while any transactions it isolates all the other parts of OS so that the infection and hacking will be not be the reality and your transactions will remain secure . IN this way it creates a safer place for your browser and OS. The finest functioning of SafePay browser is that it will not communicate with other processes in the OS, here the main attraction is on virtualization of entire processes of financial transactions, so here the security matters the most. One excellent functionality is bookmarking of banking and transactions websites so that the next time you open SafePay browser, you do not have to call back the websites again, as all will be at the bookmarking bar. In addition to these features, it also offers virtual keyboard and Wi-Fi hot spot protection. When the user tries to access the online payment sites it will show a message and alert the user about it. In this way it will take your online transactions and proceedings into a safe environment. It is also true while aceessing SafePay , you feel like browsing like that of some other sites but you cannot access any part of OS while SafePay browser is on .

Enter to win a Dell Inspiron laptop with BitDefender Total Security from here :

BitDefender is giving away a Dell Inspiron laptop pre-loaded with its Total Security software. There are three easy ways to enter :
1.    Place comment on that blog linked above and suggestions about this post and give your accumulation of knowledge about security, and why you should be the winner?
2.     'Like' BitDefender on Facebook.
3.    Tweet about why you should win and include the hashtag #winBitdefender

The contest period runs from 12:01 a.m. EDT on September 4, 2012 until 11:59 p.m. EDT on October 16, 2012.


You can configure product behavior with Bitdefender by turning on or off Autopilot, Automatic Laptop mode, and Automatic Game Mode. With Automatic Laptop mode it will automatically detects when the laptop is low on batteries and then it will disable some power mongering processes so that laptop batteries will not be drained out unwanted. The magnificent connection filter of Bitdefender constitute Anti spam, Firewall, Web Antimalware, Anti phishing, Antifraud and Search Advisor. From time to time you can open Bitdefender Dashboard and fix the existing issues. If you have some issues while dealing with Bitdefender then check solving of some common issues, and go for the step by step detailed description of it. Critical issues alert is essential and it requires your immediate attention. It will keep the detailed log about all activities and will show you in an inbox manner foe clear and lucid reading. Bitdefender interface has main window, setting window and security widgets. At panel area you can directly manage Bitdefender modules. You can organize your panels as you wish. The antivirus panel has quick, full system, custom, vulnerability scan and rescue mode. By clicking managing adapters inside firewall you can configure general connection settings for network adapters. Bitdefender Tune-up has personal computer optimization functionalities. Safe box lets you back your important files to secure online servers and then synchronies them between your devices and can manage them within drop down menu. Safego helps you to stay secure on social networks as you can activate your Facebook and twitter through your online Bitdefender account and with this it becomes more and more secure and your data stay safeguarded from any other hassles. File Encryption creates a encrypted password protected logical drive in your computer. You can activate ID theft protection the identity threat protection through your online Bitdefender account and can track the whole lot of logs and activities. Security widget is the fast track to monitor prevents threats with Bitdefender Total Security 2013. It gives and manages the overall security status of your computer.  With my Bitdefender account on line you can retrieve your lost Bitdefender key, configure parental controls, synchronies Safe box files to secure server, Safego ,antitheft and other management tasks of Bitdefender Total Security is performed. You’re my Bitdefender account can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet at Keeping, checking and performing Bitdefender up to date is essential for secure health of your system. It is advisable not to change the update location server of Bitdefender. With the AntiTheft feature enable on your personal computer, and your laptop is supposedly stolen then, you can find your device location through Google map, delete all data from your computer and after it is been done then the AntiTheft feature will be ceasing to exist and you can lock your computer so that it cannot be used in any other sense and imagination. With Safebox online back up you can by going to your online Bitdefender account and then go to Safebox and back up your contents and also if you want to share with your friends then also you can do it and share some files with them and all sharing will be secured. Bitdefender offers you 2GB of free online space for your data. The NeuNet performs and scans a set of tests based on heuristic behaviors and set the threshold level and then detect the spam rates with it.  

One of the principal reason and the ugly side of internet use you are being always targeted by spammers, viruses and all the other harmful scripts and others, it is a grave matter and in order to stay secure you can go for the #1 antivirus software provider and Editor's Choice from CNET and PCMag the reputed institutions and you can depend on this and go for Bitdefender Total Security 2013, to stay and float secure in all kinds of internet work around. Being someone who is very good at technology, I prefer to suggest to my readers to go with Bitdefender Total Security 2013, so that their personal computers will be in safer place than ever.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colorful autumn leaves

A Little Happiness
A Little Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The beautiful leaves that have been just be dethroned from the stems to its soil and it is making the most colorful and wonderful to look and believe.  The fascinating tin and the textures are just been making more noises that surrounds all around it and these are all been some sort of wonderful atmospheric attractions that is been flowing into it and making it more and more sustainable and passionate to find and make it more and more weather friendly and the way the stream of winds is just touching it through most of the august piece of environment is always been captivating in attracting all these. The subtractions and the timid part of it is making it more and more enduring in these colorful autumn leaves and the subtract part of it is that the more facets of flora and fauna is just been adding it to make it more and more subtle and wonderful. The moral conscientious is always been at the rise and the pathetic endurance and the subtraction of these path is always giving the hype of haiku which is short and sweet but the limerick part of it is always has the missing touch and how to attain and capacitate all these has been really the path to become some sort of wonderful endurance that is always been critical to all these junctures.

The all these relationships may have been a the short and timid side but the phantasm of land and the teen age atmosphere cannot be undone and pathetic as it is always goes with some sort of more and more with each and every bit of interval all these passions and the relations seems to be short lived just like that of colorful autumn leaves which is making the entire part of the atmosphere some sort of timid as the most beautiful and the luxurious part of the segment is being detached from the original source , the lake short of heart may be filling with joy and wonderful emotive cognizance but the real part is always have many kinds and different attributes that has been glowing since the long way.  The real teen dreams has been getting into motional ways and all these has been slowly progressing and all kinds of passions and antagonism is making it most of it and the real world is just the bearing of its class and the making of all sort of adventuring inside the environment many be short lived. The real revival of dreams can be easily to come by at some sort of junctures be it inside the class of any where as there are always the making of getting into the dreams easily, these cannot be believed in words as all these has been in some sort of romanticized annotation and these kinds of brilliant gesture and the making of wonderful animations with some sort antics has always have many facets of indulgence and accountability.

The possible passages inside the dream of a nice home and the making of wonderful family has always been the prime focus inside these with each of the slow meant that has been plunging into ideas and crippling into the scenario has always has some sort of brilliance even the nearby cannot imagine at any sort of real and distant imaginations. The ever changing flints and the ambitions has always some sort of meanings but these all can be achieved single handedly with some sort of determination  with striking effects and at the aim at one side of the pallet and these could give rise to  the near vision when the nails has been showing the real glimpse to success as the perfect career and the dream is on for such an wonderful ambitions career and that has been the fueling and the incident of all such glamorous and brilliant display of ideas. The ethical intrinsic and the way to succeed in adverse conditions has always been the real passion to join hands with some sort of wonderful elegance and creative attendances.  The real go motive in the teens has always been the source of positive importance but there are still a lot of baddies can happen with this sort of real time attitudes and other elements embedded within these. The go care attitudes and the happiness for a short time be it the real sadness for a longer time does not hold good at all, the meaningful the wind and the attires of all these kinds of substances does not hold right for the real time future as the sadness of the dark will cripple into the mind making it all kinds of deserted ideas and being snubbed by the entire society at large is the real pain that is making most of it. The eyes and the gladness that combines within it must have some sort of endeared glance and attendances and that is making the entire process the real charm and the warm to receive and making it more and more. The spectacular glow and the inhabitance of all these parameters is simply making the whole of the matter more and more brilliant and it gives rise to some sort of passive attendance to attend the short term happiness and be it leave wit the rest of the life at the moment of sadness and  difficulty. The host of the ideas and the meaningful sustenance has always been in the side of proper and positive passive understanding and the real path to bring it further and to go more and more  positive and the better understanding of all these has been more towards the passive acceptances and all these positive acceptances has been in the lines of pacific and timid position and these gain will be bad in the longer run but the teen has always been going into the world of short and sweet as these could give rise to huge problems but  she wants it to be the real short terms and she prepares for the long depressed moments but that is not the sweetest and the smartest of all that has been going on and getting into it.

The short term happiness for her in her teens is what it matters the most and with it the whole set of abundances and the real happiness and other related matter does not hold any such good at all. She does not care about the nursing or other related depression that may come or may not come she knows the life as the passion and wants to go with it in what so ever manner and with this brilliant attitude and the positive attendances . The sheer nature of the teen is not about living the whole life she prepared to live it for the rest of life in what so ever circumstances but she wants to see the real part of life be it what so ever sense and this does not and will not break it all at once. It is not about losing all the tempers at once and it is all about the attending the success of the dream that has been capacitance to various capillarity ambitions. She wants to feel the dream and make it on her own so much so that all these has been of tremendous utility and the dream after it can take the side and back burner state and then it can run into different catastrophes in her life after the separation and other related relationships but that does not care at all as all these has been passing phrase for her .

Monday, September 17, 2012

The comfortable beauty

Daphny (Photo credit: swanky)
The manner the girl takes the phenomena of beauty is really heartening and smart way to attract and signifies that she has the lot of guts and inhibitions to sustain the wonderful appreciations from many quarters with the sustained appreciable glance that is worth the millions of bucks to attain and sustain. The old adage which says the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder seems to decapitating with time and moments as it feels the inner beauty and the outer extension is not just the same as it used to be and the manner and the way it signifies and makes it the much needed personification is the real-time order of the day. The beauty is always been the sheer personification and the utter substance of upgraded attention and it does go with many of the different prospects and accumulation of ideas into bringing into the real crux of the situation where all the different mechanisms and other aspects of it is clearly visible in its perfect amalgamation of ideas that is bringing into something similar and also real benefits accumulated with it. The extraordinary of being the women and with lots of beauty that is in habitation with it is simply the most popular and wonderful artifacts that cannot be ignored and accepted and this is what all the permutations and the combinations of being make up and adhere to different circumstances comes into being.

While feeling for the make up and to make you face more beautiful and attractive it is evident and coincide to attend the comfortable beauty so much so that the run up to it will simply make this more and more fantastic beauty is going to make it wonderful suggestive actionable significant and these are all the real matters that counts and in this way the whole process of organic movement and related structures is going to make the mind in a very refresh state of the mind so much  so that the after effect of the beauty is going to act as  and promote in its manifestations of significant beauty. What makes the perfect beauty stands for and in which way you can make it and look it more and more attractive and wonderful? These may be the more complex questions to answer and survive but in longer term. All are coincidental and all goes with the same manner and in the same process and for this only , in order to look good and beautiful it is for the entire body and the mind needs to  be wonderful in accordance with specific substance and the mind and for this the entire process needs to be beautiful and wonderful.

The more you keep fit it will substantiate with you in the fresh and simple looking and the way you keep and make exercise that will have some of the long term implications and these can have very much positive glance and attentions to it. All these can have some sort of the beautiful secrets that is imbibing into it and making it more and more subtle and wonderful in its pre dominant prepositions and the way it acts and attains is simply the manner you go with it in accordance with all the substitutes and other related cognitive processes.  The main part that is visible and fixed into the eyes in the first glance that is the comfortable beauty is the chest part and it is the most wonderful feeling and when a girl becomes mature and touches the adolescence and she does feel it at first glance and that is more and more significant part of it and that is what the inner beauty and the feeling of perfection is coming out. The feeling and the comfortableness comes from this side as think of such a way if someone is heavy and fat then automatically that feeling of fatness comes into the mind and then it get into the home of the mind and then the comfortable beauty is going backwards and making it more and more not so comfortable and that is what the other side of the mind starts to work out.

The calm and silent mind never goes out of hand it always have been the real passion and the mission to get it more and the shuttle advancement and the way it works out to make it more and more situational advanced is going to make it more prominent and that is what it making the most difficult for you attain the comfortable beauty.  The most prominent part is the most worst and the mind starts to work negatively and instead of thinking of yours it goes on for some other matters that is solely not connected and related with it and that is what will make it more and more situational and that is where all the beauty can be lost in the den and this what is and should be making the whole process more and more smooth and normal. The beauty consciousness now been shifted to some other places like that of the other physical matters and how some one is thinking about my weight and some other  and that is what is crippling into and this is making the matter very worse to manage and attain. It feels as if all others are looking and criticizing your weight and it feels the whole beauty and part and parcel of the entire system architecture is taking back and the whole manageable attentions is simply not making it to work.

The whole bunch of wonderful beauty and the facial glorification does not work here only due some of the physical not so beauty full part or it can be said in some other manner that some other parts that is just been attempting to be criticize or humored by some other and this is what the comfortable beauty and its entire notions comes about and how it worlds and how does it go does not mean to say anything about it. The perfect smile can be at best the resonance of other facts to contribute and make it happen, take the look of the Monalisa portrait with the nice and the perfect smile it seems that other physical attributes are standing and also it is complementing with it and that is where each and every matters that is going to make it more and more perfection and attendance of achievement in the most wonderful beauty and it is the most religious beauty which we can give thumbs up to. The utter prominence of the physical attributes and the comfortable in which you can carry with other related inner that is what matters the most and with it you will be completely devoid of all the other activities that can have some sort of negative effect on your mind and in this way entire structure of thinking and other related matters. That part must be in correlation with your physical attributes so much so that the mind which matters the most will gain and attend the comfortable beauty.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

They are looking for me

The Time Of The Lilacs
The Time Of The Lilacs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The winds has been in the hollowing zones and its sound emitting from it making the entire atmosphere severing with underfed feeling and also some sort of jubilant syndrome , noting to be heard about and the entire structural syndrome is just making the entire atmosphere in a very awkward congenial environment. The sounds seem to be matching from the woods but the origin of it cannot be traced into because of its similarity with the entire atmospheric structure. The sky seems to be not to be found here as it is full with trees and many big branches of trees that have been covered here and there. The wind is slowly getting its motion and it is fast approaching the night time. She while driving to the city nearer to the vast jungle happens to reach there because in search of water as the engine just been getting hotter due to long drive and the distance covered was half of it and still many more distance needs to be covered and that is why she wants the engine to be cool enough so that it will not be out of the order in the way while driving out. She reached here in the midst of the jungle by fault while searching for water, due to the dense forest she not able to recognize that the day is fast falling into the night’s fold and that is why even till she not recognizing that the night is already ahead, she feels that she is at the jungle and that is why it is dark out here and she has to bring water to make the engine cool enough o sustain for the rest of the journey.
In search for water she just crossed the deepest grudge of the forest and has reached the land of this areas where there is always a very less possibility to get it back to the main road and the more difficult part is that she not knew this and still searching for water  by going deep into the forest. The deepest gauge and the land she just crossed but she is concentrating only on one aspect that is to get the water to cool the vehicle engine and that is why she simply not able to remember the exact land and the passive location she is just been trying and still time she is not realizing and suddenly she heard some sounds of water.  This is heart breaking for her as what she is just been searching for now she gets it back and that is why she is now enchanting with joy, by capturing interest as if by fail , it seems that  it is failing over something and the furthest and the highest degree of utmost extreme and quality is being reveled here , the finest and the most superior quality is being demonstrated here. The passive occurrence and the straight minimization of the entire land structure have been scenic and it is very passionate and cannot be described as it can be experience with the whole heart and the mind into it.
She just stunned by the beauty of this scenic structure and it cannot be imagined as she is experiencing the beauty and now it is time to take the waster and run into the road from this wild so that she has to reach home in the morning as she has to drive through the road through out night in this long expressway road, it is time to get it started. She took enough water and now she looked at the sky as due to spring is running there is no tress out there and from here the sky can be seen with great desire and astonishment and for this she glanced at the sky, she observed it is night and full moon day and the entire arena is looking a silvery white as if it is under the snow and it looks stunning it is grabbing the commanding attentions, the jungle is around the stream and it is denser than even what can one imagining, it is causing and capable of creating the bewilderment and also in this process it is making the fear factor more and more shuttle and strange.
It is like sand bagging and it is striking and beautiful by downplaying one’s ability to imagine and go ahead, the entire structure is significantly making it to work more towards the symbolic advancement and its related pacific occurrences. She is now felt with emotive impact of overriding shock and apathy with the incoming of dizziness seems being knocked inconveniently by a heavy blow, slowly overcoming the astonishment and the belief and she is now realizing that it is night and she thought it is the day and that is why she is crossing it over and over to reach here and nothing to worry about. She is slowly dressing hr mind and now she is feeling the real danger of reaching inside the jungle and how to manage and cross it and how too safely vehicle must be many more questions that is running into her mind and that is why she is now simply scurrying and scuttling to the location. The entire road is now not visible, through she had the light in her hand but the mind is still not sure enough to cross and to cross a few simple steps she is not realizing how it should be done.
The entire atmosphere is serving with fear and the way it is catapulting into the minds of her cannot be said and discussed she is shivering with fear of vary unknown entities, her moral abominations are getting out of hand, she is feeling the fear from deep inside and she just feeling as if from every corner there is the fear latching unto her and how she will cross this barrier is the million dollar questions to answer.  She opens up her mobile to see whether the tower is there but sadly there is no tower and the entire network is nothing here and she is desperate and want to get in touch with family to let them know where about of them, the images of fear is rattling with due course of time and how to surpass and manage it is the sole part of the life she is to take and she is wondering how can she not knowing the entire journey to this state of the mind. The unassuming proportion seems getting out of the hand and the process is still making the matter to the worst parameters by making the entire process go beyond any sort of imaginations. The probability of passing all those imitations that are being running into and outside the mind is simply not withstanding the ideas that are being crippling into it and the way they are making it too run into the membranes of minds by going through different veins and structures cannot bedeviled and understandable.
There seems to be some shivering in her leg and she is now in deep trench of fear and she half closely looked at her feet to see one big spider is certainly nearer to her feet not touched hr but the way the fear and the mind is working it get to her that the dangerous spider with poisonous substances is being going to attack her so she had to be alerted and cautioned. The path to unknown can never be attained but the courage and the anticipations has to be getting into the perfect mold so much so that all these will be managing into the wonderful atmospheric understandings that has the rear quality to sustain and attuned into. The unending provocations can be very dangerous and needs to mitigated so that it will not be in some sort of bad situations and the route to the express way needs to be carefully meted out so that she had to concentrate on sounds of the vehicles so that she can catch the vehicles running in and out from here and this is very important for her to decide and be courageous. Slowly the exact surroundings is making it more and more difficult to understand and attain and for this entire situations is slowly wonderful to its maxim and that is why she has to grab the courage so that it will not be making any sense of bad feelings to her mind in the ultimate quest for tom reach the express way.
By concentrating all the courage into her mind she decides to stand in her own feet so that it will not be any sort of bad ideas that she is falling out as she has to stand and stronger and that is why she has to find the way out and for this the only thing she will be doing is to walk and stand and go beyond. This can be specific and in some other situations with all these basic parameters at hands these can have some sort of very dignified and glorifying experiences to make and let it  do the passion of making to work. How to reduce tension and the stress and the simple thing is to she stand and try to dance by murmuring some of her own favorite songs and that is why she is making all the tensions going and also she is also very much concerned that these sounds may be heard by animals that is why she just singing very slowly and that is why she is making the dance. She is also making ti to dance to hr own tunes that is making hr to move beyond and also she sees her mobile battery that is full and it is better to listen to songs by using her ear phone and then from the smart phone she just choose from her favorites beautiful music and then she walks into the road and in this way she has no fear to be from the outside and also with the songs and she is just walking with the tunes if her favorite songs this is to endure that she will to fall to the deep stress that is being carried out. In this way she will have to all by herself keep her moving from the denser forest to the express way to reach her vehicle. The process has just been started and it is for sure that t she will be reaching to the express way soon. She is very confident and that is why all the forces of strength is just been getting more and more stern and she feels she is at the correct side and that is why she is keeping the walk.
While looking here and there and listening to the songs she will have to be careful and also for this she will not have to make her heart weak and that is now she is getting the inner strength in the name of confidence and this is what it making it more and more prune to the positive side of the journey y for he ultimate search.  She glanced at the back side and confirmed that everything is fine here and nothing to worry about and then she started walking as it feels she is returning from some sort of understandable favorite places and that is why the entire walk is making her more and more feel at home. Now after a long walk it seems she is in the correct direction and sometimes it seems that the entire environment is revolving and it is she is standing still though it is not right but it feels such that and for it,  it is better to get back into normal mode and for this she has to concentrate herself and  get strength from the inner side to get the feel back and make some wonderful and amazing amendments to her practical spheres.