Friday, November 25, 2011

Man made dust storms

In the morning times when the tranquility prevails the roads to the empty, by standers hardly there gazing at his roads. They are hardly there. Municipal taps are open. Water running an d flowing through it effortlessly. No stop cap on it. Water resource the precious water is being drained like no other reminds me of all the boastful talk of keep and save water. The road and the houses embedded within with plenty of local people with their respective families busy in their house hold activities. Reminds me of all the boastful talk is of renewed personas saying about the preciousness of water and saving water. There are roads at the both sides, the house holds, and it is brilliant space to walk it for in the morning with safer locality. Then came the square, on one side the temple is standing and on the other side small width road well built and hardly crack on the road. A good way is to walk in the morning with a very good speed with a stick on hand. There is the heavenly atmosphere with the coolness dipping, slowly the climate is going towards cooler side, and the morning walk is passionate. The winter is approaching. At the pleasant morning there is the peculiar tendency of locals here to sweep the roads in the front areas of their house. Thus creating the huge dust and then place becomes airy with the dusts and pollutants. They believe if they sweep in front of their house, then Laxmi Maa (Goddess of Money) will come to their house through out t the day pouring a lot of money. This is ridiculous and a bad behavior. The person who is crossing this house will be washed with dust and will catch a lot of related diseases. The morning freshness will come to a halt with this small-man made dust storms. The innocent greedy people thinks even the road in front of their house is their property. Thus in order to garner more money they sweep the dust and making an artificial dust storms, then they wash it with water. So, I have to fight with this peculiar habit each and every day in the journey of my morning walk with the artificial dust storms. To add insult to the injury then they wash it with water and making the road watery and temporary non- functional. Thus my awful short journey always have this ponderous and terrible break ups by closing my face while crossing over all these3 temporary storms and making a short high jumps while at each and every short watery pond area in the roads.

My world this moment


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