Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to stop alcoholism

Over the past two decades the incident of alcoholism has doubled and this is alarming. There are some of the western statistics which can be very well considered as universal. Some three million people suffer from catastrophic medical and social effects of alcohol abuse. One in six accidents and emergency cases treated in hospital is alcohol related. That is over two million people a year or one every fifteen seconds. Industry loses between eight million and fourteen million days a year because of absenteeism following heavy drinking.

Even light drinking may adversely interact with other medications, temporarily heavy drinking can exacerbate most medical illness for example alcoholism can masquerade as many different medical disorders and psychiatric conditions.

Alcohol (Ethanol):  Ethanol is weakly charges molecule that moves easily through cell membranes, rapidly equilibrating between blood and tissues. The effect of the drinking depends in part or the amount of ethanol consumed for unit of body weight. Congeners found in alcohol beverages may contribute to body damage with heavy drinking. Congener is the  minor chemical constituent that gives a wine or liquor its distinctive character , an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus)  These include low molecular weight alcohols like that of methanol and butanol aldehydes, esters, histamine, phenols, tannins, iron, lead and cobalt .

Effects of Alcohol:
1.    Alcoholic black out that is an episode of forgetting all or part of what occurred during drinking..
2.     Decrease in sleep latency as it helps to people to fall asleep. Alternation in sleep cycle with bad dreams.
3.     Peripheral neuropathy that is limb numbness, tingling and parasthesias.
4.    Wernicke�s and Korsakoff syndromes.
5.    Cerebellar degeneration.
6.     Impairment in recent and remote memory.
7.    Permanent CNS impairment which is otherwise known as alcoholic dementia.
8.    Psychosis, hallucinations and delusions.
9.     Agitations, confusion and violence in many situations.

On Gastrointestinal system:
1.    Oesophagitis, vomiting of blood due to tear in the lining of oesophagus related to food type.
2.    Interfaces with absorption of B-Vitamins
3.    Hemorrhage from duodenum and diarrhoea
4.    Chronic diarrhoea
5.    Pancreatitis-acute and chronic
6.    Liver metabolism is affected
7.    Fatty accumulations of liver as alcohol induced hepatitis.
8.    Increased cancer risk-oesophagus , stomach, liver pancreas ,breast.

On blood:
1.    Anemia
2.    Decreases production of white blood cells that risks of repeated infections.
3.    Thrombocyctopenia, Hypersplenism

On heart:
1.    Drop in blood pressure
2.    Large bouts can increase blood pressure
3.    Weakening of the heart � Cardiomyopathy
4.    Rhythm disturbances
5.    Heart failure

On sexual functioning:
1.    Impotence
2.    Irreversible atrophy of testes
3.    Loss of sperm cells

On Fetus:
1.    Spontaneous abortions
2.    Fetal abnormalities like that of small teeth, deformed ears , heart defects , small heads and mental retardation.

Other effects:
1.    Muscle wasting and weakness which is known as myopathy.
2.    Increased risk of fractures.



Cigarette smoking is the most powerful risk factor for arterial narrowing. This in turn can lead to high blood pressure, Nicotine and other poisonous substances contained in tobacco increase the heart rate and raise the blood pressure. If a person with high blood pressure smokes, there is the greater risk to develop malignant hypertension- a more serious form and can die from hypertension.

There is increased incidence of high blood pressure in alcoholics or paralysis, hemorrhage as a result of high blood pressure. Consumption of more than two ounces of alcohol in a day tends to raise blood pressure. Additionally, high calories provided by alcohol will increase the body weight and lead to obesity, does making one more prone to get high blood pressure. Avoid alcohol to reduce a person�s weight and thereby blood pressure.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to send a confidential note to someone?

There are times when the need arises to send to someone some confidential information that can be encrypted so that it will be inside you and to the sender and it can be used by the sender only and can only be used by the sender and the receiver and nothing else third persons. Due to various reasons we do not want our messages to be in the prying eyes of other so in order to make it confidential one such tool is there and you can use it at your best to get the most out of it and to know about this tool please read it on this article to have in-depth knowledge about it. If you have emailed someone with the encrypted document you have to inform the sender about the password of the file and think about it if the password got caught with the wrong persons then your file security is at the high end of risk and so use it with caution and great care.

In your favorite web browser go to  and reach the website , website in slow connection will take some moments to load and with the broadband it work fine. Register, with the account and give a proper email and user name and password and keep the password secret with some tool and then head over to its front page to write you message. It is just like that of the spoken conversation and here you can send the passwords of your encrypted document to the sender securely and it will be with the sender immediately. You will be given a unique URL of your message and send it to your friend or to whom you want the secret message to be delivered. When they click on the email they get the secret message and with that the whole process of encryption is completed.

So, what is the unique about this email system than that of the traditional email system , it is the unique URL that had generated for the purpose of the sender can be used only once and after that it is to be deleted from the burnnote system so it its properly unique and secure. If the recipient kept the browser window open for more than three minutes then it will be deleted and self destroyed from open web browser and as per the above system the revisiting the unique URL will not work again and this has given this burnnote system a heavily secure system to use and employ. Let us assume that some one just got the phishing and know the password intended but he would not know what the system it is for and how to be used and what the unique URL originally mentioned for and to be used for it.

elee reymond on Staree All of your personally identifiable information is being protected with the burnnote and it is secure. When you create the message the entire contents is being encrypted and then it is stored inside the burnnote data base, it is retained as and when the recipient receive this it is to be used to decrypt the message. For additional protection you can encrypt the message itself and the password should be sent to the recipient separately to decrypt the message. All the messages are stored inside of burnnote data base for the first view and then it is automatically deleted from the data base so no second view and lurking eyes on your encrypted work.
Burnnote do not make the back up of the message copies as it is to be deleted after first view and for this no back up required so that there will not be any mistake blocking the deletion processes. Database deletions are done through securely so that there will not be any sign of database remains and also no possibility of retrieving the copies in the later time. Your registered account information is being backed up so that it will be safely in our data base when you logging in you urn note system. Burn note internal analytics system do not read the contents of the burn note as against it reads the whether the created note is opened or send or kept open for more than three minutes. Burnnote employs the physical, electronic and procedural safe guards so that your encrypted document is always encrypted until the first view. It is advisable to register with a secure password for the burn note account management.

Burn note is an online encrypted document or note done it foe securely sending to the recipient to read it only once and then it deletes forever. Recipient will view it for the first time and then read it and then destroy it forever. Once it is being destroyed then it cannot be read it again and also each and every burn note has some specific time limit and after which it is being automatically destroyed. You can create the burn note anonymously or can create and register with a registered account which is absolutely free to use it. After creating the burn note you will have the link and that can be used to send it to the recipient. If you refresh the browser page then it will show the empty page as with it the delete the burn note. You can allow the recipient to copy and paste the burn note by making the note in the category of plain text display option.


It is true that no system is one hundred percentages proof and there is always the critical vulnerability associated with it as the recipient can write down the information and can send it to the third parties and these can not be controlled. If you have the registered account then the burn note will notify you that the concerned recipient had received the message you have just been send and with it you can know that your message is delivered on the other hand if you are sending it with anonymous account then there is no such possibility of yourself to know that the message is delivered to the recipient and the recipient is reading it or not reading it. So with the anonymous sending of the burn note you will not be getting any such confirmation note.  All unread burn notes are deleted after elapsing of seventy two hours. So, burn note is an excellent private conversation tool to utilize and manage and it is between sender and the recipient, you can use it for various purposes and you can use it to send it to the recipient the proper password so that no one will able to know about it after you use it as it will go through above detailed process so that it will have many possibilities of going secret to the sender. The founder of the website is Jacob Robbins and if you want  to use this exceptional service than you can point you web browser to

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to get superior security against threats targeting social media

We are living in the world of internet where the social media plays a prominent role in determining the popularity of web presence. As we have seen with the advent of social media in any of web application that form becomes a real hit and generate a hell lot of revenues for the user. This is fantastic and this can be more and more prudent in the years to come. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging is all part of being the generated social media and with this thus increases the real span of user inters actions. With the advent of successful venture of Facebook and then subsequently the �Like� button which generated a huge interests among many as with this from any third party website we can reach and can sent it to Facebook, any link we like or any sort of information which we will dwell with as always been a special case to share with others though your friends like it or not like it. When some shares a link to their friends or friends of friends then it can be at times unwanted for some as this can make the whole case of no filtering inside the Facebook as you have allowed your friend of friend statuses and with it all the other media has been distributed and many a  times some may be dwelling with some sort of spam for attention grabber and that can be really not wanting by you and this way these are really painstaking and not withholding this you just get to block the user. By blocking the user is not sufficient to consume as that user is your friend and with it you will no longer be getting its status updates and that is not good for you as you can at any time get any sort of important information on him and in this way these can have some sort of not so grabbing effect on yours social community as the social means you will be meeting each and every known person and for this the due respect is also the need of the hour.

Then, what can be the solution, is there any sort of web application that is going to guard my Facebook account or my Word press blog from any sort of malicious contents that may have some sort of link hijacker or anything that is not very significance to me and why I should entertain such links in my social media profiles. Defensio 2.0 is one such web service and it is free for personal, individuals and small businesses of no less than five employees. Today I will be talking about this service in detail about how to use this one and how it can be beneficial for us to go for it as with the huge popularity of Facebook and the blogging platform of Word press it is high time to keep your account safe from any sort of lurking eyes so that it will not be hijacked and hacked as if it goes that way then one such morning when you are logging into yours Facebook or Word press account you will find that your account is not accessible and all your friends gone now and in the case of Word press all of blogging posts has been hijacked and your account is no longer accessible and your whole of your labor of protecting your account has gone wild and you placed at nowhere. So, simple part is it is better to prevent such thing happening and how it can be done is the smartest question and to day I will be discussing about it in details so that each and every part of ideas can be known and analyzed.

Defensio 2.0 will give your social media account as well as your blog the anti spam protection and the malicious contents prevention. Defensio 2.0 is backed by Webs ense a better company in security matters and that is why its effectiveness increases. If Defensio 2.0 is activated on your site then it will determine which contents are malicious and which are spam and then these will be blocked to prevent the unwanted click jacking and thus your account is now protected from any sort of malicious activities. Defensio 2.0 gives you the option of category blocking and with this you can block the annoying malicious porn contents and other unwanted utilities with it and in this way your Facebook stream or Word press comments stream goes with no spam and your website visitors as well as your Facebook friend will find the completely new trend of stream which is devoid of any such malicious contents. Defensio 2.0 has the ability to block automatically the so called profanity contents in yours word press or Facebook and thus makes your stream more sophisticated and honorable to the needs of your friends and visitors to your Facebook and word press. Defensio 2.0 is now more improved and reliable and loads with greater speed and more transparent and with it the entire provision of blocking the unwanted contents is so smarter and efficient manner than the user will hardly able to get the sense that these has been done in the back end process this process is completely flawless.

Defensio 2.0 is based on some sort of reliable and nice personal filter mechanisms that I goes with some of the industry leading standard and with it the blocking of all unwanted materials goes on with complete accuracy and these process has almost no negative blocking .n Defensio 2.0 also goes for the newer methods of similar content blocking and with it similar blogger or Facebook user has been seen and analyzed in  then real time as one content can harm one user and the other user can feel the pain of the spam content . With the advent of continuous effort and skillful technical these process of finding and blocking the malicious content is always at the live and so that any sort of harmful content will not go phishing to any of the user.

Defensio 2.0 gives you the detailed statistics and with these it offers other related content management system and the spammers get recognized by analyzing the basic headers of the images and then going to find the whether that message is spam or not and this process of detecting the spam is so good that with it even on spammer cannot go within it. Defensio 2.0 is good for Word press blog, Jumla blog and also it is useful for Facebook and so on it has the API which if you have some sort of web building applications practice then can be employed to use it for detecting the comment spamming a comprehensively new way to detect the spam and also top all those profanity comments. Not only that with its advance statistical analysis you can get to know the location of the spammer and in this way you can detect the IP address of that spammer and block that internet protocol service. There are lots of possibilities and lots of wonderful thing which you can do with Defensio 2.0 .  It is a completely new generation advanced spam and malicious blocking applications. You can see the API section of your and also can determine the how to use it and how it can help you to enable your blog to go with the smarter way than you think of it.  Defensio 2.0 joined the web sense and with it the malware and other related cyber criminal activities can be known at the earlier possible of time and with the entire management of web based threats has become more solidify and the entire access and the malicious links can now be smoothly attained.

Defensio 2.0 also attains some sort of dictionary based protection to stop specific offensive words and other related information and with it the entire idea of running and blocking the profanity is slowly becoming more and smoother and more and more easy to manage it with. With over fifty million real time collecting of sources of malicious contents there is almost no possibility of any sot of leaking of any threats as with it each and every threats lurking in around the internet arena is being closely monitored and has been scanned to know the real intention behind it and then these are filtered and catapulted if it shows any signs of malicious contents. With this completely live mechanisms the less time is spent on analyzing the threats and the threat is being captured and disabled before it make any sort of negative impact on the user social media base. Defensio 2.0 can be managed so easily that you will not be techie to know it as it is a process of navigating and getting into the check boxes and so much so that it becomes easier to manage all your social networks and blog with some sort of manageable wizards and all of these can be done with the management of this sort of Web 2.0 application that is completely easy to use and manageable.


How it works:

The user generated contents is routed and tunnels through Defensio 2.0 cloud based spam filtering mechanisms. Then the content has to go through some sort of spam less threat score that is the real no spam certification , then it goes through the authorization process of material , malicious or legal spam and it is been going through all the cloud based Defensio 2.0 system. If it certifies as the legitimate then the content is immediately appears on your time line or at your blog. If the content goes for other wise then it gets quarantine for further review and this has to go through all those exhaustive process which may not be known to you.

How to get it:

To get the Defensio service working on your blog or website today, you need to first sign-up  for an API key.  Defensio has personal option and it is free and it is free for individual and free for small enterprise of utmost five employees with twenty five thousand posts per month with basic anti-spam and malicious detection capabilities for blogs, website and Facebook. Other features are the pricing options and also they give some sort of customized pricing if you contact them for your business ventures. So, what are you waiting for go here and sign up for this device for your blog, website and Facebook and be spam free and worry free.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

HTC sensation-thirty two points

  1. It is a large phone with squeeze at the top and slopping edge on a cutting tool at the bottom.
  2. It is heavier and thicker. When taken with the hand it feels sleeker due to its ergonomics.
  3. The display is superficially attractive and stylish; suggesting wealth or expense. It manifests or bring back everything.
  4. It has well protected , thick battery cover but it is not the unibody in design.
  5. The earpiece has the capability to produce the high definition sound output.
  6. Front facing camera is inside the metal bezel.
  7. The four hardware buttons are sufficiently placed and it does not require any sort of hardship in attaining this.
  8. These buttons are adequately backlit and the display is sufficiently fine.
  9. The user interface is fine , smart and fashionable. It has the quick setting button that can bring out the notification bar.
  10. The home screen can be managed with the essential single hand operations.
  11. The display resolution is of highest quality of that of five hundred forty into nine hundred sixty pixels.
  12. That is why the web browsing and also the reading of the article gives the complete set of joyousness with it.
  13. Colour saturation and the contrast  is fine.
  14. The key pad is the nice addition and with it the sms functionality work easily and seamlessly.
  15. The space bar is nearer to the back key and it works well .
  16. It is powered by QUALCOMM MSM8260 worth one point two giga herz duaol core , Andrenon two hundred and twenty general p[processing unit.
  17. It has seven hundred and sixty eight RAM and it does not slow down with the five to six applications running simultaneously and it is performing fine with multi tasking.
  18. It has the gorgeous three dimensional interface which is far more gorgeous and attractive than its competitors in the market.
  19. Though due to its three dimensional interface it is tasking to its central processing unit.
  20. The websites lightly come up and speed up with this device and it is been an attractive propositions to work with this device.
  21. The website reorientation with this device has been significantly faster and nice to look and feel with this device.
  22. This pone has the sufficiently permanent nice grip hold to the phone and it does not feel the phone goes out of the hand with it when holding this device.
  23. Try to hold it at the bottom as this would make the internet faster and no blocking will be done with it.
  24. The signal capturing is very nice and even in some sort of mediocre moderate to inferior quality signal setting it work fine and the audio droop is not there at all and the way it work and attains to the signal has been fantastic to work with a real asset to have in your kitty.
  25. Antenna quality is fine and it works al all conditions . On call the ear piece is loud enough to have conversation even in market or stadium surroundings. Ear piece is tiny and it work fine with its completely jazz and tuning sound within it.
  26. There is the eight megapixel camera and it is very good and the picture quality is very high within it.
  27. It produces smart pictures in bright light and also nice pictures in indoors .
  28. The video recording is fine and it is slower but works fine and to the user choices.
  29. Battery life is good and it is long and in normal conditions it work for longer hours.
  30. Price is on higher side but with it you get the extra processor and also some future proofs and also Android.
  31. It has lightweight design and well-groomed and neatly tailored having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light designed or arranged to offer the least resistance to fluid flow design which is attractive and the user who can afford the price should go for it.
  32. This phone has the feeling profound the love for the adoration .
  33. ittech018
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Friday, May 25, 2012

A web server on your home computer

You have a website and want to accept users and expand the business, and want to show yours clients the preview of your products offered through your website. Site design is the tedious and difficult task and you must have spent so many hours in designing this. It is now time to find out the bugs and update your website and bring in some of the newer feature attached to it If you cannot afford the web designing part then it is better to go for the content management system or the CMS. It is the easiest way to make your content dynamic and to suit your needs.

What is CMS?

It is the content management system used with dynamic websites and web content, many a times it requires a special kind of software for editing and constructing articles. It makes the development of websites much easier and with this your website will become more and more dynamic and adhere to demand of modern website standards. It is simple you just need to upload and install the CMS on your server. It is cheaper and it gives you the much required time and management to get access to your software.

Advantages of PHP based CMS:

There are various kinds of content management systems and there are lots of choices to choose it from for you. The principal among them is the PHP-based and ASP-based content management systems. The former is most popular than the later one. There are some advantages if you use the content management system:

PHP is relatively easy programming interface and it is easy to learn. It is the cross platform programming interface, so you do not have to worry about any sort of operating system compatibility as it is being supported by almost all the operating systems. It is open source and backed by a strong community of enthusiasts developers and they will help you any sort of queries and difficulties. Most of these PHP-based content management systems are free and this proves the economically of these content management systems. These content management systems are easy to modify in case you need and also it is ideal for small business and individual developers as it is easy and economically viable.

Most of the modern and popular hosting company�s support PHP , so hosting compatibility will never be issue for you if you are employing PHP based content management system on your server. Security of any of the content management system depends on the server.


It is very popular content management system. With a large user base and it is free to use and is been released under general public license, originally developed by Thatware. Earlier versions of PHP Nuke are available for free and the latest version costs some bucks to download. It is a modular content management system which you can turn it on or off according to yours convenience. It has plenty of features and suitable customizations which you need for further development of your web server and website. The security of your database is solely dependant on your server and its immediate environment.

PHP-Nuke has the fully featured download management system with advance customization options. It has the nice WYSIWYG editor for posting news and articles and updates your website and blogs. It has one of the best integrated forum system powered by PhpBB and it is suitable for the developers who want to augment their website with some of the good and relevant content in their websites with active user interaction and dynamic interactions through support forums. PHP-Nuke also offers journals and blogs for the registered users and also additional support for newsletter and bulletins. The installation part of the PHP-Nuke could have more adhered to security parameters so that the user will feel secure after installing this in their server.

The installation:

Installing the PHP-Nuke under EasyPHP is very easy and the detailed installation part is as follows. Download the latest version of PHP-Nuke from the website and after downloading the installation, extract the PHP-Nuke achieve and you can use any good achiever for this purpose. After the extraction look for the folder �html� and �sql� are present. Then copy the .sql file from the �sql� folder to the desktop. Now let us assume that we will be installing the PHP-Nuke in a directory called the �nuke1�.

Then, create the new folder namely the �nuke1�and then copy the entire contents of �html� into it. Then move the �nuke1� folder inside the �www� directory in �C:\Program Files\EasyPHPx-x\� and then make sure that EasyPHP is running . Then, point your browser to http://localhost/mysql1/ , if EasyPHP is running , then you will be logging into PhpMyAdmin and the default user name for MySql on EasyPHp is �root� and password is disabled here you can give the user name and password of yours choice.

In the main administration PHPMyAdmin menu under �Create new database� enter the database name �phpnuke� and then left click on �Create� and wait for the database creation and if it is successful then the �phpnuke� database is created. Under the �phpnuke� database go to the top bar and find �SQL� and left click on it , then under the sub element heading �Location of the text file � click browse and then select nuke.sql file and now click on �Go� .


To enter the details about your server, you will need to edit the configuration file located at C:\Pogram Files \EastyPHPx-x\www\nuke1\ nd their edit the configuration file. It is easy , under $dbuname enter �root� it is your MySql user name , and this filed will remain blank and then change the value of $advanced editor filed to �1� . If you have followed all these steps in the right manner then it are done a, then point your web browser to http://localhost/nuke1/ and you will reach to you own PHP-Nuke installation. Now on the homepage of the PHP-Nuke installation create a link to make it the super user , then left click on it and then enter the details and register the account . This will be turned into as the administration account and here you can manage your website. Now go to the administration menu and logged into it and start to modify yours website and make then requisite changes to it make it more customized and suitable to the needs of the user.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get paid for Tweet Alpha Tweet

It is been always a fascination to use Twitter and express within the specified word limits of one hundred forty words. After a while it is been felt that within these limited wording many more can be speak of and this has make it a great advertising platform for both advertisers and Twitters. For brands it is the ready made platform for viral marketing as they can directly interact with the clients and users and consumers and they can get the best of the lot opinion on their products and this has made Tweeter platform a great field to harness its potential. There are numerous ways when the consumer can participate in the brand promotion, research and its marketing and various potential analogies with multi faceted methods. As a owner of the brand your product can be reviewed quickly by thousand of Twitter users and in this way you not only get the real benefits of viral marketing and also simultaneously find the perfect path for automated brand promotion and research and in this way your brand crosses all the limits and with Twitter users crossing thousands of each of the individual accounts this has been the real crazy as the multiple proportion and dynamism of the brand can go for many a miles and its output and its advertising capacity has many more mile to go and find it way to the hearts of consumers. As the brand owners you can get more and more valuable feed back not only from twitters but also the other visitors who happen to reach at the various tweets while they browse the internet. 

It gives all the much required awareness and driving more and more real traffic to your product web site and this has been the fantastic achievement and  in this manner your brand and web presence of the audience get  the real boost of traffic and buzz of the internet has been always with you to go forever.

If you are a twitter use you just get paid just by expressing the opinions and other related brand responses and in this way knowingly and unknowingly you go for the brand promotion and other related activities and you also get paid handsomely with this process and this is the win and win situation for both the advertisers and twitter users. It is real that why twitter is so popular with this sort of limited expressive mediums and this has been a real mystic for many business and corporate giants nevertheless they are now trying to utilize and maximize the real twitter potentials for their brand and in this process both the consumers and brand owners benefitted in their own befitting ways and this has been awesome for both of the categories of the marketing managements. You can now talk directly with your fans and followers and know about the product related information and get the direct response from them without infringing through any of the third party hindrances and this has been the real truth why Twitter is popular and why it is going to be in the long run also.


But there is the one common field where the both the advertisers and the consumer and twitters can be beneficial and feel they are at the same leveling field and the benefits of Twitter - Alpha Tweet.

For the Twitter, it all depends upon how many people are following with you on your Twitter account you can get the maximum exposure and can earn from few cents to higher income per post .Your follower count, Twitter account status and its significance and the stream of your account always determine which advertise will like you to make the promotion with your account and this has been the real plus point as far as the count of your earning with Twitter goes on with. In the account menu you can set your own cost per tweet and wait for the advertiser to connect with you and then tweet their tweet to get the money. With Alpha Tweet you just been get paid for posting the tweet ,as you do not have to wait for others to click on your tweet it is fantastic and it can benefit a hell lot of money with due course of time as this platform is new as it gives you the money just by posting the relevant tweets and in this way you just express the opinions on the specified products to get it going.

As the company website says �Alpha Tweet is the dedicated platform for connecting Australian brands with consumers using Twitter. Alpha Tweet is in the final stages of development and is due to launch in early 2011.

Alpha Tweet is a subsidiary of Dejan SEO, one of Australia's leading online marketing companies. Specialties

Twitter Marketing, Celebrity Endorsements, Online Marketing�


In the dashboard of Alpha Tweet your work is very miniature in nature but you get paid for posting the tweets and you just find the brands and mostly in side the turbo section you just get at least ten tweets to post on your Twitter account and earn handsome half a dollar in this process. Some times check your account twice in days with certain interval of time so that you will find some more advertising opportunities in these processes. There is many more control with you unlike other social media opportunities as you can like, dislike or hate any product and also till then all the tweets has been published with sheer absolute corrections and your reputation and brand image as the Twitter user has always been safeguarded so that you will not face any sort of difficulties while using this. Also there is the disclosure attached to your tweets as it always says that you as the Twitter user will be going to be paid as you are using this service to promote or express opinions on brands specific related information. Twitter always mentions that the user should be transparent with their campaigns and for this the mentions of the promotions within these tweets is of sheer importance so that your account will not be facing any sort of violations of Twitter principles. It also helps you to give the complete transparency to your follower that you are protecting their right to information with the disclosure and for this they will not be bothered and in this manner the process of entire Twitter friendships with your follower remain unobtrusive and undeterred. All the tweets are meeting with the guidelines of �sponsored� so that the other Twitter user will not be fooled by the campaigns and they will know the real transparency with which these posts has been done with.

So all you want is to sign up for the campaign, you of course need a Twitter account for this as it is the absolute must and then you can  go for any promotional offers and how to use it is very simple and I have done this video tutorial and you can watch it to have more clear understanding of how Alpha Tweet is working and then make it your it as the daily routine to check it out for any of the offer and especially at the turbo offer section and make the most out of it just by tweeting and you get pain for tweeting . You can withdraw amount after it get to fifty dollars and the minimum withdraw amount is fifty dollars and you need a valid PayPal account to withdraw your amount. AlphaTweet referral badge


In short Alpha Tweet without infringing upon the Twitter policy it allows you to maximize the earning potential of the Twitter user so that by making some opinions on brands you will be getting paid for this. It is easy , you have the full control and it is transparent and within the magical limit of one hundred forty words you can maximize your earning potential and can earn up to thirty dollar in a month and you can reach your maximum earning limit within the one month and twenty days , is not it a fantastic and wonderful opportunities for you go here and dwell with it it will take each day one or two minutes to express your opinions and yours opinions are always valuable and make the most out of it. You as the Tweeter can earn money for the new content to spread about and your followers will get to know about the real new and important brand and their various updates and innovations through you. You can get the real response from your followers as well as Alpha Tweet and brands and then all will be benefitted with these functions.

Giving something to everyone along the way, Alpha Tweet is the simple, transparent and easy way to make money on Twitter. Sign up is free for Twitter user and I will advise as the Twitter user grow your number of followers so that in the longer run you will be benefitted with the increasing amount of offers as your Twitter brand increases with the augmentation of your follower number.

Get paid to Tweet with Alpha Tweet



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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Password manager Norton Identity Safe

As the time goes on the capacity of websites increases with it and also with it the number of websites with web 2 abilities and other related applications. Now- a day�s websites are evolving like that of applications on the web browser window and then they work like mobile apps and with it various money making opportunities are going to happen. With many more websites is is store and password storing is slowly becoming a very labors exercise and for this entire flurry of passwords needs to be remembered and also to be done with some analytical mind. With the advent of many more website a password lock is the need of the hour. In the earlier days I used to remember the passwords by pen and paper and then by keepass the offline password manager. Now time is the real value and how to manage the precious time is the need of the hour and for this the real automated password solution with the multi browser integration is the need of the hour so that it will safely and securely store all my passwords in the remote server and also keep away from any of the prying eyes. Today , I will tell you about a password manager that will not only clear all of worries but also it has been a tremendous security as it is from Norton the master in security and protecting your web presence for years and with it you can depend the very dependable password managers. With the advent of modern web and many more advanced technology implementation the use of web slowly becoming more and more difficult and complicated and for this the sheer use of pen and paper to employ the password is not enough. As Norton says it is the best prescription for your password pain.

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager from security giant Norton and it is now available for free for limited time. It speeds up your logging time with your favorite websites within a span of seconds and with it the worrisome work of attaching user name and password is being slowly deleted and the log in process is fast and blazing. It is like roboform but the difference is that it is from Norton the giant of security arena and it can be very much dependable and the other plus point is it for the time being is free to use. It can be at the moment the alternative for free last pass. It saves your passwords and never forgets it for you. It has the cross browser functionality It frees you from going through the difficult process of passwords resets and other parameters. It works well with most of the people and it is very easy to use and employ. It makes you smart and secure. It helps you to fill the forms again and again and it stops you from filling the boring form again and again and it simply uses it in built mechanisms to employ. With auto fill it can fill up your addresses, credit cards and frequent flyer numbers. It saves yours precious time and money and energy in this fast changing and outward world. It securely saves notes and stores them in proper places so that you can find them at very real time.

Your user name and passwords are always available with you and it is always with you irrespective of your browser and phones and device you use. Even if you decide to change the browser it is always with you and you will not have to worry about your passwords and other utilities. It works on different platforms; you can use it on Andorid or iOS or use it with your desktop or any other related device platforms. With this you can securely and easily log in with your devices and wherever you go and it makes you mobile ad it is very useful to use and it has the multi functionality and different aspects in this platform. In this way you can access your important on the go and for this also it log in automatically and browse it install the Norton Identity Safe tool bar is installed with it and it can share You can share anything if you ant it to with others with Norton Identity Safe tool bar and get the adequate visibility and response with it. It also works alternatively for the WOT protections as it shows how some sites are safe and can find the confidential information and it warns you before logging into  these  websites.  With this you can avoid bad sites the sites which you visit, be selective while surfing the website and with this your browsing protection remains same as ever. With Norton Identity Safe, your log in into your favorite website is fast becoming secure, safety and speed. You can share most defining contents across the internet and other email options with it and it works like wonders.

1 (1)

If you have Norton Internet Security is installed then you don�t have to install it as Norton Identity Safe is already installed with it . If you are using some other antimalware like that of Microsoft security essentials then you can also implement Norton Identity Safe and it work flawlessly and without any glitch of any problem.  Norton Identity Safe installs Norton Safe Web also. In my observation it does not support my favourite Opera web browser, it supports Firefox and Internet Explorer my second browsers. I don�t know it works with Chrome or not but it is working with Firefox and IE flawlessly. While working with Firefox it stalls the Firefox for few seconds before vault opening and that is somewhat irritating for me but after few seconds it works fine. In the morning time and first opening of computer it freezes for some more time before the vault is open may be it is touching the cloud and that is why it is behaving such manner. After employing Norton Identity Safe you will never forget your passwords again and doing the same work again and again of filling out the forms. It keeps synchronised your passwords and other related information across the computers and other devices across the web and it go on seamlessly so that you do not have to the continuance process of log in and log out. The passwords of your are stored in a secure cloud based vaults and it is also goes on with the encrypted connectivity. It can store the infinite number of passwords and it automates the process with the requisition of one click log in and other fast signing in procedures.  It warns for unsafe sites and also it checks for websites to find out whether they are safe to work or not. It removes the bigger problems of password management. It saves the precious time and internet price. More often it is being backed by  the security leader Norton.

In my experience it fails to save passwords i=of two accounts one is  and the other is  and except these two site all other sites does well with Norton Identity Safe and all the passwords including the debit cards and bank account information are stored securely and with this the log in process has been fantastic.

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager that makes logging into your favorite web sites easier, faster and more secure.
Download Now for FREE

Download by October 1, 2012 and enjoy it FREE of charge forever. No strings attached.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Six sigma final documentation


Six Sigma involves changing major business value streams that cut across organizational barriers. It is the means by which the organization's strategic goals are to be achieved. This effort cannot be led by anyone other than the CEO, who is responsible for the performance of the organization as a whole. Six Sigma must be implemented from the top-down.
Champions and Sponsors
Six Sigma champions are high-level individuals who understand Six Sigma and are committed to its success. In larger organizations Six Sigma will be led by a full time, high level champion, such as an Executive Vice-President. In all organizations, champions also include informal leaders who use Six Sigma in their day-to-day work and communicate the Six Sigma message at every opportunity. Sponsors are owners of processes and systems who help initiate and coordinate Six Sigma improvement activities in their areas of responsibilities.
Master Black Belt
This is the highest level of technical and organizational proficiency.  Master Black Belts provide technical leadership of the Six Sigma program.  Thus, they must know everything the Black Belts know, as well as understand the mathematical theory on which the statistical methods are based.  Master Black Belts must be able to assist Black Belts in applying the methods correctly in unusual situations.  Whenever possible, statistical training should be conducted only by Master Black Belts.  Otherwise the familiar "propagation of error" phenomenon will occur, i.e., Black Belts pass on errors to green belts, who pass on greater errors to team members.  If it becomes necessary for Black Belts and Green Belts to provide training, they should do only so under the guidance of Master Black Belts.  For example, Black Belts may be asked to provide assistance to the Master during class discussions and exercises.  Because of the nature of the Master's duties, communications and teaching skills are as important as technical competence.

Black Belt

Candidates for Black Belt status are technically oriented individuals held in high regard by their peers.  They should be actively involved in the process of organizational change and development. Candidates may come from a wide range of disciplines and need not be formally trained statisticians or engineers.  However, because they are expected to master a wide variety of technical tools in a relatively short period of time, Black Belt candidates will probably possess a background including college-level mathematics and the basic tool of quantitative analysis.  Coursework in statistical methods may be considered a strong plus or even a prerequisite. As part of their training, Black Belts receive 160 hours of classroom instruction, plus one-on-one project coaching from Master Black Belts or consultants.
Successful candidates will be comfortable with computers.  At a minimum, they should understand one or more operating systems, spreadsheets, database managers, presentation programs, and word processors.  As part of their training they will be required to become proficient in the use of one or more advanced statistical analysis software packages. Six Sigma Black Belts work to extract actionable knowledge from an organization's information warehouse.  To ensure access to the needed information, Six Sigma activities should be closely integrated with the information systems (IS) of the organization.  Obviously, the skills and training of Six Sigma Black Belts must be enabled by an investment in software and hardware.  It makes no sense to hamstring these experts by saving a few dollars on computers or software.

Green Belt

Green Belts are Six Sigma project leaders capable of forming and facilitating Six Sigma teams and managing Six Sigma projects from concept to completion.  Green Belt training consists of five days of classroom training and is conducted in conjunction with Six Sigma projects.  Training covers project management, quality management tools, quality control tools, problem solving, and descriptive data analysis.  Six Sigma champions should attend Green Belt training. Usually, Six Sigma Black Belts help Green Belts define their projects prior to the training, attend training with their Green Belts, and assist them with their projects after the training.
Staffing Levels and Expected Returns
As stated earlier in this article, the number of full time personnel devoted to Six Sigma is not large. Mature Six Sigma programs, such as those of Motorola, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, AlliedSignal, and others average about one-percent of their workforce as Black Belts. There is usually about one Master Black Belts for every ten Black Belts, or about 1 Master Black Belt per 1,000 employees. A Black Belt will typically complete 5 to 7 projects per year. Project teams are led by Green Belts, who, unlike Black Belts and Master Black Belts, are not employed full time in the Six Sigma program. Black Belts are highly prized employees and are often recruited for key management positions elsewhere in the company. After Six Sigma has been in place for three or more years, the number of former Black Belts tends to be about the same as the number of active Black Belts.
Estimated savings per project varies from organization to organization.  Reported results average about US$150,000 to US$243,000. Note that these are not the huge mega-projects pursued by Re-engineering. Yet, by completing 5 to 7 projects per year per Black Belt, the company will add in excess of US$1 million per year per Black Belt to its bottom line .

1 (11)

Implementation of Six Sigma

After over two decades of experience with quality improvement, there is now a solid body of scientific research regarding the experience of thousands of companies implementing major programs such as Six Sigma. Researchers have found that successful deployment of Six Sigma involves focusing on a small number of high-leverage items. The steps required to successfully implement Six Sigma are well-documented.
1.       Successful performance improvement must begin with senior leadership. Start by providing senior leadership with training in the principles and tools they need to prepare their organization for success. Using their newly acquired knowledge, senior leaders direct the development of a management infrastructure to support Six Sigma. Simultaneously, steps are taken to "soft-wire" the organization and to cultivate an environment for innovation and creativity. This involves reducing levels of organizational hierarchy, removing procedural barriers to experimentation and change, and a variety of other changes designed to make it easier to try new things without fear of reprisal.
2.       Systems are developed for establishing close communication with customers, employees, and suppliers. This includes developing rigorous methods of obtaining and evaluating customer, employee and supplier input. Base line studies are conducted to determine the starting point and to identify cultural, policy, and procedural obstacles to success.
3.       Training needs are rigorously assessed. Remedial skills education is provided to assure that adequate levels of literacy and numeracy are possessed by all employees. Top-to-bottom training is conducted in systems improvement tools, techniques, and philosophies.
4.       A framework for continuous process improvement is developed, along with a system of indicators for monitoring progress and success. Six Sigma metrics focus on the organization's strategic goals, drivers, and key business processes.
5.       Business processes to be improved are chosen by management, and by people with intimate process knowledge at all levels of the organization. Six Sigma projects are conducted to improve business performance linked to measurable financial results. This requires knowledge of the organization's constraints.
6.      Six Sigma projects are conducted by individual employees and teams led by Green Belts and assisted by Black Belts.
Although the approach is simple, it is by no means easy. But the results justify the effort expended. Research has shown that firms that successfully implement Six Sigma perform better in virtually every business category, including return on sales, return on investment, employment growth, and share price increase.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Understanding six sigma

Six sigma holds that any process outcomes that are within six standard deviations from the mean must be acceptable. (The Greek letter sigma is the traditional symbol for standard deviation in statistics.)

Why Six Sigma?

For Motorola, the originator of Six Sigma, the answer to the question "Why Six Sigma?" was simple: survival. Motorola came to Six Sigma because it was being consistently beaten in the competitive marketplace by foreign firms that were able to produce higher quality products at a lower cost. When a Japanese firm took over a Motorola factory that manufactured Quasar television sets in the United States in the 1970s, they promptly set about making drastic changes in the way the factory operated.  Under Japanese management, the factory was soon producing TV sets with 1/20th the number of defects they had produced under Motorola management. They did this using the same workforce, technology, and designs, making it clear that the problem was Motorola's management. Eventually, even Motorola's own executives had to admit "our quality stinks,"
Finally, in the mid 1980s, Motorola decided to take quality seriously. Motorola's CEO at the time, Bob Galvin, started the company on the quality path known as Six Sigma and became a business icon largely as a result of what he accomplished in quality at Motorola. Today, Motorola is known worldwide as a quality leader and a profit leader. After Motorola won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1988 the secret of their success became public knowledge and the Six Sigma revolution was on. Today it's hotter than ever.
It would be a mistake to think that Six Sigma is about quality in the traditional sense. Quality, defined traditionally as conformance to internal requirements, has little to do with Six Sigma. Six Sigma is about helping the organization make more money. To link this objective of Six Sigma with quality requires a new definition of quality. For Six Sigma purposes I define quality as the value added by a productive endeavor. Quality comes in two flavors: potential quality and actual quality. Potential quality is the known maximum possible value added per unit of input. Actual quality is the current value added per unit of input. The difference between potential and actual quality is waste. Six Sigma focuses on improving quality (i.e., reducing waste) by helping organizations produce products and services better, faster and cheaper. In more traditional terms, Six Sigma focuses on defect prevention, cycle time reduction, and cost savings. Unlike mindless cost-cutting programs which reduce value and quality, Six Sigma identifies and eliminates costs which provide no value to customers: waste costs.
For non-Six Sigma companies, these costs are often extremely high. Companies operating at three or four sigma typically spend between 25 and 40 percent of their revenues fixing problems. This is known as the cost of quality, or more accurately the cost of poor quality. Companies operating at Six Sigma typically spend less than 5 percent of their revenues fixing problems The dollar cost of this gap can be huge. General Electric estimates that the gap between three or four sigma and Six Sigma was costing them between $8 billion and $12 billion per year.

1 (8)

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a rigorous, focused and highly effective implementation of proven quality principles and techniques. Incorporating elements from the work of many quality pioneers, Six Sigma aims for virtually error free business performance. Sigma, ?, is a letter in the Greek alphabet used by statisticians to measure the variability in any process. A company's performance is measured by the sigma level of their business processes. Traditionally companies accepted three or four sigma performance levels as the norm, despite the fact that these processes created between 6,200 and 67,000 problems per million opportunities! The Six Sigma standard of 3.4 problems per million opportunities is a response to the increasing expectations of customers and the increased complexity of modern products and processes.
If you're looking for new techniques, don't bother. Six Sigma's magic isn't in statistical or high-tech razzle-dazzle. Six Sigma relies on tried and true methods that have been around for decades. In fact, Six Sigma discards a great deal of the complexity that characterized Total Quality Management (TQM). By one expert's count, there were over 400 TQM tools and techniques. Six Sigma takes a handful of proven methods and trains a small cadre of in-house technical leaders, known as Six Sigma Black Belts, to a high level of proficiency in the application of these techniques. To be sure, some of the methods used by Black Belts are highly advanced, including the use of up-to-date computer technology. But the tools are applied within a simple performance improvement model known as DMAIC, or Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control. DMAIC can be described as follows:
D     Define the goals of the improvement activity. At the top level the goals will be the strategic objectives of the organization, such as a higher ROI or market share. At the operations level, a goal might be to increase the throughput of a production department. At the project level goals might be to reduce the defect level and increase throughput. Apply data mining methods to identify potential improvement opportunities.
M     Measure the existing system. Establish valid and reliable metrics to help monitor progress towards the goal(s) defined at the previous step. Begin by determining the current baseline. Use exploratory and descriptive data analysis to help you understand the data.
A     Analyze the system to identify ways to eliminate the gap between the current performance of the system or process and the desired goal. Apply statistical tools to guide the analysis.
I     Improve the system. Be creative in finding new ways to do things better, cheaper, or faster. Use project management and other planning and management tools to implement the new approach. Use statistical methods to validate the improvement.
C     Control the new system. Institutionalize the improved system by modifying compensation and incentive systems, policies, procedures, MRP, budgets, operating instructions and other management systems. You may wish to utilize systems such as ISO 9000 to assure that documentation is correct.
A very powerful feature of Six Sigma is the creation of an infrastructure to ensure that performance improvement activities have the necessary resources. From research it is known that failure to provide this infrastructure is the #1 reason why 80% of all TQM implementations failed in the past. Six Sigma makes improvement and change the full-time job of a small but critical percentage of the organization's personnel. These full time change agents are the catalyst that institutionalizes change. Figure 2 illustrates the required human resource commitment required by Six Sigma.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lenovo Speakers! Get your jams on!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lenovo for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


_38_0_57Y6361_V1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

I have ascertained and establish through calculation, investigation, and experiment, the precisely accurate and exact mini speaker that live up to the expectations that all the necessitate demand and need you have to put into service for the inherent purpose to work on with laptop or desktop computer or you can use it with your smartphone or MP3/MP4 player. Lenovo speaker M0620 is a 2.0 speaker system which has the principal speaker system that has electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance with inherent integral and inbuilt amplifiers and a sub-speaker. Amplifier is electronic equipment that increases strength of signals passing through it and a sub-speaker is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance. The speakers are small in size but they yield and develop significant, very intense fearless, daring and sheer boldface sound. If your laptop speaker are not producing high yielding sound or else your smartphone is very good in all departments but lacks a good and loud sound, then Lenovo speaker M0620 is a 2.0 speaker system which includes a main speaker with built-in amplifiers and a sub-speaker. They can be attached to your laptop or desktop computer or you can use it with your smartphone or MP3/MP4 player. Although the speakers are small in size, the sound they produce is big and bold.


Characteristics, features and benefits:

  • Four watts of power for high quality full sound. Watt is a unit of power equal to 1 joule per second; the power dissipated by a current of 1 ampere flowing across a resistance of 1 ohm.
  • Convenient USB-powered connection with energy saving function.
  • Speaker wire spools for easy storage
  • Elegant yet substantial presentation

_38_0_57Y6361_V2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

Lenovo speaker M0620 provides the easily convenient and transportable shape and high calibre in character and performance of recognisable accomplishments to attain to all of yours computer related amusements with super ultra portability with USB power supply mode which is normal trend with laptops and smart phones. Lenovo speakerM0620 is having elegance with refinement in design blue print and excogitation with intent and sharp tone that is lavishly elegant and refined with delicately beautiful tone producing within it. In short it has stylish, elegant design, high quality sound, conveniently powered by USB .portable compact size, plug and play functionalities.


I have a great affection and liking for this Lenovo speaker M0620 , it is compact closely and firmly united or packed together in the bundle as it can be easily carried inside accessories without any worries and the sound generated through closely and firmly united or packed together in the bundle and the sound generated through Lenovo speaker M0620 has been so soothing and pouring that after a great day of office work when returning and inside the car and the smartphone is connecting with it with very much ease and the sound is superlative and very attractive and I just fell in love with this great gadget. I can use Lenovo speaker M0620 while at the beach , at the office or at the car or any where I can take my laptop, MP3/MP4 players , Smartphone, it is vey easy to carry and very good in sound and quality.


My sister’s new smarphone is Symbian based and its inbuilt sound is not much of use, it is slow and can be heard in a very quiet environment. My young sibling was sad and the next day after seeing the review I bought Lenovo speakerM0620 and since that day her smartphone has been tremendous and producing a good and wonderful sounds and now her smartphone is fast becoming some of the high powered music system. Now we are receiving pleasures and enjoyment from having benefitted from the great sound of Lenovo speaker M0620 through the savour, delight bask ravelling high quality and high powered high definitions like sound.


While my graduate time with the management degree by fault my laptop sound seems more analogue and the audio generated through it has some sort of dip and fatigue voices which has been causing irritation, annoyance painful disturbances. , then I bought Lenovo speaker M0620 and attached to the laptop , it has plug and play functionality and that is what matters the most and then it is so small and compact so with laptop there is no botheration attaching to is and also due to its sophisticated functionalities it will not harm your computer and smart phones. Due to its compatibility and compact in size, it can fit into your laptop bag with ease.

_38_0_57Y6361_V1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

You got to enjoy this:

Hurry up , after reading this view of mine you must be wanting and wishing to buy  Lenovo speakerM0620  , then this is the right time as  from 5/15 - 5/21 (from May 15 to May 21 this year) these speakers will be on sale for $11.99 . Great price and it is the nice time to have this on your kitty , if you have the laptop with less quality sound or else the smartphone that does not sound much or else you want to make a party out of it from yours personal music players then you can buy Lenovo speaker M0620 and what more from May fifteen to May twenty one you can get thisLenovo speaker M0620 for $11.99 . They give the free shipping and you can go for the online purchase through Amazon or through PayPal. I already bought for my young sibling and is planning to buy for my laptop so that I can enjoy DJ sound withLenovo speakerM0620. After you make the purchase an approximated and estimated date will be posted after your order is place. The pricing of Lenovo speaker M0620   does not include   tax, shipping & handling or any recycling fees.


Product and physical specifications and Warranty:

Lenovo speaker M0620 product specification is of  output power: 2W*2 with frequency response: 120Hz~20KHz the speaker Unit: 2" 4Ω3W with the rating: USB DC 5V. Lenovo speakerM0620    physical specification is approximate length: 102 mm , approximate width: 102 mm ;approximate height: 67 mm ; approximate weight: 0.678 kg. One year warranty is for the regions of United States and Canada. Only an available USB connector pin is required to connect Lenovo speaker M0620 to Laptop, smart phones and other personal music players. Software requirement is Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7 .

_38_0_57Y6361_V2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg


About Lenovo:

The Lenovo brand mark came into live in 2004 but the history of this company has been more than this year mentioned as above. Legend Holdings incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 and in the process it became the largest PC seller of China with due course of time. In 2004 Legend Holdings modify its name to Lenovo and in 2005 it acquired Personal Computer Division of IBM, then company that come up with an idea to produce PC. With staggering US$21 billion Lenovo is the second largest PC Company in the world. It is a global fortune five hundred company with twenty six thousand employees spanning over one hundred and sixty countries. It has headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, U.S.; major research centres in Yokohama, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China; and Morrisville. Lenovo is successful all over the world and in this process winning the market share in many counties. Some of the major achievements in personal computing sector done by Lenovo is as it is making the fastest booting notebook in the world. ThinkPad. It is the number one personal computer Company in China and Japan and second in major countries all around the world. Lenovo application store has more than twenty five thousand downloads for its smart phone applications. Lenovo meets the east with west as Lenovo is originally from China and it is meeting with IBM and that is why it is able to produce some of the world’s thinnest products to be used by consumers.

_38_0_57Y6361_V2.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg


Many a times the PC speaker driver may not produce the high fidelity sounds due to not so good built in PC sound cards. Many a time it seems that the speaker driver is largely dependent on the hardware itself. With Lenovo speaker M0620 the speaker is solely capable and adequate to produce high resonance audio in any sort of hardware compatibility. It gives high intense and soothing to hear wonderful sounds to make the entire audible circumstances to the core of multiple applause. Lenovo always believes in product innovation resulting from study and experiment thinking something out with care in order to achieve complete understanding of it with the creation of something in the mind. Lenovo is customer friendly and that is why it is building many smart products just like thisLenovo speakerM0620 ,.  Consumer can trust and integrate their thoughts with Lenovo products as they can sense the innovation and the enterpriser spirit within the product specifications of Lenovo and in this case with Lenovo speaker M0620 . The safety of Lenovo speakerM0620 is always guaranteed through out the entire life cycle of the product within the highest ethical standards and additional concern for environmental protections.


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LT ConnectMyDNA

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Have you ever thought about your friendship and how they started? We meet many people everyday but what are those special attributes that aims us to make full term friendships? What creates the bond that can last for the life time? Most of our friendship develops because we share common interest with one another.  We like to watch the same movies, eat the same food or similar music. We actually connect with other people because our DNA is similar. ConnectMyDNA™ invites you to discover the journey of soft discovery and uncover the hidden links among the people around the world and all this starts with the gene ring. With ConnectMyDNA you have the easiest way to find your DNA profile and share with others. ConnectMyDNA™ConnectMyDNA™ changes that with the gene ring. It is your own personal finger prints with the green matters positioning your own origin. All the green points represent the unique value present on your DNA. Imagine having the individual representations of your DNA profiling. You can compare wit your team mates with the gene ring side by side to compare it how closely you are with your friend. You might discover newer part with your friends. You can put your gene ring as the profile picture on your Facebook and work it like your business cards. You can put your gene ring on your T shirt to make it more awesome. Be creative what you want after all it is your DNA.  Using the cutting edge science ConnectMyDNA compares your DNA with people all around the world and find with the population similar DNA to you. ConnectMyDNA™ provides you the online tool to match the countries to which you are mostly related and people that mostly lived there. The gene ring defines us, compare us and connect us to the world to our friends and to ourselves. It is your ring ConnectMyDNA™and rediscover yourself.



Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The group of human beings collectively showing interest, curiosity, fascinations and concern for people around them in the area and near vicinity and we are curious to know cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about and acknowledge, whether we have the special distinction and quality and what is the relation between us and the state of being connected and the instruments that connects us and what is the most influential and to whom you are connected in some way may be through family and through friendship and the entire process of being and getting the ideas and the events together in memory or imagination , what are the connecting shapes and the act of bringing two forms of communication into one segment and finding the association relentlessly to get the similar and the connected persons we’re interested in more than just the people around us; we’re interested in who they are and finding a common connection. Suppose one product exhibits and become relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent to the similar attributes, it may be imprecise but fairly close to connect some of your inherited, hereditary genetically transmissible relationship among members of a family usually by heredity and it related you how you are genetically connected with among members of a family usually by heredity and even people around the world.


ConnectMyDNA™ does just that. Their radically distinctive unequalled and unparallel service brings home the bacon very DNA signature compressed, constricted and bundled into individualised Gene Ring. This instrument has been done in a scientific way and has been done and performed with purpose and intent that will make possible through specific action related to it to visually examine the similarity through the law of similarity which can be described as stimulus field that are similar to each other tend to be perceived as belonging together as a unit of your DNA analysis representing the extent to which something exhibits various characteristics with individuals near and far ,  Ancestry is about the descendants of one individual .and ConnectMyDNA™ is all about your connection of today.


What a gene ring is?:


. The Gene Ring™ is the registered trade mark of ConnectMyDNA™ . It is a sophisticated concept. It is a revolutionary discovery with abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances. The Gene Ring™ is a new concept in DNA technology that combines modern and innovative artistic production into cutting edge scientific discipline. It is now the most revered symbolic representation of your unique genetic identity. It is also with respect to science a precise and exact tool and instrument that examine and note the similarities or differences of DNA profiles with that of friends, families and population groups around the world. . All of these has been successfully completed ‘by converting your numeric DNA tests results engraved relating to a graphical presentations of collections of the facts from which the conclusions may be drawn into and then out into service to make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose with a pertinent, re3levant and applicable derivations in the circular perceptual structure through customary way with the blue print approach pattern with the model considering of worth imitation  namely circular pattern of 13 rings that represent the 13 CODIS loci; a standard of identifying markers defined by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation.’


Each of the thirteen rings contains the green markers which are conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something, which recognises, establishes and distinguishes 2 allele values which are hereditary transferable to you from your parents and it is been identified through this process, it is been one from your mother and one from your father All these are part of genes and it deals with the genes behaviour in the context of cell. Genes are the universal living organism and it is still live through the offspring and it goes on and on and this is the process where the original genetics of human beings is preserved through generations. Genes related within the DNA the molecule compositions of four different types of nucleotides , and nucleotides is the sequence of information is being stored inside the DNA and it is being transferred from one generation to the other sequentially. This sequence produces the chains of amino acids and proteins and the relationships between these two is known as the genetic code.


The colour and position of each marker on a ring represents the numeric values of your DNA profile . Take the example of the hands of the clock which combines to show the correct timing and in similar way DNA profiles combines to give the absolute right genetic observance and profile. It is the combined serial arrangement in which things follow in logical order or a recurrent pattern of green markers that builds the Gene Ring™ unique perceptual structure for you. It is unique in the sense that no two green rings are having the same or similar characteristics but some are more affiliated attached and colligated than the others. Determine the existence of those connections is what ConnectMyDNA™is all about, precisely nearer to correct. In short the green ring is the you and it is you, the uniqueness of yourself.


The populations think would have most in common with:


During my management and research scientist days in earlier time in the early twenties  I have been very much excited with this concept of DNA similarity and to find out and to know the specific ways to go on with it. The Gene Ring is the coolest way to see how it is working and   with some of my experiment on hand and my professor want me to go to Bharat and to got to a specific place known as Odisha. My professor advised me to get to the servitors of temple of Lord Juggernaut and specifically the inner servitors and to find out their DNA profile and catching and their connections towards other world. It was very interesting knowing that there is a test that can compare their ring to other countries and show you where your DNA most matches. After getting the real test and the building the profile and there are some books written there that their ancestors have came down from far Germany and France. This examination is still on and it is still undergoing as it is believed that two hundred years before Christ the prime inner servitors of Lord Juggernaut of Puri has been invited from the far west of now Germany and France to be precise to perform the duties of the Lord of the Universe. They are very limited in size and their appearance and their life style is completely different from the natives of the state of Odisha, it is surprising but this theory is getting into the facts due to the very nature of DNA profiling and matching. Their traditions are different from the natives as they marry within their communities for the ages and they are very traditional society. Their language is being more or less affected by the languages of west and for this experiment though at the primary stage but can sting many surprises in the future. So, I think the DNA test is very interesting and fascinating and with this you can find the coolest things in life through various interesting testing and diagnosis of your permanent gene carrier.

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After reading all these up above written description on DNA , you should be anxious to go to where to get the tests , here is the detailed prescriptions on this. At ConnectMyDNA™ you will find comfortable, fun and affordable way to study about yourself through DNA examination. Dna is the king of molecules and it is a long linear polymer found in the nucleus of a cell and formed from nucleotides and shaped like a double helix; associated with the transmission of genetic information .Everyone should learn about heir DNA structure and how it relates with other from yours friend and far circles so that you can observe suo moto the similarity and the dissimilarity among yourselves. With ConnectMyDNA™ with its overall services you will get your unique DNA signature the GeneRing™ and thus makes the way for you to search other related DNA profiles so that you can relate with them and know much more about yours ancestors and other origins and four hundred  or many more years back yours ancestors has been staying at what location of the world and in this way you can learn about yours past customs and traditions. ConnectMyDNA™ contracts exclusively with one of the world’s leading DNA testing facilities located in the USA. The testing and the diagnosis process goes on many high end and ultra smooth experimental tests and further examination and then screening and finally the output and the results for all the clients. This test is conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy and the essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone with characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.


All of the DNA tests for ConnectMyDNA™clients are performed at a world-class DNA testing facility:


The workplace to conduct the scientific research for ConnectMyDNA™ clients  is AABB-accredited, ISO-certified, equipped with latest modern technological innovations and advantages , to bring into existence your GeneRing™ from a simple cheek swab.  The part of the test does include the proper Biomek® robotic systems sample distribution handling o for the quality of being near to the true value to verify the fact with conformity to the actual. It also employs the BI® genetic an instrument to analyse that aid create your GeneRing™ with no delay and in an efficient and quick manner. All the DNA laboratory are secure and private so that the important privacy parameters can be respected and such thing will not be going to any of the prying eyes for their easy exploitations. Highly skilled and trained scientists with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences and consultants the experts with good advice have been there inside the laboratory of ConnectMyDNA™ to perform these important tests.


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Readers should go to ConnectMyDNA™ site and try a to see the emotional and practical aspects of their DNA profiling  and here is the discount code : IZEA290512 with it you can get the  reduction in price to do the DNA test on ConnectMyDNA™ site with a reduced price down to $29.00 . Readers should go to ConnectMyDNA™ site with the above mentioned discount code: IZEA290512 exclusively for you to try out yours DNA profiling.


DNA profile test:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic By getting the DNA green trackers you can connect to which country yours ancestors belonged to or lived in the past and to which country they migrated until they have reached at yours stage, it is an interesting concept and most of person want to know more about their past it is their zeal to know about their forefather where they have lived through. Using your personal DNA markers, ConnectMyDNA™ compares these markers to a global database of current population groups to provide you with your top ten closest matches. It looks at the present place of yours ancestors to k now about their living ad the place of living through DNS matching. This process goes on with extreme care as individual names are not been used only the serial numbers the representations of their names is been used and this gives the entire process additional boost and security with greater control over the privacy concerns. No responsive to physical stimuli is being provided inside the information. It is not a ancestor test it creates one gene ring for you and on the basis of that ring it is being compared to sixty countries all around the world to get to yours ancestors profile by looking at the DNA connection of the present generation. The green ring then is compared wit the population with which you shared the most affinity with.


ConnectMyDNA™test is not an ancestor test or to search and find for descendants of one individual, it is to highlight the similarity of today’s population with all around the world marked by correspondence and resemblance. There is the existing data base and it is being compared with the population group with which you could resemble be similar in likeliness to. With this the trend of human migration from one part of the world to the other and also the living pattern and the history and the reason behind this migration is very interesting to read and observe. After you logging in you will get the top ten connections of yours and then you can download all these and in addition to these you can download the e-poster, the map and yours personal information your Gene Ring™ and your personal genetic markers.  In this way you have learnt something new and very precisely through yours DNA tests the most reliable facts about yours life and this way you can be very affinity towards yours ancestor country and you can then research about their eating and other relate habits and how these are still relevant to you for the purpose of understanding that after the migrations you are saving yours culture and still making it more full length even after some of the alien environment in the first few days of your forefather staying at various places. Sometimes you will find the commonest country after your origin and you will have never thought sort of this and with this way yours DNA profile will learnt you many new dimensions about yours various aspects of your ancestors living style and where they have there and how they lived all through their life. In this process you will know the step by step introduction and innovations with this ultra modern technology. You will receive the DNA collection kit to your home. After receiving the samples it is been processes in a high tech laboratory and put in separate container so that each user has the unique place to deal it with. Then the test result is being compared with thirteen DNA locations and then through your genetic code revealing all these parameters of DNA patterns is known. Then the green molecules in the each ring represent the molecule sizes of green ring. It is the unique combination and it is unique to you. This type of DNA test configuration does not tell you about hair, eye colour or any kind of personal information. There is the standard of human verification and this has been done with extreme precise and minuteness. Once your gene ring is created, then it is being compared with the data base of all around the world to find out in original to which country you are belong to. The spastically match is generated for each population group. You can also download the high resolution images of your country connections and also you can download the e0poster to share it online with every body. You can also find the top ten list of other countries you closely match. Then from this cluster of lists you can click on each country name and then view the location on the map. This web site is continually is being updated from time to time so check back ConnectMyDNA™and you will soon find new and update information. In this way you made discovery about yourself and share it with your friends and families with Facebook ,Twitter and other social networking websites and it is so easy to share as you can do it from the dashboard itself. If you have more questions then please click on the faq section and then contact section to clear your doubts.


After reading this the dear reader you can go to ConnectMyDNA™ site and try a to see the emotional and practical aspects of their DNA profiling  and here is the discount code : IZEA290512 with it you can get the  reduction in price to do the DNA test on ConnectMyDNA™site with a reduced price down to $29.00 . Readers should go to ConnectMyDNA™site with the above mentioned discount code: IZEA290512 exclusively for you to try out yours DNA profiling. This DNA test is not about fingerprinting it is about your life and beyond this , ity is not about your ancestor testing as you can explore many new opportunities and ideas which you will never been known to your life. Take example of mine , my DNA test reports that my ancestors are from Germany and then they migrated to France and then other countries.  I never think of it as in the first place I thought my ancestors are from France but the DNA profile of mine clearly and closely indicate the similarity of mine with the country profile of Germany and then my ancestors migrated to France and this is surprising and let me know other aspects of my fore fathers and the cultures and other indications. In this way you and explore many more opportunities and related wonderful information about your ancestors and with it you will be exploring many unending possibilities.


ConnectMyDNA™ helps you discover more about yourself and find others that share similar results, or Country Connections. You will get the kit once you have registered with ConnectMyDNA™and payment process then you will receive the kit and after sending back it to them through proper process . DNA sample collection kit that includes cotton tipped swabs and instructions on how to use them to extract cheek cells from your mouth will be received by you through mail, this particular course of action is painless and it is matter of minutes to do.


You will be get email to log ion into yours member ship profile. By entering into your membership area you will get three particulars explicit detail information is on about you Your Gene Ring™ which is a representation of your 13 DNA markers, your Top Country Connection and the Top Ten Country Matches. You can download these information in details and then can share it with yours friends and families to let them know and can encourage them to avail this opportunity by going through the discount price which I have mentioned it above. There are significantly high number of people inside the database of ConnectMyDNA™ and you will be rest assured that the test is being conducted under very special invigilation as described above about test integrity and other privacy and security matter and you will not be bother about it and your all data are safe and your DNA testing is being done by significant scientist with innovations and cutting-edge technology at hand.



Hardy-Weinberg Equation:


It is the branch of genetics that goes beyond the people and the family it expands to the country as whole and it is a very difficult algorithm and it is being propagated through Hardy-Weinberg Equation. If a gene has two alleles in a population, they can be referred to as x and y. The different population frequencies may be different but could have the similar allies. There are three possible genotypes: x/x, x/y, and y/y , it can be proportional to individual in the same way or in some other way. Three genotypes are expected to occur at a frequency of: x/x is (0.1 x 0.1) = 1%; x/y is (2 x 0.1 x 0.9) = 18%; y/y = (0.9 x 0.9) = 81%.


ConnectMyDNA™ employs this principle to get the most out of country relationships’.  People will find the same country as they will find that the people are biologically same and they can find this by analysing the social trending patters of the respective country. The test of ConnectMyDNA™ is relating to US and Canada and the countries beyond are not currently included in the scheme of things.



Your Gene Ring™ is a graphic representation of your genetic markers at the 13 locations analyzed. The position of each of the green segments in the concentric rings of the circle represents your actual genetic markers. An STR (Short Tandem Repeat), By employing the out of tune proprietary algorithm DNA genetic marker is being converted into green code. Your Gene Ring™ represents your unique DNA signature.  The concentrated circle of your DNA ring represents the genetic markers of the green bars which ca be used for further forensic investigation. Green ring is your perfect personal badge and no on can deny its existence and you should be proud of it to have it n your bio data. You can create a T shirt, use it on your business card or any other significant card and it is you complete DNA profile, you should be proud of it to have it on with you.  In modern times you can share it with your friends through Facebook, twitter, pinterest and other social networking to show your real DNA profile of green ring. Now a days with social networking we are trying hard to find the real connected people and many times they are being masked behind and we can find their regular face but with the correct DNA profiling here you can find the real friends to have to be socialise and this can be the term of the future. You may find in times to come the leading social marketing giants like that of Facebook and Google plus will be making the DNA profiling to get it to real connected friends that has been triggered inside their DNA profiles trough green rings and other sophisticate methods.


So, here is the chance to go ahead of the time and you can avail the discount opportunity of to ConnectMyDNA™ site and try a to see the emotional and practical aspects of their DNA profiling and here is the discount code: IZEA290512 with it you can get the  reduction in price to do the DNA test on ConnectMyDNA™site with a reduced price down to $29.00 . Readers should go to ConnectMyDNA™ site with the above mentioned discount code: IZEA290512 exclusively for you to try out yours DNA profiling. To get find their DNA statuses and wit this they can find the ral friends and connected people and after connecting with them by doing this test they can see the real friendship as this is ingrained in their blood, this is a great test and I think every one should be  doing this so that they get the maximum benefits of real friendships through their some what near or far distant DNA connections.


Your Gene Ring™ does not contain any genetic information regarding health or predisposition to disease. It is a mere graphic that has been generated through the data base of information which has been kept securely.









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