Thursday, November 17, 2011

My life

It seems like ages, head over heels, mind is young and heart is younger, only the age counts, but I do not think so. Life is beautiful, enjoying the experience with my life, written in the smoothly written parameters of hope and aspirations. I am seeing the child in my child am enjoying the life within my child’s activities, feeling young and want to live for ever and enjoy my life and experience. It seems as the days have passed, long days, I have been taking balanced food, though affected lately by blood sugar and other eating disease but all have been controlled and minimized. My die mainly consists of green vegetables and salmon fishes so that I can garner the much needed Omega 3 for my body. It minimizes blood sugar and other deadly diseases and it strength my bones so that fear of osteoarthritis may not have been from five years from now. My children though they are now adults but like I feel they are small and they take care of me all day long. I want to live longer and like this my heart will be younger and happier. I do morning walks regularly and keep myself fit. It reduces my blood sugar level and blood pressure and keeps me fit and smart.

mature woman life day by day..all about her dreams,her way of healthy life,what diet she found work the best,what to eat,the best healthy food recipe,relationship with 50++ and much more my life


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