Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Home alone

The study time is almost nearing; it is already late to reach school, lots of jobs to be done with lots of precise. The paramount precision needs to be dining as the class teacher is very strict and sees every act of student precisely, sharply and exactly. The books and the write ups are largely summarized and needs to be conjoined and in order so that no time will be wasted while delivering to the class teacher. The school bag is ready and need to be taken smoothly. Breakfast finished still one and half an hour to go for school time. All he cores needs to be finished on time. Home alone so most of the jobs to be done precisely and also the security of the house to be done. Oh lot s of works, thinking only a mild work is not the right way of approaching this.
Forty five minutes passed, all the cores finished, and now for fifteen minutes all the windows and doors to be closed as home alone so needs to take care of home when away from home. Nice to hear songs as it can reduce mental apathy and can the work be completed smoothly and start the deck with beautiful songs forever songs been melodically vibrated and making the songs in blinking possibilities and some good aspiring feelings. The phone bell ringing and she wake up from the windows shield and bet back to phone. After ten minutes she is now ready with almost stuffs to go out for school except the put a finish on. Going to the wardrobe selecting the appropriate apparel and the process of owning starts up. There is plenty of time left and she can now relax as all the other requisite jobs finished beautifully.
She feels something missing and checked all over bungalow and sees the light is still glowing there so it should be stopped instantly. This job done and the improper all vanishing now it is time for schooling. Wow! Some jobs to be done. The inner tiding is still sensing something left behind and searching for school bags and opening al over again is making the task difficult but still the gut feeling resides something is missing and needs to be rectified soon. Each books and the paper is being searched and ultimately the pen and the pencil not there, a very serious miss as the class teacher is strict and all the goggled needs to betaken carefully. A systematic fallacy and making of the disorder can be popping out and, this sixth sense saves from class teacher’s grace. The appropriate pens and pencils taken and pencil sharpener and the eraser also been collected. The purpose now seems fully solved and now is time to venture out to school after locking the entire bungalow and the process starts.


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