Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The speech problem

The speech war continues with each and every bit of sound bytes that is reasoning from each of the appropriate absolute antonym or is it the really what we are saying to or is the air in between that is transcending the passage of speech to nothing but every bits and pieces of ultra generosity. The problem that can be compared with the parabolic hysteria of understanding can have very much unattended significance of later mechanisms and absolute paranoid of understanding that is making the entire process a difficult to manage and advance. The word is just blustering into motion and making the brain just not the understandable attendance and this is really making the life more and more not so good and perfect and that is why it is really must to listen but is it the way to manage the talk and attend it ?

The sound many a times seems to be that of not so tolerable attendance but can it be for sure the magic or any sort of physical attributes attended to it or is it the phenomena of intolerance that is going on and what can be the reason for it and how to solve this attendance and the impending problem to begin with it. The way the smarter it gets it is making the matter more badly and the reason behind it cannot be perceived it should be in accordance with some sort what can be of very intriguing and surprising phenomena which

no other can know or understand it. Can it be the source or something that cannot be held responsible for it or is it the manageable attendance to begin the performance of absolute paradigm of shift and the making of all in one perfect and honest interest that is making the entire absolute mechanics to it most widely attend able understanding of the speech and the mechanics of kinetics which is always the first and the foremost pyramid to make the words flow in the manner that should be following to its maximum and the attendance can be witch hunt but for sure the rage and the manner of provision  should be restricted .

How to control the word difference and the perceived difference which is different for both the listener and the speaker and many a times as we have seen there are many researches are there where we can get to know the real difference of talk is the space between listener and the speaker but in real term it is the as the researchers have been speaking and there are many sort of investigation and many others researches and many still going on in the large scale , as they have been talking about many sorts of the common environmental variables and the other environmental obstruction as well as artificial obstructions such as sound of siren or mill and how these can have the rippling effect the acoustic of science and how these are influencing these are the matters of great significance and we have been reading about these from the time immemorial. All these can have the simultaneous effect to obstruct the sound as all these have the environmental sounds and that is flowing through it and for this the real phenomena and the understanding of it is what matters the most.

The environmental variable to the sound is also the real sounds and the sound is fighting with the sounds and it is making some sort of devastating rippling dissonance and the main sound or the collection of sound the speech what the speaker intended  for the listener also been conveyed in the similar and unobtrusive manner . That is why the main reason of the speech is never ever be understood by the listener and many a times that is the real worry and for this is the human languages has some sort of not so understanding phenomena and it is making the mater more worse than ever. Is it our language is not so strong to defend and remove the attack of the environmental variable and for this it s also making the situations not so terrific to begin with. Is our, means the languages of all over the world are not strong enough to sustain the sounds of the variables at the environmental settings and for this many discords and even not settlement of disputes is being going on for some time even between countries and that is making the whole matter more worse than even we think of it. Should we relook at our languages so that we can tend to send and receive the languages in the better and simpler manner and for this the better understanding of it is the matter which can be really we should be thinking of and should be dwelling with it. The what so ever cause and the action is being considered is to  be totally obscure and the manner of happening and the performance of the speech making must be adhered to and the way it is been going on is the matter of urgent importance and parametric significance.

As we have seen and also read in the phonetics class the most acting languages which we can believe is French as wile talking they are mostly animated with the hands been working like many of us tend to believe it and for this is it right that it is the most understood language that we can believe and make it to or is it the most dynamic language. During my school days one of my room mate is from French and tends to say English god but the only difference is that she was very animated and while at times we tend to meet each other during the week days and I always observe the hand movement and for this it is becoming easier for me to understand what she is intending to convey men and for this the matter becoming more and more interesting and is it the correct way of saying languages as with it we convey the acting and the languages and for this we tend to understand movies as these are the same sort of practices. Is it the way to go beyond or should we rethink on the approach to what we are talking about the languages and for this one more detailed article on this is possible where I should be talking about more so ever on the approach which are not being I think as per my knowledge never ever be talked about anywhere in the world about the disturbances of one of other factor while talking with each other and that cannot be ignored as the only hint for this is human is the rational animal and for this everything disturbances form any side could migrate and transcend the languages further.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Calculating operational risk capital charges

Operational risk is defined as the risk of direct or indirect loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.

There are three methods for calculating operational risk capital charges –
(I)    The Basic Indicator Approach  (II)  The standardised approach and
(III) The Advanced measurement Approach.

A – The Basic Indicator Approach

Banks have to hold capital for operational risk equal to the fixed percentage (Alpha) of average annual gross income over the previous three years.

        K BIA    =    GI  
K BIA = the capital charge under the Basic Indicator Approach
GI      = average annual gross income over the previous three years.
     =  fixed percentage
B – The Standardised Approach

Bank’s activities are divided into 8 business lines: corporate finance, trading and sales, retail banking, commercial banking, payment and settlement, agency services, asset management and retail brokerage. Within each business line, there is a specified broad indicator that reflects the amount of operational risk. The capital charge for each business line is calculated by multiplying gross income by a factor (denoted beta) assigned to that business line. In case, however, any significant revenue earning activity of a bank cannot be approximately categorised under any of the above lines, then that emerging / new activity may be classified under the one to which the highest beta factor is attached, indicating high risk.

C – The Advanced Measurement Approach

Under the AMA, the regulatory capital requirement will equal the risk

measure generated by the bank’s internal operational risk

measurement system using the quantitative and qualitative criteria subject to supervisory approval.

MARKET RISK (Trading Book Issues)

A trading book consists of positions in financial instruments and commodities held either with trading intent or in order to hedge other elements of the trading book.  Valuation of positions in the trading book include systems and control, valuation methodologies and valuation adjustments.

The Second Pillar – Supervisory Revision Process

It includes principles of supervisory review, supervisory transparency and accountability and risk management guidance with respect to banking risks, including guidance pertaining to the treatment of interest rate risk in the banking book.

The supervision review process is intended not only to ensure that banks have adequate capital to support all the risks in their business, but also to encourage banks to develop and use better risk management techniques in monitoring and managing their risks.
There are three main areas that might be particularly suited to treatment under Pillar 2.

i)    Risks considered under Pillar 1 that are not fully captured by the Pillar 1 process (e.g. the proposed Operational risk in Pillar 1 may not adequately cover all the specific risks of any given institution).

ii)    Those factors not taken into account by the Pillar 1 process e.g. interest rate risk

iii)    Factor external to the bank e.g. business cycle effects.

The Committee has identified four key principles of supervisory review: -

I)    Bank should have a process for assessing their overall capital adequacy in relation to their risk profile and a strategy for maintaining their capital levels.

II)    Supervisors should take appropriate supervisory action if they are not satisfied with the result of this process.

III)    Supervisors should expect banks to operate above the minimum regulatory capital ratios and should have the ability to require banks to hold capital in excess of the minimum.

IV)    Supervisors should seek to intervene at an early stage to prevent capital from falling below the minimum levels required to support the risk characteristics of a particular bank and should require rapid remedial action if capital is not maintained or restored.

The Third Pillar – Market Discipline

It contains disclosure recommendations and requirements for banks. Core disclosures are those which convey vital information for all institutions and are important to the basic operation of market discipline.  Supplementary disclosures are important for some, but not all, institutions depending on the nature of their risk exposures, capital adequacy and methods adopted to calculate the capital requirement.


RBI appreciates the Basel Committee’s efforts in evolving the New Accord containing proposals that are comprehensive in coverage.When implemented, they would go a long way in making the capital allocation more risk-sensitive and use of supervisory oversight with market discipline would reinforce the supervisory framework and ensure financial stability.  However, the complexity and sophistication of the proposals restricts its universal application in emerging markets, where the banks continue to be the major segment in financial intermediation and would be facing considerable challenges in adopting all the proposals.

The New Accord would involve shift in direct supervisory focus away to the implementation issues.  Further, banks and the supervisors would be required to invest large resources in upgrading their technology and human resources to meet the minimum standards.  The increasing reliance on external rating agencies in the regulatory process would undermine the initiatives of banks in enhancing their risk management policies and practices and internal control systems.  The minimum standards set are complex and beyond the reach of many banks.

It is therefore essential that the Basel Committee should evolve a simplified standardised approach, which could be adopted uniformly by all banks that are not internationally active.  Further, the transitional arrangement proposed in the New Accord may not be sufficient for their banks.  National supervisors may, therefore, be given discretion to decide on the time frame for implementing the Accord and applying it to various banks in their jurisdiction depending upon the scale and complexity of their operations.

Some of the key responses of the RBI are as under :-

    External rating agencies should not be assigned the direct responsibility for risk rating of banking assets primarily in view of enormous subjective element involved in the rating process and lack of transparency and uniformity in risk assessment.

    As an alternative to external rating, supervisor-validated internal rating systems, developed by credit institutions themselves could be accepted as a standard tool for risk assessment.

    Risk weighting of the banks should be delinked from that of the sovereign in which they are incorporated.

    A range of risk weight baskets could be devised to better reflect the default probabilities of corporates at different rating levels.

    Regarding credit risk models, major hurdles principally concern data availability and model validation. Model based approach could be adopted only when the banks develop sufficient expertise and database to estimate the capital.  (Words used : 1067)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Building your very own media server

We are now realizing the importance of media servers with the flood of devices and its related components are now in plenty inside the market due to demand from various small office and home office computerization decisions. It is also very significant to see that you do not always have to buy the costly machines and newer ones for it, if you have little control of yours knowledge and with this article you can buy out the cheap articles in the market for the server and then you can possibly built one simple yet more appreciated media server. Then, with due course of time and research you can constitute a brilliant media server customized and specially designed only for your essentials. First look out for one or two computers that are in the operative conditions and then assemble them to yours further use. You can build media server from the old workable yet a junk computer and the process is very easy and for this no computer knowledge is required. Assume here that you have Windows XP running in yours old computer so in short the requisite of computer operating system to build the media server is Windows XP.  Now go to START and then to CONTROL PANEL. The select NETWORK SET UP WIZARD, and then press NEXT two times and then select THIS COMPUTER CONNECT TO THE INTERNET THROUGH A RESIDENTIAL and then select NEXT. Enter the name and the description for the server you are inclined to use

it, and then click NEXT, now select the TURN OFF WINDOWS FILE AND PRINTER SHARING option and then click NEXT. Double check all the processes and the information and then click NEXT, then select JUST FINISHED and then click NEXT and then FINISHED.

To begin sharing simple create a folder in any directory and then right click on the folder by employing the mouse over the folder and then click NETWORK SHARING AND SECURITY. After some time that window will load then select SHARE THIS FOLDER ON THE NETWORK and ALLOW NETWORK USERS TO SHARE THIS FILES.

Now this is the process to configure the second computer from which you want to access the files. Click on the START and then right click on MY COMPUTER and then select MAP NETWORK DRIVE. Then click BROWSE and then select the name of the home server and then click the + sign that is nearer to it. It will expand the field and then click the folder that you have just created. Now following is the point how to click and access your new home media server.  Go to MY COMPUTER and then double click on the drive you have created and then enter in to it. Now you can copy and paste the files within your very own media server. Now you have just created your very own media server that can connect two of your own computers.

Sharing the digital media with other computers on a home network with Windows 7

In this article you can map the network drive. Windows 7 comes with Windows media player twelve which can be very much used to easily turn your personal computer in to a media server to stream music, movies and pictures to some other computers and devices in your recent build media servers. First open the media player, go to the LIBRARY SECTION of WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 12 then click on the STREAM  and then TURN ON MEDIA STREAMING .

The alternative path to do just the same streaming work is as follows. First open the CONTROL PANEL and then VIEW ALL CONTROL PANEL ITEMS, then select NETWORK AND SHARING CENTRE. Then select MEDIA STREAMING OPTIONS then click on the button to turn on media streaming and then press OK. In this way you can now have the opportunity to view all the devices which are in the network and visible to it and then from it you can then select which computer and the media devices used to be connect with it and devise its administrative options and other relevant parameters that can have some sort of brilliant and parametric significance attaché to it. This is the alternative way to turn on the media streaming in Windows 7. Here with little bit of tweaks you can customize the entire settings and can also add the parental control mechanisms to it so that you can restrict the control of the media streaming and also view who is controlling it and who are not. In this way you have activated the control on media streaming and now let us see how the Windows Media Player 12 is performing with it.

Now go to another computer and then open it and then go to WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 12 and go to LIBRARY and here you can see OTHER LIBRARIES. Here also you can view the available libraries of the music, video and the pictures available for streaming.  So, what is the gain from all these servers and networking? In a simpler term you are making the whole system to run into the server and also one additional computer disc capacity is being now utilized and so as to say the hard disc size is now more as it is from the two computer capacity and also additional protection as with the subset computer you can do the basics and can perform all the functions without the administrative privileges. In this way with those sort of limited computer configurations your data is now with the safer hands as it is now with the server computer. All the music , videos and pictures stays with the server computer and easily can be accessible to other computer so that you do not have to make the copy and paste function with it and the vital hard disc space is not be wasted.

This is the coolest feature and if you have one computer which is not being utilized to its fullest strength then you can use this as the serve for media streaming, if you have the older operating system then you can do it what is written above and if you have Windows 7 then the configuration can be done in two different ways. All these has been in elaboration written above and in this way you can enjoy the basic of streaming and this gives you the basic liberty to have computers, tablets and laptops containing less space due to its size and in this way you can connect and enjoy all the media simultaneously through the media server which you have just built with it. (Words used :1103)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Difficult to decipher acronyms

Some times at the school time it is always have been the great idea to decipher the acronyms word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. It is many a times a fun to attend and sometime it is difficult to decipher also. All in all by coining all such phrases at some of the difficult circumstances can be much of funnier thing to attend and sometimes it can be unravelling hilarious interpretations of such words and their possibilities that can be very much appreciated to its fullest maxim. It is some time the creative mind that can catapult to the situations to pull it to the maxim and the real creativity starts afterwards. There are some of the real awkward words that can not be attended or participated and also in some other circumstances the real possibilities of attendance cannot be the underestimate statement that can be constituted in the same manner as and when it is meant to be. Take for the example there are some words such as that of KISS which in fullest term can also be deciphered as that of Keep Information Safe and Secret. One more word such as BLEAT such that of Blatant Lies Erode All Trust. Like in the modern era where there is the short messaging service as this can have some of the better understatement of making or breaking the word structure to a simple short hand style to suit the need for short messaging

and this can be very well established in the mobile as arena. It can be such of the usurping languages phenomena that once has been the phobia with that of Instant Messaging service with that of Yahoo Messenger as with it lots of new way to send and receive messages in the shortest and slowest possible communication at that time due to the limit of dial-up connectivity. In this way after much of the criticism in the media and also some other places there stands the language and now it is ubiquitous and the person who does not know about this feels a short of shame in their standings and they try to learn that languages all by themselves to go with the generation next ideas and passions. Similar is the case with the print Medias and especially with the vernacular print Medias when they try to coin the modern languages they have been stoutly criticized by the linguist and phonetic spheres as they have been straight forwardly rejected by then the so called masters.
Now it is the norm and we  all have been acquainted with these class of languages and it is surely for that in the last decade there has been many instances of new system and its integration with the languages and many pundits had also staunchly rejected this trend straight forward but in the aftermath of this these has been boomerang and bulldozed to them due to mass acceptance by not only the generation next but also their seniors and that has been the real surprise element to this and this has some of the capacitate acceptance that has been making it more and more social and it is generating the much required mass appeal and acceptance. In this way all in the history there has been the evolution of languages as these has not been done by the pundits as it is done through the local persons and the generation’s next and widely accepted and recognized by their respective parents and elders of that respective times. Some times at the class of science the teacher very particular on the particular configuration and even many a times it is all about the punctuations and other aspects and for this there has been many trends and also some times the teacher is nicknamed as venom and the original name just been dissimilated and the new name comes to the mind in place of it.
It is for sure no one does enjoy the toying with ideas and also coinage of the terms that can have some sort of not so typical permanent contributory elements to the subject and the basic idea of its building of the comprehension and the much required miles stones that has been going on has been in persistently attached to the matter of significance to it utter disdain and many a times it is making some sort of irrelevant configuration and attainment of some dissimilar advantages. These are not to be done deliberately sometimes many persons has also some of the persistent gifts and the ideas insist in it  and they can suo motto prepare within span of some seconds to be excited and to be known to many so that these can have some sort if identical anomalies.
It is the favourite past time in the school to devise and to make up for the name and their abreactions as this has twice effect on the semantics of phonetics as on one side this can have some sort of friend language and it can only be known between the friends and also on the other hand this can have some other effect such as friends can be alerted when the teacher the science teacher especially venturing into the class and so that all ours class fellows will be alerted about it and everything will be normal at the class before the science teacher reached stormily into the class and the teacher must be sense something wrong in the class and the determination can be seen but we have been passionately following this and for this it is  time to beat the time and for this we have to break the semantics and clear and ferment the new phenomena in the sphere of something unknown and that too has the must have tendency to surpass the maximum and we have to consider the space and distance in between it.
Some times the class exercise teacher has been codenamed as the VOA the voice of America and for this we have to communicate with our friend circle about such that it can be known only to use and for this we have to manipulate and try to communicate these words in some other phonetic sense and with it ours phonetic sense has gone far and we do know some time how these can be considered and uttered in the manner only better known to us and to our friends. These are some of the child like pleasures that has been in the child and at the school and still undergoing this phenomena when we talk to each other at some of the interval when we do meet after prolonged gap or flying through some of the journey and meeting with each other by chance or at the spurt of the moment. (Word count: 1138…)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The digitalization effect on the music science

In the music industries so as in the popular film industries there is always the divide between the popular and the classical, it seems it the real divined among the continents. There seems to be always is the competitions between the legitimate musical industries and also among the not so legitimate industries where each of the professional is some other field can also participate and enjoy the real chants of music. In the legitimate industry there is every chance of particular way of thinking and the followers and the proportional passion developing to its core the way it is treated as such. In some streams they accept the digitalization and in some other streams they do not accept it as these are based mainly on some other aspects of life and its related relevance to these. These can be considered as the great digital divide and with it the parallel and the possible mongering with the facts goes on with it. This seems that many a times the legitimate industries are losing many opportunities and also the trivial matter over the not so legitimate ones. Many a time the generations next have the backing of the later and also as per the estimates the not so legitimate industries does have the income opportunities of more than thrice or quadruple that of the legitimate industries. We may know that the real parameter and also understanding is that the scholars will not appreciate this but this is the possible trend which is

going on and though many us not appreciate the fact that money is not the only parameter to judge the music but of so it is also can be very well appreciated that it is the one of the essential part of it due to high degree of cost of musical instrument and the experiment one has to do with it so as to make it more and more energetic and modern. On the other hand in the earlier days a person has to be technical in excellence to enter in this field but now the entire session is changing with the advent more and more other professional who can make experiments with their music so as to make it more and more interesting and according to the tunes of music and the contents related to it.
In the days of the modern era where the digitalization is playing a lot of role in defying the music as they can make or break the tones and the sequence as it is solely depends upon the person who can make the good music with it. It does not means how you make the music, if it is the constant hit then you are the hero in this field and the people will be mad at you in each and every performance and they will follow you at each and every instant. Take the case of the caller tunes where the entire song is set to be diverted to some thing remix to the tune of the user’s impedance and these can be very well be construed to be that this is the real fact of the matter that can be singularly precipitated to accept the fact over the matter. It may seems like that of some sort of admonition on the older generation but the fact of the matter is that due to this modern trends in music and its innovation and other scientific related entrances the old and the classics has been revived and then generations next is making it listen to it and that is the real parameters to seek and find the passion of music so much so that these can have the real mystic effect on it. Still, there are some times and many musicians also trying hard to make and blend the both the cultures of music’s so much so that one can not find the real difference among it and that is the case of the real world champions and that is why it is very easy to make it to such a perfect excellence so much so that the ultimate product that will be come out of it must be the real genius from it and these can have more that what we have thought of it.
Many a times many of us think of it as some of the faction music as that of the modern trend and that can be making of some sort of fashion and that can led to some sort of fad through some synchronization  of music and the path related to it is really engulfing to the tune of something that cannot be taken or can be ascertained to the fact that these are some of the common understanding and the possible parametric situations that can lead to some of the most possibilities that have significance understandings. This is also true that many a times the modern synthesizer failed to understand the real motive behind the work and how it is going on and how these can have possible interactions and the possible parametric understandings among is mainly the reason that can not be known for sure but the true fundamental understanding of it makes it the really passion to do it other wise the meaning of modern could have long drawn and bad propositions. Sometimes the moralistic meaning does not have more so significance because of some sort of bad chanting and other demonizing attitudes but the way musical industries is striving for some sort of very useless meaning of music that is hurting the ear through its some sort of unrealistic meaning and attitudes needs to be said that is the most pathetic circumstance to be means and to be used for it.
The adoption of modern technology is important and how to make it is also important and the final output should not be bad and sore to mind as with music the only condition is that it should relieve one’s heart and the mind and it must be best for us so that in the long term when it is to be used and meant to be used then it must employ some sort of possible passion so that the meaning of the most must come out of the precision so that the  listener heart must be rendering to the tunes and the symphony of the original song and even after ending of the music the listened must be vibrated with it and the sole purpose of the music must be solved with it other wise the purpose of the music and the tone and the enchant mechanisms attached with must be resolved with these fantastic parametric understandings. (Words count:1114…)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The value we attached to human life

We know there are plenty of problems do we have for the manned space mission and how to handle these and how to overcome to these problems can be a sheer headache to allow , that does not means that the manned space mission is coming to an end and we are deeply entered into the other part of space mission. Some say that the ultimate landing mission to the space journey is landing at the moon and for this our space work should stop but that does not means nothing more to it as the space exploration continuing till to date. The only problems with man is the age and the space exploration tends to be more than one hundred years and this does means that we have to depend upon generations but what about persons who are at space and they will not survive that long and this can be really some puzzling situations for scientists . The foreseeable reach cannot be conquered so the next is to depend upon robots and machines to achieve these objectives. There is the way forward due to the comparatively lower cost in attaining two successful Mars rover missions are the clear signs and indicators of the way forward we are going to the right mission. Robots will be our caretakers, and we can go with the hyper sleep, and for this we can venture and go to the far away planets. It is sure that we can do the space exploration
by proxy as no other means to do it, human beings have to calculate and find the way out to see and grab the opportunity that can go long way in achieving this and explore the space in due course of time.
It is for sure to build something at some planet needs to take huge monetary resources even as collegiums for counties can not bear the cost of travel which can be very well be described as most expensive journey for space planet. When we reach at some other planet we tend to believe that there we will have to built one favourable conditions so that the entire man kind which will be going there will survive as the basic need of human living must be done and that too be regenerated and with due course of time it will not end, so we have to prepare for the unending and eternal part of the process so that the entire journey can be covered for nearly one hundred years and carrying the mankind there and then to live and sustain for life. It can be considered that even the entire space journey be converted to gold with each square inch then also the profitability factor of entire space will not arise. This seems that it is the impossible frontier and mankind will not be able to conquer at all as they have to fight it with money, age of humans and the environmental factors. With the journey as much as distance as could with light years away from the scene there can be so much that of syndrome called as the cabin fever. This could led to irrational behaviour, restlessness, frustration, uncontrollable laughter and sometime even desire to jump to space and this could prove otherwise the mission to be a scenic and very difficult phase and for this the true identification of real strong mental personality needs to be analyzed and to be taken to real tough stress test so much so that they can stay at and within the space craft even if they have to stay there life long continuously. This journey could last for years and for many generations and this could prove to be a real dangerous phenomena and this emotional side of humans needs to be recognized fully so much so that in the latest stages it will not be of any misconstrued understandings. A two thousand Hollywood movie namely Pandroum explores this basic concept and this can be really the hardest fought brilliant journey and that can last for many generations.
Humans are rational animals and we do tends to attach the value effect in each and every phase of our life and there can be more to this side effect and how to attain this and how to compare it and manage it is the most exceptional part of this journey. This means many humans who will be the part of this mission will have to be failed in this journey as the last part of the persons must be the new or the next to new generation and for this the process and the thinking of the journey may be horrifying at some point of time. In the history of two biggest failed space mission in Challenger and Columbia claimed fourteen astronauts, this is not the small price to pay and if we go for the larger mission then there is heavy chance of failure in the very few attempts and there can be heavy toll on astronauts in the process and these pricing part will have to be think as the collectively front in the near future while calculating the real and the distance factor while making the space journey. Now the next part is the speed of the journey and how these can be achieved with this and the speediest known part of the space journey is that of speed of light. Till to day it is the true fact that we have not been able to build such the aircraft but if we at all built some day that speed of aircraft that can cross the entire space with some superior technology then the fact of the matter is that we will take more than hundred and thousand years to reach the places of significance and also the place where we tend to think that there is every chance of living being there and for this many a times this seems to be the real difficult factor to achieve this but still we have to be thinking about the inevitability. This means that it is the several life times in human terms and in many case it is the countless life times. There is some proposed solutions to this real problems that has been underlying to this crux situations is the hyper sleeping or cryogenic freezing of the human body that is the situation in such a way that the body to be put in the situation of suspended animation.  In these circumstances all the gradient and essential cell functions has been reduced to a deep basic level and when the destination is reached after so many years the body I then revived.
The second solutions is the generations of human breeds inside the spaced craft and there can be some bad side to it that of due to rays of cosmic can render them to infertility then the entire mission would fail in the mid way. How to maintain the functioning society and the how the offspring know about the deep sense of space exploration and there can be the revolt and the bad sides of disrupting the mission all together. We are proud of out earth and we know we have mastered it and the way we control the earth is significant. We do not know about the universe and the impending dangers when the space craft will fly into their territories , whether that will be the friendly one or the dangerous proposition no one can ever imagined of it for sure. In this long journey we need oxygen, water and endless supply of food till we arrive their and return from it. How to attain this very essential is need so that this journey can be completed with ease and attainment. What will be the effect of zero gravity on human body for so long and how they will incorporate these in the long term. If at all in between the journey these aspects can be very significant to the success of it as it can make or break this huge planned space journey. With journey the astronauts will find the reduction of bone density and difficulty in breathing and this can be fatal it continues for long. Now they can be protected from cosmic radiation as the ship hull can protect them from subzero temperature outside but the real cache is the cosmic radiation and it is not predictable. Space is full of unknown and not imaginable radiation and the journey is long and tiring and it is beyond generation and in front of there seems to be the endless vacuum that will remind them that perhaps they are going no where and endless to infinity.
Think of the distance we have been incorporating into to cross the galaxy parameter, on twenty fifth August two thousand three Mars was nearest to the earth and we are excite to see this, the distance is fifty six million kilometres and it is nearest in sixty thousand years. Here, we are talking about our nearest neighbourhood planet and still we are planning to cross the far away galaxies by going through the long distanced void space of the universe. We know the real good stuffs lies further in some other solar systems and some other galaxies. Ours nearest star Proxima Centauri is about four point three light years away. It is about forty three trillion kilometres. It is about one hundred ninety seven thousand nine hundred and twenty seven years, so think about exploring the space it could be more than generations of generation. How is to solve this so that we can go beyond further and will look for some new alternatives to human life. There are lots of space junks residing here and across the space and how to avoid while exploring the space as these could have been collided to the space craft and this could rip havoc on it. Think of the situation, while taking bath the little drop of water falling on you never hurts and even the rain drops it never, but while driving the bike it hurts and wile exploring the space even the smallest amount of chunk of derby is really going to be the pain for the space craft and how to survive this is the real challenge as we know the space is the junkyards of derbies and they are revolving more in and around the earth. So, it can even make a hole inside the space craft so this should be done so strong so that it will not harm it so much. So, we might be tempting to dream about how to explore the universe through out of our life but it is still seems to be the distance dream as there are many unanswered questions which is remaining unsolved and unanswered to the scientific communities .We have seen many sci-fi movies and novels but in actual it is not as easy as it had been made out to be as there are some real unanswered questions which remains to be unanswered still to date. Is this the real impossible frontier which is yet to explored, can we ? (Words used: 1866)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Embedded design

What does it mean in dictionary it does mean as enclosed firmly in a surrounding mass or Inserted as an integral part of a surrounding whole and then the design part it means make or work out of a plan or device or Plan something for a specific role or purpose or effect and so on. In modern technology it is related to smart phones and its inherent applications. Like most of the youngsters I am fond of cell phones and of late the smart phones as it is helping to work and to join with my friends and associates on the go and it is always on line and I can contact with my family at any time. It is not just about flaunting the gadgets but it is about keep reaching to the modern time with the help of these gadgets and make the phone a better place to know and wonder how these could be helping us in real times with more power in our palm tops than ever. It is like that we were going out but still we at home and also we have been staying here. As the technology student curiosity is always the fault I have been dealing with apart from writing about many subjects it is the real query that has been driving me to the umpteenth investigation to know more and more about the subject. The software design the functions and the anecdotes and the parameters and the environment in which
is its been operating is always fascinates to me and have the curiosity granted to me to get it know more and more .This is one of the many functions of embedded designing and to know more it is inside the article and more about it. It can be from your laptop, desktop, gaming console, microwaves, yours car anything that is related with some sort of software programming then you can make it or modify it to work better and perform faster, it is all about getting used to the system of how it works.
It is definitely a sun rise sector and it is best to known more about it so that the demand for this profession will be most and it is a definite thing that you will be demanded by the companies to make it most of it and that why it is of utmost significance to do it. For this you have to be good at electronic and communication engineering and all the data and related matters must be clear to you and there ought to be the real eagerness on the part of your to know more about the subject and you should not be blinded by the real bookish syndrome.  You will be starting your work from that of project manager or as the team leader and in that situation the design and the architect part will be the responsible for you. You will have to see which ladder you are fitting it in as one is the management ladder and the other is the technology ladder the most inspiration part is solely based on your and you have to choose which part you will have to choose it from. In seven years time you can rich with hand some salaries at the very beginning your salary may be at the entry level. You will have the possibility to reach to the level of vice-president at its peak and for this your concentration and career and also the peak and the growth you will be in is the matter and that should be the real parameters you will be in.
It alls starts with the new chip and the software embedded within it and it is the sheer matter of fact that the chip and the software both in case of hard ware and the software must be getting into good look . The production of the chip is the starting point of the innovation and later on other side of work like that of through different circuit boards and that can be used and employ for variety of work zones like that of pieces of medical equipments . it requires the fascinating and complex tools to unite and operate and then suggested the functions within it through the inner mechanisms by employing electronic digital automation and understanding the technology to use it for the day to day life and putting together all at once to manage it more wonderful and sophisticated ways. It is about designing the new software and then putting together hardware around it. The scope of this field is vast as it is been a five billion dollar industry all around the world and its scope is increasing day by day to unimaginable ways and proportions.
It will be more demand after the recession and the down side market trends due to the fact that due to recession the demand for the home appliances are on the decline and after the recession these demand will be higher but people will look for more and more sophisticated designed products and also want to have it the next generation products and that can only be possible with the advent of new and scientific chips which can not only perform multi taking and also can regulate electricity and the load on the system and these can have more and more significant value on the price after the recession. These can have more wonderful work around like that of getting the power from sun, water and thus reducing the cost of production on the customers and these can have similar approach just like that of what the electricity is being doing to these devices. These can be called as the chips of the future and these can have the vital role to play in increasing the productivity of the services and the companies and can get the cutting edge over the existing competitors. With the science of motion gaming at hand these can have the real opportunity to control and manage it into the smother and fascinating ways to under stand the wheels of motion in terms of real and practical ways. It is all about finding the definitive products in the ultimate marketing sense and the differentiation factor is embedded into it. S the consumer we always look for the uniqueness and for this the real parameters is being to find and then utilize it and how these companies will find the uniqueness and just for  the slogan for the sake of the consumers. So, it is the chip that is making the differentiation and so hence it is the chief designer that plays the more and more real and confident role in designing this and thus the importance of chip designers has been on the prominence.
There different classification of these chip design career and for this the following can be of immense and importance help. The one part belongs to the chip designing and development and the second part belongs to embedded product design industry and the third part belongs to electronic design automation tools. The most famous among all these is the embedded software but there is always demand for more and more design engineers and for this it is better to have clear cut and good understanding on all these subjects. First and foremost it is better to have the degree in electrical and communication engineering and develop your sound knowledge with that of mathematics, physics and electronics. Grab the additional knowledge on some other basic parameters on VHDL and EDA and also get additional and updated knowledge on design tools and the process of evolving. It is all about keep evolving and continue your knowledge and update it through various sources to get it most of it, It is better to get into your ability to design the most complex parameters and also the related entries like that of patience as sometimes the design part can become reality within these it can take years passed on to it and for this the real syndrome is to get evolving and make the most of it. There are constant innovation that is required and hence there is the constant source of growth and it is of significant importance is that you must be going with according to time and design parameters and it is important to update your knowledge base form time to time. (Words count 1405…)

Friday, July 20, 2012

How to reverse heart disease?

Heart disease is very deadly disease and its consequences are very difficult as it is nearly fatal. The prominent part is obesity and in order to reduce this most people had gone under the knife that is planning for operation and also in order to improve heart most of them had gone for heart surgery. In the routine stress test where your husband or father will have to sign for the responsibility in case anything goes out of hand and also the test is itself is very tenuous to find out the root cause of heart and its consequences. Most of the times if you does have some problems with your legs and its ligaments then in case you go for the long stress test then it can be given rise to your osteoarthritis so be careful while doing the test. But if you have heart problems and also related to ti then you will have to do it otherwise how can the doctor will able to know that you have any such difficulty in your heart. It is therefore imperative to take this test and to know the health of your heart. Heart is our body structure is second most important part or organ after the brain. You will not want to be in for the bypass surgery as with it the pain and other factors and most important the risks attached to it. It is always better to have a good and comfortable life style as after the
surgery you could be faced with strict diet schedule and other boiled foods to eat and live. Why one should eat so much so that after the disease is developed one has to leave all and only eat the basic fruits, this is not good so for this one has to go for strict life style so that he can continue with good food habits all throughout in one’s life time. This article will stress upon the fact about all these subject and try to enlighten the readers about how to build a good life and how to stay healthy and happy devoid of all the bad diseases.
Stressful, sedentary lifestyles, diabetes and heart diseases are the major cause of coronary heart disease and it gets the chunk of life and for this one has to be attentive and to know the risk involved it and how to remove those risk is the principal point of concern and actions for all of us. Bad habit is always bad and that can make one feels sick after going through this article but it is not right that one should feel alarmed and go out of the way that it cannot be removed and cannot be patched. Certainly with good and discipline life style these can be patched and everything can be brought to the line. Panic can be increased with the report of angiogram, angiography or surgery but it should be remembered that it is not late, if one is alive then it is the time which is been granted to and that is why one should grab it with both the hands and make the life discipline and advantageous.  Here, we do have the choice to live and this is the positive which one has to see and catch it. If you are not preoccupied with pain and other forms of symptoms ten you can with the advice of doctor get rid of the entire surgery and part cad can have a good and routine life to stay healthy as always. It has been scientifically and methodically observed that the alternation of life style and the foodie habits can always change the risk attached d with heart diseases and it is the best medicine you should be relying into.
Kill the oil and live for long and also with discipline life style by removing all the alcohols and other bad and nasty habits you can in the long run control your heart. It is true that your heart is not prepared to filter the cigarette or other alcohols it is better to understand that and be prepared for it. With it the cholesterol, hypertension can be reduced to the drastic forma and with it you can reduce the risk of heart disease. It is so simple and you just have to follow the basic guidelines and reduce the oil at first there will not be so taste with this process but with due course of time it will be your habit and with full course you will feel better and more happier with this disciplined life style. You can make add on to this habit with the increase of regular exercise and morning walk and this can make your life some add on to the progress and you feel better with each and every part of it. It will keep your mind fresh and reenergizes and that will also make healthy your heart and also as a result of this the blockages inside the coronary arteries will be cleared automatically.  One has to go for free diets and how can one go for it. There are many books written world wide but the ingredients used there can be some times not available or if it is then it is of very high cost so that all will not afford it. We know that most of the diets start with heavy oils and that can be very sweet to mouth but not to the body. It is better to soak all the basic ingredients of recipe and then fry one time small spoon of better oil to make it foodie so that the resources will be there and the taste will be almost there for you and the health factor is attached to it as if you continue to do is such the way then in the long run yours all the problem will be slowly vanished and your food habit will continue as per your pleasure and happiness. You can boil the onions and other ingredients such as ginger on medium heat prior to coking. Wile cooking do not fry the mustard or green chilies instead fry them and then add them to the cooked food so that no other extra oil is attached to it and with it can be very delicious with the add-on of all the essential ingredients of the dish. In this way you can get the real aroma of the dish with the natural and other ingredients attached to it devoid of high oil.
You will find there is no significant decrease of test in these dishes and also you can put to rest to some of the nuts, coconuts, egg yolks, yogurt and fat milks. With it you can also reduce eating pickles and processed ingredients add on pests so that through each and every fonts your body will be safe and secure. You can eat barley, millets as these are complex carbohydrates which takes very fat time to digest inside the body and keep the hunger out of the body to be secure and safe. Fruits and green vegetables are plus and you can vouch for these as these can augment your body with plenty of essential ingredients and they are friendly heart and mind. Do not starve, eat healthy sans the oil and eat foods that can have good amount of carbohydrates so that you will not be hungry within little period of time. With morning walk, and good diet regime your weight loss will happen and then your excellent parameters of all your body will be attached with it. So, in this way you do not have to worry about your eight as it can you’re your weight and it is like that of delegating the power of your weight to your good and disciplined food habits. Last not the least it is imperative to check all these advices with your doctor and physician and take advice from them from this article reference and then suggest and make your diet plan in front of your doctor and then you can go with it. (Word count…1352)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Manner of acting or controlling yourself

The way you behave in social circle is of prime importance and how these can influence the others can be of very significant and pertinent manner and that can convert into some good or some bad relationships and these should be well taken into consideration. The way you behave is of prime importance and how can you go into these subjects drive way the particular concern in which you can think of it or the manner of significant can be converted at you something unexpected. You do not know how the situations can be overdrive at you and how these can bring about shuttle change in relationships in pushing it far beyond, in fact to the imaginative levels. The level of one satisfaction and other’s perception of matter can only be measured but these are some thing which can not be judged and time and again the way you ignore one person and making it the matter worse as it seems that the whole world is behaving such way. It is true that mine cannot be changed but the other impression on others can have many varieties of symbolic effects with the bondages of relationships going awry with times and the variety of spontaneous singularity is giving the matter more badly than you can think of. Is it that part of the personality is going away and with each passing of times the decaying process is stating sooner or later and does we not bale to singular the view of
perception and the inner motivation is slowly and step by step is removing from it and in the process it is like the burning of woods without smoke and still no sign of it. The ignominy and the behavioural syndrome is slowly making the matter worse and with it the everyday burning of heart is pampering to the age and that can give way for certainly the manner in which the personality is being abused day by day and since long it is very difficult to stating and some day the day will come when that will leave this umpteenth pain and then the others will realize the important of it and how it is very useful and how these can have many spooning importance on the significance of life. Life is beautiful but it is the emotions and the related abusing and other surmounting behavioural aspects is always pounding to the innocent heart and that is why it is always nice to be good otherwise with the daily bad behaviour can have very short term ad immediate effect on it and it is advisable to be good at it. The fantastic bearing is the possible of bad attitude and the related cognizance of attributes and the way all these been stimulant to than activities of prominence the path to be bring into the inherent cohesions and the extra ordinary solemn tune can be going into something which only the after math of it can survive it.
It is right to control your anger or something that is looking to be rude and it is better to be control it even if you feel the other way. You know these can have of surplus and difficult circumstances but the way you have to choose to control your talk is significance proportions. These can have very bad effects on your health and ultimately you will be the sufferer but there are times when you will have to behave at their discretion though you know every time you cannot feel the same way and the discretionary power also cannot be used all the time. You know you could not suppress yourself to these matters but you will have to as with it you would be surviving as this is of significant importance is that you control your speech even though you know that you are behaving it properly. All these suppressions of thoughts and voices can have very depressing effect on your mind and that can reduce your mind more to a very awkward syndrome that can have very bad effects and these can have particularly very bad for your heart and mind so be careful but you know there are some circumstances where you will have to suppress yourself and going to highest level of elasticity to make you mould which other wise you will not. These will make your heart pumping more and more blood to it and making it worse than that you feel and these can have very catastrophic effect and you will be reaching at a stage where you can not go further and the elasticity bounces and that can have more and more tripling effect attached to it.
This is not good at all and this syndrome should be recognized by near and dear one and they should act wisely and carefully in dealing with it. Try to make the happy ending instead of sad and sorrow findings. You should know as near and dear ones that how it is been going on and how your behaviour is affecting the mental balance and making it more and more imbalance so that one day everything can be over. It is not too late, it is better than never; it is always advisable to see how it is feeling. The matter of self consciousness and pride cannot override personal feelings, these should see the how empathetic in your dealing with these situations. I know with parents weight you cannot say when two siblings are at war and especially one sibling is always harassing the other with some bad mounted words and also the way it is not been done but it is been accepted as the fact of being not gratitude, these are some of the special circumstances which all should be particularly with more attentive eye should look at it.  Believe it or not if you will not be good at words then it is sooner or later, it can have very serious repercussions with your child as all these can have the burnt of years into it and with it slowly our child can have the deepest sense of depression and sliding towards the anonymity which as well can have imagined. All these cannot be the passing moments; these are some of the real importance parameters which we will have to bring into action. It is the time to rebuild and take appropriate good humour otherwise there will be the stiff sense of it bad health and then the sever heart and other related conditions.
The person which try to make the things calm is always been surmounted by deep sense of depression and that can have long standing effect as slowly and sharply it will make it sink to the obscurity and that can have very tantalizing effect in bearing all these phenomena and these can lead to the stiff paralysis of thoughts and mind. Brain will think that it is making the matter worse for all the others and slowly it will try to control itself and making the entire process the medium to slow in its running parameters and thus the ever trying happenings will cease to exist one day due to running of late all the time. The silence first come to the mouth then to the mind and that slowly runs through all the streams of organs and that is making the process more and more slow and unimaginable and with it the entire syndrome will simply fall into grace and one day when others will realize this that will be the too late for them. They can not revive it and then they will see that it is slowly going into the decaying process by leaving all near and dear ones to obscurity. Only then the other part of journey will began, though how sensitive to their actions built still they are being overwhelmed by all these pathetic synonyms which they cannot control or emancipate. The mind cannot return and the eyes will be soured by the past and its related tears but it cannot come as it has crossed and transcends all the boundaries leaving all the relationships and now selling through to the paradise to see the real world. Whether he could or not it is the matter of other question but the real part of journey and the sad will be over. Them signs will be there wit the near and dears but the real phenomena will never return.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Basel framework on capital adequacy

The Basel Committee was established as the Committee on Banking Regulations and Supervisory  Practices by the Central Bank Governors of the Group of Ten countries  at  the end of 1974  in the aftermath  of serious disturbances in International  Currency and Banking markets. The first meeting took place in February, 1975 and meetings have been held regularly three or four times a year  since.
The Committee’s  members come from Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland , U. K. & U.S.A. The committee does not possess any formal transnational supervisory authority. Rather, it formulates broad supervisory standards &  guidelines  and recommends statements of best practices in the expectation that individual  authorities will take steps to implement those which are best suited to their own national systems.
The Committee reports to the Committee of Central Bank Governors of the group of ten Countries, which meets at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and seeks the Governor’s endorsement and commitment for its major initiatives.
The topic to which most of the Committee’s time has been devoted in recent years is capital adequacy. A Capital measurement system was released to the Banks in July 1988. However, it was not intended to be static but to evolve over time. In November 1991, it was amended to give clarification of general provisions  which could be included in capital. In April 1995, it issued an amendment to recognise the effects of bilateral netting of bank’s credit exposure in derivative products. Another
task has been to refine the frame work to address risks other than credit risk, which was the focus of the 1988 accord. In January 1996, the market risks arising from bank’s open positions were incorporated.
Basel framework on capital adequacy
In addition to the work on capital standards, particular supervisory questions which the Committee has addressed include the supervision of bank’s foreign exchange positions, the management of banks international lending (i.e. country risk ), the management of bank’s off –balance –sheet exposures, the prevention of criminal use of the banking system, the supervision of large exposures, risk management  guidelines for derivatives and the management of interest rate risk . Other topics currently being addressed include the supervision of financial conglomerates, risk management issues relating to reporting, disclosure and accounting. In 1997, the Committee has also preferred a set of “ Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision”
The Committee’s Secretariat is provided by the BIS in Basle, where nearly all the committee’s meetings take place. From 1997 onwards, Basel Committee has  taken initiative to address the rigidities in 1988 Capital Accord by evolving a comprehensive and risk- sensitive  New Basel Capital Accord. In June 1999, it issued a paper on New Capital adequacy framework and a second revision in January 2001. The paper is open for discussion and comments till March 2002 and it is expected that the final accord will come into effect by 2005. The new proposals, once finalised, will replace the 1988 capital adequacy framework. The New Accord provides a range of options for providing capital, which would facilitate banks with varying degrees of sophistication to adopt appropriate methods with supervisory validations.
Due to the rapid transformation of the financial market since the 1988 accord, a situation has arisen where regulatory capital alone may not be a good indicator of the financial condition of banks. It is therefore essential that the capital, which supervisors mandate the institutions to hold, should be adequate to cover the risks to which the institutions are exposed. The new framework is based on three pillars. The three pillar approach will suitably enhance the role of supervisors on the one hand and the ‘market’ on the other, in ensuring that the regulated entities maintain adequate capital at all times with reference to their risk profile. 
The First Pillar – Minimum Capital Requirements
The Minimum Capital Requirements are composed of three fundamental elements: a definition of regulatory capital, risk weighted assets and the minimum ratio of capital to risk weighted assets. While the definition of regulatory capital remains unchanged, there are considerable refinements in the risk weights as also in the calculation of the ratio.
Under the new accord, the denominator of the minimum capital ratio will consist of three parts: the sum of all risk weighted assets for credit risk, plus 12.5 times( reciprocal of 8% minimum risk-based capital ratio) the sum of the capital charges for market risk and the operational risk. The multiplicatory factor of 12.5 has been introduced in order to enable banks to create a numerical link between the calculation of capital requirement for credit risk, where the capital is based on the risk weighted assets and the capital requirement for operational and market risks, where instead capital charge itself is calculated directly.
Regulatory Capital
------------------------                     = Desired Capital Ratio
Risk weighted        12.5(Market + Operational)
Asset for Credit        Risk        Risk
The regulatory requirements cover three types of risks, viz, credit, market and operational risk. To improve risk sensitivity, the committee is proposing a range of options for addressing credit and operational risks. The committee has decided to treat interest rate risk in the banking book under Pillar II.
Credit Risk

The Committee proposes to permit banks a choice between measuring credit risk in a standardised  manner or use their internal rating systems.
A – The Standardised Approach

The Committee has modified the treatment of banks’ exposures to Sovereigns, Banks and Corporate by providing more than one risk bucket under each category of exposure. For example, for corporate lending, the existing Accord provides only one risk bucket of 100% but the New Accord will provide four categories ( 20%, 50%, 100% & 150%).
In determining risk weights, banks may use assessment by External Credit Assessment Institutions(ECAIs)/ Export Credit Agencies(ECAs) recognised by the national supervisor. The committee is examining the capital treatment of credit risk mitigation techniques e.g. collateral, credit derivatives or netting agreements.
B – The Internal Rating Based Approach

Bank would be required to categorise assets in the six broad classes – Corporate, banks, sovereigns, retail, project finance and equity.  Further, on the basis of a specified and distinct  set of rating criteria, loans would have 6-9 borrower grades.  The bank’s assessment of capital adequacy would be linked with the internal ratings.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do God exist ?

With increasing importance of science and slowly moving towards the secrets of evolution and the existence God particles gives significance proportion of semantically secretive question does God exists? Whether we are going towards a phenomenon that one day can we find the traces of whether God exists and can we find this evidence in our life times and if we found it then what will be the implication on society. Should we nearer to find the source of God, will one day we can achieve this inevitable. Let us throw some lights in this interesting subject.  The question is Higgs-Boson found then what, what will be the next course of action for scientists. A lot of scientists in fact disappointed with the result. This discovery definitely worth of winning the highest award Nobel but the result of this experiment gave something different and unexpected that even scientists in the highest regard never expected.  This seems some sort of hide and seek game the old snake and ladder game where the main constituents are still hidden. It seems in some way that no ne could fly or hanging in some place like that of super man and the mystery all behind this is still not traceable. It needs to employ the heavy duty tech like that of thermal imaging , night vision cameras , ground penetrating radar needs to be deployed but still some experiment left some where in between. All concept came from the standard model of particle physics which

was almost fifty years old being propagated by Higgs and this defines how the observed forces in the universe propagates. If it is to be taken seriously then this model also have missed out many particles and that has been over the years been discovered. All particle will be there with the speed of light and also been bind by atoms and molecules. The rest of the subatomic particle will have no mass.
Higgs field acts like that of cosmic molasses and that slows down the cosmetic sub atomic particles and give them respective masses according to the degrees of slow downs. What effect does it reflect after it from years to years the researchers concentrates more experiments on particle accelerators and colliders that give way to more and more costly and financially huge expenditure with ten billion dollar world wide with participants from all over the world the scientist at CERN and the result from all this high expenditure is that “I think we have it”. This gives the impression that there is no foregone conclusion to this experiment and it is obvious that the result is not satisfactory. Most physicists realized that the discovery is undoubtedly extraordinary achievement and attracts more and more attention but in the same way it also stress on the fact that it is not the new one as this is obvious and most of them new it even from the slightest understanding of the subject. The conclusion that the missing elements needs to be found and the dark matter which consists of more than seventy five percentages of universe needs to be identified.
Do God exist
There can be the two way in this road ahead situation and the first thing is that every thing known and now it is the foregone conclusion so let us stop this high expenditure experiment. The second path and the term is to find the dark matters which has the tendency to make invisible the skin and thus the invisibility occurs can it happen this all is the hide and seek game as scientist Hawkins just described and it is up to the world to get in to action whether to enter into this ever not solved phenomenon to find the God particles of stay out of it. It is not very easy to take the decision but the scientist will have to do it as it is ever fascinating phenomena where the more you attract and the more you go into the experiment and still there is no trusted value that you will be getting into something wonderful and unexpected. The unexpected might be say that they have found someday some thing unexpected with that of the colour of the skin which can make invisible then it is really the fascinating phenomena which are going on and it is the same age old snake and ladder game which is being entrusted upon. Most of the physicists have believed that the discovery of particle by this experiment is something very significant and enterprise achievement but they also feel slightly underwhelmed.. Nothing new in it and no dazzling insights it is only a zero punch.
Some physicists also questions the basic model of Higgs and also the experiment  as this seems that with this huge experiment nothing new has been discovered. Scientists hope that at the end of the experiment they will find something more fundamental stresses of masses of particle that will forward physics in more so practical and justifiable way and will be nearer to masses. In the end nothing new and wonderful happens it is only the same theory. This experiment to some scientist seems to be simple and symmetric yet some are more and more hopeful and energetic and hoping to be surprise by this experiment one day and they are more positive to this vast experiment. Higgs-Boson experiment with much hype and also related to divine hype but simply just not made to the bigger league and it needs to be taken more and more seriously to understand it.
In the very beginning of the universe there was void and vacuum and at that time no space, no time, no water and so on everything is empty there. Laws of nature stresses on the fact that due to this vacuum place the universe begin to originate and this is the perfect understanding of the fact that this is the start of the evolution of man kind which is always be the most difficult possibility. According to scientist it is always absurd to call the particle as God particle as it is like the any other particle that is in sub atomic realm. Through this the true understanding of nature can be inhibited from it. The important is the physical matter and which is most significant and respected. Laws of nature is already is in place and what the science is searching for what already created and to find the specific routine plan of action that is underlying this specific mind of the creator. The entire physical manifestation is in state of continuous dance.
The laws of the nature is already is in place and what the science is discovering the path in which the creator have made it the continuous motion. It is also true that the discussion related to this will go for ever and it will be the hide and seek motion with scientists as at one side they will fell they are nearer to this and at the same time the second path which will persistently address the basis ignominy to stay away from it. This process is perpetual and repetitive so this can be many times some sort of harnessing and not finding the real solution to the matter let be do what ever available means to achieve this. Here this seems obvious that there is building some sort of similarity between the science and the philosophy which is forever is portraying this aspect of creation and the creativity. Science is the result of intuitions and philosophy is the persistent correlation of sages and peers with high degree of investigation based on different aspect of life and humanity. It is also true that almost all scientific discoveries are covering the aspects and the basic instincts of human life that has at all no effect on man and it various understandable attributes. The quest must be to enter into creator’s mind otherwise it can be the same age old wild goose chase and the result and the attributes will never be same again. We need to be aware of the fact that our thoughts ,priorities , policies, budgets and investments needs to be taken care fully and must align with the creation itself and that will be the ultimate well being of the creator itself.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emerging Optical Technology Infographic

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Glasses have come a long way since they were first invented. Glasses replace or supplements the most vital organ of human that is the eye and for this the continued inventions and diagnosis have reached us to an umpteenth height so that in the near future we can achieve the inevitable. The front runner in this champion work is Emerging Technology Info Graphic. Eye is the essential part of human senses and suddenly one day you feel that letters are not legible like before or something hazy while driving or some intimidated headache going on for some time making you feel not only embraced in some circumstances but also making your vital times lost in that way. You are feeling like that of eyes are losing the moistures and it is getting the feeling of nervous and unable to relax. Then you think of an eye examination and then appointment with physician. While writing this article it seems so far relates to me as since child hood I have been using glasses and while preparing for this article and write up I am able to know some of the brightest glasses from the company of Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals and also it is relating to its some of rarest innovation in the field of glasses like that of augmented reality in contact lenses for health, bionic vision for blinds and Google Glass projects which has been many ways related to this.

It is the Emerging Technology Info Graphicwhich employs the up to the immediate present modern stuffs, manufacturing and marketing systems and has been done with precision with direct from factory implementations. What matters most in terms of cost of production is that there is no middlemen, no retail outlets and almost no advertising expenditure and it all depends upon the clients and with the support  of clients in general Emerging Technology Info Graphichas been on the rise and it is doing the business as successful as ever. The satisfied customers are spreading the viral marketing aspects and with these parameters and the word of the mouth everything is raising the respect and the market for Emerging Technology Info Graphic. It sells only the own manufactured produced in a large scale industrial operation brand Zenni and it does not sell other brands and also the cost of glasses are not so expensive.

Apart from the glasses there is also trend for beautiful fashioned and styled eye glasses and people opt in for this to increase the value point of their appearances. Apart from this Emerging Technology Info Graphicalso very serious on prescription eye glasses which is vital for the eye patients and it does need greater degree of precision in glass cutting so that patient eye stay secure and also it can have very special effect on health of eye. The prescription eye glasses are made of durable and good quality so that it will be of a good feeling to the patient eye and also the cost factor is always inexpensive so that it can have the soothing effect on the patients in terms of economical point of view. With Emerging Technology Info Graphiccustomers select frames suitable for their life style and also recommended cots that to be done with it. There is also option for customers who want the customized frames they can suggest the opticians and these can be done for them. It is all about customer satisfactions and getting their faith in building the long term relationships with each other. It is not about building of businesses but it is about spreading the good work at affordable prices that can get the customer satisfaction to a very high level. Here at Emerging Technology Info Graphicopticians repair glasses and also teach the customers the safety guidelines involved with it. Opticians also simultaneously perform the different commercial and industrial enterprise tasks of attaining to various customer records and keeping up the inventory so that they will be always available each bits and pieces of glasses, frames and stylish glasses to customers.

For many a pair of stylish glasses never ever is the endurances and it is always need to be taken care in many ways to compliment expressing praise and admiration for this. All these Emerging Technology Info Graphicglasses are very high quality products and with long-lasting, safety and comfort with sound judgment that you have the financial means for. This is the important decision to be made because it is always the first thing to be noticed on the person and also the first impression is the last impression. Polarized sun glasses comes in the category of stylish glasses which is clinically designed to prevent the reflection from the water, snow and glass windshields and also it proves to be nice especially in case of high degree of moisture in the climate as due to it specialized polarized glasses it is able to remove all these clutters in the sunglasses. Light wave’s moves in the horizontal direction and in the polarized stylish glasses the light waves move in vertical ways and for this the strain of light on the eye reduced drastically. Go for ultra violet protective polarized sun glasses to protect you from the bad effect of sun. If you drive, boat, snow ski, water ski, fish, golf or bike or play baseball or tennis then you should seriously think of polarized stylish glasses.

Augmented reality in contact lenses:

It is like that of science fiction invents the future and it is again the improbable is happening and getting into the reality. The future of amazing emerging optical technology infographic from Zenni Optical is very bright and it is no doubt that with the advent of technology like that of Google Glass and augmented reality through contact lenses and in which Zenni Optical is blending this technology and surging ahead and the bright side at the end of the tunnel is always clearly visible. It is the new evolution in the spectacles. It is also true that human eye is the glaring example of optimum spectacle, it automatically adjusts to sun shine or at the dark side and then it can view the longest distance and the shortest distance. It can access any screenshot with the blink and it is blazing fast and it is faster than that of fastest internet speed of the world. There are examples of many science fictions where the protagonists gone for electronic motivated glass rather than the computer generated glass to see the events. These were now fictions and at the time of writing they seems to be a long and narrow imagination but now the contact lenses with electrons attached to it is becoming the reality. These are powered wirelessly with RF and soon the more advance version of this technology will be in action. Traditional contact lenses are polymers and are constant and they can correct the particular vision troubles and they have been doing excellently with this. Augmented reality in contact lenses has control and integrated circuit with small antenna attached to it. Then these will integrate hundreds of LEDs that can forma and formulate one hundreds of different analyses images in front of eye. A separate portable device will really all this to the nearer to eye and most of these LEDs will give the transparent images and for this

These lenses are not complex at all, they can be of one pixel and with it they can aid the hearing impaired persons and also can aid the players in video gaming situations. It can offer the visual clues and vital statistics to the navigational systems and also it can have the good functionality for prevention of accidents in case of trains and other essential services. In this manner it can evolve and create a whole net world of information not relating to physical vision and that can aid and also give the vital information in terms of impending weather and rush of crowds also many more significant statistics. With these advanced glass system there is also long term planning to monitor the specific glucoses of the persons and with it the basic glucose parameters can be checked and known and the person concerned will always be conscious of it. This in the long term will minimize the tests and people will be more careful as they themselves can observe the trend of their glucose and other related medical information. It can monitor the cholesterol, sodium, and potassium levels and the physician can take the entire details of it and then can prescribe the medicine. What is the prime is that the result will be fast as you no longer have to go for long and strenuous waiting period of diagnosis and also the results the physician will be getting can be more of more actual statistics with lots of more day to day and month to month related records and that can give more precise descriptions of your practical diagnosis. With the advent and implementation of single-crystal silicon transistors, radio chips, antennas, diffusion resistors, LEDs, and silicon photo detectors with nano- technologies these multi purposes single lenses has been particularly helpful in detecting the real value and parameters of these particulars and single multi purposes lenses.

zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)

It is always an acceptable argument is to see the light and with it to see the nature but to see more of it and more than what the physical world can be seen with normal eye is the work of wonders and that has been done with many precision by Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals. Human eye does not need high degree of flash or bright light to sense the picture, it can sense the picture and then the mind scans and knows to the body about that screen shot even in the dark areas. In cases of augment reality lenses the two ways approach is being considered through active and passive pixel management technologies. Images will be pushed away from the cornea. Micro lenses will be used as the focus detectors. Spacing a pixel and a micro lens 360 micrometers will be a good space to push the virtual images into the eyes. The other way to push images to the eye is to employ the scanned laser beams that are very substantial in nature. One advantage of this method as with this the need to use the micro lenses is completely eliminated. The bad side of this method is that some time the scanned laser images that are pushed to the use may be more sort of narrower ones that can distract the user. Last not the least the readers should see this info-graphic from Zenni Optical and also know this great functionality in action and also encourage them to go for Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals website to find the finest for of glasses and also do not forget to see the everyday discount prices and offer in their website.

By using the stylish glasses you can protect your eyes from infrared technologies as we know that our eye need fewer lights to see the objects and it is our duty to protect our eyes from sun rays and other impending moving natural distracting agents. With Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals can turn any glasses into sun glasses. It has easy to clean and no fingertips inside the lenses. It has prescription lenses with as low as $6.95 and it is suitable for eyes.  All glasses from Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals include free anti scratch coating , thin and light index single vision lens, free ultra violet lens  with protective lens and free to use microfiber cleaning cloth. There are also additional options with some extra and add on prices does include progressive lens, premium anti glare coating, sunglass tint, oleophobic fingerprint resistant available at lower prices as add-ons to these lenses. For women that are exclusively made for you to suit at your appearances, the glass style will suit your performance and appearances and it will suit and fit according to you. You can opt for single, bifocal and progressive lenses and all are very decently priced. With the advent of smart phone people who have prescribed glasses can vouch for more and more beautiful and stylized smart phone. With the advent of Google’s new project Google Glass the use of lenses and it related technologies is getting upper hand and people also believe it and starting to make it believe in some or other ways. Is the brand new idea can be called as the innovative or the innovation in the making? What is the importance of past conventions and its related technological excellence in the past lives is it going to be really the technological excellence or the smoother part of it is going to help in what way and in which manner? It is the combination of the new idead and the old ideas and then making it a beautiful presentation to supplement these. With these innovative products backed by Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals the future is surely gaining the most of the ground. With these modern and innovative technologies within fifteen years there will be blood sugar sensors and also there will be monitoring systems to watch the cholesterol, sodium, and potassium levels that can be sent directly to a doctor through wireless data transmitter. In this way technology is being pushed forward with the society at large making it move closer to get back the realty smarter technology that can bring the smart moves to enable the real understanding of technology.

It is always important to get your eyes examined so that the prescribed glasses can be utilized for health of eyes. Most adults have a PD between 53 and 70, and children will be between 41-55 . The pupilary distance is sixty millimeters. The negative number is that you are near sighted and the positive side is far sighted and also other related attributes can be checked into. There are different lenses like that of Cyl and Axis , Extra Strength , NV-Add , Seg Height , Multi-focal prescriptions , Single vision distance only , Single vision computer glasses , Multi-focal Computer/Desktop glasses , Prism Corrections  and all these will be diagnosed and then it can be prescribed according to your diagnosis.

The glasses from Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals are designed for men to find a style that is made for you.

How to order:
To order prescription glasses make sure that the prescription is available with you. Then, upload your image to the Zenni Frame Fit™ system to suit the newer frame to your face. In the website of Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals you can find the detailed instruction of how to use this feature in correct way. It is better to open your account and save the images for future uses. You can browse this picture from My Images menu. Then, go to the left navigation forum and they fill the prescription and PD from it. Then go to Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals
  Zenni Frame Fit™ title for instructions. If you want to resize the photos or any other information then you can choose the resize button to start all over it again. Try the first four digits of the numbers of the color to known the colors of the frames. You can hit the try on button to get the review of the frame to see the screen shot of the frame in action. Even at the product pop up box you can try and see the product there also before applying for it. The frame number will appear at the upper right corner to know the number. Here you can choose different faces and the frames to suit which one for you. Then, go to the order button of the selected frame to go to the order page. Enter your prescriptions type, PD and lenses you own in the selected field. You can go for add-ons many are free and some are not free and are available at very low prices and then you can watch the overall prices from configured price list. After finalizing all these then click on Add to Cart button. You can go for extra add-ons like that of as tint, anti-reflective coating, or clip-on sunshades before opting for add on cart button. This is the wonderful presentation on evolution of spectacles!

Google is building and creating a new technology that will help the user to explore many frontiers within glass. Google video released points out that “A man wanders around the streets of New York City, communicating with friends, seeing maps and information, and snapping pictures. It concludes with him video-chatting with a girlfriend as the sun sets over the city. All of this is seen through the augmented-reality glasses.”

Bionic Vision Australia is a consortium association of companies for some definite purpose is designing and deliberating upon the ideas to create bionic eye that can supplement blinds for their eye and it is aiming to restore the vision of the blinds or low vision people. It can be very much helping for the persons those who have age related muscular degeneration in their eyes. A microchip will be implanted into the retina and then a camera is attached to a pair of glasses, that can transmit high frequency radio signals to stimulate the cells of retina and the radio cells. It activates the optic nerve and then processes these into brain where they are making sense of images. In this way the lost functional visual pathway from retina to brain is activated again and the person able to see the world again. So, this proves that in recent future we have noticed from two innovative ideas one is the augmented reality which can be a personal medical planner and the second is Google Glass project and Bionic vision which will solve the real mystery of blindness or approximate blindness. With Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals is building and also contributing in all these projects the future of stylish glassess, prescribed glasses and also eye lenses the future is bright and all will be in our eye picked distance.

zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)

You can look at some of the fantastic deals on Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals
 Website!A medium narrow light weight extremely durable full-rim frame. This frame retains its shape well. This medium grey full-rim children's frame has a slightly retro look, in stainless steel. The wide grey front temple arms narrow to a black plastic encased temple tip. Spring hinges. A medium narrow light weight extremely durable full-rim frame. This frame retains its shape well. All these products are available within twenty five dollars with lots of functionalities. The Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals is offering everyday low prices on excellent eye wears. They are on excellent price list and all glasses lasts for double time a definitive and wonderful occurrence and prescription for customers.  In their website you can go for variety of options and also look for promotions and discounts to get more of it in Emerging Technology Info Graphicfrom Zenni Opticals  and it is a win situation for you.


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