Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shortenings of words

An abbreviation (from Latin brevis, meaning short) is a shortened form of a word or phrase. Usually, but not always, it consists of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase. For example, the word abbreviation can itself be represented by the abbreviation abbr., abbrv. or abbrev.

In strict analysis, abbreviations should not be confused with contractions or acronyms (including initialisms), with which they share some semantic and phonetic functions, though all three are connoted by the term "abbreviation" in loose parlance.[1]:p167An abbreviation is a shortening by any method; a contraction is a reduction of size by the drawing together of the parts. A contraction of a word is made by omitting certain letters or syllables and bringing together the first and last letters or elements; an abbreviation may be made either by omitting certain portions from the interior or by cutting off a part. A contraction is an abbreviation, but an abbreviation is not necessarily a contraction. However, normally acronyms are regarded as a subgroup of abbreviations (e.g. by the Council of Science Editors).(From Wikipedia)

@------ at
ASL -----age, sex, location
F2T------ free to talk
SPK ------speak
MSG------ message
B ------be
B4------------ before
PPL---------- people
R ----------are
BTW --------by the way
PLS------- please
SOM1----------- someone
OIC-------- oh I see
OMG------------- oh my God
BRB---------- be right back
NO1 -------no one
BAK -------back at the keyboard
OTOH---------- on the other hand
FYI------- for your information
W/------ with
MOB--------- mobile
U --------you
TX--------- thanks
PCM--------------- please call me
IMO-------------- in my opinion
XLNT---------------- excellent
WU--------- what's up?
WKND---------- weekend
WAN2------------ want to
4 ---------------for
LOL--------------- lots of luck / laughing out loud
L8R---------------- later
2NITE -------------------tonight
2MORO----------------- tomorrow
2DAY------------------------ today
JK ------------------just kidding
2---------------- to, too
YR---------------------- your
H8------------- hate
GR8--------------- great
HAND----------------- have a nice day
AFAIK--------------- as far as I know
MYOB------------- mind your own business
ATB-------------------- all the best
C-------------------- see
C U --------------------see you
CUL8R--------------------- see you later
F2F--------------------- face to face
KIT-------------------- keep in touch

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Friday, December 30, 2011

A drenched dawn

The time is early morning, nearer to dawn. The bright sunlight is yet to reach the earth. It is time to venture out for morning walk. In a cool winter, it is high time to walk in the morning weather. With the smoldering colder is hovering around both the shoulders, the think of morning walk is quite fascinating. It will be a refreshing occasion, just woke up with alarm, but surprised to see the rain at the winter. This is very distressing for me. So, the morning walk for the day is to be cancelled. It is so, sad but venturing into rain is not a good proposition at all. So, what shall I do it now? It is best to be with computer to finish the unfinished daily routine now. Morning walk plan is now gone so now I am with computer. Now almost two hours of web browsing with broad band. Then shut the computer and finished my cores. Then, I am going to finish the worship of Lords. Then I am eating the tiffins. The tiffin is consisting of Poha; it is very delicious with lots of vegetables. It is for healthy mind and heart.

Now, the time is coming for writing of blog. I am writing regularly on Triond, Wiki nut, Infobarrel and I will have to write at least three articles for the day. For SEO I will have to write longer article so that it will be Google friendly. I am devoting almost three hours per writing of blogs. It is cold out here; my fingers seem to be shivering with cold. So, while typing the blogs I have just stopped writing for few seconds and then am starting all over again. India loses to Australia in the Boxing Day test match. Very bad batting is done by batters except Sachin and to some extent by Dravid. Ashwin failed to impress. I think Ojha should have a look into the team for the January 3 test match. Ojha can be a better prospect with bowling, though he is nota a good batsman such as Ashiwn. Now, I am thinking about writing one article on optimization of stress and attaining the level of positive stress to maximum.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Multiplication by 12 through a special method

Qs. 134 * 12=?

Write down the answer one figure at a time, from right to left as in any multiplication. Prefix a zero to the multiplicand so that it reads 0134.


This method is exactly same as the previous method; here you double each number before adding the right neighbor.

134 * 12=?

Prefix a zero to the multiplicand so that it reads

0134 * 12=?

Double 4 and add the right neighbor (there is no right neighbor to 4 so add 0)

4*2=8+0= 8

Move left double 3 and add the right neighbor 4


Rest 0 and take 1 to the next number If in the process of addition, you get a two digit number, set down only the right digit and carry the left digit.

Double 1 and add the right neighbor 3 and the brought forward 1 from earlier


Double 0 and add the right neighbor 1


There fore 134 * 12= 1608

You can check it through conventional; multiplication.

Another example






= 156

You can check it through yours conventional method.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Adhar syndrome

Adhar is a renowned project by Government of India to give unique identification number to all its citizens. It is synonymous with American citizenship card and it is going on at India. This is to ensure and protect all its citizens recognizable through out India and the world .It will be a vast database of citizens, identify then, make a database, and create welfare measures for them. At Puri nearer to VIP road at Karvy’s office, this Adhar process is undergoing, while daily they are giving away 120 forms to persons and receiving 60 forms fully filled with required documents from gents and 60 forms from ladies. It will be a continuous five year process. The name Adhar can have different meanings like one is for feeding and the other one is for the base or dashboard of identity. So, many people especially related to below poverty line are rushing to the site to make it done. There are lots of brokers outside Kavry’s office not related to Karvy,those brokers are mostly from locals and they trying to benefit from this opportunity. There are lots of brokers residing there and they are going to that place to make the Adhar card for the others. The Karvy and the GOI should recognize them and drive away from that places so that common man will not be harassed by those brokers. The brokers are crating a lot of hara-kiri with the ordinary citizens. The brokers are both male and females and the male brokers enters into the male row forcibly and similarly the female brokers ventured into female row and thus create the problems for the common man.

The Adhar syndrome Government of India is making this Adhar project completely free for its citizens but the brokers annoying the people and earning handsome money from them. The so called brokers outside that place with a cigarette in their hand and with red eyes stay at the row forcibly, which will only consist of 60m people and after the 60 person from male and female row completed the form submission will be closed for the day. With brokers invading the row crossing the barriers like trespassers and crossing the barriers to entry and even fighting with the ordinary citizens in order to enter inside. Those brokers are charging 500 rupees per person to submit the form and they7 are earning heavily and thus making process more and more complicated. Those brokers need to be drive away from the project arena so that the common man will get what the Government of India is giving to them totally free of cost for this wonderful Adhar project. The brokers are making the whole process more and more difficult by charging money Rsww. 500 to common man otherwise man-handling with them. The brokers are cheating to the government as they are forcibly charging money from the citizens whereas the Government is giving them for free.


Monday, December 26, 2011

The Indian Railways reservation counter at Puri

For all foreign readers I want to convey the message, India is changing. It is changing thick and fast. Puri is a small town with prime religious significance. The local population of Puri is not very vast but the floating population of Puri is very huge. That is why lots of people come here and stay for sometime after completing the holidays goes to their native places. It has been a tremendous feeling though. Puri is connected through Indian Railways all over India; The Railways Reservation Counter of Puri is at the left side of the station. There are two counters at the Puri station for long distance reservation. The reservation counter opens at 8 A.M. everyday. The problem is that in most of the times in the left counter which is preoccupied with the travel agents for over an hour, till 9 P.M. This is disgusting as the persons behind them will always have to wait over an hour to get the ticket. It seems that the counter clerk inside the Railway Reservation Counter is actively cooperating with the travel agents.


In one such day one person wants to reserve ticket to New Delhi from Puri to attend the interview. He rushed to reservation counter at 7.30 P.M., only to observe that the travel agents are already in the row covering four person’s slot and the person satisfied that he will get the tickets within thirty minutes. There are four persons ahead of him and that will take thirty minutes at best , he still that time do not know those persons ahead of the row are travel agents. He stays at the row adjacent to the wall counter. After one hour was passed, at 9 A.M. He saw the four travel agents seemed to receive a hell lot of tickets as against the well prescribed rule and set of action. He was surprised to knowing this; his wait is becoming more and weirder. Then that person complained to the travel agents, suddenly all the four agents who were at the row tried to get him into and quarrel with him. That person belongs to Puri, the agents not knew of him, that person overpower them in terms of speech and drove them away and supported by other persons at the rows. The million dollar question is why the booking counter clerk is giving the travel agents so many tickets at a time to those travel agents. Why the booking counter clerk is violating the norm? Are there any prior arrangements between booking counter clerk and the travel agents? Why that counter clerk of Railways benefitting them? Why those travel agents getting tickets in fake names?

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Be awesome on Twitter with Buffer

The new kids in town is Buffer, and I am very excited about this tool.The reason I am excited is that I have been using it for five days, and I have already gone Pro.I know it's childish, but every time I play it with it tells me I'm awesome, I feel better inside! I do schedule tweets when on vacation or over the weekend. Your followers will flow if you use buffer. They have a few more features to explore. The buffer guys are helpful too.Buffer tweets for you while you're busy with business or life; just set the time & leave the rest to bfffr! Spreads out all the cool stuff you find so you don't flood your followers with 10 tweets in 5 Min's.

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Buffer Founder Joe said:

Straight from Joel: I've always had a passion to understand all aspects of business and to do business in a kind and authentic way. Before founding Buffer I co-created OnePage where I learned a vast amount about the realities of running a web start up. In addition to handling all product design and development, I also provide the key strategic inputs for new goals and love to communicate with customers to discover how Buffer can better serve their needs. Outside of Buffer I enjoy helping others to work on their start ups in a more productive way.


Leo, Community & Coverage:

Leo joined Joel at a crucial time where Buffer was starting to show signs of great early success.

Straight from Leo: I like to see myself as the person acting to spread the word of Buffer in an authentic way so that we can help more people discover a new way to handle Twitter. I love talking to people and I enjoy handling the community naturally forming around Buffer. With regards to the product, I strive to provide Joel with insights from various user experiences so we can make it more intuitive for you to use Buffer.

Buffer has both free and paid plans and the free plan is also excellent with

  • 10 posts in your Buffer
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    Buffer has pro and premium subscriptions options with very few price. With Buffer ,you will; get more followers , you will be always with Twitter,it is simple and easy to use with very few simple steps. With Buffer you can tweet consistently all day long and share great information. You will get more replies and re tweets than you did before and you will attract more people to engage with and follow you. Buffer schedule your tweets to have the highest impact and reach with your followers. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Just keep Buffer topped up and you will be the most consistently tweeting person in your tribe.

    My view:

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  • Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Dell XPS 15z laptop

    It is stylish and with full high definition capacity, with a 15.6 inch display, LED backlit ,1980 into 1080 resolution having the CPU of Intel Core i7-2620M 2.9 GHz,, nVIdia Ge Force GT 525m(2GB) with Intel high definition 3000, OS of Windows 7 Home Premium 62 bit. Exterior is polished metallic look, and have a premium touch with a premium price. Its screen lids and bottom cover are made from aluminum and that is resistive to scratches. The designs seem to inspire from Apple Mac book, as it is having some light silvery shade in its design. It is slimmer and it is built in with magnesium alloy chassis, the entire unit looks premium and modern. It has full high definition capacity, high pixel resolution and good brightness and contrast, with a very convenient key board which is easier to type anything. The tactile feedback, the plush, the key board deck makes the typing easier and effortless.
    If we analyze the internal hardware of this laptop it shows it is a powerful machine with some robust hardware built in within it. You can make it for heavy duty multi media and entertainment with this laptop. It is like a war horse never exhausted. Its multimedia performance is praiseworthy, gaming is more than average and battery life is better than average but not excellent. Price is on higher side, and if you can buy it then it is stylish, lanky, solid and a good entertainer and futuristic.ScreenShot008
    Glenns Garden garden resources for people who garden.

    Thursday, December 22, 2011

    Chicken Fry recipe and cooking


    1k.g. chicken
    300 gms oil
    15 cloves garlic paste
    2 pcs onion paste
    1 lemon juice
    salt to taste
    4 eggs.

    How to prepare

    Squeeze lemon juice on chicken, marinate it, and leave it for 30 minutes. Apply garlic and onion paste on it.
    Then dip the chicken pieces in the egg deep fry it. And eat it with sauce.
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    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    More backlinks means more Earnings

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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    The bottom module stirs under the educational group.

    The bottom module stirs under the educational group.

    The winter at Puri

    Puri is a place nearer to sea side with lots of visitors and devotees pouring into it through out the year. The summer here is not hot but the humidity is super high with lots of perspiration and lots of intolerance to corky summer. The rainy season has plenty of rains and sometimes the nearby villages flooded with water, then the flood relief, and other aids to them. The summer is very long though the higher temperature is not so in terms it’s Para but the feeling of heat is great and higher due to humidity inclement to the top. In the summer the wind seems to stop and the clouds hovering up and above the sky refuses to relent and increasing the heat as the hot wind cannot escape form the soil making it more and more difficult to bear. The winter starts from first week of December and it is the sever winter if you compare with the standards of Odisha. The soaring cold, the cool wind, and the penetrating wind with medium humidity are severely affecting health as this gives rise to dental problem and limbs problems. I cannot describe how this cold is ruing the body; it is more and more difficult to sustain this. The cool wind from the Bay of Bengal is snoozing onto the mind and making the whole process dim and very ache towards side brain and this is very difficult. The cold graph is self increasing and it will be higher at the end of the month with severe winter and very intolerable cool. What is the reason behind this and why the winter at Puri is always a danger to the health of the people here? Unable to devise this aspect seems and think a lot but cannot understand so far and that is why I wrote this write up. Some say it is the cold winter winds coupled with the saline climate from the sea is making the thing worse and some say it is the greenery of this ancient town is doing this phenomena but still not sure and no scientific backing of these facts. The heavy winter is taking its toll and it is better to cover yours ear while at the early morning or at the evening, you should cover the entire ear so that it will not harm yours body. The cold and the cool winds is making the matter worse with as it is entering through yours ear and making you attain to the cold. Fell the cold and feel the heat at Puri with lots of extreme climatic conditions and it is advisable for tourists to come with prepared with woolen clothes especially for protection on ears and head so that they will not be affected by it. Puri has the climatic conditions of both the extremes with lots of intolerable hot with high humidity but low on hat temperature and on the other hand in the winter it is soaring cold and shivering to the body and mind, think about it.

    The winter at Puri

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    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Download your Christmas gift from ABBYY!

    ABBYY is offering Screenshot Reader as a Christmas gift to everyone. Download size is Size 153 MB. Download from here

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    About Abbyy:

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    Friday, December 16, 2011

    Pimp My Cube Contest Pimp your cube earn money

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    Thursday, December 15, 2011

    IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 4 license key

    Advanced SystemCare 4 Full Commercial Application is IObit’s all-in-one PC maintenance tool. This new version clears root kits. It has four key core sections: a quick-fire scan of five key areas of your computer: malware, Registry, shortcuts, privacy sweeper and junk files. These sections available in previous version and in this version it is optimized and in good GUI. With Pro version you access the deep care version with full malware and deep registry scan. In the previous version of this software this author pretty impressed with its deep scanning of registry and also the ad blocker option which is very good with lots of customization and tweaks and all is available without worry of the user. Turbo boost is a good feature but the author do not like this as the auto select options sometimes is against the customization you do for yours system. a quick-fire scan of five key areas of your computer: malware, Registry, shortcuts, privacy sweeper and junk files. From here some programmes are good and some are not good try to use this tool box section with caution. paid-for Pro version instead which includes deeper scanning, automatic optimization and access to 10 different user interface themes. Sometimes manual customization can be a pain for the user.
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    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    Gmail gets better with Google+

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    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Earn money from yours Blogger account

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        Sunday, December 11, 2011

        Free Fast Public DNS server from Google

        Google Public DNS is a free, global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution service, that you can use as an alternative to your current DNS provider. Yours Internet service provider does have DNS server , but sometimes due to heavy loads and users per space it might be overcrowded and congested , thus comes the need for alternate free fast public DNS server , Google public DNS server is top among the rest in this category. When we look at these public DNS server, the first point we chase is for security, fast and server running times. Ours internet surfing depends upon these. When you use Google Public DNS, you are changing your DNS "switchboard" operator from your ISP to Google Public DNS. With it, yours web browsing experience increased significantly. Google Public DNS is not an name server , so authentication and registration not necessary. Google Public DNS is an independent service and no Google account necessary. the IP addresses used by your ISP's domain name servers are automatically set by your ISP via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). To use Google Public DNS, you need to explicitly change the DNS settings in your operating system or device to use the Google Public DNS IP addresses. The procedure for changing your DNS settings varies according to operating system and version (Windows, Mac or Linux) or the device (computer, phone, or router).

        Google Public DNS has speed, reliability, security, and validity of responses. Google says it will never post ads in Google Public DNS as it is against DNS protocol. Please remember that operating systems treat DNS resolvers differently: some will only use your primary DNS resolver and use the secondary in case the primary one fails, while others will round-robin among each of the resolvers. Some mobile phones , Internet-enabled devices with Google Public DNS might not experience the speed ,but with laptop and desktop the speed is superlative and wonderful. With office computer, which uses some restrictions , Google Public DNS might not work properly. These are limitations while using Google Public DNS in above described situations.

        Google Public DNS comply with the DNS standards set forth by the IETF? Google Public DNS is Google's own implementation of the DNS standards. It is not open source, but Google is supporting this means its nature will be open sourced. To test Google Public DNS you can use tools such as name bench and can check with what speed web pages loading in yours default browsers.

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        Friday, December 9, 2011

        Overcooked meat can cause more of cancer risk

        Scientist in the recent revelations announces that the overcooked and over boiled meat could have the possibility of twice as much as the cancer risks than the earlier thoughts. The warning comes after they found that the dark crust formed on the outside of a well-done steak or joint of red meat more than doubles the risk of intestinal tumors. The red meat has the more and more possibility of it as due to non availability of good meats the red meat has to be boiled more and more to suit the taste and in the process it garners the bad dark crust among the meat portion and in the process it enters into the intestine and making the life more and more worse.

        Frying and grilling are particularly risky because the intense heat turns the sugars and amino acids of muscle tissue into high levels of cancer-causing compounds. Especially the grilled and the tanduri mode of making the dishes could have adverse and very dangerous effect on the health of the eater as due to grill and frying of the meat the sugar is then turned into amino acids which is the prime reason for the cancer. The cancer causing agents such as food mutants can be generated in the meat while cooking at a very high temperature by using the grills and frying. These compounds, called HCAs, are carcinogenic. Other cancer-causing substances, so-called food mutagens, occur at high temperatures when frying or grilling.

        This research has been done on mice; this process of change has been clearly observed.” We wanted to study tumor development in the intestines of the 'human-like' mice and compare this with tumor development in normal mice given the same food mutagen," the Daily Express quoted the researchers as saying.

        The incidents of intestinal tumors increased from 31 per cent to 80 per cent in case if you eat the meat like this. It is better to act now and be healthy for this so that in the long drawn process you will not catch any health hazards. As we all know health is the real wealth and in order to save ours health we should always be alert and read all relevant information and observer them before research them fully so that we will be always healthy and happy.

        No Police State Girls blog

        Tuesday, December 6, 2011

        How TCP and UDP work

        TCP the transmission control protocol is the backbone of the internet. The data packets follow rules laid by TCP, then yours information goes from yours computer to computer to the recipient of the message. All the communication occurs as the handshakes with signals and acknowledgements continuously offered. TCP ensures that minimal packet information los by continuous information verifications, minimal data corruption ensures that the smooth sailing of data most of the times. For this it identifies the correction server via domain name server through synchronization, clock and error correlation processes. Thus it makes zero information loss and for this the whole process takes time to enable. The parity check and the data loss are re-compensated by resending packets. Now all these checks completed and the real process of data transfer begins between host and destinations computers. Now the required home page opens. The domain name server DNS use the TCP and UDP depends on the response time factors.  If headers are greater than 512 bytes then the question of using the TCP arrives. TCP consumes high band width resources thus give rise to a new protocol UDP known as User datagram protocol removes the massive overhead count. So, the entire handover and the synchronization process are minimized.

        In actual TCP consumes a lot of bandwidth, so there evolves one new protocol known as user datagram protocol famously known as UDP. Here, time taken for handover and synchronization is reduced. UDP is a connection less application with the packet headers less than 512 bytes. UDP is proffered for heavy applications such as video steaming and video chat and VOIP which is also known as voice over internet protocol such as Skype, as this runs on UDP.

        Initial handshake, same as the TCP, then the data communication begins. Source and destinations posts are transmitted. It gives an additional 16 bits of length and checksum is then transmitted. Transfer of data is faster and the time consumed in earlier TCP process is effectively saved.
        A place to share my experiences as a mother of four

        Monday, December 5, 2011

        How many more do we have to get, to wake up?

        I believe that this could very well be looked back on as the sin of our generation...I believe that our children and their children, 40 or 50 years from now, are going to ask me, what did you do while 40 million children became orphans in Africa? History will judge us on how we respond to the AIDS emergency in Africa....whether we stood around with watering cans and watched while a whole continent burst into flames....or not No war on the face of the Earth is more destructive than the AIDS pandemic. Investment in AIDS will be repaid a thousand-fold in lives saved and communities held together. AIDS destroys families, decimates communities and, particularly in the poorest areas of the world, threatens to destabilize the social, cultural, and economic fabric of entire nations. It's really important for people who are HIV positive to reach out to let other people know that they can be tested, they can find out they can still live a life -- a positive life, a happy life. It's really important for people who are HIV positive to reach out to let other people know that they can be tested, they can find out they can still live a life -- a positive life, a happy life. It takes a variety of strategies and initiatives to address this pandemic. It's about life, death, and the survival of humanity. Abstinence, being faithful, correct, and consistent condom use are the only ways to successfully reach everyone when discussing HIV prevention. I believe that the abstinence message alone does not solve the AIDS epidemic. And the danger is - and it's happening - is we're seeing an incredibly big rise amongst young gay people, young heterosexual people as far as catching HIV, which is, you know, in an educated country like this or in Britain, it's frightening. HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it. In fact, it seems to me that making strategic alliances across national borders in order to treat HIV among the world's poor is one of the last great hopes of solidarity across a widening divide. The global HIV/AIDS epidemic is an unprecedented crisis that requires an unprecedented response. In particular it requires solidarity -- between the healthy and the sick, between rich and poor, and above all, between richer and poorer nations. We have 30 million orphans already. How many more do we have to get, to wake up?" What is needed now are increased efforts to promote youth participation and commitment; more services aimed at youth; more parental involvement; more education and information, using schools and other sites; more protection for girls, orphaned children and young women;and more partnerships with people with HIV and AIDS. Everywhere I go, I see very much the same thing. I see the same compassion for people who live half a world away. I see the same concern about events beyond these borders. And, increasingly, I see the same conviction that we can and we must join together to stop the scourge of AIDS and poverty. Every minute of every day, a child under 15 is infected with HIV - the overwhelming majority of children under 15 who are HIV-positive get infected through their mothers at birth. Without treatment, half of these children die before they reach their second birthday. Every minute of every day, a child under 15 is infected with HIV - the overwhelming majority of children under 15 who are HIV-positive get infected through their mothers at birth. Without treatment, half of these children die before they reach their second birthday. AIDS is no longer a death sentence for those who can get the medicines. Now it's up to the politicians to create the "comprehensive strategies" to better treat the disease. AIDS is no longer a death sentence for those who can get the medicines. Now it's up to the politicians to create the "comprehensive strategies" to better treat the disease. Education, awareness and prevention are the key, but stigmatisation and exclusion from family is what makes people suffer most.

        Sunday, December 4, 2011

        How electricity is being misused

        Energy is precious and it is very important for the survival of mankind. Energy and persistence conquer all things. This revolution, the information revolution, is a revolution of free energy as well, but of another kind: free intellectual energy. It's very crude today, yet our Macintosh computer takes less power than a 100-watt bulb to run it and it can save you hours a day. What will it be able to do ten or 20 years from now, or 50 years from now? To day I will be writing on the misusages of electricity and how this can be prevented. This is of the news in around of the area of Puri town nearer to Hospital square , where many small and large business going on and it is very crowded and this place is a square and due to the nearby hospital this place is very much crowded with populations pouring nearby villages and sub urban. The energy of the mind is the essence of life. It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things. As here any one can see lots of road side vendors with small shops and having the jump line. What is jump line, it is the connection illegally and directly from the booths. It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui. People used to get it free and I cannot understand why the state electricity unable to catch them red handed as they are dong openly, running fridge and toher high electricity charges. All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination; Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.

        When the legal electricity connection members calls to the electricity office then the mechanic comes slowly after one or two hours and then they will not listen to you as we try to describe the problem but they will do what they thinks to do. Due to these phenomena the electricity load shading is going on and also the cost of electricity is becoming higher these days but the fact of the matter more people are using this freely and only few are paying and that too at higher prices. it is unbelievable. Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes shine to the stars. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas. Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.

        This is surprising as in Odisha electricity board is privatized and even in this privatized situation there is lots of looting of electricity. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. I've got mad energy for days. That's what people can't get their minds around. They say, 'Oh, he's going to crash.' They try to apply all these common terms to a guy who is not common. I don't fit into their little box. Sometimes the monthly electricity board member who comes to check the meter reading suggests fixing the meter for monthly of 500 bucks so that no higher expenses of electricity bill will not come and also he said that he had done this at many homes in this near by areas. This is really disgusting we live in ours country and try to make it more and more successful  but the corruption is rampant even to the lower structure of electricity meter reading agent this is disgusting , I scolded him mildly and said I am the righteous person I will pay what I have spend on electricity.


        Saturday, December 3, 2011

        Technology help for umpires in decision making

        There are lots of controversies whether to adopt technology in cricket field or not. Technology is full proof or not or is it only making the matter worse?  Hawk eye and other technology advancements have been always shrouded with lots of controversies and its impact on cricket has been more or less damaging. In order to use full proof technology, the technology is itself needs to be tamper proof, let us take an example. In order to detect a ball is a no ball or not there are various aspects of camera angles and also not so puzzling picture is the need of the hour from the host broadcaster and these needs to be perfected. Of late series against England in the last summer at England, against India I have seen some very hazy broad cast on some decision making. In the recently concluded series at West indies against India if I recollect right Dhoni was declared out of a no ball and when the field umpire connects to the third umpire who is always local that is in this case from the west indies, Actually the umpire was shown the footage of the previous delivery from the bowler which was not a no ball this is ridiculous and the host broad caster either manipulates or the technology manipulates the host broad caster only the lord knows and the person who did that knows fully well. These are some of the difficulties in dealing with technology. In the recent on going series of Australia and Kiwis, Australia captain M. Clarke played on, he was recalled by the infield umpire in charge Rauf, and the replay show the ball was no ball. This is a very good decision by the field umpire. If this not been reviews then it can create one more controversy and this time for technology.  As we have seen technology must be use buy correct person unselfishly so that it will produce the results. If technology is getting back at you and making you do the mistakes one after another whether positively or negatively then should this be part of the cricket? Lots of thoughts and lots of pondering should be done as this sports deals with people as the Australians say Indian are crazy for this sport then as Mr. Chappell announces in the commentary during this controversy that if Mr. Rauf would not do that by referring for no ball then it could lead to a big controversy the word tells it all. Cricket and technology seems to be going separate ways though the both sides of the same coin but cannot meet at one side.


        Friday, December 2, 2011

        2011 Top 10 Hottest Gifts List:

        The biggest online shopping month of the year starts! Are you ready? Here is the list of the Top Products for Automotive Enthusiasts being purchased . These are the holiday gifts you are looking to buy

        Hottest Automotive Products for 2011 Holiday Season!



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          Good Health & You