Friday, September 30, 2011

My computer:1

Tension mounted on my mind, as I have to finish some of important pending jobs which have been kept in the loop for long. How long it has been, I have to find it out and how it has been not been considered and kept aside for long till to date am unable to know or venturing out. The stipulated time is kept on changing with ticks of each and every bit of seconds running into it. Time cannot be stopped but it can be managed, but what I have done just kept in going about without concerning the time and energy. This is bad and I should not be doing this. The real time keeping jobs need to be segmented with each and every bit of capacity so that it will not be wasted to the desired satisfied level. The functionality and the configurability needs to be changed and needs to be updated with due diligence and with ultimate capacitating flows of inbox keeping circulating methodology.

First thing which I have to do is to open the computer and log in to my account and for this I have to switch on the power and then the CPU. When I am inside the house, I always use my desktop as it is convenient and very easy and good to use. It is good for placement and good for doing the jobs at speed as I have lots of pending jobs to do so , I have to finish it at random and desktop is right for me. When I am on ravel I used to laptop as it is very easy and come at grip with the laptop in very simplistic manner. Desktop is now almost open and now I have to log in to my user account and for this I submit the password required and computer logged in. After few seconds now the desktop appears and I have to finish my pending jobs within the stipulated time of two hours. Within these two hours I have to checks and recheck the pending works so that flaws will not be detected later.

I am alone in the house so, work can now be finished in speed. I open the required folder by navigating to the particular drive naming the work and then I reach at the folder. The golden rule is before anything scan the folder with yours right click option. So, I right click on the folder and scan it thoroughly. Scanning means the cleanliness and this means no infection to the very requisite working area and for me it is the folder which contains the pending jobs. Now the scanning work is going on it will take time and after that I will check the scanning results and then I will open the folder. Now the scanning results appearing and it shows the folder is clean and you can now safely use it.

So, after all these I am ready for the jobs and I will not only finish the job on time but also revise it two or more time. For smooth mind I opened the songs folder, choose a soothing music, and play it slowly. Now I am fully satisfied and excited to do the pending jobs. I comfortably seat on the computer chair and starting to browse the folder.Openign the folder which I have seen a lot of folder so now is the time for filtering. For this carefully select all the folders and then make the filter software to work it on. Few moments lapsed and with the help of this filter software the invisible puzzling door now been removed and all the folder contains now comes out open and fully exposed to me to choose which one to use or which one not to use.

Slowly, I am becoming confident and slowly my work is gaining momentum with the every passing of seconds time is passing by my work is becoming organized. I am so involved with my work, slowly I am forgetting the environment around me , I am now completely over taken by my zeal to work more and more. I want to do the work at a fast pace but it should not be on the wrong path, so I am careful as excess speed can harm my body and mind.


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