Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to disable images in chrome to save bandwidth?

How to disable images in chrome as we can do it in Firefox and internet explorer so that save bandwidth ? The answer is you can do this with the latest version of Chrome by going to the content filter , Go to Settings, select "Under the Hood", click on "Content settings" and select "Images".


You have four options:

1. disable all images - select "do not show any images"

2. disable some images - keep the default option, click on "Exceptions" and add some domains/subdomains that should be blocked

3. disable all images, with some exceptions - select "do not show any images", click on "Exceptions" and add some domains/subdomains that should be allowed

4. show all images - the default option/


The command line switch option:

You can disable images in Google Chrome using Master Chrome's Startup Switches / Command Line Options. To use a startup switch, create a new Chrome shortcut on your desktop or elsewhere. Right-click it and choose Properties. In the Target field, add the switch in question immediately following the path to chrome.exe. For example, your target using a -disable-images switch might look like:

"C:\Documents and Settings\bubu\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -disable-images

After this click on the shortcut & start browsing in Google Chrome. The images will be blocked.

The proper way to use command-line switches is to put one dash ('-') if you're using a single letters (I make this a plural because, in some programs, you can use multiple letters, but they aren't necessarily words), and two dashes ('--') if you're using human-readable words.

chrome.exe --disable-images

(let's pretend we have a ficticious switch called 'd' for enabling Debug mode.)

chrome.exe -d

(now, let's say we wanted to enable debug mode, and disable images.)

chrome.exe -d --disable-images

(now, let's assume Chrome has a mode called "Awesome Mode". Either of the following is valid.)

chrome.exe -a

chrome.exe --awesome-mode

The problem with this command line switch is in the middle of a browsing session, if you want to disable images youhave to close Chrome and restart with "command-line switch"



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