Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chitika Introduces Pay Per Call Local Ads

As advertiser demand heats up in the local sector,Chitika is enhancing our ads to capitalize on these exciting (and lucrative) new revenue models. Pay Per Call marks the latest addition to the Chitika local ad format:

Why you'll love these ads on your site:

Advertisers are willing to pay more for calls than clicks (anywhere from $2 to $20+) - and that's a fact. 
They increase action rates for local ads. Local viewers are more likely to click these ads because it will put them in direct contact with the advertiser.  

When money talks, Chitika all listen. Especially when it's as easy as pressing a green button.


Faster Ads: Massive Data Center Upgrade Enhances Performance:

As Chitika network continues to grow at full speed, our stellar tech continues to rise up to the challenge and have beefed up the back end with the acquisition of a brand-spanking new data center.


Because of the massively expanded capacity and some fancy new technology, in the very near future we will be bringing you:

Faster ads: Decreases page load time. Increases your CTR.
Smarter bidding: Allows us to make sure we are showing the highest paying ad to the right user at the right time. This is good news for your bank account!
More redundancy:  Maximizing uptime is what we are striving for. We've put in place new intelligent redundancies that will keep our ads running even in the craziest of circumstances.



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