Friday, September 9, 2011

Many small improvements in SoftMaker Office 2012

My first preferred choice is Microsoft Office latest version and the second choice always is Softmaker office and its new version released and it seems it has many useful fucntions let us discuss it in detail.It’s not only the big things that make a new version easier to use. Many small things taken together can bring a significant step forward in ease of use, too. And SoftMaker Office 2012 adds many small improvements.

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 So,let us discuss these functions one by one:

SoftMaker Office 2012 now lets you hide those unwanted fonts from its font lists that you don’t want to see when working on office documents.SoftMaker Office now automatically checks in user-defined intervals if a service pack is available. It is a welcome step and much appreciated one as with previous versions update issue is always there with Softmaker office so this time this bug successfully removed and revamped.SoftMaker Office 2012 supports all those AutoShapes that Microsoft added to Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. It is welcome addition and highly appreciated and wonderfully crafted thanks for this function.SoftMaker Office now also reads and writes drawing objects in Office Open XML format in the clipboard.

TextMaker 2012:

The File/New dialog box shows a preview of the document templates.
Optionally, TextMaker superscripts the letters of ordinal numbers (such as 2nd or 3rd).
When you enter an Internet address such as, it will optionally be automatically converted to a hyperlink.
If you open a plain-text file, TextMaker automatically applies the paragraph style “Text only” (which you can modify to your liking).
There are functions to search for the next or previous spelling error in a document.
Numbered lists and fields such as “Page number” and “Page count” now support also Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic numbering systems.
When you insert a page number, you may choose between the absolute page number and the page number relative to the start of the chapter.
You now also edit fields: If you select a field and then run the Insert/Field command, the dialog shows the properties of the current field, and you can modify them as desired.
When inserting database fields, you are now able to set the number of decimals, and you can decide whether you want a thousands separator inserted or not.


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SoftMaker Presentations 2012:

You can now access PPTX files (OK, that’s a pretty big new feature…)
SoftMaker Presentations now read and write password-protected PPT files.
You can create slide shows where sounds play across multiple slides.
In master slide view, you can now easily copy existing designs.

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