Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Earn More with Triond

After realizing Triond’s September challenge of writing more articles at least twenty articles this month in order to get the bonus, has been influential and motivator for me and also inspirational. I am not fully depended on this platform but I know I can earn extra money from here so that it is always a good to haves some money on my PayPal account. With Triond my adsense account approved, and it has passed two stages, the first the tax information stage after attending the ten dollar amount threshold and I had done that and now the Pin status check in of adsense account with ten dollar hreshold and this been very difficult and critical for survival of adsense publisher account and I had passed through it though with some halts. I received the Pin after two months but the fact of the matter is now the Pin has been inserted to my adsense account successfully and now it had passed the two critical stages at last successfully.
Apart from using adsense with Triond which is obvious for me now, I can now use the adsense publisher account on my three blogs , and and successfully earn some revenues though mild but satisfactory . In the last two months from I earned from adsense publisher account 4.91 dollar and the from the rest of the two accounts nearer to one dollar. As in the third stage of adsense publisher account the threshold limit is one hundred dollar to receive the payment by check and I know it is a long time for me and is sure I will be reaching that threshold limit of adsense publisher account sooner or the letter.

Why I am advocating adsense publisher account at Triond ? The simple reason for this is you should enable the adsense publisher account with Triond as it assist you multiply yours income to double. As lots of article on Triond I had been going through for the last two months based on that Triond income is less and only few dollars or the fraction of dollar but they failed to understand with Triond you can earn money on two ways. The second way is with adsense publisher account and believe me, if you go through the difficult phase of activating yours adsense publisher account and then the first two phases of tax information verification and then the Pin number insertion and review process and you can then wait for yours threshold limit to reach as per yours country currency as it differs from state to state as it is different from America to England and then it is of utmost sure you are granted a life long income.

Triond shares forty percentages of adsense publisher account income with us and that too is more than sufficient as within two moths while using Trinod with adsense publisher account of mine I accrued almost twenty dollars with adsense publisher account , but with Triond normal income that is the number of views per month through pay pal, it is almost 2.5 dollars from three months with Triond.
Triond is a unique concept as we can garner income from article views and also from adsense or chitka whatever be the case it is. Google introduced two months back some ads concept with impressions which can garner money from only impressions means the number of page views not from click to watch policy and this gives additional income with each page views easily and with each page renderings and with some good search engine optimization techniques. So, with the article viewing by fellow Triondinans we can earn money with Pay pal as well as it gives the page impressions which can give adsense publisher impression ads which will accrue money even more than the pay pal income.
I have been watching my adsense publisher account for the last few days and especially after the adsense Pin installation approval the second threshold limit approval , each day I have been getting close to one dollar or less from it . There has been lots of flak on Triond about lowering income generation but if we understand the exact concept of Triond which is based on viewers impressions and this very concept can fetch money two ways one through pay pal and the second through for yours approved adsesne publisher account on a regular basis with page impressions and the threshold of adsense publsiher account which is one hundred dollar of mine seems nearer.


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