Saturday, October 1, 2011

My computer:2

Few minutes have elapsed, I am now on the middle of my work and now I am feeling some pain as, at he cross roads it seem a lot to go or no where to go. I am confident; I will not be deterred by all these temporary lapses, instead I will be continuing the job to finish it on time. I am feeling some pain in my legs and at he upper limbs due to long seating and dwelling of the work but I am sure to finish the job.

It is always difficult when you try to finish the pending the job alone , all by yourself as after few moments when you feel the tired, no one to help you to get in as you have to do it al by yourself. It may be pain or cool or the hot climate but the adversaries should not be a deterrent for yours to reach the goal and finish the jobs. At the middle of the crossroads it seem a mountain to climb and my limbs and other essential ingredients are freezing to the top and I cannot move as if I want to move a single inch to finish the job the pain and the mind reaction stopping me. What should I do it now? Simple I will be more strong as I have the goal and the path so with pain I continue my work and with lots of loudness to me and I shouted I can do it fifty times and at the fifty first time I passed the pin staking stage and now slowly the pain is subsiding and the me the pain more the zeal to work. I am now relieved and now browsing all the work and now my goal is to finish it at speed and it felt so as the path to success is now at very slope rate and I am at he top of the slope so nothing to worry about of it.

Suddenly, I finish almost seventy five percentages of work, and now am feeling lot more excited as the goal is now slowly becoming the reality. I am now feeling the pleasure and now I have a sense of winning and reaching and attending the goal, it is now visible. It seems that it is waiting to happen and it is securely looking at me and wanting to come at me but it cannot walk, so I have to walk it to the goal. Then pleasure of success is always enchanting and cannot be described as it flows through all the motion and through all the veins and rejuvenating and making them more lively and more and more gentle and wonderful in the days to come. I am now completely at the finishing point of my pending work, the jubilation inside of me is gaining momentum and about to explode within me. I am pretty excited to finish the unfinished job and in the process I will be reaching and attaining the success and the crown of glory by finishing the pending jobs at record time and that too alone.

I close the folder and copy the work to official pen drive and then I turn off the computer and the then I slowly feeling sleepy due to this exhausted two hours work. Now I am going to sleep.


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