Saturday, September 10, 2011

Infolinks Search Widget

Introducing Search Widget:

Search Widget is infolinks newest add-on, and it will revolutionize how you monetize your websites. This new ad banner activates when a visitor originating from a Search Engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo) arrives to your site. Search Widget appears for those visitors only, revealing ads related to their search. It’s a guaranteed click magnet\.Starting September 20th it will automatically be added to your site! Log in to yours infolinks account and then click the new tab and then you will find the search widget and it will be activated automatically.


Of late my earnings with infolinks has been dipping and this month earning is close to zero and thus slowly I am deciding whether to implement infolinks script on my site or remove it as it slows down the website but the money not generating for this I am at the cross roads but hoping this new feature of infolinks will ultimately  fetch some money to me. As i am hopeful but not absolute sure of this as previous new features of infolinks like that of tags and related posts have gained me nothing and instead it makes my website weird so in the process I have removed those and use only the infolinks original links. Let us hope against my hope this feature will succeed and for me I want to stay with infolinks but I have to see whether it is garnering me some money making or not.


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