Monday, September 12, 2011

Announcing September Special

The August Special and new flagging system have been quite a success. Thanks to your help, we were able to achieve the following so far:
516 spam articles deleted
652 insufficient quality articles deleted
362 plagiarized articles deleted
287 adult articles deleted
1,302 articles redirected

This is a great accomplishment and we want to wish a sincere ‘Thank You’ to everyone who helped us make this happen!

Now that we’ve begun getting rid of the bad, it’s time to replace it with the good!  Simply put, we need a boost in high-quality articles. In order to help facilitate this, we resurrecting an old favorite: a Quantity Challenge (Just like in the good old days!).

This time around, we want to make sure that the quantity challenge won’t result in a surge of low quality submissions. To make sure this happens, we are integrating the Quantity Challenge with the flagging system. The nuts and bolts of the new challenge are as follows:
Publish 5 articles + 5 flags and get a 10% bonus
Publish 10 articles + 2 flags and get a 20% bonus
Publish 20 articles and get a 30% bonus. No flagging needed.


Some important details:

Flagging will only count for articles that were published in September
Any articles you flag must actually be removed or redirected in order for them to quality you for the bonus (i.e., don’t spam by flagging)
We strongly recommend writing high quality articles. This will increase your chances to get traffic (& revenues)  and decrease the chances of your articles being deleted.

Lastly, be aware that not all sites on the Triond Network are participating. The following sites are excluded: Authspot, Notecook, Relijournal, Picable, Loudio & Kleep. The rest are fair game.

This is very exciting. We look forward to receiving lots of quality content articles and are eager to continue improving our content network. Good luck to you all and, as always, Happy Publishing!

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