Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interpersonal behavioral symptoms in workplaces

Business depends on the group effort and the group effort depends on the interpersonal behavioral symptoms in workplaces. A manager can deal with a lot of personnel individually many a times but there is some sort of problematic situations when he is dealing with the group of people in his organizations. When people get together he has the difficulties in dealing with them. So, these are the problems regarding the communications difficulties, disciplinary problems or the human relations troubles. So, the real cause lie somewhere, it is among the interpersonal levels. When there is the meeting two levels of communications occur one is overt and the other is covert communications.
Overt is what we see and observe and the covert deals with attention, status, control, influence and the warmth and the likings.

In these situations covert performances takes the leading role, and makes the players leading to unusual roles and makes the situations more and more subtle. So, the productivity factor is influenced by the covert factors and this leads to assumptions that covert factors are more important and it is run by the preconceived notions and multiplies with some fear and the positional advantages in the long runs.  So, if this environment happens then it is advised to ignore these situations for better and healthier interpersonal relationships. These covert performances may override the group activities and group productivity will be lower. These interpersonal difficulties and the relationships most of the times is very difficult to arrive at thus in the long run the crux of the problem cannot be arrived at.

Here are some examples of interpersonal covert performances. Communication problems results from interpersonal difficulties, resisting another person to perform freely is part of communication problems. A person may be confused ,cannot follow the set up guidelines , no clear set up rules can lead to a person to a communication problematic situations. Misleading or misrepresentation of facts can lead to a personnel similar sort of situations. In these circumstances make valid interpersonal communications and these can remove the interpersonal trouble. So, in short these behaviors are all part and parcel of human feelings and acts so it is better to understand and observe these in view of the speaker’s perspective so that these incidents will not happen again and again. These problems can make loss of motivation at work place, so it is of paramount importance to observe these hidden factors and try to manage and correct these parameters in the long run so that these will not affect the organizations in the long run and thus in this way you can prevent loss of productivity and loss of personnel’s motivations for the organization.


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