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POWOW with friends and family!

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POWOW Messenger for Android is the sole text messenger which allows you to admit anybody in the mobile phone in your circles of unofficial association like that of friends, families, co-workers, neighbours. You must have an Android phone in order to enjoy POWOW Messenger for Android.This application is suitable for text messaging. POWOW Messenger for Android you can send10 texts to 10 different people, receive and respond all replies in one area with group and text messaging. No matter which the device they use, with POWOW Messenger for Androidyou can transmit information through text conferencing and other related messaging forums. POWOW Messenger for Android is from leading mobile application developer Handmark. This application is unique which is compatible with any devices with seamless integration to create yours circle and delver messages. POWOW Messenger for Androids available free in Google Play. POWOW Messenger for Android is unique solution that furnishes one-to-one and group texting. It is a peer to peer text messaging application. POWOW Messenger for Android launched by Handmark this year on April 13 since then there has been more than 130,000 download signifies the popularity and the cushion for use to user. Text messaging is the highest form of data correspondence between the users and this has been proven through Pew Research Centre , so this signifies the relevant and ever form of text messaging and with  POWOW Messenger for Android it is seamless and the ease of use and various faculties you have been into thorough this is simply astounding. With POWOW Messenger for Androidyou are taking the messages to the next levelsplash.png

Top features:

POWOW Messenger for Android furnishes multiple extra features. It is a core peer to peer text messaging application that employs native messaging potentiality. Android permits the application to use its native i built text application and augmented with extra new features and that is why POWOW Messenger for Android is released in Android market to make it optimum utilisation of inherent features to combine with the application intensity. There is future planning to launch the application in iOS and Windows mobile platform to tap the other leading market share. There are restrictions with the later two markets and for this those application will be restricted to group messaging only. POWOW Messenger for Androidprovides the user ‘to pick the choice of blacklisting and boycotting the contracts With POWOW Messenger for Android, the Android users can select the contracts from the contracts lists, all group members can be seen on a single thread and all group members irrespective of their device used can employ the full functionality ofPOWOW Messenger for Android with additional capacity of single thread message, broadcast message, reply-all capablenesses. Easy to make schedules with tap of one button with teams, groups, friends, and families and can be easily adjustable and viewed by all in then group. This shows us that POWOW Messenger for Android is an absolute genius. POWOW Messenger for Android, the only text messenger that lets you includes anyone on any mobile phone in your circles of friends and family, team, co-workers and neighbours.


There are some appealing features which especially for the general public within some advance text messaging functionality. The Instant Access feature which let in Instant Messaging style new messages popping up at yours device dashboard . It terminates the want to exist the application and the browser window to see the upcoming messages, this means that you can view upcoming messages in the browser windows itself without existing current windows .

The all new “ZipIt” feature which gives power to the user to blacklist and boycott unwanted messages those coming from  irrelevant sources or else there is one more facilities to mute the messages while keeping the message visible and I think these two features of POWOW Messenger for Androidhas been fantastic by seeing the recent trends of spam , security and viral marketing many more messages just filling up ours limited messaging space.

With POWOW Messenger for Android you can send and receive messages with superfast speed as the hurdles of messages sending and receiving is being removed completely. You can “Mute” text notification by selecting existing messages or by selecting the user from the contract list. With “PoP Up notifications”  you can receive the message in the open windows and fro their without halting yours current work you can decide whether to respond, ignore , delete or call. This functionality is huge benefits as you no longer have to close the existing application to access this feature , in stead you can simply go ahead from the pop up notification and then return back to yours work. With the “Black list” option you can blacklist the contact and this can only be visible in the zip tab till you remove the blacklist. If a contact is assigned to none status then all the faculties of POWOW Messenger for Android can be accessed. This notification appears rapidly and never ever cause annoyance to you or disturb or minor irritations to the user. You can disable this feature if you do not want to use it.


Cloud storage: You can immediately recover your existing groups , if you change the mobile or net work through  POWOW Messenger for Android cloud server which gives storages of groups on their server. This facilty show that thePOWOW Messenger for Android is fast towards the modern times with all the way and twenty four hour synchronisation facility which never let you loose yours own group member number . One more benefit from this is that even if you change yours mobile device and other related network connections then you do not have to start building yours contracts from the scratch. It is easy just to log in to yours cloud server being offered by POWOW Messenger for Android and then down load and synchronise your group contracts. You can access yours back up contracts from multiple devices through this cloud server.

Making favourite with POWOW Messenger for Android is as easy as you can think of , you just not have to go through the strenuous process of moving through entire history . With this application you can adjust yours favourite contracts and filter messages with ease without question. Native non text emotions accessible and ready for use with your Android device. You can use the application interface protocol of POWOW Messenger for Android to extract the pictures of Face book, Twitter, or Google Contacts and Linked in profile pictures to use it with yours messaging. You can make specifications with tailor made solutions to use the long date or the short date in yours messaging.


Google has unique voice input technology , with it you can speak and that will be written to your message easily and POWOW Messenger for Android uses this into this application to make your life easy and with this you can stop typing , simply speaking to yours Android to get the message written for you. Single press delete for text messages or thread messages , in this way you do not have to flag the message and then delete it. With POWOW Messenger for Android , it is the shortest way to delete the messages.POWOW Messenger for Android can make call sort cuts similar to speed dials and with the click of shot cut button you can access and call your specific nominated short cut number to  the user. Apart from this the home screen widget which gives the list of last twenty messages. The theme of this application is clean and the colour scheme is great and sutiable  and soothing for eyes.


My experience:

Android market is one of the most appreciated ,esteemed , jemmied possession of the Android OS. User can download million of free and paid applications from these

POWOW Messenger for Android is a group one to one native text messaging , you can send and receive all the messages at one time and one place. It seamlessly include anyone and any device into the group , with it you can create single text messaging, group messaging, or creating a single hub for one to one text messaging platform. It is compatible with Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). It can allow the application to dial the phone numbers without interference of textures that are rough to the touch or substances consisting of relatively large particles.. It allows the application to read all your data stored on your tablet. It allows the applications to alter the contact data stored on your tablet. It allows the application to read the phone features of the device. POWOW Messenger for Android is an alternative sending and processing of e-mail by computer made by Handmark . One of the most coolheaded feature of this application is Zip It , it is most vital application in the set up POWOW Messenger for Android IN group messaging any one in the group can transmit information to each other in the group. It has excellent pop up notification feature on your same screen to respond according to the call. With POWOW Messenger for Android you can filter messages and filter the messages without going through all the contracts. Non text Android native emotions can be available on yours Android device. It can imports face book , twitter, linked in profile picture on yours text messages . You can create a tailor made date and time to suit yours needs. The voice text input capacity makes easy to write messages simply by yours Android phone. Access your phone potentiality and can create calls with a single click withPOWOW Messenger for Android .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic How to delete duplicate notifications when I receive a message?

To turn off notifications within native application , you can follow these steps.

Search and found “Messaging” applications on your Android device. Then press the device menu key., then go to settings and sent messages.Then uncheck notifications or Sent notification.

POWOW Messenger for Androidis free , then share with yours friends with .

How to receive picture attachments with POWOW Messenger for Android :

Go to messaging , then settings , then MMS and then to Auto-retrieve and then tap to check box to enable this feature .It has many killer application and it is the most versatile application we ever had inside Android. With this feature rich option you can even use it for stock marketing and other high end business related mechanisms. This application is good for the battery life of mobile. It is free and does exactly what I want to do.

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