Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Applicant Tracking System


AutoHire  applicant tracking system contends positively with other hiring, employing and engaging system suppliers by allowing for a wide range of practical application tracking and tagging functionality capable of serving the purpose well aggregated, blended and compounded with the ease of use and function. The system blue print is unproblematic posing no difficulty for the user to navigate and browse. Straightaway immediate response to candidate record register is brought home the bacon without deviation from the job listing of itemizations.

User�s can browse through the candidate name from anywhere at anytime inside the software environment mandrillus leucophaeus the candidates in particular pointed detail. The entire true confidential inside information of the candidates are well accessible and approachable from a undivided set of flat and tabular well coordinated screen surface.

Prominent characteristics of AutoHire Applicant Tracking System:

It carries off the candidate information all the way through employing process beginning from the employment application to the interview to rejection and employing. It also has the gradation system that is helping then recruiters to take the decision of the able candidates in simple and visible manner. In the job listing page the candidate who has applied for the job can be easily approachable and accessible. The �submittals� column shows the number of openings and the number of available candidates who are eligible for this job opening. By Clicking on the each �submittals� precise list of the candidate name, source and the number of points earned during the various layers of job recruitment processes. If you want to get the more comprehensive job records of the candidates then it can be approachable by clicking the name of the candidates with each section presenting the radical classifiable prominent attributes of each of the candidates who are shortlisted for the job opening in the series of tabs in very clear and lucid manner.

The �resume tab� acquaints close interaction intergroup communication with their present status with the full aggregate of past events with their responses and status updates are all available in detail. There is one more job tab known as the �match jobs� tab which will see the candidates resume and their way of responses by scanning the various opportunities and then it will cope with the possible suggested posts to be acquired by the candidates. The �Task tab� is employed to find the present task lists and then it will help to produce the new task list for the concerned candidates. The task reminders and the task scheduling with the outlook are some of the outstanding features which you can find with the task re tab.

The �Letter tab� is to accumulate all the letters concerned with the job and then through this the letters can be emailed to then candidate concerned and also it can be printed to post with the snail mail. It is a complete letter management tool and with this the entire process of letter management becomes more and more easy and smoother. Users can call back, recall and view all the letters produced through this system and then it can deliver to the appropriate specification according to the rules and other considerations. The �Profile� tab gives the opportunity to the sender to modify the correspondence before it is to be sent to the concerned candidates, with the profile tab relating to the each and every candidates, this feature is being used by the user to add some drafts or personalisation features to the letter of correspondence before it is being mailed to various candidates.


Onboarding system: It increment the ratio of the quantity and quality of units produced and cuts down the monetary values. The onboarding system contour economically with efficiency with the new employ   that involves handling papers: forms or letters or reports etc. In spite of yours company size AutoHire applicant tracking system give the tailor made solution to yours company by automatically adjusting to your company needs and specifications all at once without any delay.

AutoHire solutions:

Recruiting Software: It provides the database of online resume gathering management and it covers and can tunnelled the resume submitted for hiring.

Career Centre Management: It is that part of the client access website that is being accessible by the candidates and then the job seekers submitted their application foe the job specifications through it. It provides the manual call centre work by responding to the candidate�s queries and can take the survey easily to know what it is being perceived by the candidates. Each section of this provides the total of nine web pages and out of which six can be customisable by the in house web masters of the company so that it has lots of scope for customisations and other related work around.

Job Requisition Creation and Approval: It has the deposited library with the programmable options to manage the contents of the job. It has the options of automated approval system and with this all the resume posted for then specific job can be tracked and approved for submission automatically thus deleting the vital hosting cost and also office costs. There are other systems which you can compare and find the estimated budgeted costs of actions with it and for this the entire cost and finance management can be easily acquired.

Online Screening: It give an eternity number of job screening questions with the grades attached to it and after resume submission the next best thing is to sort the candidates and for this the most important part is to employ the grading system and after seeing the grades all the relevant candidates with the higher grades inside the correspondence categories then sorted and the process of job interview augments. During the specifications the candidates must respond to the questions posed by the system and with this the perfect grading and choice of final list of candidates for the specified job begins.

Job Posting and Distribution: You can employ AutoHIre applicant tracking system  to put forward the job once and then submit it to various online categories and advertising portals so that more and more job seekers will appear for this. The specific locations which you are targeting may be yours own job portals and other paid and free third party job site and then the specified job portals and print and electronic media and so on.

Staffing Procurement System: Many a time when you will seek the job seekers there are two principal ways to attain this list one is with the outside recruitment and the other is for the inside  in house recruitment systems. For in house recruitment the staff vending and other email to the staff email accounts is to be considered and also you can find the staff vending performance with the AutoHIre job posting and distributing mechanisms.
Job and Resume Searches: AutoHIre  applicant tracking system  has the powerful MS SQL server for building the basic and advance database management faculties and indexing. Job category, the geo location, and then key word search tools with auto populated search parameters for the possibilities of job opportunities fro desirable resume compatibility.

Resume Management: It is a tabular structured organised data set which can easily be accessible and approachable in one single coordinated structure, these can be matched and compared with the existing resume to build the comparative resume management and make appropriate decision making.

Candidate Tracking: It gives the customised candidate conditionality that can make the decision making more and easier with the availability of customised candidates entire perspectives with the entire attentive ranking system of the candidates.

Reporting: It gives both the planned and the non planned customisable templates with real time view, print options, and export to excel with the wide range of data management options through the accumulation and the aggregation of report card with the entropy of selected information bring into existence through the AutoHire system. The unplanned reporting is the customised one which is done with the individual planning and implementation of thoughts and process of information collected through various interview and question and answer session.

Workflow and Automated Notifications: It is better than that of the paper based system which many a times is conflicting and time consuming. With the advent of AutoHire applicant tracking system , you can avail the functionality of automatic and user generated email sending profiles transactions dealings and easy to get the updated information from the click of the mouse through the automated work progression and relevant appraisal and presentations systems.

With all these above mentioned systems of AutoHire mechanisms all these combined to work and replace the existing traditional paper work flow design system of conventional office automations.

Why AutoHIre for your organisation is a must :

This system is more important and significant due to the fact that it is all important and indispensible for the organisation with fifteen or above employees to implement this system, this also have the legal sanctity at US as it is illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, colour, religion, national origin or sex and requires the maintenance of records for all "applicants" as well as persons hired. For this it is of utmost importance for the companies to make the same level field for the perspective job aspirants from outside and for the internal promotional job opportunities for the employees of the inside the organisation.  The organisations which fail to adhere to such rules will increasingly fall into constant law suits so much so that it is better to implement AutoHire system so that you will not be facing and falling into the legal troubles. This system gives you the customisable candidate profile which help you to attain the screening, selection and recruitment in the entire transparent manner and for this with the help of AutoHIre system recruitment you can be more and more confident that the candidate screening process is entirely in the right manner and without any discrimination of the caste, colour, religion and creed and for this your company reputation will not be dented.

Without this information the organisation will have no chance to fight the discrimination case of civil liberty and right of equality in the court and also with the graded system then AutoHire applicant tracking system  mechanism simply makes the entire process smooth with the each customisable appearance of each and every candidate who has appeared for the perspective of the job.


AutoHire is an online hiring and employing system planned and projected to help  the organisation to acquire the skills all around in the end to end of the hiring process. It saves time due to its automated system and save the cost of huge paper works and manual office work and job flow. With this you can create yours own website and save huge money with its career centres by posting through the automated process the jobs and then collect the resumes submitted through it in the process automations. Your organisation will save huge time with the single point entry system as all yours job posting will be automated to the various online job portals as well as on various offline job portals through the print and snail mail functionalities. Those candidates who apply for the relevant job entry will be satisfied with the speedy data entry and the data mining and with this yours staff level will be reduced due to the automated nature of AutoHire applicant tracking system mechanisms.  Due to the online screening the prescribed outing through the processing costs reduced drastically. It has excellent time management with the automated response and mailing options activated so that yours organisation will get the high ranking in the user satisfaction as well as its usages patterns. It sort and aggregate the management information and reports collected and submitted through the internet , that gives excellent and wonderful reports on the staffing marketer functional observation execution.


Increase Recruiting Efficiencies: Apart from giving the assurance of protecting against the future law suits of right to equality , AutoHire recruiting program also aides and assists the job selection procedure by making it more and more transparent with perfect accuracy , the saving of time and money , all  the perspective candidate details are in dash board and can be accessible by the office staffs , making the entire data access in the central single unit which is far better than to put it inside the office drawer draftsman and managing the back ground of the candidates , the communication history and the addresses of correspondence  all at one go inside the centralise AutoHire system.
Control Hiring Activities: As discussed above, AutoHire applicant tracking system  implements such a comprehensive system that it reduces the legal problems and then it augments the entire process with the complete system matainance system. It has the power to determine the questionnaires , interview appearances and it tries to attain the entire system architecture with the complete view of similarity , it control the admittance of information route and assigns the assess codes to the various executives according to their respective positions held.

Improve Reporting: AutoHire system employs the ability to exchange and use information (usually in a large heterogeneous network made up of several local area networks) to have the same compatibility with other related system architecture. With this the planned and the unplanned reports generation with the vendor performances with the complete and continuous information gathering is the process that utilises to profit the entire system architecture to run with serious complete balancing act.


Training: It is capable of reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning in the workflow analysis through the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities in then hiring process. It is obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation done through spontaneously derived from or prompted by a natural tendency with the short and simple system set up. AutoHire will provide the organisation the complete training through the web conference done through workflow and complete system architecture.

System Integration: It employs the XML technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, back ground screening and shielding, the process of classification with respect to its worth and the grade supplied and the complete integration with the third party vendor in terms of blue print , act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order and last not the least to attain the cost effective solutions for yours organisation as a whole.


In this modern day to day times for the employers the passion with the social media is a must due to its relevance and the present of perspective candidates here so that many more parts and facets of candidates can be known easily and with the integrations of website management with AutoHire applicant tracking system you can observe the candidate habits , friend circle and life performances. Almost every aspect of office work is now online due to advent of integration of all office duties from the head office to the local offices and for this the job posting, resume collection, data processing, candidates grading all essential work needs to be done automatically and in the same time to be synchronised as well for the sole purpose of synchronisations so that all the office units far and wide as well as the relevant information to be given to candidates , these entire process needs some wonderful system at work in the real time and for this sole purpose one of the better and always right applicant tracking system is AutoHIre, it is suitable for yours company go ahead and take a test drive of it. AutoHire applicant tracking system  competes favorably with other hiring system providers by providing a wide range of applicant tracking functionality combined with ease of use. The system design is uncomplicated, making it easy for the user to navigate.


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