Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cracking upon the hood to access Android phone


While writing one article on Samsung Bada operating system I came across the idea to root out an article on the Android as so far is writing very few write ups on this subject. What may be the reason not perfectly to known to me but some how I always miss the bus while writing about Android from Google? There are huge list of applications for Android  and the usability and the passive coherence among the user is growing more and more and the user always wants to customise  the smart phone to suit one�s need. Rooting to the Android is same as jailbreaking an iPhone. Entering into the inaccessible parts of the Operating system of yours smart phone device, unlocking the internally locked parts of the Operating system to access the under the hood parts is known as rooting for Android and jailbraking for iPhone. With this you can get the greater special advantage, immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all to the root access a way of entering and leaving to the Operating system. With this you can get into the administrative privileges to the Android Linux subsystem.


Cautionary advice about something imminent:

Rooting is not for the layman and if not done properly and concisely, it can rake havoc on yours Android device. It can break yours phone�s warranty. If you do not have much required knowledge than you can break entire hardware configurations of yours phone so be careful while proceed. Generally, with Android Google tries to safe guard the device by locking some unwarranted applications to no download segment as it can stop the down load and named it as unsecure connectivity to secure yours phone. With rooting these stop download notifications can be removed as to say it can be a danger for yours device, when you download the applications from the not so secure server. So, in a way rooting opens up more security hazards and you should be such tech geek to adopt and delete those hazards in case you face them.

The anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions of rooting is to remove the principle that limits the extent of something on yours phone. Many of those barriers are put in to yours device to make impossible to stop the cause of destruction of yours device.

A representative pattern of android rooting:

�    The hardware of the phone, the flash memory chip can be accessible and the phone can be customized and done according to yours specifications and requirements so that anything indispensible for the user.
�    The applications of yours phone will respond fast and will be ready for far more multi tasking.
�    The clumsy pre installed apps can be removed as those are being installed by the manufacturer and cannot be removed in the normal case by the user, with rooting these applications if not essential then can be removed.
�    Convert the phone to 3G,4G WiFi hotspot without additional charge.

A small piece of useful advice or information on rooting:

Android is a operating system being used on many phones across mobile brands and when you want to root any Android operating system, go for the device and search and gain knowledge on the phone instead of android as a whole so that the customise android on yours smart phone device can be well understood and calibrated to the graphics potentials of thoughts to make the continuity. Go for tutorials of yours phone and brose through some of the good tech forums, collect some of the offline works try to understand the basic concept abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific model you are dealing with. Check out if yours device has the unlocked bootloader that is to Examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition of flash ROMs of yours devices. Make a good research on yours smartphone device and also write some article on it so that you can experience the practical aspect of what you are going to do and what is going to happen. What are the pros and cons of yours mobile device and in case of rainy day how you are going to attain it to and revert back to its previous configurations all are of significant factors and needs careful attentions.  So, in brief learn, gain knowledge and skills of how to un-root. As in every applications like the Photoshop, paint dot net or ours very own MS Word all have the beautiful crafted un do button that is the sense when sometimes we want to revert back to the previous saved settings so that we can correct the order of ours work. Similarly, is the case with Android rooting where we need to understand the un-root parameters so that it will safe for us.

Make the battery of yours device fully charged and operational and prior to the rooting try to make a test run of yours battery as how many hours it is running with some multi tasking actions and take a note it and try to finish yours rooting of Android much before battery consuming life of yours phone. It is one of the vital aspects of this process as take for an example if battery of yours phone drains out in between the rooting then yours phone could be permanently destroyed. If yours android sleeps before the new system is installed fully, then it is extremely difficult to restore, repair, and revive the phone.


In order to prevent the phone�s processor from overheating and corrupted and ultimately burning and churning out always reach out to the moderate rooting of yours android devices. Set good failsafe measures so that yours phone will not overheat and will continue to work seamless. Android is capable of good speed in its default factory settings and if you feel at some point of time, you are not going to manage these settings and the fail safe measures could go out of hand, it is better to revert to the original setting of the phone so that you could understand the possible ramifications of the rooting android.