Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to send a confidential note to someone?

There are times when the need arises to send to someone some confidential information that can be encrypted so that it will be inside you and to the sender and it can be used by the sender only and can only be used by the sender and the receiver and nothing else third persons. Due to various reasons we do not want our messages to be in the prying eyes of other so in order to make it confidential one such tool is there and you can use it at your best to get the most out of it and to know about this tool please read it on this article to have in-depth knowledge about it. If you have emailed someone with the encrypted document you have to inform the sender about the password of the file and think about it if the password got caught with the wrong persons then your file security is at the high end of risk and so use it with caution and great care.

In your favorite web browser go to  and reach the website , website in slow connection will take some moments to load and with the broadband it work fine. Register, with the account and give a proper email and user name and password and keep the password secret with some tool and then head over to its front page to write you message. It is just like that of the spoken conversation and here you can send the passwords of your encrypted document to the sender securely and it will be with the sender immediately. You will be given a unique URL of your message and send it to your friend or to whom you want the secret message to be delivered. When they click on the email they get the secret message and with that the whole process of encryption is completed.

So, what is the unique about this email system than that of the traditional email system , it is the unique URL that had generated for the purpose of the sender can be used only once and after that it is to be deleted from the burnnote system so it its properly unique and secure. If the recipient kept the browser window open for more than three minutes then it will be deleted and self destroyed from open web browser and as per the above system the revisiting the unique URL will not work again and this has given this burnnote system a heavily secure system to use and employ. Let us assume that some one just got the phishing and know the password intended but he would not know what the system it is for and how to be used and what the unique URL originally mentioned for and to be used for it.

elee reymond on Staree All of your personally identifiable information is being protected with the burnnote and it is secure. When you create the message the entire contents is being encrypted and then it is stored inside the burnnote data base, it is retained as and when the recipient receive this it is to be used to decrypt the message. For additional protection you can encrypt the message itself and the password should be sent to the recipient separately to decrypt the message. All the messages are stored inside of burnnote data base for the first view and then it is automatically deleted from the data base so no second view and lurking eyes on your encrypted work.
Burnnote do not make the back up of the message copies as it is to be deleted after first view and for this no back up required so that there will not be any mistake blocking the deletion processes. Database deletions are done through securely so that there will not be any sign of database remains and also no possibility of retrieving the copies in the later time. Your registered account information is being backed up so that it will be safely in our data base when you logging in you urn note system. Burn note internal analytics system do not read the contents of the burn note as against it reads the whether the created note is opened or send or kept open for more than three minutes. Burnnote employs the physical, electronic and procedural safe guards so that your encrypted document is always encrypted until the first view. It is advisable to register with a secure password for the burn note account management.

Burn note is an online encrypted document or note done it foe securely sending to the recipient to read it only once and then it deletes forever. Recipient will view it for the first time and then read it and then destroy it forever. Once it is being destroyed then it cannot be read it again and also each and every burn note has some specific time limit and after which it is being automatically destroyed. You can create the burn note anonymously or can create and register with a registered account which is absolutely free to use it. After creating the burn note you will have the link and that can be used to send it to the recipient. If you refresh the browser page then it will show the empty page as with it the delete the burn note. You can allow the recipient to copy and paste the burn note by making the note in the category of plain text display option.


It is true that no system is one hundred percentages proof and there is always the critical vulnerability associated with it as the recipient can write down the information and can send it to the third parties and these can not be controlled. If you have the registered account then the burn note will notify you that the concerned recipient had received the message you have just been send and with it you can know that your message is delivered on the other hand if you are sending it with anonymous account then there is no such possibility of yourself to know that the message is delivered to the recipient and the recipient is reading it or not reading it. So with the anonymous sending of the burn note you will not be getting any such confirmation note.  All unread burn notes are deleted after elapsing of seventy two hours. So, burn note is an excellent private conversation tool to utilize and manage and it is between sender and the recipient, you can use it for various purposes and you can use it to send it to the recipient the proper password so that no one will able to know about it after you use it as it will go through above detailed process so that it will have many possibilities of going secret to the sender. The founder of the website is Jacob Robbins and if you want  to use this exceptional service than you can point you web browser to

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