Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Apple no longer safe from Trojans

Apple recently released flashback malware tool with Java security update. It is an automated removal tool to help users to remove the flashback malware , first discovered by Dr.Web in April this year.This Trojan spreads to an estimated half a million computers world wide within a fortnight , which is a significant threat to the spreading of malware in such a high manner in around the entire Apple operating system users. This Trojan was designed to exploit the vulnerability by exploiting the Java framework, as it steals user�s information from built in web browser and other internet connected applications and plug ins. Then this Trojan flush it back to remote server about user�s information and other related privacy information which are stored inside the computer or smart phones. To add insult to the injuries this Trojan malware comes with different ways as there is no smart cut through method of intrusion and this makes the entire catching of this Trojan difficult to attain. It can hide inside Adobe flash video or other similar web browsers plug ins to steal the relevant and important data inside of user�s information. Some type and kind of this Trojan can be installed without direct user permission and then it automated its functions to make yours system more and more sluggish. Other security companies like that of Kaspersky , F-Secure have created their removal tool to remove these Trojan , Apple is little bit of late in introducing this but it is now available for user to implement it in their system and clean the concerned malware through it.

Intel studybook:

Intel studybook is one more one of the important entrant in education category. Other prominent players in this category are Micromax Funbook and HCL ME tab. It aims to capture the elementary education segment of the market. It is a seven inch slate powered by Intel Atom processor Z650. It is a part of Intel learning series which comprises of ultra books and notebooks. Intel studybook can run on Windows 7 and Google�s Android Honey comb range platform. This Intel studybook is third in terms of Intel�s line of low powered computing devices . Intel studybook comes with optional 0.3 mega pixel front facing camera and 2mega pixel back facing cameras. Other relevant feature includes accelerometer , light sensor , 3G , Bluetooth  and some models support  Wi-Fi and mini high definition media interface and there is simcard slot for 3G compatibility.. According to Intel this study book is tested in idea conditions by dropping from a distance of two feet , and then to water and dust and it shows that is is water and dust resistant . The weight is one to two pounds which is why it is suitable for children as it is light weight , resistance to water and dust and it can stay strong at very critical and strong conditions.

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Intel studybook contents a variety of educational content . It has in0built  e-reader , Lab cam which can construct a potential science video presentations. It is good at multi-tasking with quick swap tom different applications and the audio quality is fine but it seem a bit tinny. Over all it is a good gadget to supplement your study needs.

Samsung next generations Galaxy smart phone :

Samsung is going to the future by presenting its next generation Galaxy smart phone which will have a superb quad core processor named as Exists 4  Quad which will have 32mm processor. It will be probably known as Samsung Galaxy S III. This new quad core processors will be used with far ranging applications like that of smart phones , tablets . This chip will be clocked at 1.4 GHz. This seems that this processor is better than that of Apple iPad and iPhone 4S processor and this shows some excitement about this new product. It is crucial as this will give the smart phones and the tablets the personal computing experience at their finger tips. This means that the processor will be strong , excellent with multi core processor abilities.  It would provide uncompromising performance with ground breaking multi tasking features. This new processor will provide 1366*768 WXGA display and thirty frame per second full high definition with proper video hardware codec engine. It will also provide 1080p video recoding with high resolution. The camera functionality will be of high quality with an embedded image signal processor interface to give high and resounding picture quality. The high definition media interface 1.4 will give sharp and crisp multimedia experience for content transition.


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