Thursday, May 10, 2012

Non Congress chief ministers oppose NCTC

National counter terrorism centre was opposed by non-Congress chief ministers at the meeting held at New Delhi. Ms. Mamata Banarjee opposed the move and joined with what non-Congress chief ministers are saying. They said NCTC will violate country�s federal structure, the centre effort to generate consensus among various stakeholders of decision making authorities fell flat with the more opposes than the earlier meet. Tamilnadu chief minister said home ministry treats states like pawn on a chess board. The NCTC is now been notified and should be kept in abeyance as told by  

Tamilnadu chief minister.

She emphasized NCTC will create greater distrust among centre and state, as this will overtake power of the state , as this will overtake the power of the state. Tamilnadu chief minister was so critical in her speech that she asked the centre to keep their house in order, instead of advising states on principle of administrations. Tamilnadu chief minister further said the way things are evolved with the creation of NIA and NCTC and with the proposed amendments to RPF Act and BSF Act, we seem to be headed towards an autocracy consisting of government of the centre, by centre and for the centre.

Home minister stressed

the need that the counter terrorism is a shared policy that is what the constitution says. Gujarat chief minister uttered that even after years of Batla house encounter, union government seems uncertain whether or not it is a genuine encounter between terrorists and Delhi police which functions under ministry of home affairs. Prime minister stressed the need that it is not our government intuition to alter distribution of power between the states and the centre.

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Odisha chief minister said

NCTC is unacceptable in its present form. He suggested a sub committee headed by Tamil Nadu chief minister to be set up to address the concern posed by some states. Odisha chief minister stressed that such an organization should not be part of intelligence system and IB. All operations should be joint operations with then support of sate police and NCTC should be independent and neutral organization and its control should not be with centre or states. No where in the world this type of security agency is under the purview of national security agencies. Concurrence of state government should be taken for forming focus groups to deliberate issues and problem areas and state jurisdiction must be supported and acclaimed. Odisha chief minister opposed the provision of NCTC can assume command over any crisis situation and unilaterally act without regional sentiments. If this happens, that is going to undermine the state�s power and vitiate federal structure, in this way this can create and form divisive powers and it is bad for India�s federal structure and running of democracy which has been created by years of sacrifices; Odisha chief minister said in the meeting of NCTC.

Centre promises

to address the state�s concern of State government on locating NCTC in IB and its operational power in exceptional circumstances. Home minister assured all state chief ministers that he would be carefully consider all suggestions. He stressed the need to measure all suggestions with the open mind and heart.


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