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Password manager Norton Identity Safe

As the time goes on the capacity of websites increases with it and also with it the number of websites with web 2 abilities and other related applications. Now- a day�s websites are evolving like that of applications on the web browser window and then they work like mobile apps and with it various money making opportunities are going to happen. With many more websites is is store and password storing is slowly becoming a very labors exercise and for this entire flurry of passwords needs to be remembered and also to be done with some analytical mind. With the advent of many more website a password lock is the need of the hour. In the earlier days I used to remember the passwords by pen and paper and then by keepass the offline password manager. Now time is the real value and how to manage the precious time is the need of the hour and for this the real automated password solution with the multi browser integration is the need of the hour so that it will safely and securely store all my passwords in the remote server and also keep away from any of the prying eyes. Today , I will tell you about a password manager that will not only clear all of worries but also it has been a tremendous security as it is from Norton the master in security and protecting your web presence for years and with it you can depend the very dependable password managers. With the advent of modern web and many more advanced technology implementation the use of web slowly becoming more and more difficult and complicated and for this the sheer use of pen and paper to employ the password is not enough. As Norton says it is the best prescription for your password pain.

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager from security giant Norton and it is now available for free for limited time. It speeds up your logging time with your favorite websites within a span of seconds and with it the worrisome work of attaching user name and password is being slowly deleted and the log in process is fast and blazing. It is like roboform but the difference is that it is from Norton the giant of security arena and it can be very much dependable and the other plus point is it for the time being is free to use. It can be at the moment the alternative for free last pass. It saves your passwords and never forgets it for you. It has the cross browser functionality It frees you from going through the difficult process of passwords resets and other parameters. It works well with most of the people and it is very easy to use and employ. It makes you smart and secure. It helps you to fill the forms again and again and it stops you from filling the boring form again and again and it simply uses it in built mechanisms to employ. With auto fill it can fill up your addresses, credit cards and frequent flyer numbers. It saves yours precious time and money and energy in this fast changing and outward world. It securely saves notes and stores them in proper places so that you can find them at very real time.

Your user name and passwords are always available with you and it is always with you irrespective of your browser and phones and device you use. Even if you decide to change the browser it is always with you and you will not have to worry about your passwords and other utilities. It works on different platforms; you can use it on Andorid or iOS or use it with your desktop or any other related device platforms. With this you can securely and easily log in with your devices and wherever you go and it makes you mobile ad it is very useful to use and it has the multi functionality and different aspects in this platform. In this way you can access your important on the go and for this also it log in automatically and browse it install the Norton Identity Safe tool bar is installed with it and it can share You can share anything if you ant it to with others with Norton Identity Safe tool bar and get the adequate visibility and response with it. It also works alternatively for the WOT protections as it shows how some sites are safe and can find the confidential information and it warns you before logging into  these  websites.  With this you can avoid bad sites the sites which you visit, be selective while surfing the website and with this your browsing protection remains same as ever. With Norton Identity Safe, your log in into your favorite website is fast becoming secure, safety and speed. You can share most defining contents across the internet and other email options with it and it works like wonders.

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If you have Norton Internet Security is installed then you don�t have to install it as Norton Identity Safe is already installed with it . If you are using some other antimalware like that of Microsoft security essentials then you can also implement Norton Identity Safe and it work flawlessly and without any glitch of any problem.  Norton Identity Safe installs Norton Safe Web also. In my observation it does not support my favourite Opera web browser, it supports Firefox and Internet Explorer my second browsers. I don�t know it works with Chrome or not but it is working with Firefox and IE flawlessly. While working with Firefox it stalls the Firefox for few seconds before vault opening and that is somewhat irritating for me but after few seconds it works fine. In the morning time and first opening of computer it freezes for some more time before the vault is open may be it is touching the cloud and that is why it is behaving such manner. After employing Norton Identity Safe you will never forget your passwords again and doing the same work again and again of filling out the forms. It keeps synchronised your passwords and other related information across the computers and other devices across the web and it go on seamlessly so that you do not have to the continuance process of log in and log out. The passwords of your are stored in a secure cloud based vaults and it is also goes on with the encrypted connectivity. It can store the infinite number of passwords and it automates the process with the requisition of one click log in and other fast signing in procedures.  It warns for unsafe sites and also it checks for websites to find out whether they are safe to work or not. It removes the bigger problems of password management. It saves the precious time and internet price. More often it is being backed by  the security leader Norton.

In my experience it fails to save passwords i=of two accounts one is  and the other is  and except these two site all other sites does well with Norton Identity Safe and all the passwords including the debit cards and bank account information are stored securely and with this the log in process has been fantastic.

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager that makes logging into your favorite web sites easier, faster and more secure.
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