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Get paid for Tweet Alpha Tweet

It is been always a fascination to use Twitter and express within the specified word limits of one hundred forty words. After a while it is been felt that within these limited wording many more can be speak of and this has make it a great advertising platform for both advertisers and Twitters. For brands it is the ready made platform for viral marketing as they can directly interact with the clients and users and consumers and they can get the best of the lot opinion on their products and this has made Tweeter platform a great field to harness its potential. There are numerous ways when the consumer can participate in the brand promotion, research and its marketing and various potential analogies with multi faceted methods. As a owner of the brand your product can be reviewed quickly by thousand of Twitter users and in this way you not only get the real benefits of viral marketing and also simultaneously find the perfect path for automated brand promotion and research and in this way your brand crosses all the limits and with Twitter users crossing thousands of each of the individual accounts this has been the real crazy as the multiple proportion and dynamism of the brand can go for many a miles and its output and its advertising capacity has many more mile to go and find it way to the hearts of consumers. As the brand owners you can get more and more valuable feed back not only from twitters but also the other visitors who happen to reach at the various tweets while they browse the internet. 

It gives all the much required awareness and driving more and more real traffic to your product web site and this has been the fantastic achievement and  in this manner your brand and web presence of the audience get  the real boost of traffic and buzz of the internet has been always with you to go forever.

If you are a twitter use you just get paid just by expressing the opinions and other related brand responses and in this way knowingly and unknowingly you go for the brand promotion and other related activities and you also get paid handsomely with this process and this is the win and win situation for both the advertisers and twitter users. It is real that why twitter is so popular with this sort of limited expressive mediums and this has been a real mystic for many business and corporate giants nevertheless they are now trying to utilize and maximize the real twitter potentials for their brand and in this process both the consumers and brand owners benefitted in their own befitting ways and this has been awesome for both of the categories of the marketing managements. You can now talk directly with your fans and followers and know about the product related information and get the direct response from them without infringing through any of the third party hindrances and this has been the real truth why Twitter is popular and why it is going to be in the long run also.


But there is the one common field where the both the advertisers and the consumer and twitters can be beneficial and feel they are at the same leveling field and the benefits of Twitter - Alpha Tweet.

For the Twitter, it all depends upon how many people are following with you on your Twitter account you can get the maximum exposure and can earn from few cents to higher income per post .Your follower count, Twitter account status and its significance and the stream of your account always determine which advertise will like you to make the promotion with your account and this has been the real plus point as far as the count of your earning with Twitter goes on with. In the account menu you can set your own cost per tweet and wait for the advertiser to connect with you and then tweet their tweet to get the money. With Alpha Tweet you just been get paid for posting the tweet ,as you do not have to wait for others to click on your tweet it is fantastic and it can benefit a hell lot of money with due course of time as this platform is new as it gives you the money just by posting the relevant tweets and in this way you just express the opinions on the specified products to get it going.

As the company website says �Alpha Tweet is the dedicated platform for connecting Australian brands with consumers using Twitter. Alpha Tweet is in the final stages of development and is due to launch in early 2011.

Alpha Tweet is a subsidiary of Dejan SEO, one of Australia's leading online marketing companies. Specialties

Twitter Marketing, Celebrity Endorsements, Online Marketing�


In the dashboard of Alpha Tweet your work is very miniature in nature but you get paid for posting the tweets and you just find the brands and mostly in side the turbo section you just get at least ten tweets to post on your Twitter account and earn handsome half a dollar in this process. Some times check your account twice in days with certain interval of time so that you will find some more advertising opportunities in these processes. There is many more control with you unlike other social media opportunities as you can like, dislike or hate any product and also till then all the tweets has been published with sheer absolute corrections and your reputation and brand image as the Twitter user has always been safeguarded so that you will not face any sort of difficulties while using this. Also there is the disclosure attached to your tweets as it always says that you as the Twitter user will be going to be paid as you are using this service to promote or express opinions on brands specific related information. Twitter always mentions that the user should be transparent with their campaigns and for this the mentions of the promotions within these tweets is of sheer importance so that your account will not be facing any sort of violations of Twitter principles. It also helps you to give the complete transparency to your follower that you are protecting their right to information with the disclosure and for this they will not be bothered and in this manner the process of entire Twitter friendships with your follower remain unobtrusive and undeterred. All the tweets are meeting with the guidelines of �sponsored� so that the other Twitter user will not be fooled by the campaigns and they will know the real transparency with which these posts has been done with.

So all you want is to sign up for the campaign, you of course need a Twitter account for this as it is the absolute must and then you can  go for any promotional offers and how to use it is very simple and I have done this video tutorial and you can watch it to have more clear understanding of how Alpha Tweet is working and then make it your it as the daily routine to check it out for any of the offer and especially at the turbo offer section and make the most out of it just by tweeting and you get pain for tweeting . You can withdraw amount after it get to fifty dollars and the minimum withdraw amount is fifty dollars and you need a valid PayPal account to withdraw your amount. AlphaTweet referral badge


In short Alpha Tweet without infringing upon the Twitter policy it allows you to maximize the earning potential of the Twitter user so that by making some opinions on brands you will be getting paid for this. It is easy , you have the full control and it is transparent and within the magical limit of one hundred forty words you can maximize your earning potential and can earn up to thirty dollar in a month and you can reach your maximum earning limit within the one month and twenty days , is not it a fantastic and wonderful opportunities for you go here and dwell with it it will take each day one or two minutes to express your opinions and yours opinions are always valuable and make the most out of it. You as the Tweeter can earn money for the new content to spread about and your followers will get to know about the real new and important brand and their various updates and innovations through you. You can get the real response from your followers as well as Alpha Tweet and brands and then all will be benefitted with these functions.

Giving something to everyone along the way, Alpha Tweet is the simple, transparent and easy way to make money on Twitter. Sign up is free for Twitter user and I will advise as the Twitter user grow your number of followers so that in the longer run you will be benefitted with the increasing amount of offers as your Twitter brand increases with the augmentation of your follower number.

Get paid to Tweet with Alpha Tweet



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