Friday, May 4, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire a US only device at the moment

Amazon Kindle Fire is a US only device at the moment while writing this write up. May be Amazon will try to expand its scope and will get the market expansion or even at then publish of the article this may be done so but for the moment the review will be based on its first hand look  of this handy device from the market giant Amazon. It is an expensive device and at the moment aiming for the US only market may be marketing gimmicks to start with. Remembering the Gmail first trick then invitations only and it goes on to make more and more anticipation and expectations may be this is somewhat the similar attributes which the Amazon is carrying out with. First hand it is an expensive tablet to start on with, design very and attractive and wonderful to feel with it, it has one customised platform with customised Android 2.3 with the Amazon service integrated with it as it is on the expected lines to think of it least, and the RAM size is 512 MB and this has the scope of expansion, it could have been better with at least 1 GB of RAM embedded within it. Its strict smart competition is play book which has higher amount of RAM within than Amazon Kindle Fire. Though lesser RAM but the multitasking capability is better to have with and it does not feel the tight while making the multi tasking capabilities. The user interface is very lovable and brilliant and adorable to work on with, the brilliant shelf design seems like you have been at some sort of ultra modern library to work with, and then bigger shelf is at the middle of the shelf shelves. The favourite shelf is at the below of it and it will accumulate yours favourite and the recent folders which you have done the work with. By clicking or moving the cursor it reminds of the album cover trend which is very clear and meaningful to know the details of the browsing.

The album cover interface is first beginning with the Apple and then it has been adopted by many in different formats and various analogues manner. At the top is the search bar in black colour with the option of Newsstand, books, music, videos, docs, Apps and Web options to search on with. By selecting any of these tabs you will be arriving at the different level with more option to work on with. The seven inch IPS display is fine and broad and yours eyes will feel the little pain while browsing the tablet. With pleasant web browsing experience peak and the feel soft like multimedia and text working environment has been fantastic to work on with and then work environment is so cool and comfortable to work on with that you will not feel that you are working for hours with it. The web browser has the neat new look with very few distractions and the entire process of the browsing experience with the latest updates make the full screen browsing experience more and more smarter and easier.


Then internal storage is of eight GB and with built in storage but the surprising part is that there is no scope for additional slot for memory expansion. Amazon Kindle Fire is a smart device with lots of functionality additionally knitted with but it has the geographical limits and for this it seems that at the time of writing this it is been  US only device and out side you can not do anything with it. With Android market store removed due to the customised version and only option for the apps is to go for the Amazon application store which can only be accessible if you have the credit card of the US based financial institutions. Without is you cannot even download the free apps and in the tablet without the apps it seems the horrible to work on with at the first instance. Battery life is good and can be better it runs for ten hours with full application environment with full multi tasking capabilities and which is not so bad least to say. The processor of the capacity of 1 GHz Cortex A9, TI OMAP 4430 chipset  with power VR SGX540 graphics of battery 4400mAh.

Amazon Kindle Fire has the colour touch screen with thicker and wider display than that of Black Berry Play book , and for this the display size is pretty  wide and it looks vibrant and beauty full  to the normal eye. No hard wares button at the top and it is flawless in its touch screen capacity. The rubberised back is great for the country of cooler regions as in summer or in hot summer it will be waterier so much so that it can be slippery in many cases due to the advancement of rubber interfaces.  At the button of the surface you will find the all the hardware keys like that of the power key, micros USB port with 3.5 mm headphone jack are at the button of then phone. On the top there are the stereo speakers and at the side panels nothing is there as it is a suitable arrangements of the hardware as it seems that the placements at the side panels can be accidentally switch by the palm so it is brilliant placement.


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