Friday, January 27, 2012

Weird problems

Domestic help is important for every house hold those who can afford to pay for it. They clean the house, wash the clothes, and do the daily cleansing and previous pending works. Most of the house holds depends upon them for their daily work. In Puri in most of the houses domestic help used to do various home works like that of cleansing of utilities, For the last two years their wages now been on the rise and it is on the higher side in each year sometimes they increase the wages in the month of October and sometimes they increase the wages in the month of January in the new year. Now days the number of domestic helps in the decline due to some positive government policies. There lots of money to earn from various positive government policies and for this now the trend is changing. They are now getting more than two hundred days of earning opportunities apart from other earning from various government welfare measures. This adds to the problem for various house holds. Due to the scarcity of domestic helps , there salary is on the rise and they are also now more ad more demanding and also their work standards is on the decline. They are now working at more than sixteen houses and this is obvious as how could they manage the house holds by going to various far and wide places of Puri town and the standard of work I on the decline. Every homes priority is for cleaning and for all the essential works is done by the domestic help but with increase in time the duration of the work is on the decline and the standard of the work is one the decline.

Sometimes there behaviors are also rude and if you say some rude words or some mild rude words they will complain about everything. Now it seems that this being the most worrying factor. How to get rid of it? As the more you increase the wages of the domestic help they tend to reduce the work loads and try to finish the work in a hurry. The house holds works seems to be a difficult task and how it is to be solved and how easily it can be done and finished. What should be the problem no one can solve it? As the government can not solve it as it is doing the welfare works and that too it is also extending to richer people through Adhar cards and other welfare measures. Now the next problem I to find the persons who plucks the coconut from trees. Now the new generation of coconut pucker s has been evading from their earlier possessions. Now their new generations not doing these coconut plucking professions and for this there is strenuous lack of these coconut pluckers. Now their fathers has been doing this profession and for this serious lack of coconut pluckers and all the house holds having the coconut trees is feeling the brunt of it.

Weired problems

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