Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watch the ball

India team is at down under down and out of the series. Australia with much fan fare is playing at home. The crux of the problem is with the mind not with the technique. Sachin is middling the ball but unable to reach the century of century. A peculiar problem as it is unique and no other batsman in the history of international cricket in such a situation. The Indian media has been always negative to the team. Especially the electronic media is too harsh on the team. Gavaskar as former great and ideal of Dravid, Sachin and Laxman is not doing any good to the team by making some harsh comments. India is losing seven losses at the green top wickets of England and Australia but in between they are winning at home and against England at home they won comprehensively. What is the problem? Australia is bowling ours batsman full length delivery and to ours bowlers the shot pitched stuff. The way main batsmen are bowled to the in swinging deliveries remains a problem. The main worry is the in swinging balls and the batsman getting out to ordinary bowlers like Siddle who earlier to this series average 30 in the test match. Hilphenaus also been dropped earlier and returning back to the side after two years and he is making merry of the batsman especially the tail handlers. Te situation of batting of India is very pathetic and the batmen are out of sorts except Sachin and Kohli.


This is really a grave situation but in this extraordinary situation we should not be more against to ours team. We should support ours team in this time of emergency. India can bounce back and also it is important to groom the newer talents in this point of time. Laxman’s performance in the last year is below par but we should give him a respectable exit. Shewag is a natural middle order batsman and he also expressed his view about it to bat in the middle and for this Shewag should bat in the middle order and a slow and correct batsman like Mukund or Rahanne should open with Gambhir . he next in line for one year should be Dravid and Shewag should not be given more than six months to prove this presence. Gambhir ‘s form and Dhoni;s form is worrying and India seriously needs to consider to strengthening the batting and also the mental ability. India team have to battle not only the Australia eleven but also their media and also Indian media and surprisingly all are against the team. Umesh Yadav is the shining star among the lot with fast breeze bowling at the hot Perth. Australia must be getting their own medicine with his ultra smart bowling. Ashwin is disappointing and failed to grab the golden chance to permanent his place at Indian team. Zaheer as usual is good and bowling in good line but the disappoint is Ishant who bowled his heart out but failed to capitalize in the wicket column. The coach Flethcher can be blamed partially as before him Kirstein does the good work but now he is making the performance worse.


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