Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Plenty of works remain to be done in Indo-Pak peace process

This article was written by me some times back and it is based on that perspective. The meeting between India PM and the Pak PM at the SAARC summit in Maldives has been positive. PM Singh praises Pak PM and Pak PM reciprocates. Plenty of work needs to be done. A Chinese proverb says “The more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed during the war.” But, sadly this does not apply to Indi-Pak relationship. It is complex and the more you try to solve it the more intrigue it becomes the day by day. The fragmented Pakistan polity, the critical role of the army in decision making at Pakistan, the authority of Pakistan army without the responsibility has been the stumbling block in relationship with India. History shows India is been always active in cooperating with it neighbor but due to not so cooperative attitude of western neighbor the peace process is often failing time and again. IN short, the engagement with the Pak’s political machinery will not bring any change. The delivering capacity and the final punch to solve all the problems rests with the hands of Pak army not in their political class as however time and again the political class of Pakistan boasts of. The recent announcement by Pakistan to grant the most favored nation’s status to India is a good gesture. History shows a strong business ties with countries will bring forward the most favorable peace as a force. In a safe and special environment, a lasting peace process is always necessity. Sometimes, the above mentioned Chinese proverb is not always appropriate and especially in the India –Pakistan situation Select Visions.

Terrorism as a state policy or an invisible state policy is a matter of grave concern. It can zero all the peace process within a blink of an eye. Pakistan is a victim of home grown terror, but when it affects India, and then it is the matter of grave concern. No country can interfere in some other country territory in any form. The terrorist’s safe heaven Pakistan must be dismantled. Afghanistan is the bone of contention between India and Pakistan. Pakistan should not consider Afghanistan as the zero sum game. Pakistan can contribute equally as India is doing at Afghanistan. The main aim must be for Afghanistan development and in the process it will lead to peace process of the great Indian subcontinent. The evergreen silk route between central and south Asia must be opened immediately. Peace process between India and Pakistan is crucial and paramount. Liabilities of the past should be erased. Remember, the past always has the glorious uncertainties. The vibrant and the glowing economic future is already in the reserve. Then only the great Indian sub continent can run like a car on a super highway , so everything now rest with the leaders and the statesman of both the countries.

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