Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Play straight

In Australia, Indian cricket team, especially the batters should play straight; they should not play or aim at playing to the squares or the sideways as this can be dangerous. Shewhag started the proceedings with a good boundary at the rock and hard wicket with extreme grass at the Sydney ground. In this Sydney wicket you can gain value for yours shots once you settle at the wicket as this is very good wicket with same bounce not the artificial spongy bounce as with Melbourne. Sachin looking better and better even on the tow of the bat he hit a beautiful four. Good cricket by Kohli, they are positive and they are looking for shots, they are not blocking, after launch they are playing the balls with merits. There areas till some movements in the pitch to keep the bowler interesting on this Sydney wicket. The ball good carry to wicket keeper and Sachin standing way outside the crease, even to the fast bowler. Siddle bowling in mid 140s after the launch and he surprise the wicket keeper in his bounce. Kohli the successful at ODI wants to perform in the real test matches. Kohli got out by Siddle and it is sad that Siddle showing his arm to the out batsman, the Kangaroos back to their dust bin job of irritating and they should be careful other wise they can feel the same heat here. Kohli should have left it he should have learnt from the great who is on the other side, runner but instead he played at it and caught behind. Kohli showed some resistance but he also faded as Gangly said it is inexperience of Kohli to play that ball out singer. While batting the master Sachin goes to the ball whole heartedly, he step-up to the everything then weight, the foot and the bat speed is facing towards the bowler. Sachin is facing the bowler straight down to the bowler right under his face. The condition at this ground is reasonably good for batting, the ball is swinging a little but a good batsman can play well. Sachin uses his feet, waiting for the ball searching for it and punish the bad ball in between. The mental approach of Sachin should be ahead of the pace of the bowler up front he had done this at South Africa and he can do it here. India score 100 in three hours of test cricket, captain Dhoni strikes a boundary and India crossed the 100 barrier. Pressure so much on middle order and lower middle order and the opening is failing time and again and this is the misery. How Dhoni will play against the spinner? How much purchase the spinner gets it from the spinner. He has a very good field and India is in the dire straights of batting. Dhoni is playing positive and let us hope against the hope India could do a good score to compete with Australia.

Play Straight

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