Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Republic day

Happy 63rd republic day of India. The entire Indian Ocean around the globe is rejoicing to the tune of glorification of India’s Republic day. The tune and symphony of Republic day is a proud moment for all Indians living in India and around the globe. People first and the mission to protect India is always the motto of Air India. A few days ago Indian Air force women were officers landing air craft at Mt. Everest. This is the new beginning for modern Air Force of India. With the advancement of technology India is marching ahead. The Prime Minister of Thailand is the chief guest of India’s sixty third Republic Day. The long range and the high accuracy of Indian Air force is keeping us safe from envious enemies. Ours Jawans keep constant vigil on ours borders among various difficult situations. This has been done with the holistic approach to techniques and growth. Border Security Force’s tune “Vijay Bharat” has been exceptional. The naval contingent is the sign of brevity and might. Al these security forces are committed to garner the quality of life for all citizens of India. Drums, symbols, trumpets are sounding the glory of India. They ensure that ours independent always remains and we live in a safe and happy society. India has the largest unified society as a core. Assam Rifles' song “Desh ki hamen shan badhai ” has been exceptional. Twenty lakh square kilometers are protected by Indian coast guard. Let the history record us instead as a generation that made a great progress in the golden writings of the world. They are saving ours borders from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Rajasthan to Arunnachal Pradesh. They are singing the song Saren Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara . They march in unity, they show the brevity , they attain the success ,they save the land as they stay awake in the scorching cold of minus forty degrees and they save ours borders from tiring summer of above forty five degrees. India is not merely as the world’s biggest democracy, it is the youngest nation state and becoming younger day by day. Normally, the two thirds of the population would be in the fifteen to fifty nine working age group over the next decade.


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