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This is what Puri is known for

Puri is the religious capital of Odisha and a renowned place of Bharat. There are times when a healthy category of population knows Odisha only through Puri. The population of Puri town is not big but the floating population Puri is always high. There are lots of tourist’s flows, here from every nuke and corner of Bharat and the world.

One American couple in the mid thirties, few days back boarded at Puri. They were walking by the side of road nearer to the sea at the northern side of Puri. Suddenly, there appeared two to three visitors from the background; they rode with a bike, and try to snatch away the American lady from her husband who was walking nearer to the footpath. They successfully kidnapped the American lady from her husband and try to go speedily with their bike. One riter (constable of Police) was standing by the side of road with his duty, jumped upon the moving bike and tried his best to rescue the lady. The bikers kicked the lonely riter and ran from that place with speedy moving vehicle. The honest and duty bound constable called his officer immediately and the officer rushed to that spot within two minutes and send signed messages to locals who are standing at the other side of the square, through hand signs, while the biker of three persons and the kidnapped lady were approaching at the other end of the square, then the locals who were ready, then jumped on the bike without any care of their life stopped the bike and the officer reached and with the help of the locals managed to diffuse the bikers and compelled them to surrender . The ugly bikers were caught hold up, arrested and taken to custody and to be produced to the honorable court of justice. The America lady rescued within five minutes of kidnapping from bikers safe and then her American husband reached their with the help of some other locals and both are relieved.

How this ugly incident could have been aborted on the first hand. Puri’s local population is very meager , they are very understandable, congenial and friendly to tourists. But with the regular flow of floating population due to high density of tourists purring into Puri from different region of Bharat and world as well as from all the thirty districts of Odisha, they are behaving badly. As the bikers are not belonging to Puri they are outsiders but at Puri they try to do this bad incident and with the help of vigil locals they are now behind the bars.


What safeguard a tourist should observe while at Puri:

1. Stay nearer to temple; do not stay nearer to sea beach.

2. The most crimes occurred at Puri nearer to the far side of beach, try to avoid going to the lonely places nearer to the far side of the sea especially the Balliapanda,diga pahandhi and the Netaji Subhasha Bose road area most dangerous.

3. Do not talk much with the shop keepers, they came from various places and districts of Odisha and they are always indulging in cheating to the visitors.

4. Do not go to sea beach during 12 noon to 3 P.M. and return from the sea beach at 7 P.M.

5. Do not board at a lowly rented Hotel; the most crime took place there so it is better to avoid these.

6. Try to get advice from the police on duty about yours queries not to any persons reside there as at Puri as it is very difficult to identify locals there, they will be all and nearer to temple.

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