Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Evolution of Cyborgs

According to Ray Kurzweil within next 20-25 years, humans will be immortal cyborgs. According to him.

· Within 20 years with the help of nanotechnology, we can reprogram ours bodies Stone Age software so we can halt, then reverse, ageing.

· Nan bots, blood cell (artificial) are being tested in animals, they will soon be used to destroy tumors, unblock clots, perform operations with that scars. Ultimately nano bots will replace ours blood cells and our body will be free of diseases.

· With Cyborgs humans can live without oxygen for four hours.

· Heart attack victims ,who does not have bionic hearts , will calmly go to doctors minors operations as their blood bots powered by nanotechnology will keep them alive.

· With virtual reality mode, nano bots will shot down our brain temporary, stop brain signally temporarily will take us wherever we go.

· In our daily life hologram like figures will be canned by our brain powered through nanobots and will know what is happening, instead holograms in its place.

· Humans becomes Cyborgs with artificial limbs and organs.

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