Saturday, October 15, 2011

Add the Google Analytics tracking data to your site

First sign up to Google Analytics to collect data in yours account about yours website traffic , for this a few basic steps you need to follow and here the discussion will be on few basic problems one might face while installing code Google Analytics .Then one should gather important statistics about one’s website and site traffic and other site statistics. Here is how to add Google Analytics tracking code to one’s site, it is very easy.

1. Go to your Analytics profile's Tracking Code page. (https://www[dot]google[dot]com/analytics/settings/check_status_profile_handler)

2. Get yours tracking code from the text box in the 'instructions for adding tracking’ section?

3. Paste the snippet into every page you want to track, immediately before the </head> tag.

4. If you use a common template you can enter it there. This is applicable to Blogger, one has to edit the HTML to do this.


To install this code snippet, one should be attuned to basic HTML knowledge and ability to revise web page to server. There may be some troubles if you are not being able to see the code and statistics, and then let us discuss these now.

1. Go to yours correct Google Analytics account, if you have multiple accounts in use.

2. Use the “My Accounts" drop-down menu at the top right corner of your Analytics account to choose the correct account.

3. While copying and then pasting the tracking code sometimes some spaces or any values missed then the code will not work, so do it carefully. Try copying the code again and pasting it directly into the html, right before the < /head> tag, for every web page you want to track (if you use a common template like that of Blogger, you can enter it there).

4. Yours website may be new and there may not be any traffic to yours site so be patient for some days before observe the statistics.

5. Make doubly sure to add the tracking code to yours every page so that you can observe the website traffic statistics.

Check out the latest videos to show you how to set up Google Analytics and analyze your reports.



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