Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taking interest with Big Boss 5

Big Boss 5 with Colors channel is taking momentum though it is at a very rough time never know what may be the reason for this, but the repeat telecast of it is gazing momentum, having at 9.20 am a forty mins show and at 12 noon a completely one hour repeat is what I am reviewing on the basis of this telecast. This time more ladies and less gents and Big Boss 5 is moving towards popularity and must be good in TRP ratings. Shakti kappor showing his presence and Pooja also showing the presence with the dynamics of their character. Pooja Bedi group is strong and the opposite group is not presence as they seem to be scattered and constantly challenged by Pooja Bedi group. Amar and the spiltsvilla champion seems to be taking the opposite sides. Amar cheated by the spilts villa champion inn captaincy race and thus loss the vital points which could now go against him if he survives from this week’s eviction. Sonali is the captain , and Poja Bedi group foxed by Big Boss as they thought she will be not in the eviction race once she becomes the captain. Vida playing a completely perfect game having clan play and very simple and not bad behavior. Amar and the spiltsvilla champion try to play with her but she constantly reminds them she is the former miss universe showing the grace and the dignity. Sonali playing a dangerous game, once showed false ness in the pooja mishra incident, also now against some other guys. Shakti seems to be aginst her, and trying to convey Pooja Bedi the same group met of Sonali that she wills stay because she is the most beautiful lady. Shakti playing very enjoyable game.

The most boring game is being played by Ragheshwari hardly speaks and not very good in creating emotions and she is in the danger of eviction as she is hardly performing in the Big Boss 5 house. This week the main task of child and adult seems boring and very bad experience with it as most of the actors try to be kid and in the process showing the ugly side of acting which is barely manageable. Big Boss in the next edition should remove this game as this game is extracting far less interest than earlier weekly games. Amar’s language speaking style is very fast so it is very difficult to catch his lines many times so Big Boss should explain what Amar is speaking as some time it is hardly understandable. Shrdha Sharma is hardly visible should be more and more active. Mahek playing individual game so as Pooja Sharma and both are entertaining and musings and making the awry of stories and taking the Big Boss 5 in their side. Over all the Big Boss 5 experience is good and it has many chances to be a block buster at the end of this show.


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