Tuesday, October 11, 2011

While driving

The driving with its ultimate control over mind and the mind over matter always exceeds to all the expectations which can never be undermined or ignored. The perplex understanding of the steering mechanisms is the most honest and attentive process which the driver have to attain and median carefully. The driver is the sole control of the vehicle with its ultimate control of entire situations which will be running like the hares and the sideways movements can never be missed. The alert and the process of speeding ca never are challenged or attained but the control of sped over the non stoppable parameters only he can achieve and attain. The extreme control and the précis on is the need of the hour and the way he manages and carefully flocks all the mechanisms to maximum is the sole tracer and the gaining movements of the paramedic shift only to be reinstalled.

The occurrences within and the speed and the glance of altitude with lots of lights surroundings and stopping the vision can really be misleading and the passage and the passing moments and the cross over limits all to be  controlled and motioned to the highest attainable periattainic altitude. The smear smoothness which learned age can never be construed as slowly within the progress of the motion wheels all the trashing and the gaining knowledge is now a completely vague he has to do completely over checking and a new way to learn and share all these experiences.  The process of driving with the speeding limits and the up and down the process is of very learning experiment but  the careful limit is always top be taken as a slight less care or any deviant from the real laws of existence can be fatal and thus then learning process is always here . it is the only self managed mechanism and its periodic attendance and the free time to air and the passive occurrences through the  windows shield is always helpful and wonderful to achieve.

The managed sleeves can never be altered, the passage and the roads should be known to him, and he should always be making the right predictions and some gusty thinking and he will be careful against the bumpy and curvy happening inside the rods. The passage is full with rain fluids , it is slippery and the friction is less , this means the smooth passage but  on the other hand it is dangerous as it can give and you can remover yours control glide and in the process the entire occurrence and then sleepy and the control can go out of yours hand. The managing portion and the driving wheels is running with good speed  and the passage is still traceable  and wonderful and the entire area is dripped with rain fluid and the environment is full of lots of twitting and great lights. The lights seems to be moving as pert he Newton’s law of nature, it is slowly getting across and making the road a little bit blurry. Lots of road to cover it is not dark but getting to dark the driver want to reach home before it is dark and he drives slowly and starting to sign to the tunes of the vehicle. 


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