Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The problem and the solution:3

I know I can be , I explore and make some rare examples and some unreal conclusions in reaching the result of this pending projects and the exploration and the calculation part of this has been tenuous and very mental torture as more five or ten situations is being analyzed simultaneously but you have to stay with the root canal of the problem and explore towards the right path and am continuing to do so and in the process the first cotton out of many hurdles is crossed and it is been now a success. The first problem detection is the similar circumstances mechanisms to detect and it is one of the invisible elements though it is completely known to me but some what puzzled. In simpler term the first hurdle of the project of mathematics and statistical analysis is in my hand but I cannot truly sense the role of it but suddenly with due diligence I am able to detect the root of the problem and now it is been crossed. After reaching the first answer tunnel for problem seems the crossing part is very smooth and the covering of the problem and the equivalent analysis is being undertaken and the problem is now completely removed and now the whole project analysis route is clearly visible and the next goal is to reach the end of the tunnel as the ray of light is been seen, In simpler term the main root cause of pending project is know now the analysis part.

I can now seen the root cause of the problem, it is completely overplayed and seen and the outstanding issues is been cropped upon at various sources and some points of understanding. The prescript is now known and now it is time to act and so as the possible solutions on sight am starting to get the real understanding and now dwelling and navigating through the answer route with some caution and understanding and the process of reaching solutions has been not a smooth ride it is been a bump and difficult hurdle. In each solutions there evolves a lot of problems and that to be treated and even the side instances to be reposed and the possible buffer solutions to be implemented before removing any of the problematic solutions. The problem solving journey is now slowly reaching to its destinations and the problem is almost solved as it is now waiting for the solution and at last the solution reaches and the problem is now no more problem and the solution is slowly taking over the problem and the problem is minimizing and slowly integrating with the solution in no means of time. There is now a situation  where even the problem and solution is now in a state of mix and you cannot say that here some where the pending project was there and the problem is not been done with.

The solution is now taking over and eating all the problems even the side problem of the project is being overtaken buy the solution thorough some side references and with some nice statistical implementation and now slowly the problem is going to settle and the solution is for all to see.


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