Saturday, October 8, 2011

HTC Flyer reviewed

HTC Flyer is slim; solidly build with thickness of only 13.2mm. HTC Flyer display screen is 7 inch, with four touch screen- home, menu, and return and stylus mode. The sides are even more and more slim justifying the slimness of the tablet. The camera on the rear panel is towards the top a falls in the middle of the slider that needs to be removed to access the slim card slot. It is very tough to remove the sim card from there, so here is one scope for improvement. The top panel has the 3.55mm audio jack and the power button at the top of the panel. The bottom panel has the propriety USB port.   

HTC Flyer has very unique pen feature which is made from aluminum and it feels like the traditional pen to the palm. With it you can scribble, mark and highlight the text though you will need to take the screenshot of the screen before making the process of scribbling then press any button of the pen to take the screenshot. You may save the picture s picture mode or can save it as scribble. Thought the pressure you apply tom the pen tip remains to be constant and uniform. HTC Flyer is built with simple single –core processor so it cannot play back 1080p HD videos. Its seven inch display is very good and colors are reasonably vivid. Sharpness is good but while watching the video the sharpness decreases surprisingly. Legibility with sunlight is okay, in order to good legibility in the sunlight press the brightness in auto mode.

The five MP cameras is a vast disappointment for me, the still images are noisy, but videos have good color depth but the screen movement is jerky sometimes making it slower. Though Android three is available which is specialized for tablets but HTC Flyer prefers Android 2.3 and it seems a bit disappointment for me. With so many applications running HTC Flyer will not give you a smart tablets experience. The price tag is at higher side . I will like to suggest you to go for Motorola Xoom or Apple ipad 2 for far better experience w than with it.



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