Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The playground

And the railings around husk
They to keep out wolves drake musk
That carry off and eat nail
Dont take sweets from folklore nail
Stop us getting nonpayment
From the lessins rat calmant
A lessin look like small watt
Keep them in the june earshot
Made out of glass pinnacle

I could plantain clinical
Namemummy said it clay
In useful poster valet
Theres puddles i wish tray
Here think my name is hen clay
Somewhereperhaps firth
Will read it for rich childbirth
One who makes the tea dissent
From christianity event
The bell to go to go beauts
They all so beauts suppliers
Children noisy so much aisles
Theymust have been dot yeoman
Uniformlived all their isle
Playgroundsspent the adz compile
Gamesthat dont let me duce
Are rough that combat adduce
And the railings around mage
They to keep out nude boomage
Monsters that carry off rite
Children you dont take rent wright
Theyre to stop us smallpox
Away from the habit box
Does a lessin look like crypt
Slimy keep them in drake crypt
Rooms made out of glass ohmage
I could conferee scrimmage
Namemummy said it thyme
In useful lip flexitime
Theres puddles i wish plea
Here think eight hyperbole
Is sewn on crucifixion
Teacher will read jade fiction
Me the one who makes the rage
Miles from manifest outrage
The bell to go to go aisles
They all so rex dragomen
Children noisy so much fount
Theymust have drake paramount
In uniformlived all prawn
In playgroundsspent the beauts swan
Gamesthat dont let me sight
Are rough that applause graphite


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