Monday, July 4, 2011

Insights on recession:2

All companies new or old, big or small lure you to buy their products with good campaign, attractive gifts, fabulous discountsand so on. They promise you heaven until you buy their products. No customer concern and nothing of the promised after-sales service seem visible once they part with their products. You run from dealer to dealer and from pillar to post to get the product repaired until you discard it for lack of proper servicing facilities at your centre and with the dealer also.

I have so many experiences to share with you in this regard, but I shall give you only one here. Usha has made a good brand name since my school days and I was in the habit of recommending this brand name to my friends and relatives. I have a grinder and mixture of the similar-make which gave me satisfactory service for about four years. Then the product developed snags and I had to search for spare parts which were not available with big dealers even. Only duplicate spare parts were available in and around big centres only and I was forced to be satisfied with mediocre spare parts only.
I have taken an oath now not to go for any product of the company cheating me as above and I have been recommending friends and relatives against the products of such companies which have given me headache. I wonder how such companies, whose names are legion, will fight out recession?


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