Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google Image Swirl: resolve an ambiguous query visually

Google Image Swirl organizes image search results into groups and sub-groups, based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface. Try this tool to resolve an

ambiguous query visually or to explore a concept from different visual perspectives . Google Image Swirl organizes image search results based on their visual and semantic similarities and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface. represents a concrete
step towards reaching that goal. It looks at the pixel values of the top search results and organizes and presents them in visually distinctive groups. The top-level groups are further divided into collections of subgroups, allowing users to explore a broad set of visual concepts associated with the query, you can observe some sort of artificial intelligence theory being implanted in it.

It is a very interesting concept , visually appealing , more modern than Google’s traditional search , its loading time is more than the Google’s traditional search as it is as it loads and organizes the images so it takes time to load. It is somewhat different  and more visually and conceptually appealing. It employs the "wonder wheel" concept of Google. You can use this as mage search  but wit an option as it narrows down yours search results.

As the Web becomes more "visual," it is important for Google to go beyond traditional text and hyperlink analysis to unlock the information stored in the image pixels. If our search algorithms can understand the content of images and organize search results accordingly, it can provide users with a more engaging and useful image-search experience. In this search only pictures is seen and you do not have to wait for other parameters of the website to load completely. It is a stupendous project and it is still in labs. It is very appealing to the eyes.

Sometimes two images share many visual or text features, but have little real-world connection. The text associated with these pictures can be uncomplimentary that can lead to very erroneous choices of pictures but Google is trying hard to get over it. Educators can really use it and teach the small students about the differentiation of images and their properties which makes them distinguishable visually appealing.

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Also, invariance to certain transformations or typical intra-class variation can be built into the perceptual similarity function. Different features or similarity functions may be selected, or learned, for different types of queries or image contents. Given a robust set of similarity functions, one can generate a graph (nodes are images and edges are similarity values) and apply graph analysis algorithms to infer similarities and categorical relationships that are not immediately obvious.

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Google Image Swirl organizes image search results based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface.

Google Image Swirl: resolve an ambiguous query visually


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